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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Had a wonderful weekend with good friends!
    Rant/Rave: GoT was so good but SO sad this week! This season is seriously awesome.
    Rant: Throat is sore and voice is almost gone. I think I might take the day off tomorrow…
    Rave: Looking forward to the long upcoming weekend already!

  • Rave: Finally read ‘The Great Society Subway’ on the weekend, and found it a great read. If others have any recommendations on books that describe DC’s “urban renewal” or other aspects of DC culture and history, please send them my way!
    Rant: am walking to work more often than not these days because the metro is terrible!
    Rant: My neighbor (with whom I share a party wall) has an adult special needs child that enjoys feeding birds and squirrels. I don’t want to rain on their parade, but my backyard is like a zoo every morning, and there are a ton of acorns now adorning my little patio. The neighbor has not changed his behavior in the past even if people have asked him to stop, and I am sympathetic (to a point) given that the special needs child seems to enjoy feeding animals. Are there any repellants people might suggest I use so that the critters can stay in the neighbor’s yard and not terrorize me in mine?

    • When I was at Home Depot this weekend, I saw lots of “critter repel” sprays. Most were basically pepper spray. I know these aren’t too effective though, and have to be reapplied. But, worth a shot.

    • Critter Ridder works. Home Depot sells it

    • Squirrels might be repelled by predator pee, which you can buy on amazon. But most birds don’t have a sense of smell, so you’ll probably have to live with them. Or put up wind chimes or something, which IMO would be worse.
      What is your objection to the critters? Just that they leave stuff outside your house? Stuff that originated outside in the first place? I think I would be inclined to let the neighbor have his fun, and just sweep the porch once a week.

      • First Class: The Legacy of Dunbar High School by Alison Stewart. Great book about the history of Dunbar HS.

        • Blithe

          This is a wonderful book! My Mom, and one of her brothers, went to DVnbar (sic), and I have fond memories of her reading this book, with pen in hand, writing addenda in the margins!

      • How is he feeding the squirrels & birds? Throwing bread and food around? Maybe buy him a proper bird feeder and some bird seed? A block of suet is also good, as is a bird bath – (if he can be taught to clean it out every day.) A bag of unsalted peanuts in the shell and teach him to feed the squirrels one by one?

      • you are a good person! I was inclined towards that myself, but then realized that squirrels like to dig into my little backyard to bury the acorns bestowed unto them by my neighbor so… would rather make it a less habitable place for them to upend my little backyard. I don’t mind if they do that in the neighbors yard, but less so in mine? I feel like a jerk for thinking this, of course!

        • You’re not a jerk! Perhaps just a little to optimistic about squirrels. If there are oak trees around, the little bastards are going to bury acorns all over your yard regardless of your neighbor feeding them. No one feeds squirrels near me, but my little front yard is an oak forest, with seedlings sprouting every two inches.

          Fortunately, they are pretty easy to pull up. Find a neighborhood kid and offer 10 cents for every seedling they pull up. (You have to keep an eye out while they’re actually pulling them, because any smart kid would smuggle in a bag full of extras to bump their payout.)

    • Check out ‘S Street Rising’ by Ruben Castaneda, about the crack years. Interesting read, and crazy to think about what used to go down at 1st and Rhode Island.

    • Check out Rosa Lee by Leon Dash. It’s a gut wrenching yet sympathetic biography of a heroin addicted grandmother in the 1980s & 90s. It is also a window on the U Street and Columbia Heights neighborhoods long before renewal/gentrification took hold.

    • My dog offers her services. Kidding. Sort of. She’d be occupied for hours.

      • I want a dog SO bad but travel too much to be a good Dog Mom, to be honest. Ugh – it would be such an effective deterrent!

    • Blithe

      I really enjoyed reading “Washington’s U Street: A Biography”. The writing is academic, but it’s a light read compared to “The Great Society Subway”. “The Guide to Black Washington” is written as a guide book, and has a few points that some would dispute, but I think this it’s an invaluable take on DC’s history. I haven’t read it, but “The Scurlock Studio and Black Washington” is probably wonderful.. Their photographs are beautiful! The Scurlock family is kind of like DC’s James Van Der Zee.

