Will Chef Geoff’s Return to Downtown? Not Yet. “Too many restaurants, rents too high.”

1301 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

A reader asked “@chefgeoffs any info on your return to downtown DC? I dearly miss those supermugs! @popville”

Chef Geoff Tracy replied:

Too many restaurants, rents too high. I’m waiting for a good opportunity after significant change in market conditions.

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  • I want a super mug!

  • If he is waiting for downtown rents to get better he may have a long wait.

  • The service there was the absolute worst. Do not miss.

    • The food wasn’t any great shakes, either. Virtually every week we consider whether to go to the sister restaurant, Lia’s, in Friendship Heights, and always decide on somewhere else. I have never understood the popularity of this local chain (and I used to work across the street from the downtown location).

      • Yes, the public is clamoring for the return of Chef Geoff’s. I always went there when I wanted to share an awkward lunch featuring mediocre food with co-workers who I either didn’t know or didn’t like. Really the stuff that dreams are made of.

      • i work across the street from the old location too and loved their veggie burger 🙁

  • Looking for lower rent, less competition and a great up and coming market in DC? Kennedy Street NW!

  • how about that new ground floor restaurant space at GA Ave metro station. its been empty for five years.

  • It always smelled stale/moldy at that location, like they had wiped the place down with an old rag. Everyone in my office stopped going because of the weird smell.

  • The last time I went here, I was with someone who was dating the bartender at the time. The hot water in the restaurant was out (as in, water for the dishwasher) and the bartender said the owner wasn’t replacing it since they were just going to close in a few months anyway. Ew.

  • If there are so many other restaurants making a go of it, the rent must not be too high.

  • Please come back, Geoff. I’ll never have breakfast pizza from another restaurant.

  • Ally

    I actually really liked this place and always had excellent service.

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