Today’s Rental has a “Front Brick Patio as well as a Private Back Patio”

807 25th Street Northwest

Today’s rental is located at 807 25th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Charming, One Bedroom & Den ), in Foggy Bottom! Hardwoods, Kitchen w/Gas Cooking, Granite, and Stainless Appliances. Lovely Bath w/ Jacuzzi, Berber Carpet in Bedrooms, Front Brick Patio as well as a Private Back Patio. Close to GWU, World Bank, IMF, Foggy Bottom Metro, Kennedy Center, Restaurants, and More.”


You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,500/Mo.

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  • Am I the only person on here who can’t fathom spending 2500 dollars a month on rent? Much less, more than like $1500? Even if I had that money to spare? Does this blog ever feature anything for 1 person UNDER $2000 a month?

    I make 80K a year. My rent is currently $1100. Biweekly take home is $1800.

    What do you all spend per month on rent.

    • You are not alone, if I’m paying 2500 for a one-bedroom it better have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I think the rental prices in DC are vastly inflated, and it sucks because this place above is pretty much my dream rental.

    • I split a one bedroom basement for $1400/month, and I make around the same as you plus or minus commission. I can’t imagine paying my loans etc if I was paying more, and still having money leftover to save.

    • Our mortgage for a 4 bedroom house is not even $2500.

    • Pop has posted many studio or 1 bedroom for under 2k. Are you going to get under 1100 anywhere outside of ne, eotr probably not, but under half your pay, sure.

      • I spent $1850 a month on rent for a 1 bedroom/den in Navy Yard with my now wife almost 1.5 years ago. Then we bought a rowhome. I have always said I don’t think I could ever spend more than $2000 a month on rent AND that would have to be split with someone.

        • I wouldn’t pay anywhere near that much, but the op set a price point of 2k, so I mentioned it.
          I pay under 1k for everything (cable, utilities, etc); this is why I’m cool dealing with a roomie. My 2bed is cheaper than many studio and 1 bed in dc.

          • I was actually responding to Anon above, but accidentally hit the reply under your post! Yeah to get under 1k you most likely have to get a roomie.

          • I’ve seen 1 bed in congress heights for under that but not for everything.
            There are mythical cheap apts here but they come up once every 5 yrs. 🙂

    • Do you have your own place? Even when I moved to DC 6 years ago, there weren’t many studios that were $1100 or less. I paid $1350/month and that was about equal to half my monthly take home pay. Wasn’t ideal, and didn’t save money, but didn’t go into debt either.

      If you’re only paying $1100 and earning $1800/paycheck you must be saving a nice chunk of change.

      • SouthwestDC

        Ten years ago I paid $1050 for a studio… in VA. I thought it was a pretty good deal at the time.

      • Original op here: yes I have a studio in Logan circle. Rent controlled but was renovated before I moved in. No laundry in building tho.

    • I make $50k and spend $1200 on a TINY English basement studio, but it’s super close to the metro and two blocks from work. My student loans are $150/month, I don’t have a car, and I usually put away $500 a month not including TSP ($5k/yr into my ROTH, $1k/yr for vacay). I can’t imagine how nice it would be to be at $80k. As is, I’m right at the point of not having to pinch pennies, but could definitely use more breathing room

      • In case you haven’t heard, good job! That savings will pay off, and you can always go up when the income increases.
        All that money you save on rush hr metro money certainly adds up too.

    • I make 97k and pay 2.8k for a two bedroom with my girlfriend, who’s in grad school (aka we’re both living off my income). It’s certainly not ideal, but it’s doable, and we’re still able to save a bit. No student loans, no car, no restaurants, though.

      • Nearly half of your take home on rent;’if I may asm why not get a one bedroom or roommate to cut costs?

        • My girlfriend works mostly at home, and I telecommute a fair amount, so we need the office space. And I would pay even more than we are now for the privilege of not having a roommate. Privacy is our luxury good of choice.

    • Think about it…most well-priced apartments fly off the shelves. So the ones featured on here are catering to a smaller segment (i.e. expensive) or are just bad deals.
      That being said, I don’t understand spending this much on rent in DC. The real estate market is sparse, so resale is not really a concern. You can get a nice rowhouse/boutique building 1 bedroom in the Dupont area in the $400s, which would be $1800 – $2300/month mortgage + taxes + insurance. And quite frankly, you could probably get a nice 2 bedroom for the equivalent of $2500/month.

      • Some people don’t want to own.
        Some people think they can’t own because of student loans, etc.
        Some people really like the bells and whistles, roof deck, gym, etc they’d you lose in a small condo bldg
        Some people really value privacy, so they pay a ton for the privilege.
        Not my cup of tea, but I get all those reasons and probably more I missed.

        • I understand certain circumstances, but a lot of those reasons don’t fit into something like this specific rental. This is a ground floor rowhouse apartment – no bells/whistles/gym. If you think you can’t own cause of loans, but can afford to spend $2500/month, that’s interesting.
          However, I also get that a couple living together that are both working – that’s $1250/month for each of them. I feel like DC drives many couples to move-in together. I know so many people in horrible relationships but it’s like they have to for convenience (2 people in a 1 bedroom makes things a lot easier).

          • if you’re only living in DC for a year or two, buying doesn’t make sense. The output required is significant. Unless you plan to keep it as a rental. I think the breakeven point in DC is somewhere between 3-4 years but that might have changed. Some people also don’t qualify (student loans). But I agree – I lived in a 2 bed and had pretty low rent for a while in order to save so I could buy. The I used a first time homebuyer program.

  • And here I was thinking this is actually a pretty great deal. I live in Logan Circle in a one-bedroom (~690 sqft) in an older building (circa 1960-something) and pay 2370 a month. And am getting a pretty good deal.. or so I feel. $2500 a month for 800 sq ft close to the metro is an awesome deal– especially given the fact that there’s (supposedly) a den, too.

    We’ve been looking at larger apartments lately in the general area (NW, but not above W St) and this is, comparatively, a really really good deal. Most of the places 800 sq ft+ go for 2.8k – 3.4k a month. This doesn’t even really count the newer buildings where a 580 sq ft apartment with an awful layout is at least 3k a month

    Maybe I’ve just lived here too long.

  • This seems like a good deal for a couple. And kudos to the real estate agent for listing it at a 1 bedroom with a den instead of a 2 bedroom.

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