  • Rave: Glorious, life-giving, mood-boosting sunshine! I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm was set to go off in a panic, thinking I must be late to work because it was so light out – and then chuckled when I saw the time and the sun!
    Rant: I’m tired.
    Rave: that’s about it for rants at the moment, I’m just so happy to see the sun!

    • Ally

      Same here! My husband was scrambling to get the trash out, thinking it was after 7:00 and it was only 5:30am!

    • That One Guy

      I too was confused this morning. I completely shut my blinds last night so when the light was peeking through the cracks I thought I overslept. Turns out it was only 6:00 a.m.

    • I’m happy for these sun rays after days upon days of rain.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Red Line, natch.
    Rave: I am finally well enough that I don’t need the sweet, sweet embrace of the Nyquil coma to make it through the night.
    Rant: But not so well that I’ve stopped coughing up multi-colored gunk.

  • rave: sun!!!! omg. where has it been? lol
    rant: metro
    rave: peaky blinders and penny dreadful. love those shows!

  • Rave/Rant/Revel: I’ve been on a few dates with a boy I really like. This is the first time this has happened in years. I know I am getting ahead of myself- but when things are good, things are good. This is also a rant because, as Dan Savage says, “all relationships fail until one doesn’t”

  • Rant: Really tired. After having trouble sleeping a few days in a row I stayed up too late to watch…
    Rave: The Bachelorette. I used to hate this show but it’s grown on me.
    Rant: It freaks me out that the male contestants on the show this season are all my age-range. I remember when everyone seemed so old. Ugh.

  • Revel: The sun! The warmth! It is, indeed, May!
    Advice needed: (Particular from those of us with parental issues) My mom very kindly offered to give us her family room sofa/loveseat/chair set since they are planning on downsizing. While the furniture is in very good shape and has barely been used, they have cats and my BF has a sever allergy to cats and it is also not really our taste and is HUGE and would be a pain in the ass to transport from their house to ours. But since we now have two living spaces, we said yes and started working out logistics to move it and have it professionally cleaned. However, now we have another offer of free, in good shape furniture coming locally from a pet-free home that is much, much more in keeping with our taste, and is also smaller and more easy to place. But how do I communicate this to my passive aggressive mother, who will no doubt take it as an affront that we are taking her furniture?
    Rant: I can’t believe I have to put this much effort in saying no :/

    • This probably won’t work, but can you try blaming not taking the furniture on something they can’t confirm, like the moving logistics? (It’s too difficult/it’s actually cheaper to buy a new set than to move and clean it/etc.) Unless you think your mom will then step in and try to sort out logistics for moving their furniture….

      • That could work. I don’t think she will step in with trying to solve the logistics, since she had that opportunity this past weekend and didn’t want to get involved. In this scenario though, she ill probably go on and on for the next two years about how we were too lazy to get it/make it work or whatever. However, probably not the end of the world.

    • hammers

      I would play up the allergies. Say, after thinking about it, we really can’t accept. Alternatively, play up the cost of having it moved and cleaned (probably would cost more than a new loveseat). Just don’t mention the style. Ask if there is anyone in her local church/town/family who might prefer it. Better yet, maybe ask them yourself and say So and So would love to have it. Or take it, and donate it. Sometimes I take things from my mother that I don’t want, just to end the conversation. I currently use the size of my place as a firm NO for most things, but you don’t have that option. —– tangentially related: I recently discovered a subredit for children of narcissists, called raisedbynarcissists that gets all the feels.

      • First off – definitely checking out that subreddit!
        I think the allergy angle is great. His allergies really are very severe and we have used it to get out of overnight visits. Plus, you’re right, the cost to have three over-sized pieces of furniture cleaned professionally and with the type of chemicals that would be needed (ie – ‘green’ cleaners vs traditional clearners because of middle anonachild’s skin issues) would probably equal the cost of a new loveseat, and throw the cost of renting a moving truck, and we are probably up to the cost of a new sofa!

        • Andie302

          Can you offer to sell it on craigslist for them? Maybe that plus the allergies plus the logistics will minimize the amount of crap you’ll have to hear. I feel for you – my mom only does a minute amount of guilting, but I can see it getting very old very fast!

