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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Missed my birthday dinner on Saturday because I had strep throat and an ear infection, confirmed at the doctor on my birthday. What am I, a toddler? Happily it was rescheduled to this weekend.
    Rave: Got two new cookbooks, Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem and Persiana by Sabrina Ghayour.
    Rave: These gifts are pushing me to act on my 2016 resolution: visit as many ethnic grocery stores in the burbs as possible. Popville, which are your favorite Mediterranean/Middle Eastern grocers? Favorite ethnic grocers in general?

  • justinbc

    Rave: A photo some AP person took of our photographer taking photos of us wound up hitting CBS News so my lady has been getting lots of attention / queries on her dress. Along with the compliments she got from all the real people watching us it was a pretty good self-esteem booster for her, which is always nice since she’s so introverted.
    Rant: Still haven’t been able to secure an old school luxury style car for the big day. I was sure there would be more options here in DC, but they pretty much all service NYC / Miami, and not much in between without absurd fees.

    • justinbc

      Rave: Just noticed the blurb about the HH, I forgot to add to the calendar but going to try to run up there tonight anyway. I probably won’t be setting up anymore “unofficial” ones anytime soon since my schedule is about to get hectic again and the turnout recently has been pretty low.

      • I can probably pick up for April if anyone is interested. My schedule isn’t as nuts as it usually is.

    • Ok I need to see this picture now!!

    • We were going to do a car, but one was like you can’t have any bags/luggage/etc. Ugh that wasn’t going to work! And then other services were just ridiculously expensive.

    • Nice on the pic and the self-esteem booster!

    • How do you get married at the Jefferson Memorial? Can you reserve it? Either way, that’s really, really cool and a great photo. Congrats. (And, no offense, but you’ve outkicked your coverage.)

      • justinbc

        Yep, you have to reserve it a good bit in advance, but compared to other venues it’s astonishingly cheap (like basically just some government registration fees). Although the logistics of setting things up with hundreds or thousands of tourists around somewhat offset that.

        • Reserve it as in exclude tourists from the premises during the ceremony (as opposed to the setup)? Either way, what a great idea.

  • Rant: Contractors leaving screws out in my alley. I’m no snitch, but I’m a few steps away form calling DCRA on them because I’ve already warned them in person.

    Rant: Unreliable yard maintenance guys… It would be nice if there were more professional companies I could hire in DC for hedge trimming etc…

    Rant: 20 varieties of Greek yogurt at the supermarkets, and only one choice of traditional fruit yogurt… What is the world coming to?!

    Rave/Rant: I love the weather lately, but good weather never sticks around long enough.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Trying to find plain regular yogurt is like trying to find a unicorn these days.

      • I miss when all the shelves were varieties of Danon fruit on the bottom.

        • Now you’re talking! Target Never has it… πŸ™

          Most other stores now only have strawberry & blueberry.

      • +1
        They only sell it in massive quart sized containers. It’s so obnoxious to spend $4 on a tub of yogurt that will just go bad because I only need a half cup for a recipe. I swear, it’s collusion!

    • Or finding yogurt that is mode adventurous then berries. In Switzerland they have blood orange, chocolate & pear, hazelnut. Yum!

      • Check out the flavors Chobani flip comes in. Most of them are too adventurous for this picky eater. Also Noosa yogurt.

        • Noosa is good. They have strawberry rhubarb at Harris Teeter. I just really dislike greek yogurt.

        • I love Noosa, all the flavors, but had to cut back because they are loaded with sugar.

          • Really? I guess they’re pretty sugar-y but I’ve actually compared the sugar to some other brands and (minus siggis) found they actually have less sugar.

          • Their fruit yogurts have 30-35 grams of sugar, while most other yogurts have around 15-20 grams. Fine for an occasional treat, but I went through a phase when I had one every day, so it wasn’t good. Lately I’ve been buying tub of plain unsweetened yogurt and doing my own mix-ins.

          • Oh, weird. Maybe we’re talking different sizes of yogurt. I have a 4oz Salted Caramel Noosa at my desk right now and it has 17g of sugar.

