Scuttlebutt: Shawarma Spot space becoming a Yamas Mediterranean Grill

2414 18th Street, NW

Thanks to a tipster for sending word that the former Shawarma Spot has been leased to Yamas Mediterranean Grill. This will be Yamas’ 2nd restaurant in DC – they opened one at 16th and U on New Hampshire back in May 2014. The Shawarma Spot most recently closed back in August after a roller coaster of openings and closings. Stay tuned for an opening date for Yamas when it’s announced.

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  • I haven’t been to the DC Yamas, but used to live around the corner from the Bethesda one and ordered takeout quite frequently. Pretty good food.

  • Wasn’t too impressed with Yamas at 16th/NH/U, and it’s hard to justify going there with Greek Spot a few blocks away. It always seems empty when I walk by in the evenings.

  • Nice, I like that they offer Cava style salads.
    Any word on what’s coming to the old Meskerem space? There’s definitely some work going on there and I saw a help wanted sign last week.

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