Super Sweet City Ride


And super thanks to a reader for the details:

“Early 50s Buick Roadmaster. Think about a ’53. An interesting tidbit I came across researching Dynaflow, since it seemed odd that a transmission would be emblazoned on the side of a car: It received early testing in M18 Hellcat tank destroyers, which were built in Buick’s plant in Flint, Mich.

Spotted outside Masjid Muhammad where New Jersey Ave., 4th St., and P St. NW all come together.”


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  • Automatic transmissions and semi-automatics’s like Chrysler’s Fluid Drive were high cost optional novelties in the 50s, so they often were noted with their own chrome trim. Chevy did this with Powerglide in its early years. Ford did it with Fordomatic (and the Mercury version: Merco-Matic). Christler did it with Fluid Drive. Makes that offered a V* as well as a 6-cylinder would have chrome marking their V*s. For years Chevy did this with cubic inch displacement so that a 427 was clearly different from a 283.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    It was also sometimes called “Dynaslush” because of how slowly and inefficiently the transmission shifted 🙂

  • If you want to know the year of any D.C.-registered car, just check out the windshield registration sticker; the year is listed.

  • And I haven’t mentioned it in a while- one can check the taillight of older American cars. The year is moulded into it.

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