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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: Battling HR who messed up my pay check and its unknown when it will get resolved, even thought NOTHING about this pay period was different than the last 20.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I didn’t go anywhere this weekend. My fb feed was full of people complaining about the traffic.
    Rant: I didn’t go anywhere this weekend.
    Rave: That doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a nice weekend.

    • Staying in DC on holiday weekends is great. It’s so quiet. I have no idea where ALL of these people go, but it’s fine by me.

      • I always loved staying in DC when everyone else was gone. It was amazing.

      • I Dont Get It

        I love staying in town on these three day weekends also. Although I must say, even though it’s noticeably less crowded, it isn’t as empty as it was a few years ago. Do these damn millennials ever leave town?

        • In the old days a lot of people, if not leaving the area entirely for vacation, would go to friends’ cookouts in the suburbs. Now no one has friends in the suburbs so they stay in town.

          • ” Now no one has friends in the suburbs so they stay in town.”

            LOL. Speak for yourself. About 80% of my friends who have kids have decamped for the ‘burbs.

        • I agree with “not this again.” Almost everyone I know in DC has friends or family in the suburbs.
          Also, my theory is that millennials just don’t get enough vacation days to go away for long weekends.

          • I Dont Get It

            That’s a good theory!

          • Are you a millennial? The ones know I live in enviable little self-contained bubbles in the city. Their friends don’t have kids yet because most young professionals these days put it off until they’re in their 30s (and when they do have babies, they tend to stick around until it’s time to send them to school). That’s how they all manage to live carfree! The exceptions are those who grew up in the suburbs and still have a network there.
            Besides, you don’t need vacation days to go to Fairfax for an afternoon.

          • My theory is that people don’t go away on holiday weekends because traffic has gotten so bad. It’s just not worth it.

          • I am a “millennial” and I have just enough vacation days to go home for 2 long weekends a year. So I left town. But my 2 closest friends in the city went back out to NoVA to stay with family over the weekend, and they don’t have kids. So I don’t think that necessarily correlates.

          • As I said: “The exceptions are those who grew up in the suburbs and still have a network there.” Your 2 closest friends fall into that category.

          • Right. I wasn’t disagreeing with you. What I meant was: I think that these “young professionals” we’re all mentioning (minus those with friends/family nearby) end up staying here because we mostly can’t afford the vacation/flights/trains/buses/etc. to get out.

          • And fewer of them have friends/family nearby… so that’s why more people stay in the city than they used to. Back in 1990 it was more common for young professionals to live in Silver Spring or wherever, so we all had invites to suburban barbeques on Memorial Day. And no, we didn’t get more leave back then 🙁

          • “My theory is that people don’t go away on holiday weekends because traffic has gotten so bad. It’s just not worth it.”
            “No one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.”
            – Yogi Berra

        • I think Memorial Day is a bit different than say Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah, though. I don’t think people “go home” for Memorial Day like they do those other holidays. And yes, it is blissful when they do…

  • The car quest continues. Anyone have experience with car wraps? I’ve got my eye on one, but I don’t like the color.
    Also, why do dealers list such stupid things under “features”? Glove box? Arm rest? Rear window de-froster? Woo! We’re rollin in style now!!

    • HaileUnlikely

      Have you seen the Onion ad for Fords car of the future, the 93 Taurus? If not, it us really worth watching.

    • That One Guy

      One question I also have about wraps is what happens if you’re pulled over by the police and the color on the car registration doesn’t match the car. Do you also get cited for it?

    • What’s the goal with a car wrap — to have it serve as a protective outer layer?

      • Just to change the appearance. It’s cheaper than a paint job, and there are endless options. I could wrap my car in mossy oak camo! Or Hello Kitty. Or… blue.

  • Revel: Amazing, lovely weekend out of town with the fella. We spent almost 4.5 days together, and we’re still on speaking terms. Not just that, but it felt right to live together in the place we rented together. It was just nice.
    Rant: back to work with no holiday for another month. At least it’s a 4 day week.
    Rave/Rave: Think I’m ready to have the ‘I’m in love with you, I think we have a future together, what are you thinking?’ conversation this week. We haven’t talked about our future, or really explicitly about our relationship, and I think it’s time. I’m both excited and terrified. Any suggestions for how to be less terrified?

    • How long have you been seeing the fella? How old? Depending these variables, I might just let the “I love you thing” settle in for a bit (days, weeks) before moving on to the “we have a future” stuff. The romantic part of “we have a future” is implied in the ILY; no point in implying the scary furniture moving/document signing/child-rearing stuff until you get used to that new way of ending phone calls and kissing goodbye in the morning you’ll have to adopt now. Not that I have any credentials at all in this regard. 😉

      • We’ve been seeing each other for 9 months this week, I’m 34, he’s 40. I’ve told him I loved him twice (first time in March) and both times he’s looked really happy but hasn’t said it back. I know he cares for and about me, but he hasn’t said it himself. I don’t need him to say it, but I would like to know he at some point sees a future for us. (He’s here on a posting until next fall, then he goes back abroad). I’m not going to push for kids/living together, but I just feel this need to say that I see a future for us and to see how he reacts. Silly?

        • Hmmm….In light of this new information — which adds slow-motion urgency to the situation — maybe you need be indirect while being a little more direct. What do you see as the best possible situation a year from now? After nine months, at 34 and 40, It would be completely legitimate for you do ask “is this just a summer romance, or are we going to try to make something happen when you go away?” but that might be a little undiplomatic. On the other hand, his reaction to something like “what would you think if I started looking for work in [wherever]” or even “I hear Christmas in [wherever] is lovely” might give you everything you need to know. If he’s awkward with the “I love you” thing but really does, then you should get some enthusiasm, counter-proposals, whatever. If you get hemming and hawing or evasion….well, at least you found out now.

    • Agree with Irving Streete. No need to cover everything in one massive watershed conversation, creates so much unnecessary pressure. You can say “I love you” and see how that sits for a while. Enjoy that without having to also think about who moves in with whom, what to do with all of his/your stuff, are we going to have to move closer to his family, do we want the same number of kids, etc. If the ILY fits then the other stuff should follow in due time.

