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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Nice happy hour last night with That One Guy and FridayGirl. Thanks for organizing, That One Guy!
    Rave: Slim’s is open!
    Rave: Timber Pizza is open!

  • Rave: Working from a coffee shop across town before a mid-morning meeting. What a difference it makes to get out of your routine! I never thought I’d say it, but I could do with more meetings out of the office.
    Rave: Weird rave, but took myself out of the running for a new job today. It wouldn’t have been the right fit, even short-term. Hard to hold out for what I want, but I feel good about it. Powerful, even.
    Revel: Just a few more days until vacation, and I intend to pack in a much fun as possible!

    • Rave #2 is an AWESOME rave. I did something similar a couple of months ago. It makes you feel wanted and in high demand but you get to choose your path when you want. Good Job.

  • Rave: Vacation was awesome. If you like Harry Potter at all, go see the Wizarding World at Universal sometime. I was a skeptic because I don’t usually like theme parks, but it’s amazingly well done.
    Rant: I left two nice dresses and a sweater in the hotel room closet. Reception keeps transferring me to Housekeeping and they won’t pick up or answer my messages, so I suspect that I won’t be reunited with those items.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Mr. Zelda is dying to go to the Wizarding World. Good to hear it’s worth it!

    • I *loved* the Wizarding World of HP!! Such an amazingly well-done park.

    • This reminded me I have to schedule a trip. Do you have any recommendations on where to stay? ALso, we’re there for 2 days (3 nights) – are the Express or VIP passes worth it? (And holy cow, they’re expensive.)

  • Rave: Wonderful dinner last night with my daughter. For as much angst and sass as a 9 year old girl can generate (and it’s a lot), she’s a wonderful kid, and the light of my life (along with her mother).
    Rant: Spent $100 on dinner on a whim. WTF. It’s stupid decisions like that which I regret the next day. Just unnecessary. But . . .
    Rave: All of the grins directed at her as she sat, perfectly behaved, at the chef’s counter at Kapnos in Bethesda, eating taramasalata and a swordfish kabob.
    Rave: The taramasalata at Kapnos. So good.
    Rave: Maine in 2 weeks. Last year’s vacation kinda sucked, because my daughter was dreading moving and starting at a new school. After a good year (with a rough start), lots of new friends, and loving the new house, this year will be a lot more fun. Plus, this year we’re finally taking her to our favorite restaurant in Maine, Primo, in Rockland. Actually, one of my favorite restaurants anywhere.
    Rave: Life is pretty good today. No real rants. Oh, wait . . .
    Rant: The Mets suck.

    • Wow, your little one is a way more adventurous eater than I was at her age!

      • She’s a trip. There’s no seafood she doesn’t like (a fact of which she’s very proud) and loves most meat. But standard kid fare, like hamburger? No. Hot dogs? Occasionally. Anything with sauce? Probably not (tomato sauce and chocolate sauce excepted). Mac and cheese? Unlikely, and she definitely doesn’t like any M&C you or I would consider good. The list goes on.

    • Mmmmm. Now I want taramosalata.

      • Dammit, I just realized I misspelled it. Twice.
        And I can’t recommend the version at Kapnos enough.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Another colleague just announced his retirement.
    Rave: Gearing up for Middle Zelda’s college visits next week.
    Query: Any recs for good, not-too-expensive restaurants in Toronto or Montreal?

    • In Montreal. definitely go to the bakery/patisserie Olive & Gourmando.

    • Woo, I can def help you with Toronto! These are some of our usual date spots:

      Saku Sushi
      Wvrst (It’s a beer hall so not sure it’s appropriate for a teenager, but they have awesome sausages! And now that I think about it people bring their small children there.)
      Cocina Economica–little pricey, but SO good
      Khao San Road
      Seven Lives Tacos–just go grab a taco! Basically almost anything in Kensington Market will be good and pretty cheap.
      Bang Bang Ice Cream–get the waffle with ice cream! There might be a huge line though.

      • Quotia Zelda

        Ah, Batch is close to our hotel, so I think that will be great for the evening we arrive. Thanks!

    • There were a bunch of Montreal recs in yesterday’s R&R. http://www.popville.com/2016/06/random-reader-rant-andor-revel-1601/#comment-1145723

      I second Olive & Gourmando, especially for breakfast. I posted some others yesterday.

