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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Figured out why I was so exhausted yesterday. I was getting a migraine. Took medicine yesterday evening when it started but I’m still feeling it a little this morning. Hopefully it will just go away…
    Rant: Can we talk about how inappropriate it is to tell someone you’ve never met before at work how they look like an intern/teenager? This happens to me 2-3 times a year and I definitely do not look THAT young, and also, it’s rude!
    Rave: Half way through the week.

    • Additional question for the PoPulace — is there anywhere to get cheap succulents near U Street besides Trader Joe’s? Like for $2-3?

    • As someone who is 35 and looks 25, I feel ya on the “you’re still a child” shit. I’ve had this said to me by people who are only a few years older than me. I tend to laugh it off at this point… it’s not my problem they look old in the face and don’t dress cute (i know, mean, but whatever ha).

      Secondly, you can get inexpensive succulents at Ikea. I know it’s not close by but their plant section is pretty great!

      • Thanks on both accounts, Sara! I was actually thinking of going to Ikea sometime soon just as a fun day out for myself so that’s actually a good suggestion!

        • That One Guy

          I live right next to an IKEA so if you want to save yourself a trip I can see what plants they have for sale and report back.

          • Thanks, That One Guy! I have actually been in the market for a new mattress, as well (and some Swedish meatballs while I’m at it!), so now that things are piling up I’m thinking I should just bite the bullet and make a day of it.

      • I also have this problem, (35, look 25) and it especially makes for some interesting looks/conversations when I tell people I have 5 kids. I’ve grown to enjoy the confusion.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I have a good guy friend who is 49 and looks 25. It creates a great deal of confusion when he tells people he has worked for the government since 1992. When I met him he was in his late 30’s and could have passed for a high school student.

    • There is a florist on 14th Street, close to Miss Pixies that has succulents. Not sure about cheap tho.

    • Yeah, was there for years. By the time you hit 45 and still get carded (for real, because they think you look young), you will still be annoyed at being carded, but you will finally start to appreciate the fact that you look to many people to be 10-15 or more years younger than you are. If it lasts that long for you, as it still is for me, at least some of the time.

  • Rave: In protest of summer, I just ordered what looks to be the most scrumptious hoodie ever from Mod Cloth.
    Rant: I probably won’t get to wear it outside until November.
    Rant: But I can wear it inside because it’s effing freezing in my office.

    • My summer clothing purchases this year have been ankle pants, loafers, and blazers (with the odd Panama hat thrown in). I’m done with buying fluttery sundresses and sandals when I like fall clothes so much better and I’m in air conditioning 95% of the time.

  • Rave: Restaurant discussion yesterday reminded me why I love Charleston so much – Both Aaron Silverman and Jeremiah Langhorne spent a significant amount of time there. Such a great food town.

    • Charleston – while still very solid overall – is starting to get watered down, imo. 5-10 years ago, they had a solid amount of staples that did things really well and featured solid meals at not cheap, but not unreasonable prices. Now it’s just becoming a bunch of trendy restaurants. Granted, I’m not on the fancy $30 mini-entree bandwagon like many others, but I still enjoy the staples of Charleston more so than the newbies.

  • Lovely photo!

  • skj84

    Rant: Stuck in rehearsal until 11:30pm last night. Didn’t get home until midnight, didn’t fall asleep until 1:00am. I’m not tired yet, just waiting to hit the wall, and I know I will hit it hard.
    Rave: Booked my flight to LA yesterday. Got a great deal on a non stop ticket from BWI to LAX.
    Rave: Being in a position to purchase a ticket to LA. I’m doing better financially then I ever had. For the first time in my life not necessarily living paycheck to paycheck.

    Query: Posted yesterday, I’m ok to host Unofficial Popville Happy Hour for August. I can do pretty much anytime next week, August 15th or 18th, or August 22nd -24th. What works for everyone?

  • Rant: Had an interview last week that I think I really blew. I wasn’t prepared enough and my mind wasn’t in the game. It’s within my same agency and I’ve worked a little with the interviewer before, so I’m hoping maybe my track record will override my poor interview.
    Rant: Waiting to find out…
    Rave: This weather! And, after 5 years, we finally have enough of a tomato harvest that we can bring them to neighbors and in to work to share. Not sure why, but I’ve always wanted to be that person (and now I am!).