    • I bet the contractors leaving screws in the alley are the same ones allowing litter to accumulate in front of the house.
      I’ve just reported them to DPW… again.

  • Rant: My Grandmother passed on Sunday. I knew it was coming, but still have been in a funk about it. I realize how lucky I am to have my grandmother in my life for so long. I was really hoping she would make 100.

    Rave: My Aunt made me an Easter basket. I’m 31 years old and I still enjoy getting a basket each year.

    Rave: Even though its for a sad occasion, I look forward to seeing my family in the next few days. I will more than like ride up to Indy with my brothers and sister in law. I haven’t been on a proper road trip in years. It will be nice to bond.

  • Rant: My mom sent my sister a birthday card that says, “I gave you life, you gave me grey hairs and stretch marks.” How does such an offensive card get produced?

  • Rant: Funder jargon.
    Rant: Prep for interview tomorrow–they recruited me but I can’t help but feel I’m under-qualified and am getting slightly panicked that I’ll make a fool of myself.
    Rave: Doctor’s appointment near spouse’s office means lunch date with DH on a workday!
    Rave: DH actually asked our landlord if we can get a dog. We’ve both been chickens about it because we already have a sweet deal and he’ll probably say no, but at least now we know we tried.

    • If you are female, there are studies showing that many women will not go for the next run until they feel 100-110% ready for it, where many men will go for a job when they’re somewhere in the 60-70% ready range (I’m sure individual results vary). It is terrifying to get a new job you don’t feel qualified for, but I’ve forced myself to do it several times, and have never regretted it. I find that you learn so much going into a job you feel like you need to grow to really earn. Good luck, you’ll do great.

      • here is a Harvard Business Review article about it, but I suspect the article’s perspective would also help men who are concerned about not having the right qualifications.


      • While I’m not in this exact situation, your comments are very reassuring since I am typically self-critical and never feel qualified enough (though I usually am). Thank you!

      • Oh yes, thanks for this–it’s a major reason why I’m still going through with the interview. Though I really hope I don’t get stumped.

      • I’m sure this has a lot to do with women being told over and over again that they don’t meet the qualifications for the job, whereas many men are encouraged to apply, and hired, despite having even less qualifications than women who DO apply. Women aren’t making these decisions in a vacuum – there’s pervasive discrimination against women in most fields that is still in effect.

  • Rave: Arrest made in the shooting of the teenager at the Deanwood metro over the weekend. For some reason that one has stuck with me more than others, I can’t get it out of my head. Glad to hear they’ve found the shooter.
    Rave-ish?: Starting a beginner’s yoga class tomorrow evening. I’ve never done yoga before at all and I’m honestly a bit scared about trying something so far out of my comfort zone (I’m generally not very active/athletic) but I’m also looking forward to trying something new and hopefully discovering a new hobby. I just hope I’m not the only one in the class who knows literally nothing about yoga.

    • When starting out, please do what you can and don’t push it. Just because the person next to you can bend like a pretzel, doesn’t mean you can or want to at that moment. It’s about your body and experience. I hope you like it!

    • Andie302

      Just let the instructor know that you’re new – they are generally very inclusive and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other beginners. Enjoy!

      • Thanks, I definitely plan to! I’ve had a couple surgeries on joints so I already know I’ll be a bit limited (at first at least) so I’ll make sure to talk to the instructor ahead of time.

    • Props are your friend! Most studios have a bunch of props set in one corner of the room. Even if no one else in the class has them, definitely grab at least one blanket and 2 blocks (they’ll either be cork or soft foam–about the size of 3ish paperbacks) and maybe a strap. Also, if something hurts (not a muscle stretching but actual pain) or just feels completely awkward, don’t be afraid to ask for a modification. Have fun!

      • Good to know, thanks! I’m hoping since this is truly a fundamentals/beginning 6 week course they’ll go over props and how to use them because I would have no clue what I’m doing lol. I’m nervous about having to ask for modifications simply because I’ve never done it before or spoken up in a class setting like that, but I know it’s normal for yoga so I need to get over it.