    • albany

      Montreal: Schwartz’s Deli (pastrami); L’entrecote St. Jean (steak); Le Mal Nécessaire (cocktails).

    • L’Express in Montreal. Make reservations.
      It was the best, least pretentious, and honestly reasonably priced French food I’ve had in ages. I actually ate at Le Dip for the first time the same week and was so disappointed it didn’t live up to L’Express.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Thanks, everyone!

  • rave: heading to CT tomorrow to spend the long weekend with my extended family!
    rant: my husband can’t come because of work, which makes everyone sad. but I know he’ll enjoy the downtime, so that makes this only half a rant.

    rant: I am being harassed via email and phone by a mentally ill woman in another state who I know from grad school 8 years ago. There’s nothing I can do, legally, to stop her – and yes, I’ve talked to victim’s advocates and the national crime hotline and everyone like that – in large part because not all states have anti- e-stalking/harassment laws in place. (DC doesn’t, unless the stalker/harasser is someone with whom you have or have had a familial or romantic relationship.) So that’s really stressful for me, but also I just reached out to this woman’s mother and brother in the hope that they can do something to restrain her, and the emails I’ve gotten back from them are just absolutely heartbreaking. This woman is very sick, is quite likely to hurt herself or put herself in a position where she’ll get hurt, and there’s nothing her family can do to help/protect her because she’s adult and doesn’t want them to be involved with her life. It seems like the only way she’ll get help is if she’s sent to jail, which isn’t an outcome anyone wants. It’s just so sad. We need to have other options for helping people like this!

    • cant you change your phone number or have her blocked somehow from calling you? i thought there was an option for that. i would get a new email while i am at it too. I am sorry she is sick, but you shouldn’t be harassed.

      • Yeah you can block her number, and I believe you can also block email addresses, though you’d have to check with your specific email provider about that. I’m sorry you’re going through this 🙁

        • You can even block her number straight from your phone if you have a smartphone. It will still show up for you that a call was blocked, but she won’t be able to get through to you.

      • yeah. I’ve blocked her phone number and email address. found a nasty surprise on my WORK voicemail, the number for which she had to really track down and so have warned the receptionist at my office as well. thank you 🙂

    • So sorry you have to go through this. I agree with the comments. Block her number or change yours if possible. Maybe to some unlisted number perhaps? Also, block her email addresses.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Actually DC has some very harsh stalking laws, subject to fines of $10,000. Just google it that’s how I found out. No relationship required.

      • I did research on my own plus I talked to the DC office of the National Center for Victims of Crime, who was as helpful as could be and pointed me to other resources but confirmed there isn’t civil or criminal action I can take in DC. Let me know what you found that indicates otherwise, please?

    • She’s probably stalking many people, if that’s any comfort to you. Is your personally identifiable information scrubbed from the internet? I’d get property records scrubbed from MRIS, etc

      • She is. The head of the grad program we did is on some of her emails too, as is her ex-husband’s mother… it’s bad. She’s really sick 🙁

  • Rant: Was too focused on changing my billing address that I forgot to change my shipping address when I ordered a dress on sale from Anthro. Something tells me that dress will be sitting in a package room in DC forever. Ugh. At least it was very on sale.
    Rant: Failed at waking up to run this morning.
    Rave: Looking forward to the long weekend.

  • Rant: I managed to set the alarm from am to pm and overslept this morning. The baby woke me up (thanks my little morning person!). Then as I was about to get on metro, I realized that I forgot bottles for pumping.
    Rave: I popped into Target, bought extra bottles and storage bags to keep at the office. This won’t be an issue again!
    Rave: I got to chat with my bestie for an hour last night. I have missed her.
    Rave: I’m wearing a new dress today that’s pretty flattering. It is nice to feel “put together.”

  • Rave: Today is my Friday! Yay for a long weekend full of family and friends!
    Rave: sea lion pup! So cute!
    Rave/rant: Am feeling more optimistic about some changes I need to make, even if part of that entails some disappointments and/or hassle.
    Rant: massive headache today.

  • Rave: Apparently all it took was a real estate agent learning that his commission was at risk and phone calls were shouted, threats were issued, and exceptions were made. Monday morning, it was still unclear what, if anything, would happen. Yesterday we closed and my son, along with fiancee and myself as minority shareholder (or whatever) is a homeowner.
    Rave: son has been embarrassingly grateful of late. Apparently, in forgiving his many sins, I earned forgiveness for mine.
    Off to an athletic, romantic, historic and culinary weekend in Philly. Nothing whispers “amorous getaway” like “condo in Fishtown.”
    Couple of beautiful sunrises on the river. The early light coloring the stadium and ivory-faced buildings and bridges so that, for a few extraordinary moments, it was exactly like looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.