    • “Hey Mom, you know what, we were thinking about it some more and we don’t actually need that furniture after all. But thanks again for the offer.”

      • hammers

        you do not have difficult parents (/assumption)

        • I have extremely difficult parents, and I still think this is the best option. The OPs could twist themselves into a pretzel to try to make mom happy, and it still won’t work, so best to go with the simplest solution and expect the fallout.

          • Yes, this has been my conclusion after many years of trying to game the outcome of parental interactions. You can’t control how other people react, and you’ll break your heart trying. Say your piece, say it kindly, then stand your ground.

      • Accountering

        +1. Just be honest, say something better came up that you like more, and you are going to go in a different direction.

      • This. And the allergy thing (which is not a small issue). And if you need to offer to get rid of it for her, to keep the peace, it’s a small price to pay!

      • If only this could work. There are several ways in which my mom could respond to this, such as: oh, why not, It’s not good enough for you? What, I’m good enough to come help you pack but you can’t take my furniture? Yes, actually, you do need that furniture, it would actually go better in your living room (fielded that one this morning).
        There are actually no scenarios in which she would just say “ok, no problem”

        • hammers

          *hug* To those who say just be honest or just say you dont want it– you have no idea what dealing with these people is like, and what it does to our psyche. They don’t function with logic, or empathy. It’s all about them all the time. And it is always like this all the time. With everything, big or small. The only way to not get this treatment is to cut off the relationship entirely. Many children of parent’s like this are not willing to cut off the relationship 100%. So we agonize over how to “couch” things to our parents, or how to explain things, and the anxiety that builds is ridiculous for something so small, but in many cases we weren’t really raised to know how to stand up for ourselves and feel confident that their love is not conditional. /rant.

          • hammers

            ah- I should say that is my experience, I’m not sure if it applies to anonamom. I just guess I’m a little emotional today.

          • This is exactly it. My choices become cutting off contact in order to set/keep boundaries and not have to deal with the endless guilt trips and constantly being made to feel like nothing I do is good enough, or finding a way to deal with and minimize all that. Currently, I am in a “let me try and deal with this as best as I can” phase. It’s really easy for people who have healthy relationships with their parents to look at these situations and automatically assume that I just don’t have a back bone, or I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill. But that’s really not the case at all. I do know how to stand up to her, but standing up to her also equals a serious argument followed by several months of silent treatment and having to explain to the kids why they aren’t seeing their grandparents; it’s just not worth it.

        • Well, sure, you’ll probably have to repeat it a few times, and then say that’s the end of it. Or you can play her game and end up with furniture you don’t want. I’m not suggesting it will be simple, but it already sounds like it’s not simple so it’s now a matter of whether you end up with her furniture or not.

    • Accountering

      Just tell her you don’t want the furniture any more.

      • Parent’s Response: “Oh, but why not…? [insert lecturing and guilting here]”

        • Accountering

          Because you found something you like more, and that won’t have any cat dander in it. It’s a physical thing, and it’s your choice.

        • Yep!
          Trust me, I wish it was as easy as saying now. You have absolutely no idea how much trouble was caused by me saying now to an old crib she had bought at a yard sale. Even though it was rickety and could not have possibly met any safety standards at the time. Seriously. She intended it for the first kid, and I had to say no for each additional kid and got the same exact guilt trip ever child. The guilt trip continued until the last one was out of a crib all together, so for 8 years in total.

          • I went through that EXACT thing with my mother! She offered to buy the crib for my first. I accepted her kind offer and started shopping, figuring she would send me a check. (She lives a few states away.) What she sent me was a bunch of craigslist links for ancient dropside cribs in Leesburg and Stafford and such. “This is very pretty, and will look even better after you strip it and repaint it!”
            Thanks mom, but you can keep your $40 and I’ll get my own crib.

          • LOL! I think my favorite response was when I mentioned safety being an issue; her response was “well that’s the kind of crib you slept in, and you turned out fine!” Yes, mom, but what about the thousands of babies who weren’t fine? It’s not like safety recommendations are just pulled out thin air!

          • And then there were the comments to dad, in my hearing. “Well, wdc has to have a *special* crib. As if the baby cares that she’s sleeping in a cadillac crib instead of a pretty antique from her grandmother. I guess it’s not *her* money. I tried, but you know how wdc is.”