    • Maybe make it a more general conversation about how you each envision your future (next several years, next several decades, etc), then segue into how your relationship does/doesn’t fit into the plans? That’s how we started it going, talked generally about what our goals are (professionally, personally, lifestyle), and in the conversation it came out that when I thought about my future I liked the thought of him in it, and he agreed.
      Since he hasn’t vocalized his feelings, this might be somewhat lower pressure than “I’m in love with you”. He knows how you feel about him, and if in the conversation you both are on the same page on the big issues then it seems like a natural progression to move onto “where can you see this going?”. You may be in love with him, and him with you, but if you don’t see eye-to-eye on certain things your feelings for each other might not really matter in the end anyway so it’s good to talk about (I’ve been in love with someone who would have been a total disaster had it gone further…thankfully it didn’t).

    • You need a reality check. Said in the nicest way, by someone who has been there. He hasn’t said I love you means he doesn’t feel like he loves you, much less envision a future with you. Yes, you need to have a conversation with him, but it isn’t the one you are anticipating. If you are looking for an actual future with someone, you want it to be with someone who loves you, not with someone who doesn’t. Start there first.

      You think he does from his actions, but he doesn’t. Have the conversation to dump his ass now. You don’t want someone to say they love you because they have to in order to stay with you. You don’t want that relationship. You don’t want to be silent and waste years until he’s finally ready to move on. You need to say that you need to be with someone who loves you, and since he apparently doesn’t/can’t say so, you are moving on. Then do it.

      And read up on narcissism. The only people who spend years with someone who doesn’t say they love you are people who were raised by narcissists and so feel like they deserve little. You think you are moving in the right direction by asking about future plans, but you aren’t. That’s focusing on what he wants. You need to focus on what you want, and you don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who can’t say they love you after 9 months. Trust me, you don’t.

      • This may all be true. It may also be ENTIRELY one big projection, and have no application to bizzinger’s situation at all. It’s a little irresponsible to advise in these absolutes when you don’t know the people involved or the specifics of the situation.
        I am sorry for what happened to you.

  • Rave: Had a blast at the beach. Despite the crappy weather, spent much of the time there exploring VA Beach’s culinary scene. I didn’t get much relaxation time in though.

    Rant: Back to the daily grind. I love my job, but I wish I had more time for vacay! Also I’m really behind, I missed a day last week for the conference.

    • What is VA Beach’s culinary scene? I visit my friend there a couple times every summer but we always end up eating at Watermans. Maybe we should branch out a little this year.

      • Its definitely grown since the last time I visited. I did the requisite Waterman’s and Doc Taylor visit, and also checked out two newer places Esoteric and Commune. I think both have been open less than a year. Commune is a locally focused breakfast and lunch joint. Pretty much everything on the menu is based out of VA. Good brunch and vibe. Esoteric had one of the best beer menus I’ve seen. Both worth a visit. We also hit up Big Sam’s which is pretty divey, but has great seafood.

      • I really like Tautog’s.

  • Rave: Very good weekend, even though I am now covered in scrapes and bruises from moving furniture. New house is coming together very, very nicely. The kids made new friends in the neighborhood, and I got to have my first total suburban mom moment last night standing on the stoop calling them in for dinner. Three more weeks in DC!
    Rant: Three more weeks in DC 🙁

  • Rant: So yeah, I felt sick last week and thought it was b/c of the rain from the wedding I went to that weekend. Got worse as the week went on, missed 3 days of work. Still felt sluggish Friday night so went to Patient First on Saturday morning and was diagnosed with the flu. By this point, it was almost out of my system but that was the worse 3 day stretch of my life. Literally had to be propped up by my mom and fiance just to get out of bed.
    Rave: While all of that was going on, I was planning my fiance’s surprise b-day dinner, which was a success. Also took her indoor skydiving and that was awesome.
    Rant: Thinking about it, had I gotten sick this week, which is the week I go to Vegas for my bachelor party, I probably would have canceled.

  • Rave: LOVE the hot weather! Great long weekend (even if I did have to work booo)

    Rant: RUDE F***ING people! Honestly, why is it so hard to be nice and patient? Story: Im biking friday evening in SW on my way to Nats stadium. Not much traffic, im in the far right turn lane (although going straight) in order to give people room to pass me on the left. A mini cooper with an angry man starts honking at me!!?!? He legit had SO MUCH room to go around me (ie no other cars in other two lanes) but gets on my tail and honks. I move to my left and he pulls up beside me and yells “move you f-ing b*tch!” WHATTT!!!!!!!!!! I was honestly shocked. And unfortunately I was too slow for a witty comeback. It was very frightening, that man obviously has rage problems in his mini-car, and I wouldnt put it past him to “accidentally” clip a biker that dares to get in his way! I understand bikers can be rude, so can drivers, so can pedestrians. But this attack was so unprovoked and out of the blue.

    Rave: Nats game was fun (even if we lost). Didnt watch much of the game because was distracted by the cutie puppies at the staduim!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: have 2 days of work before vacation starts.
    Rave: only have 2 days of work before I go to Sweden!

  • RANT and RAVE (depending): Birdsong is on overdrive this year. Super, super loud and chirpy.

  • Rave: My friend is letting me use her car for a couple of weeks while she’s out of town. I’ve lived here nearly 20 years and have never had a car–very, very exciting! … So what do I do with it? What are some good day trips? (I don’t love shopping.)

    • If you haven’t been out to Udvar Hazy, be sure to drive out there for a day. It is the best museum in the area, and there is SO MUCH to see. Careful wine tasting and sight-seeing out to Middleburg and surrounding areas. Charlottesville.

    • Quattro Gumbas, Community Forklift, the Bay, Annapolis, Great Falls. I don’t have a car and think about wanting to go to all of these places!

      • I’d never heard of Community Forklift, but it looks pretty darn cool! It’s an embarrassment of riches out there in the car world, isn’t it?

        • Honestly, not really. Community Forklift is kind of overrated, and we have so many great places to enjoy nature right here in the city.

      • saf

        Oh my. I would say that Quattro Gumbas is not my favorite winery out there. There are many better options.

    • Honestly, the best things to use a car for are going to work and grocery shopping. Even if you don’t feeling like dealing with the car everyday, it’s nice to occasionally chop your commute time in half (and have more time to spend enjoying this lovely weather)! Especially if you’re going to be impacted by the Metro shutdowns.

