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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave – Trump and his big hands. Big Donald

    Rant – this cold weather. Nothing good about cold and snow.

  • Rave: The snow was pretty this morning.
    Rave: I’m taking myself out to lunch.
    Rant: No plans this weekend. It’s not like I was seeing the guy every weekend anyway, but it still feels weird.
    Rave: I guess I have all the time in the world to clean and sleep and do homework now?

  • Rant: That poor pup that was found yesterday was found on my street and I’m wracking my brain trying to think of whose dog it could be.
    Rave: Went to a great event last night and heard some inspiring people speak.
    Rant: I’m not sleeping well, and I need to fix that.
    Rant: This weekend I need to do my taxes.

  • Rave: Internet on the plane! Having better communication while my husband is in the midst of a 14 hour flight is just crazy.
    Rant: 14 hour flight and a full work day until he gets home.
    Rave: Telecommuting so I can drink tea in my pjs and try and settle into some work.
    Rant/Rave: Need to get active again beyond bike commuting. So I’m doing an “Ironman” March where I do the Ironman distances over the course of the month in walking/running, biking, and swimming. It got me out of the office for walks around the Mall already and hopefully will get met to the gym more often.
    Query – I’d love to try my hand at modern pentathlon – I’ve got the riding, swimming, and running down. Now just need to learn fencing and shooting!

  • houseintherear

    Rant. Tried to sleep last night but kept thinking that the grandparents from The Visit were in my bedroom. What the hell, brain.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Have not seen The Visit, but it was filmed about one mile from where my grandparents live, and I will be visiting them next weekend. Given your comment, I’m thinking I won’t make a point of watching it before I go (not that I was going to anyway).

  • Rant – I have to find a new endocrinologist. Finding new doctors is challenging, especially specialists

    Rave – I’m headed to NYC for a fun weekend and to see a taping of the Daily Show on Monday! I’ve never been to a taping and I actually like Trevor Noah

    Extra rave- the women of the Supreme Court are crushing it: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/supreme_court_dispatches/2016/03/in_oral_arguments_for_the_texas_abortion_case_the_three_female_justices.html

    • Bear

      I like my endo well enough, he’s at Washington Endocrine Clinic. I am not blown away by his bedside manner or anything, but he gets the job done.

      • saf

        Who, West? I see him. He’s fine. Not amazing in terms of manner, as you said, but medically I”m pleased.

    • I see Dr. Almecci in North Bethesda. She’s fairly young but very knowledgeable. I have hyperthyroidism and she’s been very straightforward about all of my options.

    • Thanks @Bear and @squish for the recommendations. I’ll look into them!

  • Kukki Bakemono

    Rant: I have “Hotline Bling” stuck in my head for some reason and I’m applying the hook to random things in my cubicle. “You used to e-mail me in Out-look…late night when you finished those slides”
    Rave: Coming up GW Parkway this morning made me feel like I was driving through a Bob Ross Painting. So many happy little trees.

  • Rave: It’s Friday!

    Rave: Still a bit sore after the root canal, but not as bad as yesterday, so that’s progress!

    Rave: Have some hard decisions to make this weekend about a bunch of different things, but I’m raving because at least the decisions will be made instead of me just not doing anything. What happens as a result of those decisions remains to be seen but no matter what, there’ll be progress.

    Rant: A friend of mine today told me I was “high maintenance” and she’s the only person who has ever said that to me. Then she said it wasn’t a bad thing. But could not give me any examples as to what she meant when she said it. But of course I feel bad, because I don’t want to be thought of as that.

    • I’ve been told that, too, and the person who said it could only give me a few examples, and they were examples that to me, seemed to have to do with me being superficial, not what I’d consider “high-maintenance.” I think being high maintenance means requiring other people, or at least the people you choose to hang out with often, to have similar values and mores as you do. I value being on time. I don’t enjoy hanging out with people who can’t be on time (barring some sort of unexpected event that prevents them from being on time.) If that makes me high maintenance, then I am unabashedly high-maintenance, and IDGAF.

