About That Giant Stage on the Mall “a giant religious revival event which organizers claim will draw more than 350,000 people”


A reader reports:

“Over the last week, I have watched as two enormous stages have been erected in the grassy area north of the monument. The whole area has been fenced off and there are generators and trailers everywhere. Finally curious enough about what was happening, I looked on the internet and saw this is part of a giant religious revival event which organizers claim will draw more than 350,000 people.

Be one of a million standing for Jesus on 7.16.16.”

Looks like they are expecting a whole lot of people. The footprint is enormous. And someone said the pope is going to be speaking to the crowd via video? Unconfirmed. Unsurprisingly, the music from the stage was really bad. Even more than other places, the Mall is packed with people playing Pokemon Go. If you can handle the crowds, the people watching on Saturday could be amazing.”



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  • Am I reading that sign correctly; “Jesus, will you ______ my _________”?

  • “Bless my family”
    “Free my soul”
    “Break my addiction”

  • Ah… So you can just ask for these things and he’ll help?

  • Amuricah: “Jesus, will you Trump my Pence?”
    Jesus: “Done. Check out the sweet logo I designed in MS Paint.”

  • That sign is a Cards Against Humanity game gone wrong (or right?). I think it’s the font/background combo.

  • for Christ’s sake!

  • :Snickers:
    I believe we could play a whole night of CAH with just that prompt.

  • There’s also a big Stonewall Sports Kickball/Dodge ball tournament on the mall all weekend (LGBTQ friendly social sports league, for those who don’t know) . It’s going to be huge, my best friend is coming with 52 other people from Charlotte, NC and said they’re one of the smaller groups. Coincidence?

  • A guy has been wandering up and down 15th St. today with a megaphone ordering us all to repent. Maybe he’s visiting for this shindig on the Mall.

  • Just like the Million Man March was well short of a million men, there’s no way this event will draw 350,000. And what, pray tell, will make the people watching so outstanding for this thing? I think we all know exactly what kind of people we’ll be seeing there: CHRISTIANS!

  • What is up w/ the ”people watching” comment? Offensive.
    There is no way that comment would fly if it were a Black Lives Matters group or some sort of non-religious rock concert.
    Why is it ok to lump all Christians involved w/ this program into the ”freak” category? Sure some Christians are freaks, but so are some blacks, whites, asians, jews, muslims etc. Not all Christians are freaks. Yes, offensive.

  • you’re offensive to us offending types.

  • Wonder if everyone would make fun of this if it was a gathering of Muslims? I assume you’d all rejoice at the diversity…. How, cliche.

  • To play devil’s advocate (no pun intended), it could be pretty amusing to see a bunch of people enthralled in catching Pokemon accidentally crashing a religious concert. But yeah, not cool to assume that because they’re Christians, it’s gonna be a freak show…or that they have terrible music for that matter. I’m no music expert but I’ve heard a lot of religious pop/rock that was perfectly entertaining.

  • On their website, 350,000 people total have signed up on the website. So yeah, doubt all of them are showing up.

  • Are you kidding? If it was a gathering of Muslims celebrating Islam the comments would be much worse than random snarkiness.

    • @ Lisa – at a Donald Trump rally, yeah. But among this group – are you serious? Maybe you’d have two random bigots comment, and then 100 jump down their throats.

      There is a somewhat nasty and disappointing double standard here. This is part of the problem.

  • meant as a reply to Jeff 5:18.

    I guess :/

  • I read in the Post that their permit is only for 100K, so I bet they;re actually expecting fewer than that.

  • A disappointing lack of tolerance on this thread!

    • We should show more tolerance for their intolerance?

      • First person I ever met with AIDs was a gay man back in my “intolerant” Southern Baptist Church during the mid 1980s. The Church gave him a place to live, food to eat, and comforted him in his final year after his family turned their back on him. So, if you want to talk about “intolerance”, go preach it somewhere else.

  • I happened to really enjoy that “really bad” music. The musical lineup included some of the highest selling Christian artists on the billboard charts, including several Grammy winners. It was an outstanding event for all people of faith to come together and pray for our country which is in such turmoil.

    • With all due respect, “highest selling” and “Grammy winner” are not dependable indicators that a band is actually any good. In fact the opposite is often the case. To each his or her own but I have never heard mainstream Christian bands that were anything other than somewhere between mediocre and, well, god-awful. Except for Stryper back in the 80s, of course. “To Hell With The Devil” was AWESOME.

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