  • Rave: today is my Friday.
    Rant/rave: ending things like adults, even in a fairly short relationship. It feels bad, but it also feels good when you’re both nice about it.
    Rant: I have what looks like one minuscule poison ivy bump on the inside of my arm. It itches all the way up and down my arm.
    Rave: it’s not more than one bump
    Question: what good coffee shops have opened in the past year? Part of my annual staycation ritual is hitting the coffee places I don’t normally hit because I work in the burbs and am in a lazy weekend routine.

    • That One Guy

      You may have tried it already, but Philz Coffee is the only one that comes to mind.
      Not sure your coffee preferences but I really like Juan Valdez for their cafe campesino (coffee with brown sugar and cinnamon). I believe it’s not open during the weekends though.

  • Rant: I have procrastinated way too much lately on way too many important things and I am really kicking myself.
    Rave: In the process of fixing these things.
    Rant: But that means that I am forcing myself to go bathing suit shopping at lunch today.

    • Andie302

      There’s a great bathing suit store at the northern end of Ocean City called Body Double. Last time I was there they actually had inventory in two stores across the street from one another. If you don’t find anything today, don’t despair! They are super nice there, and I believe they can do alterations on site if you need something like a strap shortened, etc. (I normally go in about November and for some reason they mark down last seasons inventory by like 75%, even though they are perfectly good swimsuits!)

  • topscallop

    Rave: almost the long weekend
    Rave: my sister is visiting! I’m hoping she will indulge me in a little bit of being lazy to go along with all the out-and-about stuff we have planned. I told her I want to purge my closet too, so maybe she can help me stick to my guns on that.
    Rave: plans with BF to move in together sooner than originally planned got a boost last night after a good talk with my roommates. Another reason to practice paring down my belongings- combining our current stuff that is spread across two rowhouses into a one-bedroom apartment could make it difficult to find an inch of floor space. We’ll have to hop from one piece of furniture to another like the floor is lava.
    Rant: slow work week/quiet office = boredom
    Rant: a close friend of mine is having a tough time in a couple major areas of her life right now and I really feel for her. I’m taking her for a drink tomorrow to let her vent and just be there for her.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Rodrigo y Gabriela totally Rocked the Kennedy Center last night.
    Rave: I never thought I’d ever get to use the phrase: “totally rocked the Kennedy Center”. lol
    Rave: Realizing how stressed I’ve been for quite a while — which means that I can now, more actively, take steps to deal with it.
    Rave-ish: Since adulting often truly sucks, I’ve been trying to do more things that don’t suck — Balance!

  • Rant: still sad about no longer dating anyone
    Rave: ran a few miles for the first time in years to get all my stress and frustration out. it felt so good. I can’t wait to run more miles
    Rant: my favorite coworker is leaving and she was my one real work friend
    Rave: favorite coworker and I plan on hanging out outside of our jobs now
    Rant: back in the online dating pool and I’m not feeling it 🙁

  • Rant: Headache when I woke up this morning.
    Rant: Tired of ranting about therapist, psychiatrist, meds and depression and anxiety.
    Rave: The weather these past few days.
    Rant: Cold as hell in my office right now.
    Rant: Need to get my glasses fixed. Temple is sort of askew. Does anybody know any places to get glasses repaired?
    Rave: Getting my hair done on Saturday.
    Rave: Long summertime evenings when it takes forever for the sun to go down.
    Rave: 4th of July weekend is this weekend! 3 day weekend coming up!

    • That One Guy

      Most eye glass stores should help adjust your glasses for free or charge a small nominal fee, but I would recommend you don’t go to a discount store to do it.

      • The places I’ve gotten my glasses adjusted at have always done it for free, but told me beforehand that since they weren’t the store where I bought them, they aren’t responsible for any damage.
        This was purely academic until I got my glasses adjusted the other week at a My Eye Dr., and was horrified to realize that the guy had heated/bent the metal earpieces without removing the rubber (plastic?) things covering the part that actually goes over the ear. Now one of them is torn and is probably going to come off eventually, requiring me to get a replacement part. If they even make them. 🙁

        • I probably should have anticipated this and removed the plasticky things myself, but I had no idea he was planning on (temporarily) bending that part of the earpiece to be completely straight rather than angled.