          • Actually is as easy as saying no, but you have to be either willing to accept the aftermath OR (and this is the tough one) unwilling to tolerate it and just shut it down. Whether that means cutting off conversations as soon as she starts with this nonsense, limiting contact until she gets the idea, or whatever, it is difficult – but isn’t it better than continuing to (i) be subjected to this kind of abuse or (ii) contort yourself trying to please her for the rest of your (her) life?
            I mean this in the nicest possible way, but she acts like this because you let her. Or rather, she’d act like this no matter what, but you tolerate it. The situation you describe re the crib? That’s ridiculous. My parents (mother in particular) have the potential to be very difficult, but they know I have zero tolerance for that kind of BS, and will shut it down immediately. I’m an adult, I make my own decisions, and while they can voice an opinion about it, they get to do it once. That’s it.
            This forum, over time, has demonstrated, over and over again, that you are a much nicer, more tolerant person than I am. That’s to your credit. But in this situation, you’re doing yourself a disservice. you have to stand up for yourself, if for no other reasons than for your own mental health and to teach your kids about healthy boundaries.

          • Accountering

            Huge +1 to DCD. The last two paragraphs are my thoughts exactly.

          • I just saw your post above, and it looks like you know everything I said. I don’t mean to pile on, and please don’t take it that way. If you can take that kind of abuse for the sake of family relationships, you’re a stronger person than I am. I couldn’t? wouldn’t?

          • dcd – I don’t take it as piling on; and really I do wish that i could do all of this. If it weren’t for the kids, then it wouldn’t be an issue. I do not allow her to dictate my life choices, and as far as life choices go, I have learned not to even speak to her until the choice has been made in order to limit the influence. Really, the mistake I made here was ever accepting the furniture in the first place; it would have been much easier to have said no from the beginning or at least “Can I say maybe until we are moved in and have a better idea of what we will actually need?”
            Now, what this could be is a good opportunity to point out a way to improve our relationship. When she comes back at me with whatever BS, I can say “mom, is that really called for? It’s just furniture.” I have pointed out in the past when she says things that are hurtful/mean and keep me away from her. Could be a good learning experience for her… idk, we’ll see I guess.

          • I’m a fan of cheerful deflection + minimal (or no) explanation + refusal to engage + offer of alternative. “Oh, that’s so sweet of you to offer (furniture, paintings, china whatever) but it just isn’t going to work for us. We’d be happy to help you sell or donate it. ”

            Then meet every objection – “but this couch is so comfortable!” with passive non-committal agreement. “Then let’s get it to some lucky family who will really enjoy it.”

            I have a sister – not as bad as your parents seem – but insistent on her way – and this has been very effective. She will insist on a certain route to get somewhere. I offer her a better route. She refuses. I then just say “OK – I’ll meet you there.”

    • Emphasize the size of the furniture and allergy issues. She might take that better than saying “your furniture is just not our style.”

    • houseintherear

      I’ve taken to saying the same phrase every time, “Stop trying to give me all your crap. Love you!” It works 25% of the time.

      • lol @ “24% of the time”!
        I thought perhaps I could unload them on my brother; you see, when I was initially offered the furniture, I was told that he really wanted it and was pissed. Of course, in speaking to him, he tells me they had a two second conversation about it and in no way, shape, or form was he pissed. Gotta love parental manipulation!

    • Anonamom — Not sure if you’ve already read “The Gift of Fear,” but if not, it has some good guidance on saying no to people who don’t want to take “no” for an answer.
      Carolyn Hax typically recommends saying, “No,” and if the other person keeps pressing, saying, “I’m sorry — this discussion is over.”

      • I’ve heard that book discussed a few times here, and never considered it for my situation, but I will check it out. Thank you!

    • SouthwestDC

      My mother-in-law showed up at my house once with a box spring that she’d found on the side of the road, that was clearly 40-50 years old and heavily used. Umm, thanks? I refused to let it come in the house and she left in a huff.

      • Ughhhh…..

        • SouthwestDC

          Wait, I just remembered: she didn’t find it on the side of the road but at a junk sale near the Latino supermarket where she paid $30 for it.
          Fortunately the next door neighbors were dragging it into their house within 10 minutes of the incident, so at least I didn’t have to figure out how to get rid of it.

