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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • binntp

    Rant: Walked down 13th NW today and saw the construction going on to rebuild 3566 13th into a multi-unit building. This was a gorgeous, Victorian-style single family home with a stunning facade; while I knew the developers would maximize the lot and build back/around it, I was hoping they’d at least incorporate a few of the lovely exterior features into the new design. No dice. Another big ugly box (from what I can tell so far).

    • What a bummer. ๐Ÿ™
      This is the house, for anyone unfamiliar with it:
      I could’ve sworn it was the subject of a past PoPville thread, but if so, I can’t find it.

    • That’s a big lot with tons of by-right expansion opportunity. I’m sure they are going for multi-unit, but I really have no idea how they could do a modern addition on the Victorian without it looking atrocious.
      “One of these things is not like the other…” ๐Ÿ™

      • binntp

        I know, one can hope, though, right? According to the DRCA docs, it’s now going to be a 7-unit building.

        • Accountering

          Excellent! Cool looking house, but with that said, one persons “gorgeous, Victorian-style single family home with a stunning facade” is another persons underused real estate, and another reason why real estate is so hard to purchase in this area. We desperately need more housing, and this is a good spot for it.

  • Rave: Baby has slept so well since last evening. I will attribute that to a missed nap and vaccines yesterday.
    Rave: Stretching and taking it easy already seem to be helping my IT band. Today is a rest day – no exercise other than lifting my chunky Artebaby.
    Rave: I made rather delicious chicken enchiladas for dinner last night. Make ahead meals are essential these days.

    • Yay! so happy for baby sleeping well. Here’s hoping it continues ๐Ÿ™‚ And you are totally right on make-ahead meals. That’s the only way we eat home-cooked food regularly!

  • justinbc

    Random: Reading reviews of bear spray as we prepare to head out on our national parks tour, and it’s amazing how many reviewers have actually had to use it as defense. The photographer in me is eager at the prospects of having wildlife that close, but the realist in me is saying I would be wise not to share those reviews with my travel partner…

    • Where are you guys going and when? Also, are you flying? How will you get the bear spray to your location if you are?
      I was just reading about it again this morning, I was planning to grab some in Bozeman when I get there.

      • justinbc

        Albuquerque/Acoma Pueblo to Sedona/Grand Canyon to Canyon de Chelly/Monument Valley/etc to Bryce/Zion to SLC to Idaho Falls to Big Sky/Bozeman to Yellowstone to Jackson/Tetons. There are REI locations in ABQ, Flagstaff, SLC, and Bozeman, so we’ll likely just pick it up once we get to one of those, because yeah we’re flying in / out to ABQ/JAC but driving the route in between. Need to get some new trekking poles before Bryce anyway, since I can’t find my old ones and she has none. Leaving this Friday, returning June. Are you headed to YS?

        • Glacier and Yellowstone, with stops in Bozeman, Butte, and Big Sky. Not until August, but I’m overly excited.
          Wow, that sounds like an amazing trip. Have a blast, I can’t wait to see pictures!

          • justinbc

            Thanks, I’ve done some pretty exhaustive research I’m happy to share if you want / need. Also have a great YS guide I can pass along once we return. August should be great, all roads open and pretty much all snow melted, wildflowers galore!

          • I’ve done a what I would call a decent amount of research, so yes I would love some exhaustive research. Thanks!
            jeslettpopville at gmail

          • Have you read the latest National Geographic – all about Yellowstone area, written entirely by David Quammen. (And he does write about bear encounters.)

          • justinbc

            Victoria, haven’t read it yet but I did pick it up at Costco for some in-air reading material. Can’t wait!

          • Also picked it up, haven’t read it yet. It’s real pretty though.

        • I camped in Canyon de Chelly in April and it was beautiful. If you guys are doing the camping thing and want a rustic experience, staying in a Navajo Hogan at Spider Rock Campground was pretty cool. We really enjoyed the White House Ruins trail – easy, beautiful hike. Not a lot to eat around there… our best breakfast was a Junction Restaurant. Monument Valley was amazing but I want to go back and do the horseback version of the tour.

