Dupont Circle Hit with a Bloomingdalian Sized Flood Last Night Due to Water Main Break


Holy Moses. Thanks to Lauren for sending from near the CVS on Dupont Circle around 8pm last night:

“HUGE amount of water coming out of the storm drains”.

DC Water tells me: “It was an 8 inch service line to 1 DuPont Circle that failed. The line was repaired and the system was recharged at 4:17 a.m.”


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  • We saw it coming out from dinner after doing the great escape room – which we beat! Huzzah! It was a mess in front of CVS.

    Incidentally, Bloomingdalian makes me think Brobdingnagian. If that was your intent, Dan, then kudos. 😀

  • That explains the massive sidewalk patch-job I saw on my way past at 7:30 this morning. (Which, at that point, was horribly done – but now seeing all the water they cleared and fixed overnight, I can overlook with much more ease)

  • Based on the timing, I would have guessed that it was the tears of the fans of the Washington Football Team. Not that I would blame them.

  • I like how “Bloomingdalian” is the new “biblical.” 😉

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