Today’s Rental features “Lincoln Park steps away”

120 Kentucky Avenue Southeast

This house is located at 120 Kentucky Avenue, Southeast. The listing says:

“Beautifully Renovated unit! Great location! CAC. Lovely natural lighting; 8 foot high ceilings. Lincoln Park steps away. Walk to Restaurants, parks, shops and Metro!”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $1,995/Mo.

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  • They’re right about the location, but man that’s grim.

  • You’re going to get your fill of “walk(s) to restaurants” since there’s apparently no refrigerator?
    Also “renovated” is not a valid description if said renovation was done >10 years ago…

    • Good catch on the (lack of) refrigerator!

    • I did notice the lack of a refrigerator. When I lived in the Boston area (Brookline), it was pretty standard that rentals did not include a refrigerator. Tenants bought their own, and I moved it from one apartment to the other. In this case, it isn’t obvious where a fridge would go.
      I also wonder about egress from the bedrooms.

      • I rented several apartments in the Boston area over the last couple decades, including in Brookline, and never had that experience. I think your experience may actually be unique. I did have that experience with washer/dryers in North Carolina.

  • It’s not the house that is renting for 1995, but the basement. I’m not sure you can live above ground in LIncoln Park for less than $3000/mo.

    • Not in a house, maybe, but there are plenty of condos and apartments available for far less than that.

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