      • Huh. I always assumed “high-maintenance” implied that someone always wanted the best of everything, or needed to have a lot of things, to be happy. It’s interesting to hear that people have such varied definitions. Either way, I agree with SinSA that I have never thought of it as a good thing. That’s an awkward situation to be in SinSA — don’t be hard on yourself, especially since she couldn’t give examples.

        • I guess I see someone who wants the best of everything / needs lots of stuff as “superficial,” or “greedy” – to me high maintenance is more about about the demands you place on others – which, don’t get me wrong, can certainly include demands to be provided with “the best of everything,” and thus be seen as a real negative.

        • I asked 2 other very close friends of mine to be totally honest with me and asked them the same question and they both send emails back telling me that they actually laughed out loud, because I am not in the category of being high maintenance at all.

          Having said that, I am also big on people being where they are when they are supposed to be, and unless there’s an issue (metro is stuck inexplicably or their Uber is lost, both of which have happened) then if that’s a high maintenance characteristic, I own it proudly.

        • High maintenance means, to me, that someone takes a lot of effort. It can manifest itself in a variety of ways – having to always alter plans to suit the high maintenance person, being fussy about a lot of things in ways that impact other people, insisting things be a certain way, being a demanding friend- the list is endless, but the common theme is that it takes a lot of effort and energy to be friends with someone who is high maintenance. I don’t actively disassociate myself from high maintenance people, but neither do I have the time, patience or inclination to coddle otherwise fully functional adults, so those friendships just naturally fall by the wayside.

          • Oh, well if that’s how you’re defining it, I don’t think I would fit. I mean, I can be picky and demanding in some aspects of my life / friendships, but I don’t think it takes tons of energy to “be” me or to be friends with me. I hope my friends will correct me if I’m wrong in this self-assessment, though!

          • +100 agree with your explanation!

          • But there has to be some difference between “high-maintenance” and “decisive,” right? Frankly I’d rather have *some* friends that are demanding about plans, etc. rather than friends that are super indecisive and just like “I don’t know, you decide. ::shrug::” Giving very little can be just as annoying as what you describe, imho.

          • High maintenance is also having to have things your way. Like me and one friend switch off outings, and we just pick a place and that’s it. My high maintenance former friend only made one night available: Monday night, so if I wanted to see her I had to rearrange that to work. No concessions on her part ever. Friend is decisive and former friend is high maintenance.

          • “But there has to be some difference between “high-maintenance” and “decisive,” right?”
            Absolutely. But decisive friends don’t necessarily take a lot of effort. “We’re going here tonight” is very different from “We need to go here tonight, notwithstanding that it’s very convenient for me and not at all convenient for anyone else.” The first doesn’t require effort or accommodation, the second does. There’s no bright line – it’s art, not science.

          • Good points.

          • Totally agree with this. I have one extremely high-maintenance friend (who isn’t really a close friend due to that) – she never checks in on how things are with me/her other friends unprompted, when she DOES text to say “hey what’s up?” it’s always a precursor to wanting to talk about whatever big drama is going on in her life that day, she doesn’t ever offer to make plans to hang out or see what I/her other friends are up to but when she decides that she’s free she texts with less than a day’s notice saying that we need to go out and then gets upset when our schedules aren’t entirely free for her and only her. She’s very self-centered and doesn’t understand why everything doesn’t revolve around her. THAT’S a high-maintenance friend.

      • Yeah, I don’t think wanting other people to be on time constitutes “high maintenance.” My guess is that chronically late people use this as an excuse to justify their lateness to themselves.

    • I appreciate your 2nd rave; decisions are a battle for me, but I almost always feel better having made them.
      As for your rant, I can empathize. I have been told I’m high maintenance, which I fretted over for quite some time. However, I learned that because I am very particular and reasoned about certain aspects of my life, it can come across as high maintenance to others who aren’t particular about the things I may be or who are more of a free spirit / ‘go with the flow’ / ‘whatever happens happens’ type of person. Your friend may not understand what makes you tick, or she could throw the “high maintenance” descriptor around for people who are different than she is. It’s possible that’s why she mentioned it’s not a bad thing?
      Either way, I wouldn’t overthink it. Best of luck working it out with her!

