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  • justinbc

    I don’t get it? Yards Park is appx 2 miles from this intersection, seems correct to me.

    • 2 miles in the other direction…

    • Do you see the sign under it that says National Park 2.1 miles? Yeah, those should be pointing the same way, you live here right?

      • justinbc

        Wrong. It’s directing you to the street with the bike lane closest to each. They might be “right beside each other” compared to standing in NW, but when you’re on 4th Street as this poster is indicating they could be on either side since they are actually 4 blocks apart.

        • I took this picture. It’s on G st and definitely pointing north and not toward a bike lane. It’s a mistake.

        • How could Trinidad (to the north of 4th and G NE) and the Anacostia River Trail (largely to the south of 4th and G NE) be in the same direction, since you’re defending this signage?
          What part of the Anacostia River Trail is north of 4th and G NE?

    • Yards Park is basically right next to Nationals Park, so, one of them is wrong….

  • Basically everything except Trinidad should have a downward-facing arrow, right?

    • This is apparently facing east on G, so I think Trinidad should be straight up and the rest are to the right.

    • You can pick up the Anacostia Trail over by RFK, can’t you, which would be same general direction as Trinidad? But there’s obviously nowhere in the city that’s 2 miles from Nats park in one direction and 2 miles to Yards in the opposite…

  • accendo

    Recommend installation of wormhole . . . or fix the sign, but that’s less fun.

  • Well, they can stop at Union Market on the way there.

  • Thanks for letting me know about the sign placement error. I am having my contractor fix this.

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