    • She called me at lunch, and after a perfectly lovely conversation, I brought up the furniture, along the lines of “hey, bf and I were talking about it and looking into the cleaning. When all is said and done, it will cost nearly $700 to get the furniture and clean it, so I think we are going to pass, thank you though!” Cue complete change of tone, and “fine. Well you aren’t hurting my feelings.” I decided to call her out and asked why she changed her tone if it wasn’t a big deal, that if she has a problem she should say and if it’s not a problem she shouldn’t make a big deal about it. Then I get the “I knew you weren’t going to take it from the start, you should have just said no. I knew it wouldn’t be good enough…” Blah blah blah. I ended the conversation. Ugh.

  • Rant: Walked into work at the same time as a group of folks and as we each scanned our IDs the security guard I was leery about said “good morning” to no one but me. I avoided I eye contact, gave a greeting that could barely be heard and scanned my ID to enter the building.
    Rave: Therapy appointment this evening so maybe I can get some help with my feelings about some issues I’ve been having.
    Rave: I leave on Thursday for trip home to Alabama.
    Rant: Metro this morning on the Red line was crazy as hell. Standing up and squished in a train car from Silver Spring all the way to Gallery Place.

    • Accountering

      Seems like you handled it well. I would go with the full ignore. I agree, at this point, if he is only directing it at you, he has crossed the line. I would try 100% full ignore, and see where that gets you. Perhaps put in headphones for your walk past him? The only reason I suggest this is that the alternative is taking action that could cost him his job. He very easily could just be trying to be friendly, and think you all are friends. Normally I don’t make excuses for people, but in this case, if all he has done is be a bit too friendly, I think the full ignore is the move.

      • Thanks. I thought that I was compelled to be friendly since the area where we scan our IDs is at the security desk and he sits right next to it. Then I thought screw it, I’m at work not a social club. I don’t have to be his friend. There are folks I see on my floor everyday that I haven’t said a word to in the 11 years I’ve worked here.

        • Accountering

          Bingo. I thought about this a bit more, and think the headphones is a great idea. If he pushes past the headphones, then escalate. I work in real estate development (we own and operate office buildings) and these guys are paid to do a job. Secure the building, and ensure people going in are supposed to be there. Your responsibility at security is to scan your badge or whatever is necessary to prove you belong in the building. I think your best bet is not another word to him ever.

        • +1. and a giant lol to the last sentence. this is so true.

  • Rave/Query: Last-minute trip to Chicago this Thursday-Monday. Any suggestions for places to visit, eat, shop? Will be by myself for two days but meeting up with a friend the rest. Done most of the super touristy stuff years ago. Thanks!

  • hammers

    Rant: Lost out on a perfect apartment. Oh well, easy come, easy go.
    Rant: drug side effects

    • hammers

      rant: I say easy come easy go, but I’m actually pretty bummed- the place was perfect. sigh.

  • Rave: A new colleague has said three times in the last week how much better I am at my job than the person doing the same job at his last organization.
    Tip: Deploy flat iron, THEN put on dangly earrings. Order of operations is important.

    • yikes! did dangly earrings survive?

      • Yes, but it got hot enough to give me a tiny burn on my jaw. I’d like to say that’s a mistake I won’t make again, but that’s an awful lot of optimism for a Tuesday.

  • Rant: In the past month, our house has been broken into, I’ve been approached and verbally harassed by someone who was pretty clearly on drugs while I was holding my baby, and, after I forgot to lock the car last night, someone had gone through and trashed it looking for something to steal. I’m feeling pretty down about our neighborhood and DC in general.
    Rave? We keep nothing of value in our car, so it was just a mess. Also, it was unlocked so no broken windows to deal with (although if I had locked it, they probably wouldn’t have bothered).

  • Rant: Gym bag trauma: Smushed a banana in my bag and got banana mush on my boxers. Ewwwww. Then, got to the shower and discovered that my jar of hair goop had unscrewed itself, getting “pomade” (“I’m a Dapper Dan man”) on my keys, work Blackberry various other jock-type items.
    Rave: Hair goop confined to an outside pocket. Clothing replaced by spares I keep in the office (I come straight from practice 2 days a week, and tend to forget things when packing the night before, thus have a filing drawer socked with socks, foundation garments, a belt, cuff links….. Just think, if it weren’t for computers, that drawer would be full of hanging files and I’d have been, um, uncomfortable today. Technology makes our lives better in so many ways!)

