“Mayor Bowser to Lead District Delegation on China Trade Mission”

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From the Mayor’s Office:

“Mayor Muriel Bowser will lead a District delegation on an economic development mission to China from November 7th-14th. The goal of the trip is to increase investment in the District; highlight ongoing and emerging partnerships between industries in DC, Beijing and Shanghai; and create more pathways to the middle class for District residents.

“This mission will demonstrate to our partners in China that the District is a thriving economy and a great investment,” said Mayor Bowser. “Our delegation represents the best of the nation’s capital, and we have an opportunity to both strengthen ties abroad and create more pathways to the middle class here at home. Our goal is to attract more direct foreign investment, generate jobs for DC residents, further diversify our local economy, and bolster tourism in the nation’s capital.”

Mayor Bowser will be accompanied by other District officials, including Ward 2 Council member Jack Evans and Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Brian Kenner. The delegation will also include leaders from Georgetown University, Children’s Medical Center, Federal City Council, DC Chamber of Commerce, Greater Washington Board of Trade, Destination DC, and the DC Economic Partnership. Collectively, the delegation represents the strength and diversity of the District’s economy, and demonstrates that DC is a global leader in innovation, international trade and development.

During the mission, the Mayor’s team will discuss District investment opportunities with Chinese officials and businesses, and will strengthen partnerships around economic development, trade, innovation, education and tourism.

The trip will begin in Beijing, where Mayor Bowser and her team will meet with Chinese businesses and government officials, including the Mayor of Beijing, to extend our Sister City agreement and discuss bilateral investment opportunities and continued collaboration between Chinese and U.S. startups. The Mayor will meet with U.S. Ambassador Max Baucus about U.S. diplomacy in China and economic opportunities for District businesses in Asia.

Mayor Bowser will then visit Shanghai, where she will meet with Mayor Yang Xiong and provide District real estate development firms and small businesses with an opportunity to pitch their projects and services to Chinese investors. Mayor Bowser will also participate in 1776’s Challenge Cup, where Chinese startups will pitch their innovative solutions to address challenges in the education, energy, sustainability, health, and transportation sectors.

This trip is part of the Bowser Administration’s continued efforts to build on the relationships that have been fostered between District businesses, academic and health institutions and China. The delegation is focused on attracting additional foreign direct investment in the District, inviting Chinese companies to invest in DC’s underserved communities, and create new partnership agreements between DC-based health and education institutions and China-based universities.

In addition to Mayor Bowser, the District’s delegation are:

· Gizachew Andargeh, DMPED International Business Manager

· Pia Brown, DMPED Hospitality & Tourism Manager

· Jeff DeWitt, Chief Financial Officer for the District of Columbia

· Jack Evans, Ward 2 Councilmember

· John Falcicchio, Chief of Staff to Mayor Bowser

· Brian Kenner, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development

· Karima Woods, DMPED Interim Director of Business Development & Strategy

Additional members of the District’s delegation from the private and non-profit sectors are:

· Theresa Belpulsi, Destination DC

· Buwa Binitie, Dantes Partners

· Tyler Brown, Mass Influence

· Vanessa Casas, Destination DC

· John DeGioia, Georgetown University

· Jim Dinegar, Greater Washington Board of Trade

· Jeff Edelstein, Roadside Development

· Christina Ferguson

· Elliott Ferguson, DestinationDC

· David Franco, Level 2 Development

· Solomon Keene, Jr., Hotel Association of Washington, DC

· Caroline Kenney, Urban Atlantic

· Tonya Kinlow, Children’s Medical Center

· Ashanthi Kiridena, HIT2BS

· Dash Kiridena, HIT2BS

· Richard Lake, Roadside Development

· Joshua Lopez, Olimpic Strategies

· Yi Lu, Destination DC

· Brian McLaughlin, Lantian Development

· J.R. Meyers, The Meyers Group

· Karen Meyers, The Meyers Group

· David Morris, DC Regional Center

· Kurt Newman, Children’s Medical Center

· Scott Nordheimer, Urban Atlantic

· Jose Ortiz, Asurface

· Tony Pierce, Akin Gump Law Firm

· Debbie Ratner Salzberg, Forest City

· Keith Sellars, Washington, DC Economic Partnership

· Babu Stephen, Healthcare Consultant

· Rory Veevers-Carter, FlightLookup

· Mayor Anthony Williams, Federal City Council

· Harry Wingo, DC Chamber of Commerce

For more information on the DC China Center, visit dcchinacenter.org.”

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  • Lol no.

  • of course she is.

  • How much is this costing me?

    • I would also like to know the cost of this Chinese vacation for the mayor and her friends. I would rather she spend time in DC addressing all of the violence that happened in the city this summer.

      Looks like this program China/DC program has been going on since 2012. Has anything ever come of it????