      • +1

      • +1 on not overthinking it. The other friends you asked didn’t agree with that assessment, and the friend who made it couldn’t provide any examples.
        I can see how it would be unsettling, though.

    • For what it’s worth, someone once told me I’m high maintenance (keep in mind that friends often comment on how easygoing/laid back I am). When I pressed for details the explanation was that I’m smart, come from a nice family, and basically have my sh*t together, so other people feel (he felt) like they need to be better to be on “my level”…or something like that. I guess that could be seen as a compliment? I still didn’t like the idea of anyone being insecure because of something they think I have. The only thing I ask of people is that they not be a jerk…and even still if you’re a certain kind of jerk I might think it’s funny.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Don’t have to go out in the snowy, cold Red Line mess.
    Rant: One of the medications I’m taking makes me so drowsy.
    Rave?: The other one smells like daffodils.

  • Rant: Saw a fellow bus passenger cough up phlegm into his hand…look at it…look around…and casually wipe it under the seat. C’mon, man.

    • EWWWW. Geez what is WRONG with people.

      • hammers

        A better question of the day: Where would you wipe it?

        • I honestly would’ve wiped it on my person rather than the bus. Like a scarf or if I had newspaper in my hands. Actually, even that is pretty gross. This is a lose lose situation for everyone.

          • 99% of the time I carry those little packs of tissues. And also hand sanitizer. But i guess I’m kind of a germaphobe.

    • I think I would have vomited…in fact I am feeling a little gaggy just reading this. That is so gross!

  • Rave: beautiful snow capped trees this morning.
    Rave: it’s the weekend.
    Question: Anyone sold a home recently- What was the % for the RE agents commission? Did you negotiate?

    • Accountering

      Redfin charges 1%. If that is your primary concern, it seems like a no brainer.

      • What about the buyer’s agent commission? Is that included in the 1%? The numbers I’m working with- it will cost me around 80K at 6%(listing/buyer). That’s a lot to me.

        • Yes, $80K is a lot of money… but doesn’t that also mean that you’re selling your house for about $1.3M?

          • little bit more between 2 units. Why is/should be a factor?

          • Because it assumes you’re making a rather large profit so you shouldn’t be that concerned over paying someone $80k to work to sell the properties for you. Agree with Accountering that if it’s a big concern go with a Redfin agent.

          • If the house/units have appreciated considerably since you bought them, perhaps the $80K won’t sting quite as much?

          • Accountering

            Just because you are making a (presumably) large profit on a home sale, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take actions to mitigate that expense. People clip coupons for .25c. If going with a different realtor could save $26k, that is something that should for sure be looked at.

          • Agree, but as someone who has family and friends in the real estate business it’s amazing what sellers/buyers will do/ask for. Sometimes it’s reasonable, but most of the time it’s ridiculous. I think the best way to mitigate selling expenses is using a Redfin agent.

        • Accountering

          You’re totally hosed on the buyers commission. The buyers will have an agent, and their agent will get 3%. If it makes you feel better, at the price level you are talking about (sounds like 1.33 million – both you and the buyer will be paying 1.45% transfer tax, so that is another $39k. Selling a house is expensive.

        • Accountering

          All you can control is the fee you pay your agent, and your ultimate selling price.

          • What he said. Unless the buyer is househunting without an agent (unlikely, but I suppose it’s possible), you’ll have to cover the buyer’s agent’s 3% no matter what.

          • We actually just sold our house and offered 2.75% to the buyer’s agent. Our agent told us its pretty standard to offer 2.5-2.7% now.

          • thanks anon. I mean- it’s part of the contract that the buyer submits right? And isn’t it up to the to seller accept the %? Don’t see how it’s set in stone at 3%. Maybe the buyers agent wouldn’t show the home to clients based on a lower commission fee?

          • Accountering

            Interesting – you learn something new every day. I agree these things should be negotiable. 80k in total commissions to sell a house in DC is exorbitant.

          • PDleftMtP

            Not true. You set the commission for the buyer’s agent, and 2.5% is increasingly common. We’re selling in Mt Pleasant, and a substantial majority of recent sales offered 2.5%.