      • I love My Eye Dr! They always adjust my glasses for free, no questions asked (I did get them there, but still). Most recently, my wife accidentally slammed her head into my glasses, which dented the plastic. My Eye Dr fixed it for free…not perfect, but 80% better!

  • Cava pony: To your late reply: Unless the issue is you feel like you’re too muscular (and then I’d recommend low weight, higher reps), I highly recommend doing more weights. The end result could give you the aesthetics you desire even if the numbers aren’t dropping like flies. Muscles also born more fat. My fave cardio with the most bang for my time is the stationary bike, lower ones being preferred. Doctors and diet checks should come first, of course.
    Hopefully, it’ll all work out for you soon.

    • Thanks Anon Spock for the recommendations! I’ve been looking into weight training more, as I def think all this cardio (even though I do really enjoy the “high” you get from a good fast run or a HIIT session) is stressing my body. I am also exploring doctors/dietician options. Going to get this sorted out… eventually.

    • How long on the stationary bike? I usually do it 1-2 times a week, but get so bored after 30 minutes.

      • I do max 30 mins of hiit on weight days. If cardio only which is rare, I’ll try to do an hour. I also enjoy the rower, but not every gym has one. You don’t need to stay there all day to get benefits, and as cava mentioned above, too much too often can hurt you.

        • Hmm, maybe I’ll start doing it before lifting.

          • I do both before and after in 1 gym session;’20 before, weights, 10 min, more weights. Jury is out on which is better, but that’s the program that’s worked for me. Mix it up and see how everything feels.

      • For longer sessions, I’ll do a preset: hills or similar at a moderately fast pace. Short sessions are always hiit.

      • Search for ny times 10 20 30
        It’ll tell you all about really easy intervals you can do running, biking, elliptical. They’re really easily on the bike if it has manual tension. If I’m not getting enough cardio I hop on and do this, it’s HARD to get through 3 cycles.

  • Question: Anyone have recommendations re: building management companies in DC/MD that are very well-run, helpful, organized etc, or realtors (for renters, not buyers sadly) who can work with you on planning a potential move 6-7 months away?

    • I LOVED Bozzuto. I have dealt with 5-6 building management companies over the last decade and they were light years ahead of the rest.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Bernstein Management company is the best. They are very responsive to maintenance requests, keep my building updated (we just got new washers and dryers and last year they upgraded the gym), and the price is right.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: This morning Lucy made it up the stairs after breakfast without my assistance although
    Rant: She went to a bedroom that I haven’t used in 5 years. Maybe she wants her privacy?
    Rant: I called IDGI Sr last night and his wife is not doing well although he added “She’s still pretty.”
    Rave: The weather! Why can’t July always be like this?

  • That One Guy

    Rant: I’m wary of going home tonight, as a practicing agnostic, the prospect of having to deal with bible study is not what I call fun. I guess I should be thankful they don’t seem to be militant bible thumping types.
    Rave: This too shall pass, and in the grand scheme of things a small inconvenience.

    • Wait, what? Why are there bible-thumpers waiting to ambush you at your home tonight?

      • That One Guy

        My mom attends a neighborhood bible study on Thursdays. (It’s a recent development.) The person who hosted, until today, became ill with a medical condition and my mom volunteered the house as the new gathering place. It’s nice that she has something to do with friends. It’s just my biases that I’m having to deal with. (Bible study at home conjures up childhood memories of bible thumping preacher uncle holding “service” with my sister on a Halloween.)

        • That One Guy

          And by service i literally mean signing of hymns, prayers and sermon with my sister and me kneeling for a long time not understanding a lot of what was going on in Korean.

          • Interesting….lol! Trust me, I’m a practicing agnostic as a result of an interesting upbringing as well, so I feel ya on this!

  • Bear

    Rant: Busy week! Feel like I haven’t had a minute to catch my breath.
    Rave: Three-day weekend. So needed, although it will be spent working on the house.
    Rave: Almost ready to refinance, but…
    Rant: A little worried about our appraisal. There aren’t many actual comps in our area that are similar in terms of lot size and condition of the house, so I’m a little worried we’ll get a low figure and not be able to do the renovations we want to do.

    • Are you hoping the appraisal comes in higher than what you’re paying for the house?