    • Ran into a Grizzly Cub on a hike in Yellowstone last summer. The bear was adorable….until the fear set in. We were lucky – baby bear saw us and immediately ran away and we never caught sight of mom, but there were a lot of “what if’s” in our heads in the aftermath. SO glad we had bear spray for piece of mind, and so glad we did not have to use it. I’m glad to hear you’re prepping yourself – have an amazing trip! And happy 100th to the NPS!

      • justinbc

        Yeah that’s lucky it ran away. From what I’ve heard most of the ones in the park are much more acclimated. Most stories I’ve read from people who actually had to use it are folks who actually live in the backcountry parts of ID/MT/WY/etc and hike it routinely. We’ll probably just donate ours to NPS if/when we hopefully don’t have to discharge it!

    • I used to work/live at a camp near the Great Smoky National Park during the off season. I think in the year that I lived there, my roommates and I woke up to a bear sleeping on our front porch a half dozen times. I would definitely be a little cautious but the likelihood is that you won’t have that close of an encounter with them.

      • justinbc

        That’s crazy! Pretty cool as well, but still crazy!

      • I worked one summer in Denali National Park. Two friends were walking along a road and encountered a sow Grizzly with two cubs. She ran at them, the guys climbed a tree but she got one guy’s boot in her mouth. They were ultimately unharmed, but I’ll never forget the tooth marks on that boot! And he said the thing he remembered most was the smell of her breath.

    • Just pick up a 200-400mm lens and bob’s your uncle. no need to get the bear spray.

  • Can someone please explain my renters rights in this scenario:

    Have a lease that goes till end of August, but I want to leave end of June: (I’m renting from landlord)

    If I give over a month notice, am I good to go?

    • I think legally you’re on the hook until the end of August. However, if you’re renting directly from the landlord and ask nicely if you can be released from the lease early, and if you do it with a month and a half of notice, a nice landlord would probably let you.
      Anything you can offer to sweeten the deal (like making the unit easily available for showings) would also help.

      • Text doc is correct. You’re obligated until lease end, but the landlord may decide to release you early if you’re giving lots of notice, making the place accessible, etc.

      • +1
        Ask nicely and give notice now. Landlord probably won’t mind, so long as they can fill the spot immediately without any wasted time. Offer to help the landlord find a new tenant. Give your landlord plenty of opportunities to show the place, don’t be a stickler for the 72 hour (or is it 48?) notice rule.

      • Ask nicely and suggest a raise increase for the next tenant (thereby presenting to them the opportunity cost of keeping you as a tenant ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I had a terrible landlady and wanted to break the lease a month early – she let me because I advised her to raise the rent $250 and made myself scarce so she could show the apt. That said, she did keep my entire deposit for BS reasons, so heads up for that.

      • Accountering

        This is exactly right, I would say you offer to be exceedingly flexible with showings etc, and he will almost assuredly let you out early. Make sure you get that promise in writing, but if priced appropriately, it will rent very quickly at the end of June.

    • That One Guy

      What does the lease say?

      • Second this. All of the advice is good, but ultimately the lease is a legal document you signed committing you to stay for X time with penalties likely spelled out for early departure. Meant politely, but do you expect special renter’s rights excusing you from what you signed up for? That said, if its in a desirable neighborhood, most landlords will want to work with you and June is a generally good time to find tenants.

    • Review your lease. I had to end my lease early, and was pleasantly surprised that I was only on the hook for one extra month’s rent if my landlord didn’t find someone to move in right after I left (so in your scenerio, I would have owed July’s rent but not August). Thankfully for both of us, the landlord found a new tenant really quickly so was a non-issue.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Lizzy had problems moving her back legs this morning when she got up. In fact she fell over when peeing into her puddle of urine.
    Rave: I put some cheap, wet dog food into her Neater Feeder and suddenly her back legs revived!