  • Rant-ish: Stayed up waaaay to late putting up peaches.
    Rave: Peach preserves, peach chutney, peach honey, peach butter, peach shrub, and just your basic frozen peaches.
    Rave: Time to make pickles!
    Rave: Saw the corpse flower yesterday afternoon, very impressive! But it could have been a little more stinky ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Emmaleigh504

      I haven’t done any canning this year. I feel like I’m falling behind.

    • you make me want to can! I have a closet downstairs that can be a perfect pantry for my preserves. youre making me feel very Martha stewart -esque (ill be the latina version)

    • LedroitTigah this was my first time canning since I was about six and helping my mom with her canning. For a (relative) first-timer, I’m pleased with the outcome!
      But my preference is still lacto-fermentation – peach pickles will be the last thing I make from this bushel of peaches ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: New earrings!
    Rave: Annual work conference starts today. I look forward to it every year.
    Rant: Nothing today!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: So tired this morning. I had a really long anxiety dream last night. You know the one where you are directing a Civil War themed service at your church, something like an all-singing/dancing version of the Battle of Atlanta only with a more peppy and upbeat ending and then the shuttle bus carrying the slightly fey looking Army of the Potomac reenactors/ushers arrives to escort the period-dressed parishioners to the theater and you suddenly remember you never finished the script? Yeah, I had that one too.
    Rant: So tired this morning. Lucy didnโ€™t eat much yesterday and I finally give her a bowl of vanilla ice cream before bedtime. She eagerly lapped it up and then passed out on my bed with her head (with eyes open) eerily hanging off it looking slightly, you know, dead so whenever I woke up I had to crawl to the foot of the bed and poke her just to make sure she was still alive.

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s so stressful to have to poke elderly pets to make sure they are still alive. Don’t they know how much we worry?

      • I have to do this on a regular basis…it does help that he is deaf so sometimes I have to shake him awake.

    • That dream sounds awfully stressful, but your description of it is brilliant!
      I had anxiety dreams last night about my cat and my car.

      • Add me to the anxiety dream list for last night, too. I was walking down an alley when this scary guy started following me and was inches from my face when I turned around before I woke up in one of those panic-sweats. Ugh.

  • Bear

    Rant: F*cking groundhogs!!!! I had three of the most beautiful tomatoes that were *thisclose* to being ready to pick – two noire charbonneuse and one green copra – and that little effer busted through the netting I had put up (and reinforced after I saw evidence of him a couple weeks ago). Like literally, tore through it like the damn kool aid man. Made off with two of the tomatoes and left the third on the vine half-eaten. Plus he broke one of the main stems of one of the plants.
    Rave: Got me motivated to do some garden clean-up. Picked everything that was starting to ripen so it could finish indoors without being eaten, removed two diseased plants, and put up a chicken wire border. Next I’ll be getting a BB gun and waiting for him on my porch, ha. (just kidding around everyone – though it is tempting after putting in many many hours of work in the garden – while pregnant no less – to have it ransacked like that).
    Rave: One week until vacation!!!

    • I think the solution is to get a dog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ugh~ Bear, I’m so sorry your tomato plants got destroyed like that! Can you keep a big ol’ dog around? Because that’s what we used to pick off wily groundhogs – our good old yellow Lab was a champ and destroyed 4 or 5 big ‘uns!

    • Picking vegetables before they are ripe is a good strategy- plus the plant can then put energy into getting other tomatoes (etc) into the ripening stage
      Groundhogs can climb fences ๐Ÿ™

      • Bear

        I left the netting up, so it would have to climb over the chicken wire and also get through the netting. It’s possible, but my neighbors have unprotected vegetable gardens so I’m hoping he’ll find a more easily accessible treat next door and leave ours alone. Might be wishful thinking, but we’re not ready to get a dog just.

    • Andie302

      You could look into fumigating if they have tunnels in your yard

      • Bear

        We haven’t noticed any, but I have a feeling his tunnel might be under our shed.

        • Groundhog tunneling under a structure is bad news for that structure

          • Bear

            It’s just propped up on concrete pilings – doesn’t have a foundation. And we need to have the pilings replaced anyway (not due to animal burrowing but because they’re crappy and inappropriate for the size of the shed), so maybe it will be an added bonus to have those fixed and smoke out whatever nesting animals are under there. We used to see feral cats going in and out but they haven’t been around much this year.