          • This is anon 11:04 and what PDMtP said is right. We agreed to pay 2.75% to the buyer’s agent. It is not part of the contract the buyer submits. I guess some agents are more likely to bring clients to your house if they know you are offering a higher %, but I was told its very common now to only offer 2.5%-2.75%. We also only paid 2.5% to our selling agent.

        • Or go get your real estate brokers license and sell it yourself. My friend did that when she bought for the first time. Sounds like a worthwhile investment for you! $80K is a lot of scratch.

          • Accountering

            Lets be clear about what getting a real estate agent would do – you could get your 3%, down to a lower number. You are still going to pay all of the associated costs, and your sale price IS going to wind up being lower, as buyers agents do not want to deal with a FSBO. Redfin gets your 3% down to 1%, to try and save anything beyond that is being penny wise pound foolish, as your sale price will go down.

  • You remember another politician who made a not-very-veiled reference to his sex life in public? Rob Crackhead Ford of Toronto. That’s not good company to be in, Donald.

  • Rave: Doctors that call to give you test results first thing in the morning. I love that. Especially when the results are good.
    Rave: Being filled with nervous-excited butterfly feelings. It’s a marvelous way to feel.
    Rave: A light snow with no shoveling required… and the promise of warm weather next week.
    Rave: Having the entire day off yesterday with the other Mrs. Rabbit. Yes, there were doctors appointments involved but there was also a lovely conversation over mochas at a coffee house in the morning and a wonderful lunch. I just genuinely love spending time with her.

  • Accountering

    Rave: This thread http://www.popville.com/2016/02/i-wanted-to-see-if-anyone-else-has-received-a-similar-letter/
    I am pretty sure the same guy is having an EPIC conversation with himself about his tax return. From my count it seems “very upset”, “Pissed off”, “JT”, “Concerned”, “refund needed”, “Hella pissed”, “Pissed the F off” and “AnonJohn” are likely all the same person. I am impressed!

    • HAHAHA OMG I didn’t even notice that. That is HYSTERICAL. I think you may be right….

    • LOL. I just caught up on all that. I would say “AnonJohn” is different, but I can’t get through the grammar and stylistic choices of the others to determine if they’re similar enough to be the same person.
      As an aside, I do get frustrated with people who are convinced the government is conspiring against them to hold on to or “steal” their money. We all plan to utilize our tax refunds differently (as well as our level of necessity of timely receipt of tax refunds), but demanding the government return your money to you because you NEED IT RIGHT THIS SECOND is a waste of time. By filling out the W-4 correctly, this wouldn’t be an issue (which you so logically pointed out in that thread!).

    • The fact that AnonJohn properly used the work “artifice” conclusively establishes that he is not the same poster as the others. Otherwise, I think Accountering is on to something.

      • Accountering

        I agrree (and AnonJohn confirmed) that he is a unique person. The rest, I am pretty confident on. Especially as they are responding to each other within minutes in many cases.

    • Maybe a bunch of commenters from WJLA just discovered PoPville?

      • That’s my guess — that a bunch of people who don’t usually read or post on PoPville have found that page and are commenting. A lot.

  • Rave- the nieces and I are on the plane! The little one thinks she saved the day by going through the metal detector. They’re a riot.

  • Rant: Busy, busy week at work. Currently juggling planning and RSVPs for 4 upcoming events and feeling slightly frazzled. I hope I don’t mess up… Definite imposter syndrome going on compared to be very together, meticulous, detail-oriented, smart coworkers and manager.
    Rant: A lot of my coworkers are good friends with each other and see each other outside of work, and I’m not really included on that. I really miss my close friendship with my old coworkers. Hopefully I’ll get there at some point.
    Rave: Busy but fun weekend ahead!
    Rant/Rave: Hate the cold (so ready for spring especially after last weekend) but the snow this morning was so pretty. I do like that “winter wonderland” look.
    Rave: TGIF!