  • That One Guy

    This weather is contributing to a strong desire to hibernate. I was taking a shower with my eye closed because I literally could not keep them open.

    • maxwell smart

      Seriously. The combination of no sun and that it’s 64ยฐ in my apartment makes getting out of bed a chore. My growing dissatisfaction at work is not helping.

    • +1. This weather is the worst.

  • Rave: Sunshine, birds singing, and a wonderful breeze here in NYC.
    Rant: Back to DC this weekend to pack up our home in order to rent out the full place come Aug/Sept.
    PoPville Query: My grandfather was one of the first American doctors in Hiroshima, and spent many years living there treating and caring for the women and children. A friend is traveling to Hiroshima and I’m trying to think of something meaningful they could bring back for my grandfather. Not a souvenir per se but something…he speaks of that time as horrifying, humbling but also …fondly is not the right word but he looks positively back on the time spent there as well.

    • That One Guy

      Maybe a few photographs of people and places flourishing. You know the whole notion that life has again found its footing. Does he have strong memories of particular locations/places?

    • Might someone let the friend take an origami crane? Or chain of cranes?
      (IIRC, schoolkids make big chains of origami cranes and leave them at the site. I think they’re supposed to be left there, though, so your friend might need special permission.)

      • Never mind — looks like this would be a no-go, unless pre-assembled chains of cranes are for sale somewhere. Wikipedia says:
        “Several temples, including some in Tokyo and Hiroshima, have eternal flames for world peace. At these temples, school groups or individuals often donate senbazuru [groups of one thousand origami cranes] to add to the prayer for peace. The cranes are left exposed to the elements, slowly dissolving and becoming tattered as the wish is released.”

        • Fascinating stuff- thanks for the thought. But perhaps combining your idea with That One Guy’s idea – a few photographs of those cranes and an explanation like you found on Wikipedia.

    • Omamori (good luck charms — http://www.tokyoweekender.com/2015/05/japanese-lucky-charms-the-guide-to-omamori/ ) make good souvenirs. I don’t remember there being any particularly famous shrines/temples in Hiroshima itself, but it’s got to have some non-famous ones that have omamori. (The notable shrine in the larger Hiroshima area is Miyajima (Itsukushima).)

      • Ohh this could definitely be a great option! Thank you. I’ll have to see if my friend has plans to check out the shrine.

        • Any decent-size shrine or temple should have omamori for sale — even if the friend doesn’t go to Miyajima, there should be someplace within Hiroshima itself.

  • Rant: I don’t know if it’s a cold, allergies or what, but I feel awful – been waking up to an extremely sore throat for the past 3 mornings. It gets better throughout the day, especially with drinking hot tea, but I’m just drowning in post-nasal drip! Constant runny nose (but also stuffy head?) and so achey. Considering going down to Occ Health to see if I should just suck it up or go home.
    Rave: Hot tea.

    • That One Guy

      Sounds like you’re in need of some soup, maybe chicken noodle or pho.

    • Clueless

      A few of my friends suffered/are suffering with similar symptoms. Made me panic about getting a flu shot, which no one is not offering right now. ๐Ÿ™ Hope you feel better soon.

      • Clueless

        *meant to say no one is offering flu shots!

      • Bummer, LittleBlue. Would a decongestant help?
        To Clueless, I got a flu shot in March from my primary care doc. They didn’t have any on hand, but were able to order the shot and have it delivered for my appointment.

        • Clueless

          @ke I’ll prod my doc about this, thanks!

        • Thanks, but I can’t take decongestants – anything besides Afrin makes my heart race! And this seems to be the kind of thing where you’re simultaneously stuffy and have snot pouring out your nose. I don’t even know where to start, med-wise. I just want to sleep and hope it all goes away soon!

      • I have the same symptoms, and I got a flu shot this year.