    • Critters have been wrecking havoc on my garden this year. First they kept disrupting the seedlings with their digging, then they were breaking vines right and left, and one day last week they stole every mature green tomato in the garden. I’ll be lucky if I get any vegetables for myself this year.

  • I laughed at both your rants, but the second was a sad, sympathetic laugh.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Fridge may be dying/dead or just on vacation. Need to figure out what the deal is before all the food goes to waste.
    Rant: Stinky plant = meh. (My internal monologue while standing in line was “this better be the best iPhone ever”.)
    Rave: Lemon Verbena plant! I’t tempted to get a few plants around the house.

  • Rant: Going out of town to visit SO’s best friend back home. We’re staying with his dad and SO’s brother insists on sleeping on an air mattress in the same bedroom as us. SO has already asked him to sleep on the couch/in the living room but he doesn’t want to, apparently…
    Maybe-Rave: Had interviews with two different organizations yesterday that I think went well. I’d be happy with either job so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
    Rant: Off-leash dogs at Meridian Hill Park that approach my dog. She’s friendly, but gets incredibly hyper when off-leash dogs approach her (like, I-might-dislocate-my-shoulder-holding-this-leash hyper).

    • Re your first rant: that’s so awkward.
      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you hear back from your interviews soon!

    • Andie302

      It sounds like he can’t take a hint! Fingers crossed for an offer soon!

    • That seems odd. Is it SO’s brother’s bedroom that you’re staying in?
      Even if it is… I don’t see why he’d prefer sleeping on an air mattress in that room _with the two of you there_ to sleeping elsewhere.

      • No, neither of them lived in this house so the bedroom doesn’t really belong to anyone. Their dad isn’t very well off and the house is kind of beat up, so to make matters worse/more uncomfortable, the bathroom that is connected to this bedroom only has a curtain and no door. What if I need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night?! Gah.

        • Stay at a hotel instead?

          • I would prefer that but it’s not really an option for multiple reasons.

          • A hotel is really the only option here. I think it mighty strange that you put yourself through this if you aren’t OK with it.

          • anon – a lot of people do a lot of things they don’t want to or like to do because they don’t have very many options. if you’ve never had to do something you didn’t want to do or didn’t entirely feel comfortable with, you’ve lived a pretty cushy life…

          • What I’ve learned is that if you are uncomfortable, you don’t HAVE to go visit. I haven’t lived a cushy life – I’ve just learned through experience that you don’t always have to do what others expect you to do.

        • Not to be too TMI with the brother but maybe if you’re SO tells brother the bathroom concern and *tells* (not asks) brother to sleep in the living room, that would be enough to move him?

    • I’m not sure why that is even an option no matter the amount of insistence. Your SO needs to step up and put his foot down hard.
      The stuff people on Popville are willing to put up with…my word!

  • Rave: I managed to get out of the house at 7, and I was only five minutes late for work. I will be very happy when redline single tracking is over.
    Rave: This weather! It made the trek to the metro so much more pleasant.
    Rave: Baby Artie slept for nine hours last night and woke up only once at 3. This has never happened.
    Rant: I am not counting on it becoming a trend.
    Rave: My college best friend is coming this weekend to meet Baby Artie and help me get the new house settled. Living out of boxes while parenting a baby is challenging.

  • Andie302

    Rave: My craigslist purchasing this week has been STRONG! Monday: picked up a new kohler bathroom fixture out in the burbs for a savings of approximately $150. Tuesday: I bought a church pew! It even has the seat numbers 2,4,6, and 8 on it. And today, I’m picking up a cute cast iron corner sink for the half bathroom in Cambridge. I’m having fun with this project! I guess the benefit of it taking for.ev.er to get a permit and get started is that I’ve had a little more time to use CL.
    Rant: I’m unmotivated right now to get moving, and I need to snap out of it. Step one: start weighing myself so I cannot be in denial about the current situation. Step 2, progress in some form????
    Rave: I laid my dress on the bed this morning to adjust the belt that goes around it and Mocha immediately splayed out on it and wanted to snuggle. Too cute! I took a quick cell phone photo – I need to see if it’s worthy of the AAF! Too sweet of her this morning!