      • This is actually a test run to see if I want to get a car for my commute–to find out whether traffic annoys me more than my public transport hiccups. I’m only a block from a grocery store, but I think I’ll definitely go out once to pick up like a case of TP and other stuff I can’t easily carry home on a walk.

        • My wife has been out of the country for a few months, so I’ve had full access to the car, and I’ve been enjoying alternating between driving and Metro-ing to work. My commute normally doesn’t have any traffic, and parking costs the same as Metro fare, so I drive on days when the weather’s bad or I’m pressed for time. I’ve also been shopping more at the Harris Teeter than the Yes Organic that’s walking distance from our house. And taking the dogs on more outings to places like the Arboretum. I should venture further afield while I have the opportunity but I’m not particularly motivated!

          • Is the Arboretum dog-friendly? I did not know…

          • One of the most dog-friendly places in the city! There’s just sooo much space to roam around. I mean, you can’t take them off leash, but other than that it’s perfect.

    • Go bulk grocery shopping at least once

      • And hit up one of the Asian grocery stores in the suburbs (I assume groceries don’t count as shopping). Just try to go at an odd time, like late at night, because traffic is almost always a nightmare in the suburbs.

    • If you have a dog, take them to places they normally wouldn’t be able to travel to with you.

    • National Harbor! People like to complain about it, but I like going there occasionally. Not far at all and it feels like you’re on vacation.

    • Other than Udvar Hazy, I Monticello is great if you haven’t been and is nearly impossible to get to without a car.

    • The Arboretum, Great Falls (Md. side.) Round up some friends and go tubing at Harper’s Ferry. Or beach camping on Assateague Island.

      • Now would be a great time for Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. The lilies are in bloom right now.
        Summer Escape at Mount Vernon would be a cool event to check out.

    • Harper’s Ferry!

    • In addition to those mentioned, check out Sugarloaf and Culpepper.

    • rehobeth beach

  • houseintherear

    Raaaaant: No a/c at school for two weeks now. 84 degrees at 10:11am. Your tax dollars at work, folks. :-/

  • Rave: Home! from two week work trip
    Rave: Farm time! where indigo buntings, red-wing blackbirds, Baltimore orioles have become frequent visitors to the feeder and flowering plants. First year for all three to show up here 🙂
    Gin & Gardeners – want to meet on Sunday the 16th?
    Although not all of my 72 tomato seedlings survived, I still have lots to share. And sweet potato slips. And hops (Saaz)

  • Rant – My new, beautiful summer sandals started cutting into the back of my heel after only five minutes of walking outside. Every step is painful. Time to layer on some band-aids and hope for the best. 🙁
    Rave – Spent the long weekend chilling at home not going anywhere and I loved every minute of it.
    Rant – Once again, someone bought out ALL the rhubarb at the my local farmer’s market before I could get there, foiling my plans to bake strawberry rhubarb goodies.
    Rave – Ended up eating all my strawberries before I could bake them into anything.

    • This sounds odd, but try rubbing the inside of the strap with a candle, apparently the wax helps.

      • I’ll try anything! Thanks for the tip.

        • Moleskin. You can pick up a pack at pretty much any drugstore. Cut it to fit and stick it to the part of the strap that’s cutting into you. And keep a bandaid on your heel for good measure!

        • But since you probably don’t have candles at work, you could try rubbing the strap with chapstick/lip gloss or Vaseline. That kept me from having to walk home barefoot last Friday.
          I’ve been doing so much walking lately that I’ve rotated through all my shoes and have cut up every part of my foot/ankle that a shoe can slice into. Once the wounds harden up I’ll be good for the rest of summer though!

          • This may sound weird, but I promise is effective. Antiperspirant deodorant on hot spots works wonders. It’s meant to cut the moisture. I’ve used it in a pinch before a run.

          • Oh yeah, I’ve heard of the antiperspirant one. The problem with most of these tricks, though, is that you have to anticipate the rubbing before you leave the house with the shoes on.

        • Dr. Scholls “blister defense” – easy to carry and seriously works.

    • I Dont Get It

      Where do you go? I saw lots at 14th and U.

      • I Dont Get It

        …lots of rhubarb…

      • Takoma Park. A vendor told me that someone comes by as soon as it opens and buys all the rhubarb!

        • I Dont Get It

          That so explains the last weed I bought in Takoma Park!

        • That’s irritating.
          For the longest time I’d go to Trader Joe’s in West End (back in the day before there was the 14th St. one) and they would ALWAYS be out of chocolate croissants. An employee told me someone would come in and buy all their chocolate croissants as soon as they restocked and they thought she was selling them at a bakery. I hate when people do things like that. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • While I have nothing against Rolling Thunder, I find it a little odd that basically you can’t get to the National Mall without running across a 5 lane road full of motorcycles in a free for all for 5 hours.
    It’d be nice if all the police that are sitting off to the side of every intersection that’s closed would – at least every few minutes – help direct pedestrians to cross the road without them having to run for it.

  • Rave: had a lot of fun this weekend and even got to take a nap on Sunday, thanks to my lovely wife!
    Rant: mtpbaby had a crappy night last night. Had my eye on the July 4th long weekend for sleep training, but then I remembered that mtpkiddo’s birthday party is July 3rd & we’re going away a week later. Crap. Not sure when we’ll be able to make this work with everything planned for the summer!
    Rave: finally managed to go strawberry picking yesterday morning and had a great time! Third time’s the charm, I guess.

  • maxwell smart

    Crowd sourcing opinions: I am currently considering relocating to an area where I would no longer need my car and finding a place to park will come at some cost – not impossible to manage in my budget, but at the same time $200/month is $200 that could be spent on something other than vehicle storage. It’s a 2001 with really low-miles (since I mostly drive to run errands) so one hand, it’s probably lived a long useful life (for a car), on the other hand, this was the first vehicle I ever purchased, it was exactly the vehicle I wanted (so there is some strong emotional attachment), and over the 11 years I have owned it, it has required extremely minimal maintenance. I’d like to believe it still have another several years of life and if things don’t work out, I don’t want to be in a position where I am suddenly in a place where I would need a car and would be forced to buy something new (and deal with figuring out what to buy, car payments, increased insurance, etc).