  • Justinbc, textdoc – I think Justin recommended a mechanic that textdoc used. What was their name? Time for my 120k service.
    Other recs are welcomed.

  • Rave: ITS SUNNY!!! I decided to be brave and forgo tights today. Free the legs! I think an outdoor happy hour is on the horizon.

    Rant: I did not sleep well last night. I decided to watch the latest episode of Orphan Black before bed. Then proceeded to dream I was in the episode.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Running this morning! Amazing weather out. Loved it!
    Rant: Forgot socks for post-shower.
    Rave2: Nordstrom Rack opens at 9am, so got some awesome Happy Socks! They are very colorful.

    • HaileUnlikely

      If you have room, I have been grateful on a couple of occasions for the spare set of all work clothes that I keep at my desk, in case I forget to bring some article of clothing when I run or in case something else goes wrong. I’ve never forgotten pants or a shirt, but have definitely forgotten underpants, socks, or a belt on various occasions (not a regular thing, but in 10+ years of running to work [albeit less frequently these days] its bound to happen at some point).

      • Accountering

        Yeah, I have forgotten a belt, and shoes so far. I think I am going to do this. Thanks for the tip!
        Yes, these socks are so awesome!

        • HaileUnlikely

          Glad you’re enjoying the socks. And yes, shoes, too. I just keep the shoes that I wear in the office here at work – shoes take up too much space in my backpack to run with.
          Although I’ve never forgotten to bring slacks or a shirt to work, I have had rain or sweat seep through my bag and arrived with my slacks or shirt all wet, so was glad for the spares then too…

          • Accountering

            I have thought about this… Why am I lugging work shoes back and forth, especially as I am biking every day to and from work. I should just have all of my work shoes in the office.. I am going to move forward with this starting tonight! Thanks for the idea!

          • Haha, welcome to what women have been doing for years (re: keeping work shoes at work and just changing)
            Seriously though it’s life changing.

    • Yeah the Happy Socks at Rack are a good deal. I also picked up SmartWool winter socks from Rack in early 2015. Fantastic deal for skiing socks but have never seen them again.

    • I very nearly forgot all my work clothes when heading to the gym, Unfortunately, I had a razor thin margin for error on timing to work out and get to work, so by the time I got back to my apartment and got my clothes, there was no hope of doing even a short work out. πŸ™

  • That One Guy

    Rave: the cool breeze this morning. Also, the smell of fresh cut grass mixing in with the breeze and the swaying of the leaves on tree branches.
    Rant: sneezing fits.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: new medication not working, back to the old one for now
    Rave: discovered Dr Oakley Yukon Vet, so many cute animals.

  • Rave: Whatever that yellowish orangeish bright orb in the sky that is spilling warmth on me is, I want more of THAT, please!

    Rave: Dress, bare legs, patio Happy Hour tonight!

    Rave: I finally unfriended my ex on Facebook.

    Rant: Why do I wonder if he notices/cares?

    Rave: My office is so quiet today, and it is awesome.

  • Clueless

    ?: There’s sleep walking and sleep talking… but what about sleep undressing??? I typically wear shorts, shirt and sweatshirt when I go to bed; most mornings, I find my sweatshirt at the foot of the bed or sometimes strewn across the floor(!) and I have absolutely no recollection of anything. I wonder what other weird crap I do in my sleep.

  • Revel : holy crap, I managed to run just over 2 miles on the treadmill yesterday. It’s amazing when I think about how I could only do 60 seconds at a time in late March.
    Rant: testing forever and ever
    Revel: 18.5 more days of school.

  • Rave: Looking forward to memorial day vacation. Asheville, here I come!
    Rave: Work going well this week and this month. Focus on the good parts, and ignore the silliness of some clients. Still ready to move, but not yearning like before.
    Rant and/or rave: It’s interesting to feel the difference a few months makes in how you feel in a relationship. Giddiness fades, but friendship and joy take a bigger role. I’m enjoying it.
    Revel: Sun, sun, sun! I may walk to the library during lunch. Gotta work on my vitamin D.