        • I got the flu shot too, (I get it every year), it’s definitely not flu, it’s probably some sort of cold but whatever it is is making me miserable.

        • LBP, have you tried antihistamines (in case it’s allergies)?
          Whatever it is, it sounds unpleasant. ๐Ÿ™ Hoping you feel better soon!

  • Rant: Had to pick up both kids early yesterday, three hours apart. Mtpkiddo has a raging ear infection (yay for urgent care!) and mtpbaby has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.
    Rant: So exhausted. Mtpbaby hasn’t slept well in almost a week. I was so tired last night that I went to bed before the third period of the Caps game last night.
    Rant: Ugh on the hard caps loss. I don’t think I can even read any of the coverage. So close and yet so far. Damnit. They would have had a real shot if they could have brought it home for game 7.
    Rave: I’m at work today…. yep, I think that’s all I’ve got. Oy.

    • Oops, this morning on the doctor’s appointment. Hopefully we’ll have more information for how to make him more comfortable soon!

    • RAVE! mtpbaby has a double ear infection. This is indeed a rave because it’s treatable. Antibiotics & continuted use of ibuprofen and hopefully he’ll be back to himself in short order. Ugh, what a mess!

      • Ugh, sorry to hear about all the mtpkids’ ear infections. I’m glad its a simple fix!

        • Me too! Thanks! And he’s good to go back to daycare tomorrow where the magical teachers can help him get more fully back on track. He sleeps so much better there, and I think he eats better there too. I don’t know how they do it, but they are amazing.

  • Rant – coordinating visas for an upcoming trip is proving to be harder than I expected. Anyone have a visa service they like?

    Rave – I get to go on a trip that includes multiple visas ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Andie302

    Rant: Caps loss
    Rave: Haircut tonight
    Rant: Need to spend some time at home getting my act together! I bought a mouth guard for recent teeth grinding but literally haven’t been home long enough to boil water and fit it. Laundry is piled up, and I need to get settled back in from the recent trips I took.
    Rave: but first, a haircut ๐Ÿ™‚ woohoo

    • Your first rave reminds me of a bizarre dream I had last night in which I got some kind of trendy/unusual hair cut & dye job–angled cut, purple streak and I can’t remember what else. IRL the craziest I’ve ever gotten with my hair is a dark red which translates into red highlights in my dark brown hair. Perhaps my subconscious is trying to remind me it’s time for a hair cut….

      • Andie302

        I dreamt last night that the stylist didn’t know I wanted to donate my hair and cut my ponytail in half (meaning that I wouldn’t have enough to donate it). It was pretty vivid. Needless to say I will be announcing early and often that I need the whole ponytail!

        • How funny. I’ll probably do that this time around as well. That is, assuming I ever get around to getting my hair cut. Sucks that we can’t get hold of our usual person anymore.

    • justinbc

      I used to sleep next to a gal who was a major tooth grinder, so bad it would actually wake me up. Good to hear you’re taking steps to mitigate it! My boss actually had to have surgery this year due to years of untreated grinding, and therapy for 6 months after.

  • rave: my husband got a promotion and it’s really exciting for him/us!
    rant: the promotion came with an unexpected business trip on very short notice and, with him being out of town on top of a crazy week at work for me, we’re scrambling for dog care. it makes me really scared for when we have kids. how do people DO it?
    rave: we can actually afford a walker and have local friends willing and able to help. we are lucky. I know that.

  • Rant: Slept abysmally.
    Rant: Litter, people who litter, and people who allow litter to accumulate in front of their houses.
    Rant: Usually when I’ve called AAA, the service provider comes out surprisingly quickly — e.g., AAA says “within 30 minutes,” and the provider is there in 15 minutes. Last night I had a flat tire and it took an hour and 35 minutes, three phone calls, and two missed time deadlines for the service provider to show up.
    Rave: Somehow in a reasonably good mood despite the above (and the seemingly endless rain).

