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  • I was a bit bummed by this. No more fried pickles….. I guess having more than one store is just too much for them???

  • Eh. I know we don’t GDON restaurants here, but I’d be firmly on the side of Not for this one.

  • Haha I was just walking down the street with a friend (who is pretty familiar with Barracks Row) and she asked me if DC-3 was new. I said it has actually been there quite a while but I keep forgetting it’s there! And then I promised myself I would go sometime. I’ve lived on 8th Street since before they opened and have never been in– it just keeps falling off my radar.

  • Nooooooooo! These were the BEST veg hot dogs ever in the history of the world!

  • Too bad. The corn dogs were great. And the flight theme was cool too. In a sea of blah looking restaurants, this one was fun.

  • Noooo. A little pricey no doubt, but it was good and filled a necessary niche.

  • loved this place!! too bad 🙁

  • Wow, between this and Nana Thai across the street closing, there are going to be a few empty storefronts on this block of Barracks Row.

  • /pours some out for M’dawg Haute Dogs
    /pours some out for Chi Dog O
    /hopes no one else tries to make this work
    /heads to Ivy & Coney

  • Too bad. This place is much better than the tourist trap Ben’s.

  • Aw man. I loved that place!

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