  • RAVE RAVE RAVE: signed a lease!!! so happy to be staying in the (general) neighborhood and living with friends.
    rant: increase in rent with new place, but I guess that is par for the course in DC.
    rant: moving logistics. already a pain.
    rant: haven’t heard back from interview last week. not a great sign. really need to up my job hunt game so I can get out of here.

  • Rave: Looking forward to my compressed day + Memorial Day = 4-day weekend!
    Rave: sunshine!
    Rave: Renewing my library book checking-out / reading. Just got a great new thriller for the long weekend πŸ™‚
    Rant: Need to find a new true crime podcast–my favorites just aren’t coming out with enough material to match my driving commute length.
    Rant: Puppy doesn’t seem to like his regular doggie day care anymore after going to a shiny new one in Columbia last week (doesn’t want to go in the morning + not playing as much on the webcam), and really didn’t want to eat dinner last night. Hope he didn’t pick up a bug.
    Rant: office mate is having a really hard time with a micromanaging shrew of a supervisor. Happy to listen and provide support, but I don’t see any improvements in store for that working relationship…

    • re: true crime podcast, have you tried Criminal? That’s one of my faves

      • Yep–thank you! Criminal is great, but only comes out 2x a month. I also listen to Sword and Scale (2x a month) and Lore (2x a month). Are there others out there that I’m not aware of? Apple doesn’t have a true crime genre on their Podcast page last I checked.

    • I Dont Get It’s post reminded me of another rant, a mega-rant, I blocked out of my mind from yesterday. I need to get THREE PHASES of periodontal surgery sometime soon for gum grafts. It is a disgusting surgery, and my dentist and I have tried for years to reverse my gum recession with non-invasive actions to no avail. Disgusting. And not only that–EXPENSIVE! At least $2k after my insurance company does its magic. The HELL. Ew and Ick.

      • I’m curious, what non-invasive actions did you try? -As someone with a crown this year and gum-concerned person.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Follow-up appointment this morning with an oral surgeon and the β€œgrowth” on my jaw is just a bone fragment that needs to be removed not the deadly diagnosis that Dr. Google gave.
    Rant: I had already selected my new tragic, yet bravely hopeful PoPville userid.
    Rave: Got more test results back from last week and I am also kicking triglyceride and high cholesterol butt. Oat meal and/or green smoothies FTW!
    A Best Not to Ask Questions Rave: Wiccan Dog Sitter has a housesitting gig at the Radical Faeries House.


    Rant: …soon enough we’ll be complaining about the humidity.

    Rave: as of this am, down 18lbs since January! Feels great to finally feel more like myself again. I went through some bizarre weight gain due to some (still unresolved, unfortunately) health issues. But at least getting closer to my normal size feels like a step in the right direction.

    Rant: finding a new housemate is stressful! Trying to coordinate my 5 roommates to help even more so. The others either have a very strong opinion or no opinion at all… either way, it makes finding a 6th person to sign the lease difficult. I even have a friend who is willing to move in, and who is an awesome person we would be lucky to live with, but the others want to “explore options”. Ugh.

    Rave: this weather!!!

    • Is this for June 1? How many options have they explored so far? With 6 roommates, I see it being very unlikely everyone will love the ultimate choice, and if things are fast approaching, they need to figure it out.
      Going forward, I’d suggest clear cut rules: everyone gets 1 no challenge veto but can voice concerns about others, try to keep a certain gender balance, etc. Don’t let grass is greener syndrome make you pay more rent.

      • Luckily its for June 18th. My current housemate is moving out mid-month, so that gives us some buffer time to get a new person. I like those rules, i’ll suggest to the gang later. I’m hoping that we just get through with the appointments we scheduled already and then make a decision from there (obviously i’ll be rooting for my friend as the new roomie!)

  • Disappointment.

    Has anyone else noted that as the Capitol renovation is finishing the beautiful lights that surrounded it are also going away. I guess I got used to seeing that (I have a great view of the building from my apt) well lit up dome and now it’s just slightly lit dome on top of well lit portion still under construction.

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