    • +1…. Also, China doesn’t know about DC? Did she miss the whole giant Internet security breach thing? And who is Cristina Fergusen, no affiliation? Someone random just filling out numbers?

  • Can they keep her?

  • What the hell is a “trade mission?” It’s not like we need some more Marco Polo’s to go seeking out exotic spices and silks? And it’s not like we need to send more jobs to China….

    • Trade missions are quite common. Governors and members of Congress and even state legislators go on them all the time. Transportation, food and hotels is usually picked up by the host country. The point of the trip is to underscore bilateral relationships by touring whatever industries/facilities that are relevant to a trade or economic relationship. Is it the best use of her time? Maybe not but outrage is unwarranted.

  • Oddly enough, China isn’t even in the top ten when it comes to foreign captital in DC. Maybe the Mayor wants to change that. Germany was number 1 last year.

  • Is this out of the Richard Nixon playbook? Yeah, things are a mess in the city but she opened up China!

  • Maybe we can trade her and get Yi Jianlian back. I’m sure he he’d again have a negative Value Over Replacement Player (VORP), but then so does Bowser in a much more important setting.

  • Not a Bowser supporter in the least. I think she is doing a horrible job. However, this is important for the city. We are a world class/international city, capital of the nation. We should have worldwide investment/representation in our city.

    that being said… ever heard of skype?

  • Allison

    Maybe the Chinese can build that giant parking garage under the mall that guy came up with.

  • I never understand why elected officials take these junkets. They all get (rightfully) lampooned for the poor optics of wasting tons of taxpayer money on glorified vacations.

    You can incentivize Chinese businesses to come to DC without sending 50 people from DC on a first class trip to “see the great wall”.

    It simply just looks bad. I know most politicians don’t seem to care about how things appear, or their optics, but they should.

    • And why would they go now just as the Chinese economy is slowing?

    • Last month she was in the UK trolling for a technology chief. I thought a national search could accomplish that task.

      Why are we spending money to fly this woman all over the world?

    • that’s not necessarily the case – these trip are generally packed morning to night with meetings, and not just ‘glorified vacations’

  • Let’s trade all of these politicians and developers for a couple more panda bears for the National Zoo, and then roll around in the new revenue from the increase in tourism!

  • justinbc


  • The term is ‘foreign direct investment’ – FDI – not ‘direct foreign investment.’ This is an incredibly minor detail but the fact that the mayor’s office isn’t using the correct phrase speaks volumes about the level of sophistication at play here.

    Also, do the city employees listed here fly coach or business on trips like this? Anyone know / any way to find out? My father is a senior employee with USAID and regularly flies coach to Asia, but something tells me that our municipal representatives wouldn’t do the same.

  • She and her cronies cant even figure out how to fully leverage the worlds largest ATM that happens to be based right smack in the middle of their jurisdiction. Can we make this a one-way trip?

    • Also- why is there not Injera restaurant representation, or for that matter crappy bar representation?

  • Free vacation for her and Jack. I wonder if she is taking her mom on this on just like she got her front seats at all the pope meetings.
    How long are we going to put up with this — oh, that’s right I voted for Catania.

  • oof. crumbling schools, crumbling infrastructure, surging crime …

    time to splurge on a wildly unnecessary, taxpayer-funded vacation!

  • Ashy Oldlady

    What an embarrassment. Is there any way we as citizens and constituents can put a stop to this?

  • The one time i’ve run into Mayor Bowser, it was on a random night a few months ago at Denson in Chinatown. She was TRASHED at the bar, surrounded by a bunch of white dude minions of hers. The bartender told us she’d been going there frequently, always surrounded by handlers and always leaving wasted. Are there lots of stories like this?

    • Maybe she’ll vomit in lap of the mayor of Beijing during a state dinner? Good ‘ol ‘Murican diplomacy!

  • Remember this at the ballot box and hopefully she’ll go away!

  • i’ve been on trade missions sponsored by cities, and yes, they do serve a purpose, and yes, the point is to be there in person. skype doesn’t cut it- not when you’re doing initial meetings across numerous cultural hurdles. tourism is the largest private sector industry in this city. we WANT chinese tourists and china’s money.

  • I agree with js. These trips can be beneficial to the District. I hope that the Mayor has some delegates who will discuss the benefits and need for more direct flights between DC and other Chinese cities. There are only two daily nonstops between DC and Beijing. At a minimum we should have a nonstop to Shanghai and Hong Kong.

  • Oh, and note that Anthony Williams, whom some people here worship as the mayor who got economic development rolling in this city, is also a member of this delegation (for Federal City Council, next-to-last in list of names). This isn’t just a Bowser junket.

  • Surprised Nadeau isn’t on the list. Figured she would want to see the public housing system (and government that provides it) she so aspires to up close.

  • Who will China send us in trade for the mayor?

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