    • Andie302

      I’d say the degree of certainty to get rid of it is equal to the likelihood of things working out in this relocation. If you’re very optimistic about it, I’d ditch the ride. If you’re feeling somewhat cautious, deal with keeping your car somewhere for a few months while you figure it out. I’m pretty sure you can leave it long term at some metro stations and exit on the weekends for free. I don’t know if I’d feel all that comfortable doing this, but it’s an option if you’re willing to take the risk.

    • I had an attachment to my first car too, and then also to having a car in general. However, we relocated and had no need for a car. We sold my wife’s car to CarMax and got a great offer (top of what we wanted). Anyhow, the benefits of not having a car are amazing and it’s so much better than I imagined. I think when you own a car you don’t think about the cost because it’s just part of the deal. Not having insurance payments, maintenance, gas, car payments etc. is a HUGE savings. It’s also the little things–not having to get gas after work or find time to get that oil change. We’ll prob need a car in the future, maybe a couple years. I figure we’ll just use the money we got from selling her car and some of the money we’re saving now to pay cash for a car.

    • I mean, parking on the street in DC is a steal. ($35/year). Insurance is pricier in DC, but live in a residential area that’s not super difficult to park on the street and you will be fine. And quite frankly, if you’re not using it much – even a place in Dupont/Adams Morgan wouldn’t be out of the question (finding consistent parking is moderately difficult, particularly at night, but you’d still have to move your car for street sweeping).

    • If you live in a location that is reasonably well-served by mass transit (and your job is accessible by mass transit), it’s pretty easy to live without a car, especially supplementing mass transit with Uber, bikeshare (or your own bike) and car2go (which was a game-changer). That’s the day-to day grind. What puts it over the top are the activities that are specific to you – do you have an activity once a week in Ashburn you need to get to? Do you drive to relatives an hour a way twice a month? If yes, you may want to keep it. If you only drive non-locally once a month, though, I think you can comfortably get rid of it. Just tell yourself that you have $200 to spend each month on transit, and don’t feel guilty about spending some of that savings. Even if you rent a car once a month for a weekend, and use Uber/car2go once a week, you’ll still come out way ahead.

    • Job situations can change quickly, and lots of wirkplaces in the area aren’t transit-accessible. I’d hold onto it. My old minimal-expense car has been extremely useful over the years.

    • Taking onto account all the other commenters’ thoughts, why don’t you keep the car for a few months and see how it works out? Just give yourself a deadline – put something in your calendar that says “think about car”, then reevaluate it then (that way it doesn’t become like a gym membership you pay for but don’t use and never think about). It is easier to make the decision to sell the car later, than to sell it and later wish you’d kept it.

    • maxwell smart

      Thanks for the feedback everyone. I should mention the relocation is out of state, so that does add a layer of complication (registration in a new state) and a decent amount of uncertainty.

      • Yeah, that definitely changes things. Can you hold off on switching the registration for a month or two and feel it out? I think It’s Just Me has a good approach.

        • maxwell smart

          The timing will be such that my DC registration will expire about the time of the relocation… so there is a bit of deadline.

        • maxwell smart

          That said, I think taking the safety blanket approach might be the right idea. Test the waters, see how useful it is, accept a small dent in the budget for parking and see how it goes. It will be a little strange having my vehicle parked in a remote location not necessarily near-ish where I might live, but I think a 2001 stick shift is a pretty low theft threat.

  • Rave: Feeling mostly refreshed after a long weekend of doing almost nothing. Yoga, some cooking, lots of laundry, and lounging around. Totally ok with that.
    Rant: Didn’t tackle some of the things I’ve been meaning to tackle, because I avoid things I don’t want to do on too regular of a basis.
    Rave: My parents are feeling happier and healthier and more excited about their trip to Alaska. So happy for them and hoping they have a wonderful time.
    Rant: Still no word on what happened Saturday morning outside the Dunkin Donuts at Georgia and Quincy? Coming home from yoga class, my friend and I had to walk around the mass of cops and crime scene tape, bloody clothes, cops cars and ambulance – what the hell happened?!

    • hammers

      we walked right by that too! what the heck happened?

      • No clue! I was hoping someone here could shed some light, but I guess not! Is there a Ward 4 crime blotter or anything?

        • There’s a Yahoogroup with official MPD Fourth District announcements and community response:
          Also of possible interest:
          Petworth Yahoogroup – https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Petworth/info
          4D Neighbors (spinoff group of people in the MPD Fourth District) – https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/4D-Neighbors/info

        • Maybe it was this incident?
          PSA 404
          CCN 16085716
          RPT DATE May 28, 2016 11:38:44 AM
          OFFENSE Robbery
          METHOD Assault W/i To Commit Robbery (aggravated Assault)
          LOCATION Highway/ Road/ Alley/ Street/ Sidewalk
          START DT May 28, 2016 10:01:09 AM
          END DT May 28, 2016 10:35:34 AM

          • Man that is awful early to be robbing folks.

          • Thanks textdoc…haven’t decided if I’m going to join those groups (might make me hate my neighbors!), but good to know the option – and info – is there.

          • LBP — There isn’t all much traffic on those listserves (though admittedly I don’t always read the digest e-mails). I don’t think they’d result in you hating your neighbors… though they might make you hate Calvin Gurley.

          • Who is Calvin Gurley – is that the dude from the insane number of political signs stuck into every f#$king patch of grass?

          • LBP — Yes.
            BTW, I recommend selecting the “e-mail digest” option rather than either “individual e-mails” or “view online.” Yahoogroups now has so many ads, etc. that the website display is user-unfriendly — for example, it takes forever to load if you want to scroll down, etc. Much easier to view it without the clutter in e-mail digest form.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It was a stabbing. Haven’t learned any other details.

      • yikes! Thanks PoP, I knew something bad happened but couldn’t find a word about what (and I wasn’t about to stroll up to the cops and be like “Hey guys, what’s going on?”!)

  • Does anyone know whats going on with the Midlands Beer garden on Georgia Ave?

