Today is Messenger Appreciation Day


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“10-9 is bike messenger appreciation day

Here is a link I would like to share:

In 1991, a mayoral proclamation decreed that October 9 of every year would be Messenger Appreciation Day in San Francisco. October 9 is “10-9” in radio code and means “Say again” or “What?” 10-9 Day is celebrated informally all over the world.

May taxi cabs and secretaries thank there bike couriers whom fight amongst traffic and deal with the elements. #winteriscoming.

Marion Barry jr also wrote a letter to announce this in 1998″

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  • Actually, Chicago was the only proclamation that mentioned every year. Every other proclamation was just for the year it was made. Sorry messengers, if your reading skills were good enough to understand that, you wouldn’t have to be messengers in the first place.

  • General Grant Circle

    I use messengers every day, multiple times a day most days. The service knows my name and voice. I wish I had read this earlier, I wouldve made a card!

  • For those of you who derided Mr. Barry as a worthless executive, what do you have to say for yourselves now? Bet you feel pretty silly, don’t you?

  • Oh gosh, I guess my card will have to be be late :^0

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