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  • Fish gutting knife? Might be an angler.

  • Is just in case he needs to do some impromptu whittling.

  • I passed a guy walking his dog last night (in Brightwood) who was carrying a very similar knife on his waistband. Apparently this is the new thing. I am used to seeing people carry baseball bats, “walking sticks”, even golf clubs, while walking their dogs, but the knife things seems new. But really, my ten year old wanted to take his baseball bat with us to walk to the store two blocks away, and he wasn’t exactly trying to practice his swing….

  • I’ve been carrying a pocket knife for probably 10 years now and it comes in handy all the time. From what I’ve seen, mine is quite a bit smaller than the norm, even with a 3″ blade. It comes in handy all the damn time at work and at home.
    This guy just seems like he’s carrying one just so people know he’s got a knife. This will probably end up being a ridiculous trend with the urban crowd…

    • He may be wearing it like that so it’s not a concealed weapon.

    • “This will probably end up being a ridiculous trend with the urban crowd…”
      Why did my dogs ears just shoot up?

    • I carry a knife as well. It’s legal to own certain types and certain lengths, but carrying is a gray area. You could easily be stopped for carrying a dangerous weapon, but as long as you note that you use it as a tool, were at your job were you need to cut thing/open boxes/ect.. you should be fine.

  • A person walking around with a KNIFE strapped to him in a city with one of the highest crime rates in the US and we’re told “don’t judge”?? I would love to see the phrase “don’t judge” go the way of the dinosaur. First of all, it’s a phrase that is religious in origin (“judge not, lest ye be judged”) and is repeatedly used outside of any moral or religious context, thus rendering it pointless. Secondly, WE DO JUDGE. Judgment calls are how people get around in life. And we make judgment calls for all manner of things. It’s silly for grownups to tell other grownups not to judge. What you’re REALLY telling us is not to criticize, analyze, or think independently.

  • Self defense

  • Any expert will tell you that knives are not good protection unless you are a professional fighter. In unskilled hands a knife can be easily taken from and used against you.

  • I am judging the color of the pants. Not guilty.

    • Unfortunately, the case went up for appeal in the Court of Fashion and he was sentenced to ten years of no bright colors.

  • Knives with blades over 3.5 inches are illegal in dc…next time call the cops and potentially save a life.

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