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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: Was driving to work this morning, stopped at a light southbound on Georgia Avenue at the corner of Harvard Street, when I noticed two young men talking to each other while leaning over a bike rack. I immediately saw a pair of bolt cutters in one of their hands, and saw that hey were feigning a conversation while one of them was cutting the lock on one of the bikes. We called police right away, but who knows if they came or if these guys were caught. Two b/ms, early twenties or late teens, one of them wearing a Ben Franklin One Hundred Dollar Bill backpack. As someone who’s had multiple bikes stolen, I’ll admit that part of me wanted to gun the motor and just run these two over and send a message. Kidding. Sort of.

    • yeah, cause thieves totally deserve the death penalty. Totally fair.

      • +1. What a gross and unnecessary comment.

        • I don’t know, I can’t say I’ve never had those flashes of hatred and anger that make you want to teach someone a lesson. Luckily most people realize that a reaction like running someone over would not only be an overreaction, but also morally wrong, and never follow through on those impulses. But let he who has never had a violent fantasy flash through his brain cast the first stone.

          • I don’t think its irrational to get angry at people doing the wrong thing, but I don’t love that the OP verbalized it. I feel like thats something you keep to yourself. Or maybe to a small group of people who really get you. It came off as sociopathic in my opinion.

          • +1 I know them feels.

          • But isn’t that part of the idea of rants/raves/etc? Being able to voice the things you wouldn’t usually say? I get what you’re saying, but also strongly suspect that anon was just voicing frustration and never ever ever would actually do what s/he wrote.

          • We certainly all have flashes of hate and anger, and I didn’t read it as a statement of intent or anything. I guess it just reminds me of some of the “tough guy” comment threads that sometime follow posts about crime that just devolve into dehumanizing people (e.g. calling them animals). It’s really tiresome, and I don’t think it’s completely harmless either.

          • “It’s really tiresome, and I don’t think it’s completely harmless either.”
            You can say the same about petty theft, too. So it’s one big circle, I guess.

        • OP here. I thought this was fairly obvious from my posting, but I was not seriously contemplating harming anyone — I was describing my reflexive and instinctive anger at the situation, especially from having been a victim of this crime on three separate occasions. I was also feeling bad for the victim whose property I was watching being snatched — maybe that bike was a gift, or had sentimental value, or was something they’d saved up for a long time to buy. Maybe it was their mode of transportation.

          This is the part of the comments sections where we share our feelings, so stop being so freaking holier-than-thou.

          • For the record I do think you were right to call the cops. I just think there is something just foul joking about murdering fellow human beings. It doesn’t matter if they are bike thieves, or dancing in a club. Jokes about killing people are gross. It isn’t funny and I will be as holier-than-thou as I want to be because it is not ok in my book. Maybe its because of all the crap we’ve seen in the past year, but I’m not in the mood to just laugh at people’s homicidal urges. Be better.

    • I’m with anon. Having been the victim of multiple crimes, the urge to “send a message” is absolutely understandable. While I cannot condone running over bike thieves, if someone was arrested for taking after them with a nine iron, I’d contribute to their defense fund. A little frontier justice might not be a bad thing.

    • OP here. Good grief. I didn’t think I’d even have to explain this, but let me spell it out: I never seriously contemplated doing anyone any harm. It was just that momentary flash of anger that came from having been a victim (three times!) in the past. I was also feeling deep empathy for the poor person whose property was being stolen in front of my eyes. I just called the police and moved on, as anyone would. Calm down.

    • Seems to me everyone missed the point. Good for you for reporting this to the police!

    • Rant: anon rants about crappy situation, in turn gets argued with about personal anonymous feeling about crappy situation. this wasn’t even my rant and i feel even crappier about the crappy situation now. yeesh.

      • +1. Occasionally I see disturbing posts on PoPville where people really _are_ advocating for some kind of disproportionate punishment. This one wasn’t one of them.
        I don’t have a problem with people contemplating an action like that for a split second and then acknowledging to themselves that it would be morally wrong and they would never do it.

        • While I don’t think this was seriously advocating for disproportionate punishment, I do feel that skj84’s comment was right on point, and was very glad to see it posted. Especially because the OP stated “Kidding Sort of.”
          In my case, maybe it has to do with having spent some time working in the court system, and thinking about how we decide to punish for various crimes. There is a lot of disproportionate punishment out there, and it has real impacts on society.