    • Ugh! littlen, I’ve been there before – I worked at an organization several years ago where everyone hung out without me, and it left me feeling so sad and paranoid, I felt like I was in seventh grade all over again. I don’t think they were purposefully excluding me, it’s just like it never occurred to them to invite me along. Or maybe they were excluding me on purpose – thus the paranoia that developed! Hope one of them realizes you’ve been pushed to the sides and thinks to invite you “in”!

    • That One Guy

      Is this the new kid at school type syndrome that is only overcome when you take the initiative and set up an event (HH or lunch) and invite others to come out?

    • hammers

      Anyone that deprives themselves of your company is really missing out! Have you thought to invite them to a HH somewhere, perhaps a new spot you’d like to try? Assuming you’d like their company of course! PS I bet you’ll do great with your detail oriented tasks. It seems like you care enough to put in the extra effort to make sure everything is done correctly- sometimes stress helps with things like that.

      • Agree with hammers (again)! Littlen, you are great and they are missing out…but maybe they just need a little invitation first? I agree that a HH is a good idea!

    • Can you ask one of your colleagues out to lunch, or out for coffee? You might also add that you’d like to learn about his/her experience in x or doing y

    • Thanks all, I really should take the initiative. I’m a bit shy but you’re right. I was planning a karaoke outing (several of them said they wanted to do that) but it got snowed out and then things got hectic. I’ll work on that/a HH again!

  • Rave: Older kitty seems to have recovered from whatever it was that upset her stomach yesterday *knocks wood*
    Rave: Friday! Everything looked beautiful this morning, even in the grey light, all lightly dusted with snow. And I can enjoy that as winter’s last hurrah, because it sounds like spring is fast approaching!
    Rant: have a lot of work-work to do this weekend, in addition to house-work. But oh well, looking forward to a quiet, industrious weekend anyway.
    Rant: Missing my family members. FaceTime helps, but sometimes I really miss my crazy family. I’m weird. and lucky.
    Rave: Slept better last night, and didn’t have nightmares/anxiety dreams for the first time in three days!

  • Rave: Friday!!! I reeeeeally want to do nothing this weekend but clean, get some plants for my casa, and watch the new season of House of Cards. And find Girl Scout cookies. And workout as a result of the girl scout cookie consumption.
    Rant: Too much work, but Im happy because its Friday and Im not traveling (for my weekend itinerary please see above)

    • there will be Girl Scout troops selling cookies at Meridian MVT this weekend! Saturday at 425 L St NW and Sunday at 415 L St NW. Not positive on the hours though.

  • hammers

    Rant: Going to my hometown this weekend.
    Rave: My SO is so supportive and wonderful, and will accompany me, thus ensuring there will at least be some smiles amidst all the stress and disappointment.
    Rant: I feel like a terrible person.

    • You’re NOT a terrible person! Hope you and the SO have a great weekend, no matter what else is going on! Hugs!

        • hammers

          aww thanks so much. It’s hard on me to distance myself so much physically and emotionally from my family, because it feels selfish. But your kind words (and my impending years of therapy) help a lot. you guys are so sweet 🙂

          • Speaking only from my personal experience here, but sometimes that distance is essential for emotional and psychological self-preservation. That isn’t selfish; it is just good self-care.

          • hammers

            It is. But they don’t understand that; wouldn’t even consider it. And I can’t tell them.

          • Oh, I also get that (my family is the exact same way)! It may help you deal with the guilt/feelings of selfishness to remind yourself that those feelings are empirically true. Given family dynamics, it may have been laid in on you *very* early.

            Some things that help me: when I spend time with my family, I also plan daily escapes (whether that’s a trip to the grocery store or to work out). Knowing that i have some respite planned helps me with the together time. Also, sometimes I ‘live blog” the most ridiculous family moments in my head. Pretending to be a reporter and observe helps me get some emotional distance and objectivity that allows me to not personalize everything so much. Mental head games, yes — but they do help me a bit. Good luck.

          • “Also, sometimes I ‘live blog” the most ridiculous family moments in my head. Pretending to be a reporter and observe helps me get some emotional distance and objectivity that allows me to not personalize everything so much. Mental head games, yes — but they do help me a bit.”
            Agreed — sometimes all you can do is try to find the humor in a crazy situation and consider it anecdote fodder.

