Tuesday Afternoon, “suspect entered a residence through an unlocked door and sexually assaulted an adult female”

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From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in locating and identifying a suspect in connection with a Burglary I and First Degree Sexual Assault that occurred in the 1800 block of A Street Southeast, on Tuesday, October 13, 2015, between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm.

A suspect entered a residence through an unlocked door and sexually assaulted an adult female.

The suspect is described as a black male, slim build, between 20-30 years of age, approximately 6’4″ to 6’5″, short hair, wearing a gray shirt and gray pants.

Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

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  • very scary and I feel terrible for the victim. Always lock your doors

  • It’s my understanding that this happened inside an locked apartment building. If this is true, the police neglected to mention it. If so, this is a case of the often heard victim blaming. I mean how dare you walk down the street and talk on your phone.

    • Ummm yes, in the case of walking and talking on your phone – you do need to show some situational awareness. The report about the assault said it was an unlocked door, which also shows a lack of situational awareness.

      • No. Safety is a right. Especially at home. Women should not believe that they must barricade themselves away to be safe. .

        • anyone claiming you have a “right” to safety and therefore shouldn’t lock the door to your apartment is either trolling or laughably naive.

        • phl2dc

          I guess we might as well do away with locks altogether, right? Because we have the right to safety, right to not have things stolen from us, right to not have people open things they aren’t supposed to, so the onus is not on us to keep ourselves safe from harm and theft… right?

      • Except, as Thunder already pointed out, this is a multi-unit building. It is unclear which door was left unlocked or how the person got in the building.

  • The MPD has enlisted the help of Detective Ramsay Bolton to hunt and, um….punish the suspect accordingly.

  • As always, the details are so much more disturbing than what MPD shared. The rapist claimed he was maintenance, and presumably the poor woman opened the door for him – so this mention of getting in through an “unlocked” door is misleading (no word on how he got in the building though). Good news – he was caught!

    • Just so people know, we will never tell you exactly what happened. First, because it’s none of your business. Second, because we need to have some things that only a credible witness or the perp would know. It’s how we handle interviews.

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