          • Thank you. Things like the OP’s post bug. Its ok to vent, but I think they took it to an inappropriate level.

  • Rant: Yesterday was some day man. It was Father’s Day so I was already a bit emotional (my dad passed away in late 2014) . I had movers come in and take my stuff, turns out IKEA furniture is not only next to impossible to assemble, but also takes quite some time to disassemble. Now I have to reassemble the furniture, sigh. I told the movers I was going to meet them at the new crib, rented a car. I don’t know if it was the stress over the move, it being Father’s Day and being in my feelings or just stress over the entire process, but I couldn’t get the car to move. Steering wheel was locked, had called Zipcar. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t doing something right, but at that moment in time, I didn’t car…was frustrated, etc. So I had to take an Uber from SW DC to Wheaton. Moving sucks, it really does. No matter how much you plan for it, something always goes wrong.
    Rave: It’s done, got to enjoy Game of Thrones last night with my future wife and that made it all better.

    • I totally feel you on father’s day being emotional. It’s such a tough day for a lot of people. You are not alone. And, sounds like you really rallied… a lot of people would have been incapacitated by the stress you had, but instead you figured out alternatives like the Uber. Congrats on it being done!

    • So your new place is in Wheaton?

      • It’s considered Silver Spring, but it’s a 5 minute drive to either Wheaton metro or Glenmont metro.

    • That One Guy

      There’s task rabbit if you want someone else to cobble together the ikea furniture. I’m also willing to help if you’re going to go at it by yourself.

  • Rave: Scheduled to give blood today. Trying not to freak myself out about it.

    Rave: Fantastic time at the Seersucker Social on Saturday. Great day for a bike ride

    Rave/Rant: Finished Orange is the New Black in one sitting. I planned to watch 2 episodes a day, ended up watching 3 on Friday and the rest on Sunday. I think this was the best season yet. And I’m very glad I got ahead of major spoilers that some news outlets have released. Thank goodness I didn’t google news on the show between episodes. I’m bummed I’m going to have to wait until next year for new episodes.

    • I’m so psyched to watch OITNB! Glad to hear it’s excellent 😀

    • Rave: Father’s Day. In the past it’s been difficult for me, but I’m finally in a place where I didn’t seem to have an emotional reaction to it. I was able to take joy in other peoples’ happiness, rather than thinking about my losses. I was even with a friend while they called their dad, and I felt good. What a win.
      Rant: I feel so incompetent at dating.
      Rave: Almost July 4th weekend! Fireworks ho!

    • I ended up not watching the last season of OITNB. Is it worth catching up on/do I have to watch it to understand the new season? I’ve heard the new season is a lot better.

      • There are quite a few plot points from Season 3 that carry over into Season 4. If anything read a recap of the season as a primer for Season 4. Season 3 wasn’t great, but the new season makes up for it.

    • saf

      Blood donors saved my life. Blood donors saved my little brother’s life. Thank you very much for donating!

      • hear, here! Also greatly indebted to blood donors over the years. I am unable to donate blood in return, but if you wanna head over to Petworth I’ll give you cinnamon buns to thank you!

      • Accountering

        I have donated a few times, but the process my last time was really annoying. Even with an appointment it still took over an hour. They just totally ignored my appointment, and I waited in line. Haven’t been back.

        • I don’t mean to be rude, but you won’t donate blood which could save someone’s life because once, of what seems to be several times you’ve gone, they had a mixup and had you waiting (admittedly an hour seems a while)? But still, a second chance isn’t warranted?

    • Please tell me the Piper acting like a big shot storyline gets nipped in the bud early on. I’m a few episodes in and it’s getting ridiculous.

  • Rave: Wonderful lazy weekend. Baked about 50 kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) in celebration of Midsummer, and am determined to spread sunshine-y, cinnamon-y cheer today!
    Rave: It was dry enough that I didn’t have to run my AC all weekend. Every day that I don’t have to run it is a good day!
    Rant: I’m running on fumes and sugar. Got about 3 hours of sleep last night thanks to my complete inability to fall asleep before 1:30 + fuzzy cat waking me up by projectile vomiting off her cat tree around 4ish. I’m going to crash and burn hard later.

