“Either someone dropped a dill pickle into the chicken or something is f***ed up…”


Yikes! Thanks to a reader for sending from Columbia Heights.

Side note: Among a chicken heart, gizzards (“the muscular enlargement of the digestive tract of birds“), I think the pickle is the most appealing thing in that package…

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  • Our Giant must get the food too old to sell in the suburbs. It’s just gross.

  • Ew. (Just another reason for me to never go to Giant.)

  • justinbc

    Chicken hearts are great, try them at Khip Thao.

  • That gross greenish thing is the part of the gizzard that is supposed to be removed at the packing plant, like various other guts.

  • Fortunately, it’s “all natural.”

  • Ugh this Giant.

  • I’d rather eat nothing than eat this

  • I Dont Get It

    Since I hate pickles it seems right.

  • There was a mousetrap in plain sight under the bread display when I was there on Tuesday. All the berries for sale looked sad and moldy. Also, I had to ask twice for the cashier manning the self-checkout to wipe up a meat juice/BBQ sauce spill on one of the scanners.

  • Giant…….you make me want to be vegetarian.

  • I will eat all parts of a chicken (mmhmm) but not from this trife ass Giant.

  • Probably just poor cleaning. I think the green thing is just one of the other organs like the spleen or gall bladder which is normally removed. BTW chicken gizzards are great if you cook them right! Simmer a long time and they turn tender.

    • My mom would soak them in buttermilk, along with the rest of the chicken, and deepfry them in a cast iron skillet filled with Crisco. They’d always make my jaw sore. Still do.

    • My mother would use gizzards (along with the hearts and necks and other bits) to make stock. I loved to eat the hearts and gizzards after they were done simmering for a while (didn’t like the necks, too much work to get the meat off the bones).

  • This reminds me of my favorite story of my super cheap little brother, who once called my mom to ask her “what do you do with chicken necks?” and she answered “you throw them out.” To which he responded “Throw them out? I just bought them! They were a bargain, cheapest chicken meat you can find!”

  • You’re buying hearts and gizzards to start with so what do you expect?!
    When I was a kid in Georgia my dad bought a can of boiled peanuts and at the bottom of the can was a half smoked cigar. Lovely.

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