  • Rant: Getting so overwhelmed looking through literature on a “migraine diet” – can’t I just eat what I want to eat?! for the love of god I have so few things in my life that I genuinely want to do, and eating is one of them! c’mon!
    Maybe rave? Rant? Going to get a list of neurologists and just start plowing through them to try to make an appointment with someone semi-decent as soon as I can, which will probably not be for about a month but will be sooner than March!
    Rave: Still feeling thankful for so many wonderful people in my life, and for this space that has allowed me to make some actual, real, genuine friends!

    • I see Dr. Herzfeld at the Neurology Center. She’s very nice, they take a ton of different insurance plans, and it was easy to get a new patient appointment last summer.

    • Oh, LBP. I’m so sorry about all the migraine issues, and while my headaches might not be as bad as yours, I can at least partially understand the frustration (like, words can’t really explain that simultaneous overwhelmed/frustrated/sad feeling). I’m starting to keep a food journal again this week — perhaps that is something you might want to start if you don’t do it already, as a just-in-case. When you go to the doctor it would be good to have — I’m keeping mine for when I go back in the fall.

      • But I don’t want tooooo! Wah! I’ve done this all before, years ago, and they never spotted a food trigger with me (or with my two family members that have terrible migraine issues). I know I should do it, but I just want to be whiny and not do it because it hasn’t worked in the past and I don’t expect it to start working now, and anyway blah! I want to eat what I want to eat! Thanks for your good thoughts, though, I do appreciate them.

        • I hate to say this, but as long as you’re journaling, do a weather journal, to. Mine are heavily weather related.

          I use Dr. Rothrock at GW. Good luck – I used to have migraines nearly every day, now I’m down to a couple a month

          • Thanks! Weather has always been a pretty key trigger for me and my relatives, so i’ll try to at least keep track of what I’m eating and what the weather is doing.

        • You’ve probably read Heal Your Headache at this point (or don’t feel like reading any more about migraines at this point), but the concept of “trigger pileup” resonated well with me. The idea is that multiple triggers need to be present to push you into headache (and then migraine) territory. So if I’m stressed and exposed to a strong smell I know I need to avoid bright light for a few hours, or if I already feel a headache coming on I know not to workout.

          • I think the problem for me, personally, is that I can’t seem to figure out what those triggers are. Alcohol? Eliminated it for a few weeks and still got multiple headaches. Nitrates? Not likely. Not enough sleep? I’ve actually gotten more sleep in months with more migraines than in the past when I had fewer. Stress? Migraine frequency actually increased after I finished 99% of my Master’s. Etc etc. (I don’t not believe the trigger pileup idea, but if it *is* true, it really makes me wonder what factors are present so often as to cause me to have migraines on average 10 days a month for the past 4 months…)

          • I know, it’s hard to pin them down. Mine seem to be more environmental than food-related which is easier to figure out. There are certain time periods when mine are a lot more frequent, and I think it must have to do with some sort of environmental allergen.

    • Thanks folks, I’ll add her to the list!

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your migraines. I used to get them on a monthly basis and it was awful. Immitrex and friends weren’t an option for me as the side effects often left me in a worse state than the migraine. After years of weird elimination diets, I ultimately discovered they were related to my menstrual cycle and worked with my OBGYN to tackle them. Good luck! They truly are debilitating and I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy.

    • That One Guy

      If I recall correctly you recently had new glasses made (Oliver People?). Could the new prescription be adding to your woes–like they didn’t get the dosage correct or maybe faulty materials, temples pinching too hard, etc)?

      • Nope – I briefly considered it but the migraines that I’ve had in the past – some of which have sent me to the er and some of which have sent me stumbling home half-blind while leaning on a friend – have nothing in common as far as eyewear – sometimes I was wearing glasses and sometimes wearing my contacts. I have a strong suspicion it is a jumble-up of environmental (particularly weather) triggers and some sort of vascular issue, but I can’t put my finger on it and I don’t want to experiment with any of it right now!

