“Doors will open at 4pm and there is a two 4-pack limit per customer”


From the fine folks at 3 Stars Brewing Company (6400 Chillum Place, NW):

“Heads up!!!! In case you haven’t seen all the coverage on social media, we are releasing our new Double IPA, #ultrafresh, today at the brewery. This beer is brewed with Glaxy, Topaz and Columbus hops and comes in at a nicee 8.3% abv. Big, juicy hop notes fill your nose and dance across your tongue before finishing with a well balanced bitterness. Doors will open at 4pm and there is a two 4-pack limit per customer. This is a very limited release and will likely not make it out into the market, so get yours while you can. Stay tuned for more details on upcoming releases and events including more info on next Sunday’s BBQ (5/22/16). Thanks for your support and keep drinking great local beer.”

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  • Sweet, there aren’t enough super hoppy beers out there. Thank god for this one.

    • Yea, wouldn’t be nice if 3 Stars made any other type of beer? Oh, wait…

      • You mean like Peppercorn Saison, Citra Lemon Saison, Southern Belle, Pandemic Porter, Dissonance, Winter Madness, Startsky & Dutch, and Zombie Date Night (just to name a few)?

        • NH Ave Hiker

          Yea, 3 star has a really good selection of beers. Probably my favorite brewery in the city.

      • Maybe you’re confusing them with DC Brau. They brew very few beers that aren’t trying to be very hoppy.

    • … it’s not even making it to market.

      On that note — 3 Stars, I’d pay good money to try this (probably many a time…) if this was available around town!

  • #3starswhalez

  • maxwell smart

    Ugh…. I hate how summer means everyone serves nothing but IPA. IPA tastes like hangover mouth. Gross.

  • Better than the 120 Minute Dog Fish? I have yet to try the Guiness IPA but as a Guiness lover, I need to do so although I hardly drink anymore.

    • Might be comparable to the 90 minute, but the 120 is close to 20% alcohol so I’m guessing it’s a totally different experience.

    • You mean the Nitro IPA? It’s only ok and I love IPAs. Not a fan.

      • I can see that. I was surprised to like it, but I did because it’s like a cross between an IPA and an Irish ale like Caffrey’s (I miss that one. Damn you, Coors.). It’s got the nitrogen widget and everything, so if you’re an IPA purist you’re not likely to fancy it.

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