    • Definitely leave feedback with AAA about the service provider. You should never have to wait that long and they take it very seriously. AAA service providers are incredibly well compensated on average for what they do, there’s no excuse for poor service like that. I’m not a complainer in general, but in this case I would.

      • I did complain in calls #2 and #3, but I should probably follow up with an overall complaint — the whole saga really ate up my evening.
        I should probably also complain to them about a past provider who jumpstarted my car and then tried to scare me into buying a new battery from him, telling me there was a 50-50 chance that once I turned it off, I wouldn’t be able to turn it back on again. (The battery lasted for another year or so after that.)

        • That’s not necessarily a scare tactic. Batteries often die because they are dead, and if he’s giving you a jump start there is a decent chance (not sure if 50/50) that your battery is dead and therefore won’t start again. AAA would love to sell you a new battery, sure, but they also don’t want to repeatedly come out to jump start your car when you just need a new battery.
          For your flat tire: you didn’t have a spare, or you didn’t have the tools to change it?

          • Trust me — in this particular case it was a scare tactic. When I took the car to my mechanic, he tested the battery and confirmed that there was no need to replace it at that time.
            Maybe you’re not familiar with how AAA roadside assistance works. It’s not AAA itself that comes out to provide roadside assistance; it’s independent companies that are (I assume) under contract to AAA to provide roadside assistance services on an as-needed basis to local AAA members. AAA doesn’t strategize in this respect; they just arrange roadside assistance when it’s needed. So it’s not accurate that “they also donโ€™t want to repeatedly come out to jump start your car when you just need a new battery.”
            Meanwhile, the roadside assistance provider is (I assume) receiving some kind of set fee from AAA… but if he can sell me a battery directly, then that’s profit for him over and above whatever he’s making from AAA. In this case, the guy tried to scare me into a sale.

          • I’m totally aware how AAA works. Just using shorthand so I didn’t have to write a novel to make my point.

          • Point being that he was not incorrect in saying that you might need a new battery.

          • “For your flat tire: you didnโ€™t have a spare, or you didnโ€™t have the tools to change it?”
            I don’t know if that’s a serious question or just trolling, but part of the reason I have an AAA membership — in addition to its providing a means of towing if I need it — is so I don’t have to change the tire myself, or find a random person when the battery goes out to see if they’ll let me use their car battery and my jumper cables.
            It would be foolish to have a AAA membership but change the tire myself — that’s (part of) what I’m paying for.

          • He was not incorrect that I might need a new battery… but that’s not how he phrased it. He said that the battery was charged, but that there was a 50-50 chance the car wouldn’t start again when I turned it off and therefore I ought to buy this battery from him, $129 plus tax (or whatever the amount was). THAT is a scare tactic.

          • Anonymous, you don’t seem to be aware that AAA uses multiple companies in D.C. to provide roadside assistance, not just one. So Independent Company A doesn’t particularly care if Independent Company B has to come out the next week (or month, or year) to charge the battery again.

          • Anonymous also seems to be unaware that these independent companies (presumably) make their money off of “repeatedly come[ing] out to jump start your car when you just need a new battery.” It is quite literally their *job*.

        • Did you complain to AAA or to the provider? My thought was that an AAA complaint has more sway, considering it may affect the contract for the provider.
          Also, regarding batteries, I wouldn’t consider that a scare tactic. It is very hard to judge why a battery went dead. It could be the battery is nearing the end of its’ usable life (which will vary battery to battery, car to car), it simply lost charge because something was left on accidentally, or it could be something as serious as the alternator going bad. In all cases, it’s a good idea to have the battery tested after a jump. I have had a few horror stories with batteries, one leaving me stranded on North Capital Street at rush hour, and one leaving me stranded on 95 at rush hour. The issue is, when a battery fails, you are screwed. So it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

          • Anonamom — I complained to AAA directly. In call #3, I was on the verge of telling them to cancel that provider and send someone else out… but they said he was half a mile away, so I figured I’d wait.

