Props to Metro employees who “subdue suspect with a gun”

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“Two Metro employees are being called heroes this weekend after subduing a robbery suspect armed with a loaded semiautomatic handgun aboard a Green Line train.

The incident began shortly after 4 p.m. Saturday when the victim, an adult male, was approached by the suspect at Anacostia Station. The suspect flashed a gun in his waistband and demanded the victim’s money. The victim complied and handed over approximately $40.

The suspect then boarded a northbound Green Line train where he got into an altercation with other passengers. Two Metro Rail Operations employees–one male and one female–were riding aboard the train, noticed the altercation and attempted to intervene. After a struggle, the male employee was able to restrain the suspect by pinning him to the floor of the railcar while the female employee radioed the Rail Operations Control Center to dispatch Metro Transit Police.

During the physical altercation, the male employee noticed that the suspect was reaching in his jacket pocket. The employee asked the suspect, “Do you have a gun?” When the suspect responded “yes,” the employee grabbed the weapon and placed it out of the suspect’s reach on the floor of the train.

“I could not be prouder of the courageous action taken by two of our colleagues yesterday afternoon,” said Metro Interim General Manager Jack Requa. “Faced with an armed suspect, they selflessly sprung into action and may well have saved others from harm.”

Metro Transit Police intercepted the train at Gallery Place where officers placed the suspect under arrest and recovered a 25-caliber semi-automatic handgun. The weapon was fully loaded with one bullet in the chamber.

Green and Yellow line trains were single-tracked around the police investigation for about 30 minutes.

The suspect is identified as Rondez Trayvon Tibbs, 20, of Southeast Washington DC. He is charged with armed robbery and carrying a pistol without a license. Additional charges are possible.

The employees have not been identified.”

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  • “Carrying a pistol without a license.” That would imply that you can get a conceal carry license in DC lol.

  • WTF? 4pm on a Saturday?????

  • I wonder what the union and executive leadership is going to say about this. Usually, both don’ t like heroes for different reasons (doing more than expected or liability, respectively), but I’m sure they’ll like the positive publicity. Was this on the local news?

  • WOW, I was on this train. I was heading to Fort Totten to get on the red, it got to Chinatown and all of a sudden it didn’t move. Doors were open and all that, I looked at the app and saw the red line to Glenmont was coming in 8 minutes. So I decided to leave the train and head upstairs, as I was on the escalator I saw the suspect pinned down by someone and the people in that cart went to another one. Never would have thought it was this serious.

  • These employees are awesome!

  • Here’s why it’s tough to get psyched about arrests and give “props to the cops” in this city. Per, the suspect has several prior criminal cases as an adult (no doubt many as a youth as well), most recently a 7-charge felony armed robbery last spring (he has also been charged with forgery and car theft, a charge that was subsequently dropped). He received no jail time for that crime and was out on probation when he committed this one. At sentencing, the CSOSA (probation office) recommended the following intervention plan:

    ” Write a letter to take responsibilty for his actions. ”

    We can see from this latest incident how effective they were in subsequently supervising him.

    It’s extremely depressing to realize that even perfect police work won’t stop crime in a city dedicated to keeping dangerous thugs out on the streets.

    • Exactly – no number of quick thinking Metro employees or arrests can make up for the fact that a guy who should be in prison is out and committing armed robbery in the DC subway system at 4 o’clock in the afternoon

    • Everything said above is correct, but it doesn’t negate what these Metro employees did. We’re quick to criticize Metro (and probably everyone else) when they do something wrong, which they deserve. We can be just as quick to offer praise when someone does right.
      They have nothing to do with why a parolee is walking around continuing to terrorize. They put their lives in danger and prevented what could have easily been a much more awful situation. A ‘thank you’ is at least in order.

  • Interesting, this was able to get done without the need of open carry and “good guys with guns”

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