      • I got new glasses, as well, but it was about 2.5 months before the migraines started which seemed a little too long to be connected… :/

  • Rant: Woke up to a big crash sound this morning after a vase filled with flowers fell off a small ledge in the living room. Not the most fun thing to deal with first thing in the morning (and it scared me half to death).
    Rave: The women’s soccer tournament in the Olympics starts today!
    Rave: The Motherhood Maternity online sale now has me totally set for Fall/Winter. And for under $100.

  • Rave: Back from vacation visiting family. Got to snuggle and play with my nieces and nephews who range in age from 18 months to 6 yrs. They are such cute kids.
    Rave: 20 week scan yesterday and all looked good. And we are waiting to find out the sex so it was fun guessing with both the tech and the doctor knowing but keeping mum about it. DH thinks girl and I think boy. One of us is likely right.
    Rave: Baby F is dancing up a storm. Sometimes makes me giggle. Hope that doesn’t happen during a meeting.
    Rant: DH has a business trip over for the next few days including the weekend. Sigh.

    • I find keeping yourself from knowing your fetus’s sex, in an age of ultrasounds where the people you are working with can see it, impossibly quaint, as if we were living in some previous era when people truly couldn’t know. I’d never be able to do it myself! Best wishes to you…

      • We did the same with both of my kids ๐Ÿ™‚ And with mtpbaby, I could have even learned within the first trimester from one of the genetic screening tests based on bloodwork! For what it’s worth, I was somehow right in my suspicion of sex for each kid. Yay for the 20-week scan looking good. Hope the rest of your pregnancy continues smoothly!

  • Rave: Bachelor Party weekend this weekend!
    Rant: Flaky wedding party means we planned for 16 and are getting 9.
    Rave: We’ll have an awesome time anyway, We’ll be in Hudson Valley NY in an awesome house.
    Rant: Coming up empty on activities/games ideas for the gay dual bachelor party I’m throwing – any ideas?!

    • Andie302

      Is there a bachelor edition of “heads up”? That could be fun! I also saw the remnants of a bachelorette party once that involved writing snippets of fun stories onto slips of paper, but I don’t know the details. We found the slip in one of the airbnbs and it said something about pooping pants on a roller coaster!??!?!

      • i believe this is the game where everyone writes down a story that’s true/related to them and puts the slips of paper in a hat. everyone draws, and then you go around the group reading the story and trying to guess whose story it is.
        not a graceful explanation, but i think i hit the high notes!

      • we did this at my bachelorette party – the theme was “weddings/marriages” and I think the BEST was when someone had “Henry VIII” on her forehead but the answers led her to guess Hugh Hefner. haha!

        • So the deal is that once you’ve taken the piece of paper, you tape it onto your forehead? Hence the name “Heads Up”?

          • yup – we just did names, not stories, which I think is the classic version of the game ๐Ÿ™‚ “Eve” was also REALLY hard to guess!

      • Allison

        A fun game we played at work once is “two truths and a lie.” Everyone writes down two truths and a lie about themselves, reads them out, and everyone has to guess which one is the lie.

    • The Fiance Quiz game! For a dual bachelor I’d have them both answer different questions and then have each other guess, alternating. Similar to the newlywed game – just google it there are tons of examples and question ideas out there!

      • But this can get so stressful and uncomfortable, especially if one partner just doesn’t know the answers. I’ve never been a fan of this game for that reason.

        • Oh no really? I’ve played it at many bachelorette parties and it’s always gone over well! I’m sorry to hear that.

  • Rave: Kicked some butt in the interview yesterday. Resisting the urge to keep checking, checking, checking inbox for a job offer. Focus bizzinger.

  • Work trip for the next 10 days. Never been to Chicago, a month away from my wedding and all I’m thinking about is deep dish pizza.
    Speaking of wedding, we sent invites out on the 25th and guests have until the 26th to send them back in. I’m trying not to freak out, we’ve gotten about 16 back so far but I really hope this isn’t a case of people being lazy and not turning them in until the last minute. Literally 99% of our guests live in the DMV. They already have the postage so all they have to do is mark down how many are coming and put it in the mailbox. There’s still 3.5 weeks left, but I shouldn’t be worried…right?

    • Don’t be worried about the invitations! I’ve also found that the mail here takes surprisingly long (up to 5-7 days sometimes) even within the DMV area. You might get an influx of responses in the next week or so.