        • saf

          Are you doing the series at Lighthouse? If so, don’t worry. The teacher is amazing and it really will teach you everything from the very beginning.

    • Yay! I hope you love it. I started doing yoga a few years ago (as the least flexible person alive, at that) and it has honestly changed my life. I know that’s totally a cliche, but I never felt like I was “good” at something athletic or physical until I got into yoga. My advice would be to give it a few classes/instructors before making any judgments. I hated the first few classes I went to because I couldn’t do anything and found it simultaneously impossibly hard/not challenging enough. I almost quit, but then I started going to Bethany Shaffer’s beginner class at Yoga District and everything changed! (I don’t think she teaches there anymore but there are a ton of amazing yoga teachers in DC).

      • Glad to hear from someone else who wasn’t very good at this stuff going in that it worked out! This is a six-week “fundamentals” course that’s designed for people who know absolutely nothing, so I’m hoping the intimidation factor is mitigated by that haha. But I plan to try out a couple different classes when it’s over to see what else I like after, assuming I’m into it enough to continue. Thanks for sharing, you’re giving me hope that it’ll be not so bad!

        • You know the best thing about yoga? It’s exercise that I actually enjoy. It makes me feel like I can not only conquer hard things but actually have fun doing so (and achieve a little more calmness in the process). This coming from someone who couldn’t even touch her toes before! So if I can see that level of transformation, I know that anyone can.

          A 6 week fundamentals course sounds perfect! Plz report back when it’s over and let us know how it goes!! πŸ™‚

      • I love Bethany! I’ve taken her classes at Past Tense before and she’s great.

  • Rant: Once I get past the point of having to feed the little monster around the clock, he decides to wake up every three hours to feed during the night.
    Rave: He’s so cute, and I’m so in love that I don’t mind too much. (I also think he may be breaking my will to his with the sleep deprivation.)
    Observation: Being a mother (and staying at home for a period of time) is such a strange experience. It requires some adjustment to my self-concept.
    Rave: Grateful to live in a great neighborhood where it is easy to get out and about with the little guy. It minimized the isolation and strange new world of this whole experience.

    • Artemis! you had your baby! I totally missed it. Congrats! I’m 39 weeks miserable and can’t wait/too scared for it to come at this point.

      • A friend of mine swears that the last few weeks of pregnancy are so miserable as mother nature’s way of making you just embrace labor and deliver so the process is over. Sending good thoughts your way and best wishes that the little one doesn’t decide to exercise squatters rights past your due date.

  • Rant: went for a wall in the neighborhood on Saturday, the air smelled of dog waste. Dog poo everywhere. Half dead shrubs, what little grass around matted and yellow from dog piss.

    • Everybody poops. Although owners should pick it up.
      Perhaps you could start some kind of neighborhood initiative to work on improving the landscaping? I’ve seen a decent amount of [insert landscaping here] this year around the city and I doubt it all has to do with dogs.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: I’ve been away from PoPville for too long
    Rave: PoPville HH tonight
    Rave: Fantastic weekend in Assateague with fellow photographers
    Rant: The wind.
    Rave: Going to the Cherry Blossoms later today

  • tonyr

    Rave: Invited to drinks and dinner at Library of Congress. Sounds fancy.

  • Rave: Did some intense spring cleaning over the weekend and I feel so much calmer at home.
    Rave: Painted our drab coffee table rose gold and I love the upgrade!
    Rant: Finally received 1099 from one of the freelance gigs and they’re over-reporting what they paid me. Blegh. Sent them all of my invoices/receipts (for the third time). I don’t know why this is so difficult for them!
    Silly rant: Ongoing battle with SO about whether to store things high or low. My argument is that he can still reach it if it’s low, whereas if it’s up high I physically can’t get to it! Grrr. I’m mostly just annoyed because I can’t reach the chocolates right now. Sigh.

