Longest Line I’ve Ever Seen at Union Station


This was Sunday afternoon. I’ve never seen the line get all the way back here. Started curving around the Pret a Manager. For those who hit the road, hope everyone had relatively easy travels!

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  • phl2dc

    Oh I have seen it that long several times. In fact I have stood pretty much exactly where the man with the messenger bag is in the photo.

  • Is this line to get on a train? Or for tickets?

  • The best part about standing in line at Union Station is watching all of the people just cut in line like they’ve never seen a line before. People turn into such b’s when they travel.

  • I heard on the news that yesterday was one of the busiest travel days of the year, but I was at O’Hare for a 3 pm flight back to DC, and it was oddly calm and pretty quiet. Maybe most of the action was on the roads and rails?

  • The lines would be bearable were it not for the idiots who think they are more important than anyone else and who will stand a few feet away from the entrance on the other side of the line and then just sneak in without having to wait. Assuming rightfully of course that no one these days calls anyone out for that type of behavior because you never know what kind of crazy person you’re dealing with. Between that and the amazing amounts of “seniors” who appear to be like 50 years old who board first when they call for senior citizens.

    Still, I’d take a line like this for the Northeast Regional over sitting in a train car that smells like feet like the long haul trains from Boston to Miami.

    • phl2dc

      +1 – the people who don’t bother to stand in line like everyone else infuriate me.

    • Tbh, the lines are not ‘official’ Amtrak lines and people tend to line up behind others on their own. Some might blame ‘idiots’ for starting a line 45 minutes before the trains eta as the root of the cause. Honestly, if the waiting areas were larger or if Amtrak didn’t announce the track until last minute all NYPenn (I personally hate this) this wouldn’t be an issue. But to stand in a line because others are standing in it to me seems idiotic if the line is kind of made up to begin with

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