“Modell’s out, Studio Xfinity in at the former City Sports space in Chinatown”

715 7th Street, NW

A reader reports:

“I just wanted to update you about the former City Sports space in Chinatown. Modell’s pulled out on picking up the lease left by City Sports. and now Comcast will take over by opening a Studio Xfinity store sometime this year.

“STUDIO XFINITY brings together the best TV and Internet technology in a new, one-of-a-kind store experience”

Now word on the exact opening date as they are still remodeling the space.”

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  • Wait? xfinity as in Comcast xfinity? They need a store now to show off their over priced shitty service? Who knew there was actually a worse retail option than a cricket? My hate for xfinity just doubled.

    • The one positive experience I’ve had with Comcast was returning my equipment to their similar store on Rhode Island Row. In and out in under 5 minutes.

      • Agreed. I hate Comcast, but opening these stores (Cleveland Park, RI Row, etc.) has been a good thing. You can now drop off or pick up equipment without dealing with the horrendous service center location in NE.

        • All these new shops, particularly the one in RIR being so close, lead me to believe that NE service center isn’t long for this world. It’s pretty prime space and a lot of new development is already slated in the immediate vicinity. Harris Teeter had a letter of intent with one of the bidders for the Metro space (not the winning proposal), so there’s definite interest in that area from stable tenants.

          • The NE service center will close but the facility will remain — it also happens to be the technical distribution point of most of the services in DC, what we refer to as a headend.

            The retail / customer service operation is moving to Cleveland Park and other places you might wish to visit.

      • I never knew that they have one there. I have an unused modem that I’ve been paying $8 a month for, and I don’t want to return it simply due to the clusterfu$k that is the NE service center.

      • I suppose that makes sense, but I wish they’d take a slightly less prominent retail bay if they have to be downtown somewhere.

  • Biggest waste of space ever.

  • Will they make me wait all day during the workweek for service, then tell me I should come back tomorrow? Or charge me for things I didn’t want? In person!!! Amazing! So excited!

  • Signage will say they open between 8am and noon every day but no employees will show up until 2:30pm.

  • This is a large space…what exactly will be showcased in this very large space? Aisles of routers? Cable boxes? Maybe a boxing ring so customers can vent their frustration on Comcast opponents?

  • This is 100% proof that I am paying to much for Comcast service. Give me an address to send my modem to. I don’t want to subsidize vanity space rental prices.

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