  • Query: Planning on selling our 2001 Golf TDI–any suggestions for how to do so through Craigslist if that’s the route we want to take? Is is basically the same thing as selling anything else, but just bigger? Or are there other things we should be aware of?
    Rave: Picked up the new car yesterday!
    Rave: Had fun seeing family in NJ over the weekend.
    Rant: Drive home was awful–mtpbaby got sick 30 minutes into the drive, resulting in a wet carseat. Fortunately, we had a puppy pad from one of our trips to the vet with our cats, but we still had to stop extra to adjust it and change him out of wet clothes.
    Rant: mtpbaby ran a fever last night.
    Rave: my mom is home with him today so I can be at work.
    Rant: mtpbaby was up for almost an hour in the middle of the night and mtpkiddo was up at 5am (she slept until 9:30 yesterday–her system is so out of whack!). Ugh.
    Rave: Still managed to make father’s day cookies & artwork with mtpkiddo for her grandfathers yesterday.

    • Accountering

      I listed my 2003 Honda Element, only on CL – listed for a fair price, got an offer quickly, and now it lives out in Fairfax. Whole process took less than a week or so.
      My one tip is – if you don’t currently have your registration from DC (if you lost it or whatever) go get a replacement now. They no longer do same day replacements, and have to mail it to you. That was a pain in the butt.

    • Bear

      I sold my car a few years back – listed on craigslist and autotrader. Most of the inquiries I got from craigslist were obvious scams, very few seemed legit. I’d say trust your gut – if someone’s email seems shady, just don’t respond. I paid a small fee to list on autotrader’s website and the car sold within a couple weeks.

    • When my partner wanted to sell his car a couple years ago, he got the most money at Carmax.

      • +1 my wife sold her car at Carmax this past December and she got top dollar even though it had been in a car accident. We were really surprised. Painless process too.

      • I was going to suggest trying Carmax first and seeing what they’ll give you for it! Then take that offer to a VW dealer and see if they’ll beat it. Totally eliminate the annoyance of selling it on CL (I’ve done this and it’s just a hassle).

    • Online quotes at carmax were lower than those for webuyanycar.com–anyone have experience with the latter?

      • I wouldn’t rely on the online quote. Make an appointment and go in to see what they will offer.

    • My experience has been Autotrader attracts more serious buyers (and sellers). Also, b/c its a TDI you are casting a wider sales net and more likely to find the buyer who is looking for exactly what you have.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Nice, laid back weekend.
    Rave: Finally replaced the old grill, and now Mr. Zelda is in new toy, grill-all-the-things mode.
    Rant: Didn’t get as much weeding done as I had planned.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Finally home after some days of traveling
    Rant: While I was away, the fruit flies moved in. Let the slow clapping begin.
    Rave: Refreshed and ready to work. After I kill some fruit flies.
    Rantve: Tons of photos of Cuba to edit

  • Bear

    Rave: Good weekend of relaxing, getting work done around the house and garden, and celebrating father’s day.
    Rave: Garden is looking good, even though it took me forever to get everything planted since I’m not moving as fast as I did pre-pregnancy. Already have a few baby tomatoes and peppers, tons of greens. Now I need to put the netting up so the various wildlife doesn’t eat all my stuff.
    Rant: Had to pull up the oregano I planted last year. I planted two tiny seedlings last spring. By this spring they had completely taken over the raised bed where it was planted. I had no idea it was that invasive! I transplanted some into a pot, hope it survives- fresh oregano is really delicious.
    Question for fellow gardeners: Any tips for combatting cucumber beetles? They destroyed my plants last year even though I had traps out. I’ve done one treatment of beneficial nematodes in the raised bed and the surrounding grass, hoping that helps. I don’t want to use pesticide, so any other tips are welcome.

  • RAVE: Celebrated my first father’s day as a father.
    RAVE: The CAVS bringing the NBA championship to Cleveland made the perfect weekend even better (if that is even possible)
    RAVE: Cant even think of a RANT… even on a Monday!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I can hear someone cleaning out the desk of the coworker who died last week. It’s still sort of a shock that she’s gone.
    Rant: My mood has been in the sh*tter lately.
    Rave: Going to New Orleans this weekend.