  • Rave: Doing a happy dance because the baby slept SO much better last night. AND he woke up early, but babbled for a little while before falling back to sleep and waking up at a more reasonable time. Was still up twice, but he went back to sleep so much easier. Thank goodness!!!!
    Rave: Making progress on new car purchase.
    Rave: Enjoying slightly cooler weather for now. Not ready for super warm temperatures yet!
    Happy Tuesday, all πŸ™‚

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: not fun work on my desk.
    Rave: belly dance tonight should be fun.

  • Rant: Having another down sort of day that I just can’t seem to shake. I just hope that when we get through next week (when our daughter’s due date would have been) that I can finally get back to normal-ish.
    Rave: Only 9 days until our anniversary mini-vacation. I could really use a few days away from it all.
    Rant/Rave: The majority of my caloric intake yesterday may have been in the form of cake.

  • Revel: substitute teaching PE in Virginia today. Until I get tenure in MD, I’m going to keep myself on the sub list here and that means going in once a year.
    Revel: looking forward to HH tonight!
    Revel: I’ve made it 2 days in a row working out and staying under my calorie goal. Whenever I go to the gym, I keep thinking “look at all this extra food I can eat”

  • Rant: Ugh I snagged my nose piercing a few weeks ago. It’s still pretty new and formed the little bump! I have tried EVERYTHING (sea salt soaks, chamomile bags, aspirin paste) and nothing is working. I’ve had the bump for about 2 weeks and the piercing for about 6 weeks. Should I just continue with the SSS? It doesn’t hurt or anything, just annoying.
    Rave: Tax return from US AND CANADA!!
    Rant: We owe DC? It’s not a lot so that’s good, but I am kind of confused how we ended up owing them money??

    • I always seem to owe DC

    • Are you married filing jointly? If so, see if you save under “married filing separately on same return.” DC has a pretty stiff marriage penalty and we saw our amount owed totally reverse into a refund!

      • Yes, try “married filing separately on the same return” and make sure the deductions are allocated to the higher earning spouse.

      • We had an accountant through my wife’s firm do it for free (it was part of her hiring package). She did married, filing jointly, but we explained we’re newly married so we wanted her to do both calculations with married filing jointly and married filing separately. She said married filing jointly had the best outcome. We are getting a pretty sizeable chunk back from the US govt though. Our taxes are really complicated due to recent marriage, moving to Canada, converting home to rental, one Canadian, one American!

    • I’d see a doctor – you may have an infection.

      • It doesn’t hurt though and it’s not yellow, black, red or anything. It’s just the same color as my skin. From everything I’ve read it’s just scar tissue due to trauma from pulling it. If it doesn’t go away by this weekend I am probably going to drop by the piercing studio.

    • use tea tree oil! you need to dilute it with water, put put some on a cotton ball and the bump will disappear in two days.

  • Rave – It’s my favorite time of year – when all the bags of Cadbury mini eggs go on sale! Let the hoarding begin.
    Rant – It’s so windy outside. I came into work with my hair sticking up in all directions.

  • hammers

    Unfortunately I think I’ll pass on the happy hour tonight. SO wants to cook dinner, and I won’t have time for both, also…
    Rant: some kind of stomach bug weird thing? Just exhausted.
    very small rant: SO really likes to spend time with me, even when I’d rather be alone due to said illness, but..
    rave: he does give me my space when I express the need for it, though perhaps less than I’d choose for myself sometimes.

  • Rave: Made NYT recipe for splayed roast chicken with caramelized ramps – so so good
    Rave: Ramps! Finally able to harvest ramps I planted two years ago
    Rant: Kitchen faucet started leaking a little and now it’s leaking a lot (when I turn the water on). It’s less than two years old – why is it leaking? Seems like something that is easy to fix, not sure why this is a challenge for me.

  • Rant: started working in the fed govt a few years ago. i’ve been moved around a lot since then and i can honestly say i am not being challenged enough. i can tell they have no idea what to do with me. i just want them to move me then. i am literally like “ok, i am at work. got a few emails for task this or task that…’ but other than that…NOTHING. i keep asking ‘please give me work to do….’ :-/

    rave: looks nice out!!