      • I figured Bear and Mr. Bear were hoping to get some significant cash (or a HELOC? I’m not quite sure how these things work) out of the refinancing process and to put the cash toward renovations.

  • Andie302

    Rave: A great development at work may have me transitioning to a new area of my own making
    Rave: I didn’t have the relationships/experience/etc. to get this off of the ground last time I tried (8 years ago) but the climate has changed and I do now!
    Rant: I wish I could just stay home this weekend, but I’m feeling compelled (for several reasons) to get out of town. Maybe next weekend!
    Rave: Super short week next week, again
    Rave: Great quick visit to Minnesota with Accounterings family – who knew Minnesota was so beautiful!

  • Rant: the “social justice” babywearing squad has decided to take their message to all of the babywearing groups, resulting in some incredibly upsetting conversations filling much of my Facebook feed. I just reluctantly removed myself from all of the affected groups. It was taking up too much space in my thoughts and I don’t really have that to spare right now. I’m actually really sad about all of it. I don’t see any opportunity to help change its course or make a difference, so I don’t see another option except to leave. The groups had been a nice little respite for me as a new mom and now they’re the exact opposite. In fact, they almost made me forget this morning that
    Rave: My babies are six months old today!
    Rave: Lots of coffee. And it’s the Thursday before a long weekend. Going to snuggle the little ones extra tight this weekend.

    • Which message — that no one is to use the word “crazy” under any circumstance, even in situations not remotely connected to mental illness? Or some other message?
      I still think it’s ridiculous (and crazy) that a group would gang up on someone as earnest and conscientious as you.

      • It’s hard for me to summarize the exact message without inserting snark, so I’ll just say that it’s a lot more expansive than just disallowing the word “crazy.’ It’s basically disallowing any speech or action that any person deems to be offensive for any reason, then saying that any response other than “I’m so sorry, I’ll never do it again” is “tone policing.” There is a small minority pressing for this, but they’re very active and very effective and shutting down dissent. It’s painful to watch and I’m not the only one to feel ganged up on.

    • social justice babywearing squad? wtf is that?

      congrats on making it through the first six months! awesome rave!

      • That’s my name for the promoters of so-called social justice on these boards. I put that in quotes because it isn’t any form of social justice that I agree with, or think is actually *just*.

    • I don’t even have a kid, but those groups are a little too over the top in many cases. I hear SO MANY stories about them from my mom friends. And it’s usually specifically about one woman I went to high school with who shares every.single.detail about her children and vents about her husband. I’ve heard you’re not supposed to “share outside the group” but people obviously do. Seems like a great place for woman to judge each other and there is already enough of that IRL.

      • “Seems like a great place for woman to judge each other and there is already enough of that IRL.” Exactly. I initially looked to these groups as a respite, and for a time they were, but now they have been taken over by the most toxic kinds of “sanctimommies.” It makes me so sad, but I guess I should have expected it.

        • I’m sorry to hear this, and can imagine how disappointing it is. I imagine having young babies can get isolating and it is a shame such a community is the opposite of welcoming.

          Off topic, I am still hung up on the pricing you mentioned for some of the baby wearing products. I’m more familiar with the idea of grabbing some kitenge at the market and getting to it.

          • It’s not off topic, actually — I think it’s totally germane. Just to be clear, I’ve never paid those prices and won’t. I just followed some of those groups because I enjoyed seeing the products, like window shopping. The people who do buy these products generally do so with the assumption that they can recoup the costs later because the wraps hold value well. Sometimes that is true.
            On the subject of kitenges, one of the most contentious topics in the groups is “cultural appropriation” — what fabrics can be worn by whom, under what circumstances, and using what language. You can imagine just how tricky that can become.

    • I don’t get how people aren’t busy enough parenting that they have time for this BS online. I’m glad you are removing yourself from the situation. It just seems so crazy to me (use of the word crazy is intentional)! Trust me, it is them NOT you.

  • Rave: Excited to watch Poland vs. Portugal this afternoon! Polska! Polska!
    Not really a rant, but more of a question: Any ideas of good places in Shaw/Logan area to watch the match?

    • Andie302

      Ivy and Coney will probably have it on, but it’s small in there so it could be jam packed. Maybe Lost and Found?

    • The Drafting Table usually does soccer matches, at least for the premier league. Also, I think Dacha advertised that they were showing Euro games.

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