  • Rant: Night sweats. I don’t know if it was caused by the daycare plague I am fighting off or postpartum hormonal fluctuations. But I swear that I woke up four pounds lighter than when I went to bed. Drinking all the water today.
    Rave: Feeling less congested this morning. I no longer want to rip out my sinuses to alleviate some of the pressure.
    Rave: Despite being sick, I was so productive this weekend. I managed to finish a lot of chores so this week will run more smoothly. And I made a delicious shepherd’s pie for dinner.

  • Just want to get this out there…

    Was walking to work this morning down 15th Street, NW and I spotted a dog walking briskly towards me heading in the direction of P street. I looked around and saw nobody else within 100 feet of the dog. He had no collar (which I thought was very strange), and was unneutered. I followed him around and there was clearly no one looking for him. He almost ran into the street a few times but luckily I was able to corral him back to the sidewalk. He seemed well-fed and very friendly – definitely not acting like a stray. Another bystander saw us and was able to get an extra leash around his neck and volunteered to take him to the NY Ave. Shelter. What could have been a really bad situation actually turned out well.

    Here is a description:

    Medium sized, short shiny black fur – with brownish coloring on the belly and legs.
    Pointed ears with a long pointy snout.
    Maybe about 20 lbs?

    Hopefully someone out there sees this and knows who may be frantically looking for their dog!

    • The fact that the dog is unneutered makes me suspect that the owner probably isn’t the most responsible pet owner out there. 🙁
      (Unless the dog is purebred… and maybe even then.)

      • How rude. A lot of dogs, like mine, can’t be neutered for medical reasons.

        • I think you’re the one being rude here. “A lot” of dogs? Really? What medical reasons would those be?
          I suspect that the vast majority of the unneutered dogs in D.C. are unneutered because the (often male) owners see the dog as an extension of their masculinity and/or don’t grasp the issue with pet overpopulation.

  • Revel: I’m pregnant!
    Rave: It’s a bit hard since we had a late loss last year but I’m focusing on being in the moment. I’m sure my therapist will be proud.
    Rave: Awesome dinner last night that would have made my grandmother proud: catfish, collard greens, and homemade biscuits.

  • Rave: I actually did some food prep yesterday and I feel so prepared. Dinner is in the crock pot!
    Rave: I did a lot of cleaning and getting rid of stuff. I didn’t totally follow the Kon Marie method, I was too impatient to just ditch stuff I knew needed to be ditched.
    Rant: I want to mount some furniture on the wall, a desk and a “fauxdenza” but those two walls are brick. Ugh.
    Rant: I need to get an electrician out first anyway, there’s an outlet in the way.
    Rant: someone in a cube nearby has decided to intermittently snap their fingers.

    • DCReggae

      I actually prefer mounting to brick over dry wall, plaster etc. Once you figure out how to do it right, its much easier and lasts forever. Drill a small starter hole with a drill bit, screw in special, long brick screws (available at any hardware store), hang, and enjoy!

      • You don’t use any kind of masonry anchors?
        I think I can borrow a hammer action drill from a friend. I know I can do this, it’s just out of my normal element. In the end the fauxdenza will look awesome and hide all of my homebrew stuff and the hanging desk will make the living room look a lot bigger. So I shall forge on.

        • DCReggae

          Not when I hang directly into brick. The screws have huge “teeth” and don’t need anchors, in my opinion. I only use them with plaster or dry wall. Goodluck and let us know how it turns out! BTW, you can rent a drill from Old School Hardware in Mt P!

    • HaileUnlikely

      The special masonry screws that you want are called Tapcons. They are sold loose, but if you haven’t used them before, I recommend buying a box of several, because the box will tell you what size drill bit to use to drill the pilot hole. This is one of [in my opinion] the few applications in which the size of the hole actually matters. I’m not sure about other locations, but at the Takoma Ace Hardware, you can rent a hammer drill for $10/day.
      If you aren’t comfortable doing this, you can certainly hire a handyman to take care of both this and the outlet. If all you want to do is move or remove the outlet, you don’t need an electrician for that. If you want to add new circuits or anything like that, I’d definitely recommend a real electrician, but a handyman should be able to relocate or disconnect an existing outlet.

  • Rave: Vacation starts on Thursday!
    Rant: 100% mentally checked out of work already.