          • hammers

            that’s a good idea. It’s so easy to just fall into old habits and patterns when I go home. But I will try to objectively describe the scenarios. It will also help to have someone with me to remind me that no, I’m not crazy.

      • Emmaleigh504

        agree you are not a terrible person!

    • Glad you have your SO going along with you! And you are definitely not a terrible person. Hope things go okay!

  • Accountering

    Rave: Friday! Caps tonight! I love/get nervous about these big games. We have had a great season, but it’s always good to test yourselves against the best, and to make any progress in the play-offs, we are going to have to (very likely) beat the Rangers in a 7 game series. Hopefully we can shake off the mini-funk we have been in lately, and come out and handle them tonight.

  • Rant: I have inadvertently ruined one of my PoPville T-shirts.
    Yesterday I was gathering clothes to put in the laundry, and saw that the armpits of one of my PoPville shirts (grey, with the Green Line/Yellow Line graphic) had turned a sort of light pink, as though they’d been bleached.
    The last time I wore the shirt, I _did_ slightly overdo on the antiperspirant — it’s a gloppy consistency, which can make it hard to get the amount just right. But the antiperspirant doesn’t have any warnings like “May cause discoloration. Please test on small area first.”
    Then to make matters worse, when I was hanging the shirts up to dry, I saw that my OTHER PoPville Green Line/Yellow line shirt has a small pink blotch in one of the armpits.
    Aaargh. I’ve been using this antiperspirant since last summer and it’s never damaged my clothes before (as far as I know). But now I am wondering if it might have damaged other tops and I just never noticed.

  • Rave: Mi Cuba for dinner last night
    Rave: Leftover ropa vieja for late breakfast – I love savory food in the morning!
    Rave: Farm time this weekend with lots of gardening and cooking
    Rant: Watched part of the republican debate last night, enough said. I don’t have the words to describe what I saw

  • Rant: yesterday was possibly the worst day of my professional life
    Rave: my boss had my back and it really was institutional dysfunction
    Rave 2: got myself to the gym after work which really made me feel better

  • Rant: Work day seems to be dragging by.
    Rant: If one more dude at work makes a joke about me going into labor at the office, I may punch him.
    Rave: Friday! I am SO ready for the weekend.
    Rave: Laidback plans with excellent friends this weekend.

  • Rave: FRIDAY!
    Rave : Last day of work before European vacation. (yes, I expect it will go just like the movie, minus the family dynamics.) Look kids, Big Ben!
    Rant: Will probably have to work all weekend up until I get on the flight
    Rant: People who have no sense of urgency around a deadline. Yes, the world does not revolve around my PTO, but when the CEO asks me to do something before I leave, and it’s waiting for you to review, I need to you at least pretend to care.
    Rave: phone interview for new job (please, God, please let me get it)
    Rave: finally shaking off the panic attack from Monday
    Rave: determined not to let the turkeys get me down.

    • To clarify: vacation turning out like that movie would be hysterical

      And, I KILLED it in that interview. When HR talks specific dates for follow up, ya done good.

  • Rave – Happy to have one last beautiful snow fall of the season. Winter is my favorite.
    Rant – My dog’s behavior is deteriorating and I’m feeling so defeated. We start a group class at the end of month but I have a feeling it won’t be enough.
    Rave – House of Cards this weekend!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My hair is touching my neck and driving me insane, so I wear it in an unflattering pony tail. Maybe I should just shave my head.
    Rant: awful sinus headache.
    Rave: Donna is learning to snuggle on the couch.

  • Rave: Boss is out of the office until March 15th! So much easier to do my job when he’s not around.
    Rave: Just found myself perusing engagement rings. : ) Not that I’ll have much say in it, but it’s sure fun to think about!
    Rave: Went for a run with a friend last night – time goes by much faster that way.
    Rant: The end of Downton Abbey on Sunday. Sad times.

  • New officemate (I used to have my own office) keeps using my fan on days I’m not in the office and not putting it back the way she found it. Isn’t it common practice that — ESPECIALLY if you didn’t ask permission to use someone else’s stuff — you put it back the way you found it?
    I guess I’ll have to bring this up with her.

