Metro Just Can’t Catch a Break – But Better Bus Service Should be Coming to 16th Street


A reader sends around 9:45am from 16th and Harvard St, NW: “one of the shiny new s line buses just broke down mid-route.”

In happier 16th Street bus news DDOT’s @WeMoveDC tweeted:

“We are proposing peak-hour peak-direction bus lanes, requiring a reversible lane the length of the corridor. #16thStreetBus”

Off-board fare payment and all-door boarding are also proposed for the #16thStreetBus Lines.”

“The peak-hour/peak-direction bus lane would save 2.5 minutes of travel time, the most of all of the improvements. #16thStreetBus”

“We are still going through the improvements for time savings and will have more info about these at the Jan 21 meeting #16thStreetBus”

“Will have more exact numbers at Jan 21 mtg, but we estimate a 4-7 min improvement in travel time w/ preferred alternative #16thStreetBus”

“We hope to keep #16thStreetBus headways to 2 min, otherwise you see bunching.”

You can read more about the plans here. Stay tuned.

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  • “The peak-hour/peak-direction bus lane…” I have NEVER seen commuters abide by the other bus-only lanes in the city and have zero expectation they would respect the rules of this lane, especially during rush hour on 16th street.

  • Has anyone noticed that the new windows in these new buses are really shaky? Like, I felt a breeze through one of the big panes the other day when there wasn’t any window open. The old buses seemed like they were built way better (even if they stalled in the middle of the road periodically, because old).

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