  • +1 Father’s Day is a tough day for many, including me. Yesterday I realized that I have now spent more father’s days without my dad than I did with him (he passed in 1996). Be kind to yourself.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I had a nice conversation with IDGI Sr. on Father’s Day who informed me that
    Rant: My little brother Oliver had taken him to Denny’s to celebrate.
    Rant: Oliver is their damn dog!

  • Rave: Fathers day. There were enough sad postings about late fathers on my Facebook feed to make me feel very fortunate that the old crank is still alive.
    Rave: Father’s day. Having had two kids by accident (well, we wanted kids, the timing was sure accidental, though), and having had them when I was relatively poor, I sometimes envy friends who had two decades of adventures while I was going to PTA meetings and scrimping to get to the beach for a week, not to mention negotiating the minor Hells they both put me through from time to time. In the end, though, I’m very glad for the path I chose and, if I was less of a cheap bastard, I’d probably take my kids out for Father’s Day instead of the other way around, and say “thank you” to them.

  • Bear

    Haven’t seen it yet…

  • Oooh, not cool to not include the spoiler warning before that. I did watch last night, but in the days of DVR, I am sure there are a number of people who haven’t had a chance yet.

  • I know this isn’t the place for fashion advice – but what do folks think about wearing sleek/dressy penny loafers with a suit? Too informal?

    • It’s summer, I think it’d be fine!

    • I’d absolutely do it with slim ankle length pants but it might not pair well with wider legged pants. The ankle length would probably mean the suit is less formal, as you suggested, or at least more fashion forward.

    • I’m curious about a few things before answering. Most importantly, for what occasion? But also, I’m wondering about the gender of the person we’e discussing. I think a woman could pull this off in more places than a man could, but for the right occasion, a man could look formal enough with this combo, IMO.

      • I’m going to ask the same question again (about occasion) because I think that’s where the dissent is coming in. What’s appropriate and nice-looking on a Tuesday at a white shoe law firm is not the same as what’s appropriate at a happy hour on 14th St is not the same as what’s appropriate at a formal wedding, etc. Penny loafers and suit would not be equally fashionable or appropriate in all of these contexts.

        • No particular occasion in mind. I wanted to replace a pair of dark brown cap toe oxfords that’s on its last legs, but they’re still kicking so I figured why not branch out a bit with a dressy loafer. I still have the oxfords when I need the formality, but I was hoping that the loafers could take some of that role for less formal occasions that still require a suit. I don’t wear a suit daily, so it won’t be a big deal to wear my old shoes if these don’t end up working out for that purpose.

    • “Sleek/dressy” and “penny loafers” are contradictory terms. A fine choice if you want to look summery casual, especially if you can go sockless/open collar (or cotton/linen tie) (I just read someone saying that their ideal summer look was “shipwrecked Kennedy,”) but if you’re trying to look really smashing, penny loafers don’t cut it.

      • I guess I was assuming these were more “boat shoes” loafers than actual penny loafers, being paired with a slim, ankle length linen-mix suit, giving that casual, “just docked the yacht to do some business before we head up to the Cape” look….

      • I’m going to disagree with this, just because I think my husband is the best dressed man out there and he can totally rock a pair of penny loafers. For the right occasion. And we’re talking about polished, new-looking loafers, not boat shoes. He’d never wear them to, say, a black tie event, but I can think of times he might wear them to work and look totally appropriate.

      • While I agree in theory that sleek penny loafers aren’t dressy by definition, these particular loafers are far from clunky boat shoes. (Google “brooks presidio” for the pair in question.) I don’t think that I’d get away with rocking these to a formal event and I don’t question that they’d work with slacks, but guess I’ll see how I feel about them with a full-on suit. I just ordered a pair on a whim and hoping to justify the purchase by rationalizing their utility. Thanks guys!

      • That One Guy

        Ummm…I am going disagree too. You can rock a pair of tasseled loafers and they would be dressy enough for a suit. See: https://goo.gl/images/NyB71I

    • jim_ed

      The only people who can pull off penny loafers and not look like a schmuck are super rich dudes. Unless you regularly travel to your summer home via helicopter, penny loafers make you look like a strip mall lawyer. Best avoided.

      • Heh, now you have me second guessing myself again. Here’s hoping that you’re wrong?