          • Ok, good, hopefully something will be done. I hate to hear you had such a terrible experience. I also have AAA and have had to use them more than once, though only once inside the city. Your story does not bode well for service inside the city.

          • Anonamom — All the other times I’ve called AAA, the service provider has been quick to show up. I think (hope?) this is an anomaly.

    • Unless you have a great need for triptiks, you can usually get the same roadside services AAA provides through your car insurance (I pay about $3 every 6 months). Save money and as an added plus you don’t support AAA’s efforts against non-automotive forms of transport.

      • What car insurance do you have? I looked into that before renewing my AAA this year but it would have cost more.

      • saf

        Or better world auto club – which spends their lobbying money on alternative transportation, and will cover your motorcycle and bicycle too.

        • I’ll look into this — as long as their benefits are comparable to what I currently have with AAA, I’d gladly switch.

          • Allison

            USAA auto insurance has roadside assist. We’ve used it so many times and it’s way cheaper than AAA! (That and AAA does a bunch of anti-public transportation lobbying, and we didn’t want to pay for that.)

  • Rant: My clarifying posts about what I thought were obviously sarcastic comments on the article about the loitering in front of Union Station were not allowed to be posted, I think due to being banned (see: sarcastic comments above). Sorry!

    Rave: I am trying to post this–if it works I’ll know I’ve not been forever banhammered.

  • Rave: when the Caps were down 3-1 last night I went to the bathroom and resigned myself to 11 great years of Caps fandom, but thought about taking a year or two off so I don’t have to endure this level of stress. Then I heard screaming and it was 3-2!
    Rant: I feel like the Caps losses get harder every year. Is it because Ovi’s contract is nearing an end? Is it because I can’t stand to hear one more thing about Crosby? I’m not sure.
    Rant: I’ve stalled reading Do What You Are because I can’t be sure of my type. I might just return it to the library and get it back out after we take the full Meyers-Briggs test at work this fall. I’m getting impatient.
    Rave: someone else is making me cocktails tonight.

  • Rave: I actually slept through the night last night. Yay!
    Rant: I’m so tired of this weather and always being cold. I just can’t seem to get warm.
    Rave: Date night with the other Mrs. Rabbit tonight.
    Rave: Shortbread cookies with a lemon drizzle and a cup of hot tea. I’m going to claim it’s to help combat the cold but I really just wanted to have cookies and hot tea for breakfast.

  • Rave: I think my first therapy session went well. It was mostly intake, but I felt at ease with my therapist.
    Rant: I spilled coffee on my light blue sweater. Because of course.

  • Rant : I bought a $1.97 dress at Old Navy to go with the $2.47 one from yesterday. The cheapest one is not flattering. Can’t win em all I guess.
    Rant: haven’t made it to the gym since Saturday. I hope I don’t have a hard time with my run.

    • A man cant get a pair of socks for $1.97 and women can get outfits for under $10.00

      • I’m sure the occasional extreme bargain like that is more than canceled out by what’s been called the “pink tax” — the practice of charging more for products aimed at women than for comparable men’s products.

      • Marshalls, tj max, etc. I’m sure you can find dress socks for about $2/pair.

      • topscallop

        @stacksp, have you tried Old Navy?

      • You can’t find socks for $1.97? For full-price socks under $1.97, you might try Walmart or the Dollar Store. For clearance, you can try just about any where. Don’t even start saying that men’s clothing is more expensive than women’s because it is complete BS.

  • rant: stephen strasburg’s extension. announcers on tv would not shut up about it throughout the game last night. we get it. he’s rich. yay. whatever. LOL.
    rant: where is the flipping sun???? GAH

  • Rave: I remembered to bring my gym clothes to work today

    Rant: I typically have my orthotics in my work shoes, then transfer them to my sneakers. But I’m wearing more dressy shoes today, so no orthotics. Which means I actually can’t work out because there are no insoles in my sneakers. ugh. And I can’t tomorrow because I have something to do after work.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m beginning to think the sun will never come back.
    Rant: woke up all night long, what happened to sleeping through the night?
    Rave: hot tea is perfect for these cold wet days.

