“Red, Orange, Silver, Blue and Yellow line trains will operate every 24 minutes” this weekend

Photo by PoPville flickr user kellybdc

Ripping the band aid right off:

“Reconstruction of the Metrorail system will continue over the weekend of October 16-18 with service adjustments on five of six lines beginning at 10:00 p.m. Friday and continuing through system closing on Sunday.

Green Line trains operate at regular weekend intervals.
Red, Orange, Silver, Blue and Yellow line trains will operate every 24 minutes.

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  • The metro doesn’t go anywhere near that Rita’s.

    • PoP probably chose the pic because “enjoying your happiness” is what we’re all doing while we wait for metro, right?

  • in other words, don’t take the metro this weekend.

    or ever.

  • Do you want drunk drivers? Because THAT’S how you get drunk drivers!

    • “I had to wait longer for a Metro train” is a ridiculous justification for drunk driving, especially in the age of Uber.

    • The comment was partly in jest, but I would not be surprised if a substantial number of people these days choose to drive on the weekend to brunch, parties, etc. rather than suffer through the nearly unusable metro “service”.

      • I wish Metro would just admit ridership is down because they’ve made the system unusable on weekends. I’m a huge transit supporter and still have trouble justifying it with so many other options (biking, walking, Car2Go, Uber…)

  • This is the beauty of living near major bus lines (the only thing that has improved with metro during the last 5 years). It is only going to get worse during the winter.

  • And WMATA wonders why ridership is falling. Infrequent weekend ridership is a great way to scare away would be weekend riders. I know my personal policy is no metro on the weekends. Uber and lyft can take me anywhere with little to no wait and for a marginal price. Time is money.

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