  • Andie302

    Rave: Great long weekend! Productive trip out and back to Cambridge on Friday, then down to the river for the rest of the weekend. Highlights included a HH boat road with three dogs and thirteen people where we nearly got caught in a thunderstorm; riding on a hotdog float behind the boat, and eating/drinking all the things.
    Rave: We’re watching a friends dog for the week, and he is such a sweet pooch!
    Rant: He too wasn’t interested in playing with the other young dog that was there, so some barking ensued.
    Rave: Got back last night and managed to unpack, do laundry, and just generally get our lives together.
    Rant: Sumah’s (a place we just discovered a month or so ago that is clearly going to become a go-to for takeout) was closed yesterday.

  • Revel: Got to catch up with a friend from high school on Sunday. He’s made me think about moving to Detroit proper, with the low cost of living and whatnot.
    Rant: I could never go there as a teacher, with Rick Snyder’s contempt for the profession.
    Rant: I’m afraid I won’t be ready for the 5k next Friday. My legs have been quitting on me at around the 1 mile mark lately. I still have 3 workouts left in couch to 5k but for the past few days I’ve had to take a 45 second walk break.

    • Andie302

      Take the walk breaks during the race if you need them! I suspect you’ll have so much adrenaline from the excitement that you’ll be good to go! Congrats on all the progress!!!

    • A quick walk break often ends up making me faster or have nearly the same result as I was aiming for. I think it’s because the walk helps me feel better and right afterwards I run a little bit quicker because I gave my body a moment of recovery. If you do decide to pick up water at one of the stations during the race, walk through and drink it. Otherwise it sloshes all over you and your stomach gets all bouncy with water! That’s also a great point to take a break–if you know where the water stations are you can just plan in your mind that’ll be your quick 30-45 second break and then you’ll start running again. Good luck, you’ll do great–the adrenaline definitely helps!

    • You’ll do great! Even if you do walk, you’re still going to cross that finish line, and I bet the amount of minutes you ran will far outnumber the seconds that you walked! Good luck!

    • The first mile is always the toughest for me – reminding myself of that always helps me feel better. When I’m feeling sluggish, I start picking points along the route (a sign, tree branch, crack in the sidewalk) to reach so I have easier goals to get me through. Sometimes I actually try to run faster for a few strides to use my muscles differently. And walk breaks are always totally fine and helpful!

  • Rant: Girlfriend who gets neurotic if she doesn’t “accomplish” something on the weekend, even if it’s a holiday weekend.
    Rave: Clean basement, repotted porch palms and ferns.
    Weird rave: Drivers on the SE/SW Freeway (695). Given the volume of traffic and the ridiculous maneuvers getting places on that road often demand — crossing five lanes of traffic in less than a mile to get from your on ramp to your off rant; combining two lanes trying to exit with two trying to enter between the 11th St. Bridge and 12th Street exit) It’s amazing that there aren’t a dozen wrecks and a hundred fistfights a day. Maybe its the fear of sudden death or expensive damage, but people are generally on their best behavior and follow all the unwritten rules with a certain amount of grace. I’m sure they turn back into jerks within seconds of leaving the Death Race for downtown (I know I do) but for a few moments there, there is hope for humanity.

    • “…to get from your on ramp to your off rant…”

      Typo/Freudian slip?

      If so, it wins Best of Show.
      If intentional, nice job.

  • Rant: the Dapper Old Gentleman (DOG), eight y/o Rottweiler mix, is apparently an urban dog at heart. We made it 12 minutes into our hike at Sugarloaf and he stopped, turned around in the direction of the car, and sat down. Water and a rest were not enough to overcome his complete lack of interest in hiking. It couldn’t have been exhaustion, even though it was hot, because he trotted happily back when I gave in and gave up.
    Rave: we still had a nice afternoon and stopped at a winery where he impressed everyone with his good behavior, which was really just him being hot and tired.
    Rant: my ice maker is broken and one of my refrigerator shelves is busted. The thing isn’t even 3 years old, but I’m thinking about buying a new fridge that I like more, rather than paying to get this one fixed. It’s a traditional freezer on top and I think I would prefer the freezer on the bottom. The cost of shelf replacement and just diagnosing the ice maker issue is about $230.

    • I’m giggling a little bit about the dog who doesn’t want to take his human for a walk. He’s like, “Ugh, can’t you just go out in the back yard?”

    • My dog is similar! I once tried to take her for a jog and she went three houses away, sat down, and was like HECK NO. My girl is (currently) 97lbs so I just think the heat and activity is too much sometimes. They’d rather meet people for belly rubs on a city street than do activity. I can respect that!

    • Aww, DOG! He wants to chill out. The heat is good for my dog, it brings her crazy level down a notch or two.

      • Oh. Duh. THAT’S why my dog was a zombie all weekend. I can’t say I don’t enjoy it when she’s not being a freak and we can just chill with a movie…

    • “We made it 12 minutes into our hike at Sugarloaf and he stopped, turned around in the direction of the car, and sat down.” A dog after my own heart! 🙂

      • Me too! Tiny Dog would also be great friends with DOG. He often hides when I ask if he wants to go outside or get his leash.

        • They would be great friends because A. DOG is very patient with little dogs and B. DOG would not be able to get low enough to hump Tiny Dog. He is such a humper.
          DOG loves to go outside on walks. This hiking thing is not for him though.
          He wouldn’t go out for his last walk of the night on the day we went hiking. He tried to hide in plain site and/or ignore me. Maybe he thought I was going to ambush him with another hike.

  • A friend is looking for an apartment, and has an atypical but not unheard-of situation with respect to getting a reference from a previous landlord. Friend spent several years basically long-term housesitting (no lease, no payments, just place to live in exchange for work around the house) for a homeowner/landlord who over time turned abusive, threatening Friend, demanding that friend do things that were illegal, etc. Friend fled from that situation and is temporarily living in my house. Friend is now looking for an apartment. Property managers want previous landlord (the abusive one) as a reference since Friend hasn’t lived with current landlord (me) for very long. Friend does not want to resume contact with old abusive landlord. I’m sure Friend is not the first person ever to be in such a situation. Any recommendations for how to handle with respect to providing references, or explaining why not providing references, for managers of apartments that Friend is applying for?