    • That One Guy

      Maybe the Mayans weren’t too far off with their blood sacrifice. Haha…even my humor is dark to match the weather.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m about ready to try anything to get the sun back. Do I have to build a fancy alter for the sacrifice? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • RAVE: stumbled upon a great repository of DC-specific landlord-tenant questions, with answers from actual local attorneys. I think PoPville would appreciate, so I’m sharing the love. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • On just the first page, many lawyers were out of state, and some of the info given was incorrect. Take it with a grain of salt.

      • Obviously caveat emptor with anything on the Internet (free advice is worth just that…).
        But still not a terrible place to start. And the repository of questions is helpful.

  • Rave: Saw ex last weekend for the first time in over two months. It was really nice to spend the afternoon with him and talk and get dinner, etc. We both want to do that more often.
    Rant: It wouldn’t be right of me to just agree to start dating him again, but we both still like each other and really have no desire to date other people. I guess it just is what it is for now.
    Rave: New job is great, but…
    Rant: My chair is making my legs super achy and I don’t know why and my legs don’t seem to be adjusting.
    Rant: This weather is making me so sleepy.
    Rave: But at least its not 90 degrees and humid AND raining?

    • On your chair rant, can you adjust the angle of the seat downward? Sometimes I get achy legs and I realized that the angle of the chair kind of put too much pressure on the backs of my legs, if that makes sense.

      • So, I had a similar thought to yours — but I can’t figure out how to do it, so I don’t know that’s it’s an option. No one around me seems to have adjusted the seat angle either. I actually think that my seat is angled too far downwards, and so my legs are all stiff sitting trying to keep me from feeling like I’m going to slide out of it…

        • That One Guy

          The answer is simple, go take someone else’s more comfortable chair! Also, if they have a red stapler take that too.

  • Clueless

    ?: Recently had a dream where I was in a brand new house (maybe mine?) and about 100 random strangers showed up and all I was concerned about was not having enough lemonade to serve everyone. So, so weird.

    Rant: wearing the same rain jacket for 15 consecutive days.

  • Hi PoPers, any advice on companies that replace retaining walls & ballpark costs folks have paid? I have a 15ft wall that needs to be replaced and the estimates I’ve seen are all over the place, so I have no sense of which bid is reasonable. Thanks!

    Rave: tiny basset hound foster puppies whose ears I need to scrunchy above their heads so they can eat and walk up & down the stairs without tripping. My dog hates the scrunchies and keeps gently pulling them off of the puppies. Hilarious.

  • Rant: The kids are off the chain this week. Just antsy and wild. I’m wondering if their is a correlation to all the bad weather – they need to get outside and get their energy out but can’t!
    Rave: This had led me to treat myself to donuts twice so far this week during planning period
    Rant: All those calories…

    • wrong “their” – yikes. At least I don’t teach English!

    • It’s the weather. If my kids act even half as bad at school as they do at home, I sincerely feel for their teachers. This is why we give booze as an end of year gift ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rave – Dragged my lazy butt to the gym yesterday.
    Rant – Watched The Good Wife finale and YES I totally agree with the posts yesterday that it was awful. That show deserved a better ending.
    Rant – Everything feels like a huge chore in this weather. I didn’t even want to leave my desk to get lunch today.

  • I know this is normally a morning-to-midday thing, but I’m here to rant and rant hard. I was expecting to come home, see the results of the Indians/’Stros game, and if it was favorable (I’m an Indians fan), watch it. Instead I came home in the middle of the 13th and they’re now in the 16th. I’ve only watched 3 innings and I’m sick of it.

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