    • hammers

      *that* seems a little high maintenence. (the fan-userwithoutaskingandnotputtingbacker). I had an officemate who always took my space heater on cold days and left it at her desk. um… don’t you think I need it when it’s cold?

    • It is common practice to put it back and I would bring it up with her. I wouldn’t have much hope though. A similar thing happened to me (people moving things from my desk when I was there) and I’m not sure if it ever really got resolved….

    • I live by this rule of thumb: Leave things better than you left it. So yeah, your officemate is way in the wrong. For not even asking if they can use your fan, and not putting it back. Definitely bring it up with them.

  • Rave: After two days of rebounding grief, I took a mental health day yesterday and emerged by about 2pm, feeling much more hopeful and positive. Thank you workplace for having such a good PTO policy.
    Rave: My spouse who comforted me no questions asked when I cried over the past two days without being able to fully put my feelings of loss and hopelessness into words or conversation. He has a heart of gold, I can count the people I know on one hand who have selflessness, empathy, intelligence, warmth, humor like him. And I can’t believe I found him and that he’s my partner in life.
    Rave: I treated him to a dinner date last night and the evening was so great all around! Very stress relieving.

  • Rave: Captain Cookie truck guy gave me an extra cookie because one was kind of scrawny. Except I don’t think they’re all THAT scrawny, I think it was just a really nice gesture. Its been such a tough week, and this was so nice. Thank you Captain Cookie truck guy!

  • Rave: Eating celery with rice (trying not to buy groceries before I leave for vacation) and it’s delicious!

  • Rave: Trying to get pregnant! Exciting times.
    Rant: What this means for work. I know there are some development type folks here – have any of you had to travel to places where malaria is endemic while trying to conceive? It looks to me that chloroquine is the only option that safe for pregnancy, but it’s not effective int he countries I travel to. I also am reading that if you’re trying to conceive you shouldn’t take malaria drugs at all. So…do I just not travel? It’s going to be really hard explaining that to my boss…

    • Honestly,

      Considering the frightening realities we are now starting to see with ZIKA being mosquito borne between latitudes 30 degrees (north and south), I would considering the danger of getting pregnant, or traveling pregnant to places where it is prevalent, which seems to be many places.

      I know you may not have a choice, being for work but Zika seems to have pretty much a 100% success rate at detrimentally affecting pregnancies. Best of luck!

      • Luckily Zika is not the issue – I won’t be traveling to those countries. Malaria, however – that is a real concern.

    • Development person over here (though not one who is trying to get preggers). I haven’t taken an anti malarial in, oh, about 15 years. Instead, I just cover up from mozzies and wear anti mozzie spray. If you get malaria, you can take it then. Then again, Im no doctor so take this with a grain of salt…

      As for zika, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that the microencephaly brazil is seeing is not actually linked to zika. Anyways, don’t get bit and you should be A-Okay.

  • Rant: I noticed the mousetrap in my kitchen, which has been untouched since last June, had been licked clean. So I reset it and put out three more traps, and caught three mice over the last couple days. Normally I can manage a situation like this, but I’m about to leave for a three-week vacation and I’m worried there’s going to be a huge infestation when I come back. Is there anything I can do, besides trying to catch as many as I can before I leave?

    • Figure out how they’re getting in and seal it then lots of traps to get whatever is left. Put all food stuff in hard containers.

  • Rave: It’s Friday.
    Rave: I bowl tonight.
    Rave: I’m really digging my new boyfriend, esp. after I’ve stated that I’m done with dating.
    Rant: I really need to move.
    Rant: My stomach seems to be a bottomless pit these days.
    Rant: Gained 10 of the 40lbs I lost back.

  • Rant: Is the Red Line really on Automatic Train Control for 8 car trains? I rode the new 7000 series last night and it was clearly operating on ATC. On today’s ride, I was on an 8 car Red Line train that would brake suddenly between stations, throwing the passengers of the packed car forward.
    Revel: It’s Friday and I have no plans tonight.

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