    • I don’t know about large buildings with property managers, but for an independent landlord – like a basement apt. in their house – just explain the situation. If she is otherwise employed, and can provide some refs. from people she works with, it will be reassuring. Just avoid over-stressing the “abusive & threatening situation.” A landlord could get a little wary that your friend might bring “drama.”

      • Yes, understood. Friend is trying to avoid any mention of previous landlord, not badmouth him.

      • Agreed with Victoria — I too would be wary of anything resembling drama in a prospective tenant’s previous relations with landlords.
        Does the friend have any rental history from before the abusive landlord?

        • @textdoc: In a rural area in the midwest well over a decade ago.

          • Even still… seems like the friend could explain that he/she had unconventional living arrangements for the past x years and as a result doesn’t have any recent references, but could provide the info for the Midwest rental.
            Perhaps the friend could say he/she was cohabiting with a now-ex-partner, and that the relationship went sour and he/she doesn’t have the person’s current contact info? That’s basically true except for the landlord not being a romantic partner.

          • Although lying — even with “white lies” — on a housing application isn’t a good idea and could be grounds for the landlord kicking the tenant out later.
            Maybe best to say “Unconventional rental history for the past x years; previously rented from ____ in _____.”

          • I thought of that too (i.e., “cohabiting”); friend unwilling to claim that for reasons not relevant to the issue presently under discussion (as you note there are also good reasons that are relevant)

    • Would it help if you were to act as potential new landlord, and call the Abusive LL to see what the reaction would be? Maybe Abusive would be approachable to a third party.

      • Interesting idea, thanks.

      • I like that idea! You could test the waters and see whether Abusive LL would badmouth Friend to a potential landlord, or whether he’d give Friend a decent reference.
        For what it’s worth… my experience in calling people’s landlords (large management companies) for references was that nobody ever responded; I was basically relying on other information (credit report, criminal background check, proof of employment/salary, etc.). So it’s possible that the new place asks for previous addresses and landlord references on its application forms, but either doesn’t check them or — if it does — expects that often there will be no response.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Parents who are too engrossed in their phones to actually parent. Walked into the play area at a Chick-Fil-A to keep an eye on the niece and was assaulted by the shrill screams of three or four kids. One kid came up to me with outstretched hands making shooting noises at me. Is there a real difference between making hand guns versus using a outstretched hands when the intent is clearly you’re play shooting? I was tempted to berate his parents but my head ached and didn’t want to waste the energy. Niece was paralyzed by the screams so my first objective was to get her out of there. Ugh…I still have a dull headache.
    Rant: Updated iOS on my phone and now it’s running hot and burning through battery. Anyone else experiencing this too? I’m not sure if I’m being throttled by my carrier too.
    Rave: Bought some a pair of jeans from Nordstrom Rack for my sister but my mom intercepted them and claimed them for herself. I went back and bought some more jeans and one of them was a penny when the cashier rang it up! The jeans also fit her which was good too. I previously tried to order her some 3×1 jeans and it was a mess.

    • As the parent of a young child, this is a battle I fight every day. We go to places like the Please Touch Museum or the zoo, and it’s just parents in their phones. The pictures you take don’t HAVE to be posted right away.

    • I’m just going to say that I take my kids to CFA and allow them to play in the play grounds just so I can get some goddamn peace and quiet and spend like, 10 minutes looking at a screen or having a conversation, knowing they are five feet away and safe. It’s not because I don’t parent my children, it’s because I might need a mental break. Needing a mental break does not make one a bad parent in need of berating, it makes you human. Nothing you described sounds out of the ordinary to me. Screaming at a playground, while annoying, is normal. In those palygrounds, all of the noises are amplified because it’s enclosed and the only sound absorbing material is on the floor. Also, there is very little any parent can do to keep kids from playing ‘guns’ (trust me, I have sincerely tried, and despite my best efforts, littlest anonachild does it with everything) and to be perfectly honest, there are a good amount of parents who do not think this is bad. I’m glad you didn’t find and berate the parents, because I’m almost certain you would have had more to add to your rant as result.

      • +1

        Those play areas are intended for kids to blow off steam and to allow parents to get a breath of fresh air. That is why they are enclosed and equipped with heavy enough doors that the average kid can not open. Kids make noise, they cry, they hurt themselves, but they arent going to kill each other in the play area.

        Then play guns thing varies among households. While I don’t allow my son to do that, every kid in the neighborhood runs around with nerf guns, rifles etc. My son wants one, I wont get it for him so I wouldn’t adopt your ideology on this on other parents.

        • I remember an article by a parent who took away all the toy guns – the kids went to the vegetable bin, pulled out celery sticks and started shooting with them!

      • I’ve also seen studies that show that parenting ALL THE TIME and not allowing kids some time to run around and be creating and do their own thing actually stifles their emotional growth. As long as they’re not hurting themselves or others, a bit of freedom is actually good for kids (sorry, I can’t find the links at work)

        • there’s a difference between parenting and ignoring. Plenty of parents don’t monitor their kids even in play spaces. When you’re a parent that mostly does, what do you when the unobserved kid pushes or hits your kid? breaks something that doesn’t belong to them? nevermind that it’s a bad example IMO. Giving kids free time to play specifically in a play environment – yes. Ignoring them? no. It happens here all the time at the indoor play spaces. I don’t want to correct another person’s (if I don’t know them) kids when they push mine, or have to tell someone else that their kid has a dirty diaper. I have enough on my plate as it is.

    • “One kid came up to me with outstretched hands making shooting noises at me. Is there a real difference between making hand guns versus using a outstretched hands when the intent is clearly you’re play shooting?”
      I don’t understand the complaint here.

      • That One Guy

        My complaint is that the kid lacks manners/discipline. Kids will be kids, I get that, but a child shouldn’t approach a complete stranger/adult and play shot them. That is not how you engage an adult.

        • My very serious suggestion would be to stay away from playgrounds of any kind as you are likely to encounter this sort of thing at any playground. It sounds to me like the kid was being a kid in an area meant for kids to play in. I get it when everyone comes on here saying that kids shouldn’t be in proper restaurants acting like kids; I get it when people complain about kids behavior on Metro, or in Target, or whatever. But you are complaining about a kid acting like a kid in a place where kids are supposed to be able to do that. The kid probably thought you were playing since you were in the play ground. But, by all means, judge away and say he lacks discipline and manners because of your very short interaction.