    • Andie302

      Send an email to people you haven’t heard from when they have one week left as a friendly reminder – keep it light. It’s too early to get worried (yet), but I assume you’ll have a few people left on that list with just a week left. People love procrastinating!

    • Can you e-mail the people you haven’t heard from to encourage them to respond sooner rather than later?
      You sent the invitations out on the 25th of July and gave guests a deadline of August 26th, right? Not a one-day turnaround? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I know, I know! But I’m the type of guy who if I got my invite Monday, I’m sending it out Tuesday. Plus I won’t be here for the next 10 days. It’s hard not to think about last minute wedding stuff and I don’t want to feel like I’m leaving my fiance hanging, she’s already got enough on her plate. I guess what gets me is this: we both gave out invites to coworkers. We see them every day, off the top of my head, assuming a +1 for each, that’s about…40 guests? They could just hand it to us.

        • Yeah, but… if you gave them until the 26th, they’re thinking you don’t actually need the information until the 26th. It’s not fair to be annoyed at them and getting antsy 3+ weeks before the actual deadline. (If you needed to know sooner, whether for head-count purposes or or general peace of mind, it would have been better to have given them an earlier deadline.)
          I think Andie’s advice was good re. e-mailing the nonresponders a week beforehand.

          • +1. Maybe the co-workers need to figure out their plus-ones? I agree with textdoc on this one. I know it’s easy to be antsy about it, but I’d cut them some slack — especially if people don’t know you won’t be around the next week to receive them.

    • Right. If they have until the 26th of August then you are more than 3 weeks too early for worrying. But am I reading this right? Your wedding is in one month and guest replies are due back in 3.5 weeks? That seems to be cutting it a bit close.

      • Wedding is September 16th. We were told 6 weeks is more than enough time to get invites out, and since the majority of our guests live in the area, it was fine. We could have pushed the deadline a week later, but that’s Labor Day weekend and we didn’t want to run the risk of people going away for the holiday and just leaving this by the wayside.

        • Got it. Sounds like you should have actually made the deadline *earlier*, if anything. But yeah, it sounds like your guests are appropriately following instructions based on the info you gave them. Can’t fault people for doing that.

        • We are in the same boat. Our room block expires on the 19th of August…which is also our RSVP by date. It is killing me how little we’ve gotten…gives me a lot of anxiety. I actually thought to myself the other day that perhaps the post office is hoarding them – because that is totally reasonable right?

  • rant: rebounder is just not going to work. We get along well, but he says he likes complicated girls, and, Ill be honest – Im straight up and not complicated. I don’t even want to be. I don’t play games, and Im just trying to live a good, happy life. why is this so wrong??
    double rant: feel like im gonna be single forever.

    • That’s so…odd. Just odd. Who is this person and why does he want unnecessary drama?

      • Does complicated mean difficult in this context?

      • I have a friend who likes “complicated” women. He means someone whose life/ stories are complicated like his. He spent 10 years in peacekeeping missions around the world. He has two children, one adopted, one biologically his, and he is the only living parent for either. His parents died when he was a teen and he was adopted by friends of the family, so he a biological extended family and an adopted one. He doesn’t think he could relate to someone who had been born and raised in one family, in one place, had not traveled extensively, did not feel comfortable in varied environments, etc. He hopes to marry a woman with kids and wanderlust, combine the families, and travel the world all together.
        I don’t know what Tigah’s friend means by complicated, but it doesn’t necessarily mean “drama”.

      • He probably means that he enjoys “the chase” and LedroitTigah is a lover not a fighter. He’s a bit bored by her easy going nature. There’s a lot of people out there who enjoy the tug-and-give of drama in a relationship. They mistake drama for passion.
        I prefer people who are easy going, but I’m boring like that.

        • ding ding ding anonymous! Im pretty laid back and think the chase is a bit melodramatic. I also suspect that dude and I just lack a bit of that old fashioned ‘fire’ that one needs to sustain a relationship, but that’s for some reason hard for me to admit (ego thing, I suspect – Im so hot, why isn’t he down to trounce on me every time I see him?!)

          • Are you trouncing on him, or waiting for him to do the trouncing? I myself would focus on whether I was that in to him, rather than was he that into me. But I’m not a traditional girl that way…

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