        • FWIW. I disagree with jim_ed here. I say wear them!

        • jim_ed

          My advice, especially in DC, would be to avoid anything that’s not cap toed with a suit. If you want casual, go with a lighter tan wingtip and belt.

    • I wear loafers all the time with pant suits (not skirts). I’ve had two leg surgeries, so nicer shoes just don’t work for me anymore. Very few people look at your shoes unless they’re grossly wrong for the occasion.

    • I’m not saying that penny loafers can’t look good, but unless you are pulling off the Shipwrecked Kennedy look (or, per Jim Ed: “look like you travel to your summer home via helicopter”), they definitely give off a summer intern vibe in an office setting.

      • May need to change my user name…

      • Jim, Irving – what’s your take on boat shoes? Curious how that’s related to your take on penny loafers.

        • I’m also wondering about that. I think there is a *huge* difference between boat shoes and penny loafers. Any even between, say, Bass penny loafers and ones from Allen Edmonds or Alden (just as examples). The further you get to the end of the list, the more formal the shoe will be, even if there is some overlap in the general shoe style. The same way a wingtip isn’t a wingtip isn’t a wingtip.

        • jim_ed

          Not my personal style, but I think they can be pulled off if done correctly. Never with socks, of course, and I think they don’t pair well with anything but shorts and a shirt with a collar. You have to be careful to wear clearly nice clothes, otherwise you can end up looking like every suburban dad who works at a defense contractor and has a blackberry on their hip, so make sure your collars have been pressed correctly and your shorts aren’t cargo or below the knee. But otherwise, I basically look at them as brown flip flops for dudes who went to private school.

  • Revel: last day of school
    Revel: Ecuador tomorrow!
    Rant: put up a CL ad for my car and got no bites. Maybe because I put up the ad Friday night. It looks like I’ll be paying insurance on two cars this month. Any advice on short term insurance?

    • If you cancel mid policy, you’ll get a refund for the overage, so there is no need for a special short term policy.

  • Seems to me everyone missed the point. Good for you for reporting this to the police!

  • palisades

    WARNING – GOT SPOILERS. This person sucks at life

  • This is the worst thing I’ve seen all day.

  • Rant: I really ought to have watered my outdoor plants over the weekend, but I didn’t. (It was so hot, and I just didn’t want to be outside.) I hope they’re not suffering.
    Rant: I meant to water them this morning before I took a shower, but I didn’t remember until after showering.
    Rave: Got a lot of house-tidying/organizing done over the weekend.

  • RAVE: Looks like PoP took down the comment that rudely revealed Game of Thrones spoilers for those who haven’t watched. I watched, but it was a jerk move by that commenter for others.
    Rave: Checked out Glen Echo Park for the first time for a Father’s Day outing. Smaller than I expected, but fun was had by all.
    Rant: It is looking like I don’t have a free weekend until August to do some work around the house (painting, etc.). Too many events/family commitments!

    • palisades

      Glen Echo is amazing!!! It’s gorgeous at night. I was there some random weekend night last year and a wedding was going on. It’s a wonderful atmosphere.

      • We went a little later in the day due to toddler nap time, so I think most of the events had already ended for the day by the time we arrived. However, the carousel was really cool, and any day our toddler can eat ice cream and ride a carousel is a good day in her book.

  • Question for the PoPulace: A long time ago (maybe two years ago?), I found an iPhone with a completely cracked screen next to the sidewalk. I meant to take it to the police station in case anyone had been mugged for it or reported it lost… but I never got around to it and forgot about it. What should I do with it now — if I take it to an Apple store, can they figure out who its past owner was?

    • Hahahahaha……. well, I’d say that’s a lost cause. If you took someone’s phone (even if it was missing) and then failed to turn it in anywhere for two years I think it’s probably safe to say that it’s not of much use to them at this point. (Unless, of course, they hadn’t backed up their photos or something. I suppose you could try taking it to an Apple store but maybe you can call and ask them if they’ll do that first.)

      • I thought it might have been stolen and then abandoned. The display was so badly cracked that I wasn’t sure whether the phone was even salvageable.

        • Yeah, sorry. I shouldn’t have laughed. Honestly, if I were you I probably would just chuck it at this point — but that’s just me. If you want to call the Apple Store to see if they can do anything, they can probably advise you.