        • A kid tried to play with me, and I was offended. I’m an adult. That kid needs to respect my LOL!

          • Let’s be honest though — lots of kids these days (*not* necessarily the ones in question) aren’t the most respectful bunch. I feel like there is a general consensus that on average, kids’ manners towards adults has gotten worse over the past generation or two.

          • There has been a big shift in the way that the relationship between children and adults is seen. But you know, there has been a great cultural shift period over the last few generations. Personally, I think it’s a good thing. I would much prefer to raise my kids to be independent thinkers who question the world around them, can have fun (ESPECIALLY in a space made specifically for children), and who are friendly enough to include a stranger in their games. I honestly cannot tell you the number of times the youngest has tried to involve a stranger in his little world in some shape or form; it has never been met with negativity.

          • Teaching children to “respect” all adults in all circumstances is a recipe for abuse. I bet most of us have a story about a time a grown-up did something that made us uncomfortable, or even put us in danger, and we didn’t speak up, because “respect”. Whether it’s the aunt who let you ride without a seat belt, or the assistant coach who felt you up. Kids need to be their own advocates, not little automatons who do whatever an older person tells them to.

          • Kids can absolutely be little terrible humans, but i found the one guys reaction to be funny. He walks into a kid’s play area and is upset that a kid tried to play with him. Maybe it’s the gun fingers which everyone seems overly fixated upon or maybe it’s because he just doesn’t like other kids; who knows?
            I don’t know what sort of reaction is to be expected nor if the parent was more attentive the kids actions would be different.
            Exactly anon mom, I’d have fake shot back or did a dramatic death scene. Just have some fun and move on.

          • wdc, I almost went down the abuse route. This is absolutely true… teaching kids that adults have ultimate respect.authority makes them ripe for abuse, whether that be sexual, physical, or emotional.

          • +1 to Anon Spock, Anonamom, and wdc.
            @FridayGirl: “. . . kids these days . . .” You are usurping my role as the resident curmudgeon, and I won’t have it. Now get off my lawn.

          • That One Guy

            You do realize that logic is a reductio ad absurdum. One does not cause the other. If that’s your logic then the kid should have ran scared because he was too friendly and being too friendly to a stranger gets you kidnapped.

    • When I was a kid, my mom told me that if she ever heard me scream when I was playing–indoors or outdoors–and I wasn’t bleeding, that she’d send me straight to my room. I’ve recently come to really appreciate that training now that a family with two constantly shrieking kids has moved in nearby.

      • lol I do that now. Son will come in and say someone pushed him, I ask him ok, so does it hurt? You want to stop playing? He looks at me and runs back outside lol…

        There is a difference between out right fighting and kids being kids.

      • I wish all parents would have that rule. I used to live next door to a family with little boys that would be outside screaming from approximately 7am until midnight. I’d be inside my house, on the phone, with all the windows and doors closed, and the person on the other end couldn’t hear me over the screaming. I don’t get it. My sister and I never found it necessary to scream for no reason.

        • +1. Screaming for no reason really bothers me. This is one of many reasons I will never have kids.

        • you and your sister are girls. Boys and girls (tend to) play differently. Go ahead, flame away. My boss asked me why I can’t have a craft project or another sit down activity with my son – who is 2.5. The response was that he clearly only ever raised girls because most 2.5 year old boys will NOT do that. sitting for 3 minutes without involvement of a screen is really not common in toddler boys. Mine doesn’t scream often, because he’s actually a quiet kid.

          • HA! my daughter is just about 3 (in under two weeks! yikes!) and she’s not a sit-down with a quiet craft type either. That girl LOVES to run and jump and yell and scream. She’ll sometimes sit and play with a puzzle for a little while, and she loves to be read to–but she really needs to get her energy out too.

    • houseintherear

      You should see my elementary students when I take them to recess- just totally uncontrollable screaming and running for at least 3 solid minutes before they organize themselves into sports teams or pretend games. Kids do that! Being a kid is stressful these days. They need a release and they don’t get to drink or do other stuff that we do as adults. HOWEVER, there is a time and place, like recess at school or the Chick Fil A play area. 🙂

      • Oh please. Pre-Victorian children were doing hard labor and watching their siblings succumb to disease (when not deathly ill themselves). Their lives were far more stressful and I don’t think they ran around screaming for no reason. Nor do today’s kids in developing countries who have to overcome tremendous adversaries.

        • Actually, even in other developed countries children seem to not be as consistently loud (in my experience). People from other countries think Americans, in general, are unnecessarily loud — even adults. I tend to agree. But this is neither here nor there….

        • houseintherear

          Children in school have to sit in a room for over 5 hours a day doing work on laptops or paper, because all of their manipulatives and learning toys have been taken away by the powers that be. These are 4-10 year old people, who are programmed by nature to be playing and moving. Since their standardized tests are on a laptop or paper, that’s how they have to learn now, according to the people who sit in offices somewhere. So yes, IT’S HARD. They have no outlet for their endless amounts of energy, like manual labor or watching siblings, so they run outside to recess and they scream. And guess what- it’s ok. And when they come inside, they are quiet again, because it’s a quiet space inside the building. They distinguish between those things, just like they distinguish between the seating area at Chick Fil A and the *play area* at Chick Fil A. And if a child has trouble distinguishing between these things naturally, it’s an adult’s (teacher or parent) job to help them learn the cues of how to distinguish.
          The assertion in this thread that it’s bad that kids are loud in the play area of a Chick Fil A is totally ridiculous, and I simply felt the need to defend kids in this conversation.

          • Many studies prove the importance of unbridled physical activity for kids. Researchers gave the same test to several groups. The highest scoring group was the one that had 20 minutes of physical play before the test. And it was a BIG difference, like 20% higher, compared to the group that took the test following sit-down-and-listen activities.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I agree with the point that you are attempting to support, but you are over-reaching the results of those studies. They clearly demonstrate that kids do better on a test shortly after 20 minutes of physical activity than after relative inactivity. I’m not sure where “unbridled” came from (they may have found the same benefit if the researchers had the kids jog in place or do some distinctly bridled physical activity – maybe this was addressed in other studies though, I don’t know) and the benefits that we’re talking about are of questionable relevance if the kids being ranted about above were not about to go take a test right after they left the play area (I have not seen well controlled studies demonstrate benefits that extend beyond the scope of tasks that require concentration and are administered within a short time after the activity.)
            Again, I agree with your point, but over-reaching the science doesn’t help to support the point, it just shows your bias.