    • I’ve had similar experiences in the government in about half my offices. (The other offices were fine.) I have little advice except to always keep looking for the next job/office/etc. and see if you can find anything else in the building to participate in (I know my agency has several volunteer opportunities every year, plus a choir and some other extracurriculars during “lunch time”)

      • well i have my resume updated and a linkedin page nearly completed. my next step will be putting my resume on every damn job seeking website. LOL

        on the bright side, i do get paid, but man……..its amazing how bored i feel. ugh

        • Yeah, not feeling engaged or valued is incredibly frustrating.
          Good luck!

        • hammers

          Things I’ve done when bored at work: Write an SOP for the onboarding process, travel process, timekeeping process, etc. Edit and improve templates for office products. Create office products. Write a newsletter. Job Shadow. Ask to backbench at meetings. Take minutes/notes at meetings. Join the diversity board. Ask to go to training. Do desktop training. Become the powerpoint/excel/salesforce whatever guru. Anticipate needs of office members, so you arent just tasking them with giving you something to do. Get a lot of face time and offer offer offer. Ask for 15 min of boss time to discuss what he needs, how to make your role more productive. Make work for yourself. Excel at the work you are given. Go above and beyond. Make alternate versions of your products with suggested improvements. Work on how to automate your processes. Take a good hard look at your job description and performance measures and brainstorm ANYTHING you can do in support of them, even if it isn’t a direct task. Recognize that your continued asking of work is making more work for others, and your boredom is not (unfortunately) a priority.

          • This is true about boredom. But I’d argue that in some bosses unfortunately do not (and I picked the words above carefully) engage or value particular positions. Some weeks I have work, and some weeks I could create work until I was blue in the face, but if my supervisor says “Oh, I don’t need anything from you” and fails to tell the employee when meetings are happening, etc. it makes it very difficult even if the employee wants to be useful.
            But in general, I’d say these are great suggestions and I hope “annoyed employee” tries some of them.

  • Rave: So glad to get out of jeans and t-shirts after a long weekend and into a decent suit and a pressed shirt! I don’t know how some people dress so casually every day, it’s so stifling — I’d go mad. Plus, new/antique cufflinks.
    Rant: Not as keen on going to work as I am dressing for it.

    • +100 on your first rave. I love getting dressed up for work. I really miss it now that I’m in school.

  • Rant: Woke up at 5 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep. Having trouble remembering what I was just about to do, concentrating, etc.
    Case in point: While I was writing this RRRR, somehow I ended up switching to a different browser tab and reading something else.
    Rant: Not sure if I’ll be attending the official happy hour tonight — I have a bunch of things I need to do that I ought to have done last night.
    Rave: Flowers continuing to bloom!
    Rant: Strong winds blowing litter all over the place.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Feeling a little over-caffeinated this morning.
    Rave: Planning college visits for Middle Zelda.
    Rant: She needs to develop an interest in some less expensive schools!

    • Just throwing it out there, that many of the more expensive schools have much more money to offer in the way of scholarships and grants than state schools. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess she won’t be qualifying for need-based aid (not really a judgement on your family’s income level more just a guess based on the fact you guys can afford to own in DC and have probably held stable jobs for quite a while now) so being able to get merit-based aid will be huge for her. The biggest mistake I ever made student-loan-wise was attending a state school for two years and then transferring to an “expensive” private university. I got zero financial aid at the state school and tens of thousands at the private school, making the “expensive” school way cheaper for me. It’s always worth applying and seeing what they offer is my point. Good luck!!