  • Rave – I FINALLY cleaned out my closet and got rid of a bunch of clothes I no longer wear.
    Rave – Then I went on internet shopping spree. The idea of work uniform appeals to me, and I want to build a work wardrobe of high quality, well fitted staple pieces that I can mix and match to make nice outfits that don’t require a lot of thought or effort.
    Rant – Other than my closet, my apartment is mess right now.

    • Oh yeah, cleaning out can get the shopping urge going in me, too. No sooner had I moved almost all of my stuff out to my new home, leaving only stuff behind to best stage the old one for sale, than I saw two pieces I liked in one of my favorite antique stores, and bought them to add to some empty places with the staged stuff. Never regretted buying them, either.

      I have the winter easy mix and match work stuff down (worked very well this winter), but I really need to work on the summer version. It seems much harder to find dressy lightweight women’s jackets and pants for hot weather than for cold – wool just holds up so well.

      Hear you on the messy apartment as well …

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Can you come over and do mine? My 10 lb cat knocked down the high shelf in my walk in closet 2 yrs ago and I haven’t been in there since then.

  • Rant: Weekend did not go at all to plan. Drove all the way from Baltimore to DC to get the remainder of my stuff only to realize as I’m parking that my house key was in Baltimore. Decided against lots of little stuff for the BF’s Father’s Day presents since he had said the weekend previous that he wanted a gas grill instead; then when it was time to go get the grill, he decides he doesn’t want one right now after all. Cue me feeling shitty for not doing more for Father’s Day. To top it off, crabs were expensive and small. To be expected on a holiday weekend, but still frustrating.
    Rant? Started reading a book about being the daughter of a narcissistic mother, and jesus christ does this stuff hit home. I really had not realized the true extent of how that stuff effects a person.
    Rave: The book is about healing, getting strategies to cope, etc. Hopefully it will help.

    • I made that mother realization 8 years ago when I started reading about it online. All I can say is, it can be slow – I keep having more realization of how it affects me. Good luck to you.

    • Andie302

      Can you share the book title? I want my mom to read it. My grandmother is a nut (not in a good way), and has now been living with my parents for two years due to lack of other options. This might help! Thanks

      • It’s called “Will I Ever Be Good Enough?: Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers” by Karyl McBride, PhD. One of the things I really like about it is that the author herself dealt with the issues personally, as well as in her practice as a psychotherapist.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rave: Drying my sheets, comforter and mattress pad out on the deck in the sun and fresh air.
    Bonus Rant: Waiting for THAT neighbor to post a rant: What’s up with my neighbor always drying laundry outside on his deck? Is that even legal in DC? Should I leave an anonymous note on his door?

  • Andie302

    Rant: Felt like crap most of last week – missed work a couple days and didn’t even have the energy to eat or get on the internet – that’s when you KNOW it’s bad!
    Rave: Better for the most part after a weekend of relaxation, naps, healthy food, and very little drinking.
    Rave: I’m not super invested in basketball, but after watching game 6 with some Cleveland natives, I was happy to see the outcome of the game last night!
    Rave: You guys, it’s summmmmeeeeerrrr…the BEST time of the year 🙂

  • Rant: For the second time in about a month, I had to have my car towed to the shop. Granted, the first was a terrible pot hole that ate my tire and rim (and a dead spare), but this time my idiot lights were lit like Christmas (Check Engine System, Check Brake System, and all of the individual lights lit up at one point on my drive home Thursday, so the shop said I couldn’t drive it in). And a few months ago I spent thousands on a brake issue. I’m just not sure when it is time to let go. This car hasn’t really had any problems up until now, but it is 10 years old, so who knows.

    • jim_ed

      thousands, as in multiple, for brakes? Can’t drive it because the check engine light is on? I’d recommend finding a new service shop first.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: sister found a Korean restaurant that serves crazy good food. They have a limit menu and I’m thankful for that because everything I ate, including the pig ear, was amazing. I’m glad I don’t live closer because I would try to live there.

    • where?

      • That One Guy

        Out in Centreville in such a nondescript location you’d never know it existed (floor level of an office building). It’s called Abbaee Soondae. So new that it’s not been “discovered” on Yelp yet.

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