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  • Looks like a “successful launch” to me.

  • “Marge, it happened again!”

  • Damn, That REALLY suck for the driver
    there is a good possibility that insurance will total the vehicle as well from the damage
    i imagine this is pretty much 100% the operators fault though no?

    • By operator you mean operator of the Porsche, right?

    • The streetcar operator? Is it 100% his/her fault? The car was parked illegally.
      I’m really interested to know if this is the Porsche-owner’s fault or DDOT’s (or, I suppose, the operator’s personally). I hope it’s the Porsche owner’s.

      • Sorry; I just noticed the door was flung open. I thought the car was just parked in the way.
        In that case, it seems almost definitely the Porsche-owner’s fault. How short can the streetcar operator stop for something like that?

        • DC Code 2214.4: No person shall open a door of a vehicle on the
          side where traffic is approaching unless it can be
          done without interfering with moving traffic or
          pedestrians and with safety to himself or herself and passengers

          • Definitely the porsche driver’s fault. This is akin to turning or pulling out into oncoming traffic. You shouldn’t swing your door open into oncoming traffic, whether that traffic is a bicycle, a streetcar, or another car.

  • OMG it’s amazing. So predictable that this happened to someone with a Porsche Cayenne.

  • I’ve made this prediction before and I’ll make it again – someone will be killed by this exact scenario (except with a person between the door and the streetcar), and if the person is sufficiently sympathetic-seeming, an outcry will arise with the end result that we eliminate on-street parking on H Street and find a way to make the space into bike lanes. It’s such an obvious outcome that I wonder if that wasn’t secretly part of the strategy all along.

    • also, aren’t there some new garages going in with the new developments to minimize the need for street parking? it’s amazing they let it get this far without getting rid of street parking, but it’s such an obvious solution, you’d think it’ll happen sooner or later.

      • Put a parking garage at the end of the streetcar, get rid of H St parking spots.

      • Unlikely that any of those developments will create more spaces than their existence will create demand for.
        But it doesn’t matter. Parking spaces in an area like that will be filled, regardless of how many there are. It’s at least as much a justification for eliminating spaces as it is for creating them. I love the bike lanes idea.

    • I don’t believe there should be parking on H. St to begin with, get rid of it. Make the streetcar lanes dedicated, and be done with it.

      • Are you going to tell this to our fair Churchgoers?

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Too late for that. If they were going to do it, they needed to put the tracks where the parking is now, and make that a dedicated lane. It would be bizarre to have the dedicated lane in the middle of two traffic lanes. Cutting H to a single lane is also a bad idea.

        • Unfortunately, you’re probably right. Though, in a menu of several bad choices, I pick reducing H to a single lane. People shouldn’t drive unless they really need to, and limiting the available roadways is the only real solution to deterring frivolous driving. The shock of reducing the road to a single lane will probably force a reduction in traffic so severe things will move better than before. Like when everyone freaked out about the pope and the result was no traffic anywhere, only permanent.

          • “frivolous driving” … ridiculous.

          • Not sure what else you would call contributing to a) carbon emissions, b) consumption of available parking, c) consumption of available roadway, all while alternatives exist. People should only drive when they really need to, not because they like to and are too lazy to figure out or execute the alternatives.

    • ah

      Why not eliminate the streetcar *and* parking and install a bikelane and traffic lane.

    • Agreed. It was a stupid design that I don’t think exists anywhere else.

  • orderedchaos

    Mr/Ms Porsche clearly didn’t look behind them before flinging the door open — I’m glad it was the streetcar rather than somebody on a bicycle.

  • Totally driver’s fault. I use the H St. street parking and know to park far enough away from the tracks and watch for cars, bicyclists, and STREETCARS coming before opening the door. That said, I think a parking garage should just be installed on H Street and remove street parking to add extended sidewalks and bike paths.

    • There is a parking garage on H Street, at Union Station. It even connects to the streetcar!

  • Two Porsches in a row, what are the odds? Also, why is the Boxter convertible parked at a handicapped meter (red)?

    • A handicapped person can’t drive a boxter?

      • Oh they can, but I think anyone with a physical disability that requires disabled parking wouldn’t.
        The car sits inches off the ground and has narrow footwells, so a person with mobilty issues probably shouldn’t drive a sports car that they have to “fall in and crawl out”

        • Really? The nature of the disability could be related to difficulty walking long distances without stopping to rest, a disability that requires the use a cane or crutch, or a heart condition, just to name a few. Any of these persons can drive a sports car without a problem.

          • +1 (Techite70)

          • It’s really insane how many people feel the need to comment that someone who drives a Porsche is somehow deserving of bad things happening to them. Pile on with the argument someone with a disability shouldn’t be driving Porsche and I start to really wonder why people are really so awful that come here and comment on this blog.

        • Anyone can park at the red-topped meters, as long as you feed the meter if you don’t have a disabled sign.
          I tend to avoid them, as ticket writers don’t always know the rules.

    • ah

      The red meter program isn’t being enforced, although people with placards can park for free.


    • From the DDOT website –

      “The red-top meter program is not currently being enforced. Anyone can park at a red-top meter.”

  • This area really should just be no-parking and make the streetcar lane dedicated. Whoever thought this was a good idea…
    Personally I think the people who park there at this point are idiots.

  • Whoever the DDOT genius who designed the tracks in the outer vs inner lanes should be fired!!….but he/she probably won’t

  • The street car lanes are fixed. Whenever you see a collision like this it will be the fault of the car driver 100% of the time. Getting these ugly, 10 year old Porshe’s off the road is a good thing though.

  • I was on the streetcar when this happened. The operator of the streetcar hunked the horn at least 4 times. The woman flung her door open and the operator couldn’t stop the car before hitting it. It was the woman’s fault.

  • MD Plates or nah?

  • The other day I watched a streetcar stuck behind a woman who had half-pulled her car out of parking and then stopped to sit and fiddle with her phone. The streetcar honked and honked, while she stared at her phone, oblivious. Finally the transit officer got off the street car and walked up to her driver side door…just as she decided to pull out into traffic, without ever looking up from her phone.

    Yep. She hit the transit officer.

    I did not stick around, but I hope she got a hell of a ticket. Also that the officer was okay.

    • Its stories like that that vindicate the “everyone is stupid but me” crowd which is a shame because I bet the subject of your story is a member when she isn’t the subject.

  • The driver of that Cayenne has got to be a ward nine megachurch minister.

  • How is it the fault of the streetcar, the operator, or the design, that there are lots of morons regularly traversing H Street who don’t know how to drive or park? I am certain bad drivers like this get into accidents with buses, etc., but they simply don’t make headlines.

    If people on H Street learn how to drive/park, sharing a lane with a streetcar should not be a problem. The one thing that could be added to further improve the situation without losing any parking or lanes is dedicated signalling for the streetcar … of course, that will only work if the bad drivers obey traffic signals.

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