      • HaileUnlikely

        Yes, especially if your situation is such that need-based aid would be available (I don’t know nor care whether it would be). My family’s income was low enough that the “expected family contribution” calculated from my FAFSA form was zero. I applied to and was accepted by several state schools (in New York) and a couple of private colleges including the one that happened to have the highest sticker price of any college in the country at the time. I ended up going to that one, in part because their aid package was such that it ended up costing me less than any of the others would have. I failed to appreciate at the time but now understand that among kids who go to college, kids from middle-income families, who qualify for less or no need-based aid but whose families can’t just write checks for multiple tens of thousands of dollars either, have it rough when it comes to paying for college, not only compared with the very rich but also compared with the very poor (I realize that family income is highly predictive of likelihood of going to college at all for all sorts of reasons, I just mean among those whose lives up to that point have led them to the position of intending to go to college and able to get accepted).

        • Yeah I fell into this category. My dad was the sole provider but made around $60k when I went to college so I didn’t qualify for any need-based aid at all. It didn’t matter that my parents didn’t help with any college costs and frankly couldn’t afford to (FAFSA said they should be able to contribute around $15k/year based on income alone, didn’t factor in medical bills, mortgage, etc) so the state school was 100% paid for by me through student loans (mostly private, because again, my parents were supposed to contribute the vast majority of my bill which meant I couldn’t take out federal loans for that money).

        • Something to be aware of in doing this strategy if there are multiple children in the family. I went to one of those top-ten-in-expense-in-the-country schools, with a lot of financial aid. Since my parents weren’t contributing, I had to earn both my portion and the portion they were supposed to pay. Come third year, when the sibling above me was now out of college, and the one below not yet in, my financial aid went to zero. Because even though our parents were not contributing, the fiction that parents are required to pay rules need-based financial aid decisions, and the number of kids in college at the time is a huge factor in that aid decision. I had to go from holding two part-time jobs to four.

      • On the other hand, DC does give residents tuition assistance for state universities in other states, so you get in-state tuition, which is a pretty good deal.
        Probably best to try a couple of different schools and see who comes up with the best offer. Having put a couple of kids through college, I’m unpersuaded of the bottom-line benefits of expensive private schools except in limited circumstances.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Yep, we live in MD, and she will not be getting any need-based aid.
      Most of the schools that interest her do offer merit aid, but they are schools where she is competitive for admission but may or may not be competitive for merit aid (unlike her older sister who applied to schools where she was pretty much guaranteed substantial merit aid).
      She’s also interested in a couple of Canadian universities, which are comparatively affordable, especially right now.
      She has a number, and she knows that many of the colleges that interest her come in above that number without merit aid. She also knows that we won’t go above that number. We can’t pay 60-70K per year.
      And if she ends up at Maryland, it’s a fantastic school (even if it’s too close to home for her liking).

      • If she’s staying local, I’d recommend doing at least a year at community college to knock out prereq. Best decision I ever made, and it didn’t affect me when it came to applying to limited enrollment majors or anything else except gpa didn’t count for graduation honors.

        • Quotia Zelda

          She has a ton of AP credits, so most of her prereqs are taken care of already, but this is a good suggestion generally.

      • My dad had a talk with me and explained I could apply to the more expensive private schools (I really liked Northeastern for some reason and wanted to go there), but staying in state (Virginia) would result in a much smaller student loan. It really resonated with me. I have way too many friends who went to private schools and have 6 figures in student loan debt. Which Canadian universities is she interested in? Yes, the American dollar goes really far right now!

        • Quotia Zelda

          She looooves Northeastern. πŸ™‚
          Right now she’s thinking Toronto or UBC.

          • UofT is a great school! I am waiting for it to warm up more so I can go walk around the campus. UBC would be amazing and I love Vancouver, but my god it’s an expensive city!

          • Northeastern is useful if she does the coop plan – not only do students get valuable work experience, but many get job offers from a coop employer once they graduate. A sibling did a five-year coop plan at a different school, and did get a job offer from a company she worked for while in school. Useful when markets are tight.

          • hammers

            also, you wouldn’t be paying 5 years tuition at NU; co-ops are tuition free and typically students get paid. I had an engineering friend who made like 90k one co-op. I, a humble liberal arts major, didn’t fare too poorly either.

      • I can also speak to the issue of graduating from undergrad with six figures of student loan debt and it is KILLER. It sounds like she’s already more educated on this stuff than I was at 20 though so I’m sure she will figure it out.

