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  • The wooden pedestrian tunnel has port holes cut out big enough to stick your head in and watch the construction. Pretty neat. (They were closed last time I went by, so they may only be open during daytime hours)

  • Mug of Glop

    I bet they’re filled with gold bars.

  • Ugh, that rendering is god awful. Looks like all those lonely, tacky condos buildings just south of DCA in Potomac Yard.

  • Oy, that rendering looks like it belongs in Dupont, or Friendship Heights. Next up for 14th and U: a Jones New York store! Right next door to an Ann Taylor Loft.

  • Oh, joy! Another taller, high-density building some posters keep calling for.
    Oh, yeah. I forgot: that’s what makes tall, high-density cities like Manhattan and Hong Kong and Singapore so affordable.

    • Wait, what’s your definition of “affordable”?

    • Yes, this 100 story behemoth will block all of the sunlight from your late night bar crawl. Bummer.
      Also, the word “affordable” has no place in any new construction, so leave that as it may.

  • This was discussed the first time the rendering was shown on here, but I really don’t get peoples’ problems with it. I think it looks much better, in a classic way, than so many new buildings these days, and it will be perfect for a big street like U. I do think something like Atlantic Plumbing would have been cool, but this is way better than any of the new buildings on 14th or in Mt. Vernon Square.

    • Agreed. Just compare the rendering with the second photo in this post, the one with the crane which also shows the existing building on the east side of 13th & U at the Metro entrance. The building under construction is endlessly better than that dull box.

  • I don’t understand how that strip mall thing that was there before was better … This is much nicer. Doesn’t have to be an architectural masterpiece and I have definitely seen worse. And I hope the commercial floor is filled with small plates restaurants …

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