          • Children sit for longer than 5 hours, and in some schools recess is becoming a thing of the past. I recall getting a minimum of 30 minutes of recess, up to an hour (I was in many school districts as a child). My kids? 20 minutes that we, as parents, had to fight to protect. The evidence cited by wdc is not stand-alone evidence; there is a great amount of research on the importance of play in building well-rounded students, combating behavioral issues such as ADD/ADHD, over-all health for children, etc.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Anonamom – Fair enough. I am not an expert in this area, and for the present purpose I’ll take your word for it on that one. A study of the relationship between physical activity and performance on an academic test administered a few minutes after said activity just seemed to stick out like a sore thumb as irrelevant to the present discussion, and it drives me nuts when smart, well-informed people cite obviously-irrelevant evidence in support of their points just for the sake of having “evidence” to support a position that likely is not dependent upon evidence.

          • Yep, that’s fair. I was posting in a hurry. But as Anonamom said, it wasn’t one study. I’ve seen several over the years, and I’m not even looking for them. And I’m afraid I don’t have time right now.
            You can’t spell kid without id. They need to let their id out to play once in a while, or the ego gets overwhelmed.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Completely agreed. No disagreement with the main point, just the choice of evidence to cite.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I keep buying plants but never get around to planting them. My patio table looks very nice, though.
    Rant: The one boxwood shrub I got motivated and moved one day doesn’t look too happy about it.
    Rave: I enjoyed the United House of Prayer parade but never viewed it before from Logan Circle. I didn’t realize that each parade participant literally salutes ”Sweet Daddy” Grace’s house as they march by. Maybe that should be a rant but to each his own religion, I guess.
    Rant: Heat/humidity.
    Rant: Lizzy.

  • We’ve been seeing each other for 9 months this week, I’m 34, he’s 40. I’ve told him I loved him twice (first time in March) and both times he’s looked really happy but hasn’t said it back. I know he cares for and about me, but he hasn’t said it himself. I don’t need him to say it, but I would like to know he at some point sees a future for us. (He’s here on a posting until next fall, then he goes back abroad). But I just feel this need to say that I see a future for us and to see how he reacts. Silly?

  • Question – I need somewhere to store/park my car for several months. Happy to pay a reasonable amount, but I just don’t know where to look. currently in Columbia Heights, but the car can be anywhere I can get to it easily when I return home. Thanks!

  • RANT: Uber will not process disputed charges if you use UberTaxi because they say they have no control over the taxis. My effort to keep supporting DC taxi drivers blew up in my face. I’ve often opted to do via Uber because they make easy for payment and time management. On Thursday, I got in an UberTaxi for a 2 mile/10 minute ride that the taxi driver charged me $69 via Uber! There is no way per fares set by DC Taxi Commission that this is reasonably possible. However, Uber is not helping and is making it impossible to file a formal complaint with the DC Taxi Commission and get my money back. And this taxi driver gets to continue ripping other people off.

    • Was there surge pricing in effect at the time of your ride? I find it hard to believe that you were not in some way warned of the higher rate. Uber was on surge most of the weekend thanks to the many road closures and crowded events.around town.

      • I wondered this, too, but that would have to be a pretty massive surge for only 2 miles (like, 3x normal? At least? Approximately?) For what it’s worth, I ubered yesterday around dinnertime and there was no surge despite how busy the roads were.

      • No, there was no surge period at the time. It was 3:28 on Thursday afternoon. Uber says they don’t control taxi rates. They say the rates for the taxis you book on Uber are set by DC Taxi Commission. But following that, the cost for the distance would have been $7.57, booking fee of $2.00, and gratuity $1.50 racks up to total of $11.07, which is near the range the Fare Estimate gave me. Uber rep says they can’t give driver info or license number so it makes it pretty impossible to file a claim with the DC Taxi Commission to find this bad cab.

        Lesson learned folks: Screenshot the license number for taxi’s and the fare estimates, too! BEFORE you get in and this info disappears.

        Thanks for weighing in. I’m trying to find ways to get this bad cab and either get Uber to give me credit or reverse the overcharge.

        • This might be a dumb question since I haven’t actually used UberTaxi, but do they not email you the receipt like with normal Uber? I’d assume a driver’s info might be on the receipt. Alternatively, can you dispute the charge with your bank/card?

          • The receipt only has a photo with a first name. No license plate number or the info needed to file a complaint with the DC Taxi Commission but I am tried anyway. Uber says giving you that info is against their privacy policy even though you get that info when waiting for the car (it disappears after you get in). Tried the credit card approach and got a good response but it angers me that this taxi driver is out there and can get away with it.

  • Rant: I drove well over a thousand miles this weekend, and I didn’t encounter a single rude, selfish driver until I got back into the District. DC plates too, no less.

    • That’s surprising. Did you drive through the DC suburbs during the middle of the night or something? NoVA is like the world capitol for rude, selfish drivers!

      • Let’s face it, every jurisdiction contributes more than its fair share of bad drivers to our roadways. They’re all just bad in different ways. Virginia drivers are overly aggressive. Maryland drivers seem to be angry all the time. DC drivers seem to be the most selfish and spiteful though. And don’t get me started on Pennsylvania drivers, who mostly seem to operate their cars like someone with a sub-70 IQ.

        • I guess I respond worst to aggressive drivers because Virginia is markedly more stressful to me. I think it’s the combination of kids getting licenses/cars too young, plus the constant congestion that puts everyone on edge. All of my close calls and driving-induced panic attacks have happened in NoVA.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I’ve also found that many road signs are placed exceptionally poorly in Northern Virginia and could be replaced at no loss of value with signs that read, “You just missed Exit XXX.”

          • Yeah, right after I posted that it occurred to me that the infrastructure in VA is largely to blame as well. It’s very confusing and chaotic.

          • HaileUnlikely — Actual LOL; that is all too true.

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