      • My parents made the same offer to my sister and I before we decided on schools, if the yearly price (tuition and room and board) was less than $XXk they would pick up the whole thing, but we would pay for books, lab fees, any other living expenses. If it was over that they would pay the $XXk/yr and the books and lab fees, but we would pick up everything over that mark.
        Knowing that was the offer (which was obviously super generous and for which we are both extremely grateful), made it easy for us to make informed decisions. Of course, I don’t know what their financial situation was that lead to that amount being the mark.
        Interestingly my sister and I went separate ways, she went over, I went under. She’s a crazy saver and paid off her loans asap. I knew I would be graduating debt free, which was a big part of my decision to go to a cheaper school.

  • Rant/Rave: Did so much this morning I already feel tired.
    Rant/Rave: Can’t go to the happy hour tonight because of class, but starting this summer I will be freeee to go to any happy hour I want!

  • Rant: DC parking. I got a ticket, for parking on a street that I *thought* was street parking. I saw the (back of the) no parking sign, but since the sign wasn’t facing the street but instead facing ongoing traffic, I thought it was traffic direction signs, paid my parkmobile, and went on my merry but clueless way. I will pay the ticket, but wondering if there is any standard (hahaha) practice for the placement of DC parking signs??
    I also think having this area as no parking (last half of east side of 1st SE approaching I St) is ridiculous, but I have no idea who to talk to about it. My anc rep? Council member? DDOT?

    • Send an email to ddot asking them to research making a change. I did that last year (for the opposite reason – to make a lane no parking during rush hour), and they actually emailed me back, agreed that I was right, and made the change (they actually changed it to no parking at all during the day). Just email ddot at dc.gov.

  • Rave: Finally saw the fiance for the first time in 7 weeks. We had a great time and both can’t wait to resume normal life of living together in August.
    Rave: Officially decided to get Tiny Dog #2! She is the same age and breed of Tiny Dog #1. SO many things to look forward to this summer!
    Rant: 6 more weeks of school. Finals are looming.

  • Rave: Minor procedure done, all is well!
    Rant: now I have a giant bandage on my head and it’s gonna be real hard to hide for the next two days. Like, impossible.
    Rant: I feel bad for everyone at Medstar, they can’t even use their computers after the hack and it’s like chaos over there. Luckily my thing was quite straight forward.
    Rave: now I can go drink some coffee!!!

    • Yay! Glad to hear it! As far as hiding–perhaps a fancy hat? Otherwise, perhaps embrace the bandage? Too bad it likely wouldn’t be a good idea to let you nieces go at it with markers to decorate πŸ˜‰

      • Haha, that might be a bit much.
        I was hoping to hide it from my coworker who thought it was fine to have a 10 minute chat with me about this issue, but I guess she’ll be finding out about it.
        It’s not like I really care that I got it done, but the head bandage makes it look so much more intense than it was.

      • Allison


    • Glad to hear it went well and that you were able to get it done regardless of the chaos.

      • Thanks!
        I feel bad for the patients with serious problems who have to wait longer for everything, the people who work there and can’t communicate, and the sh!t they are going take for the wait times and everyone re-asking the same questions over and over again.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I had almost back-to-back meetings so I ran to the cafeteria to get something. It appeared that the soup was something like “Tomato, Bean and Apple”. WTF?
    Rave: So I got a grilled chicken breast and a large slice of pineapple and joined my two hour call and then
    Rant: Broke my plastic fork and dropped the pineapple slice onto my lap and then the floor.
    Rant: The five second rule does not apply to moteling spaces at work.

  • RAVE: Going out Easter Sunday with a pal to find our favorite coffee shop open and bustling! Then going to City Centre and finding it bustling too, under pink lanterns! Then walking slowly through Shaw, back to the car, in cool rain, and finding plastic eggs — in bushes, in grass — unfound in earlier local church egg hunts, and wondering if it’s safe to eat the contents? The speckled eggs? The jelly beans colored green and orange, like peas and carrots?

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