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  • justinbc

    These photos make it kind of hard to judge because of the angles, but I would preliminarily say yes.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I like it.

  • This is a good pop up.

  • Living one block away and having watched the work being done, I’d say steer clear. The only redeeming quality is the tacky gold lion above the door.

    • justinbc

      That’s a really vague comment without any substantiating evidence to support it. What about it lacked quality? What are your qualifications for judging such construction?

      • Look at the facade – they clearly cheaped out by neglecting to brick to the top. Much of the (plywood) construction remained completely exposed to the elements for quiet some time as well. Someone will eventually buy the units, but it won’t be anyone who saw this place being built.

  • Are these condos or a SFH?
    Either way, this is probably as good as it will get with a pop-up. The massive vinyl siding wall is a bit unfortunate. But I guess we can’t get everything we want when other people spend their own money.

  • maxwell smart

    I’m more of the camp that new should be new and old should be old. Preserve the existing character of the building but allow the pop-up/back to be a counterpoint to the existing architecture. What we have here is like “just add water architecture.”

    • Completely agree. New builders are not using the same materials or construction techniques (with the exception of high cost niche restoration experts) and the newer version ends up looking out of place, cheap, and campy. Like a Disney version of a victorian row house.
      Some of the best/most interesting houses combine new and old in interesting ways, but showcasing the original architecture while making the new distinct. A classic example of this (although obviously not residential) is the German Reichstag.

  • I think this looks horrible and like they completely half-assed the reno. Simply matching the brick to the top would’ve done wonders. Oh well – their condos have been sitting on the market for quiet a while in what’s otherwise a very hot neighborhood. I’m glad they’re paying (some) price for being stupid.

    • I live in Truxton and while I’d love to agree it is hot right now, I would NOT buy where these condos are. Whoever looks at this better go by at night and take a good look out front of their house. That block is the center of a ton of crime and I never feel safe walking by there at night.

      I hope they sell for selfish reasons at high prices, but I can’t see the seller getting asking for any of those condos. You can buy a house for the price of most of those condos.

      That all said, this house was a notorious crack den just a few short years ago. So I’ll take an ugly pop up over that any damned day.

  • It’s hard to judge from these photos, but this does look like one of the better ones. It’s always a disappointment, though, when they do the sides of these in vinyl siding instead of brick. Looks like they also could have continued the blue with the beige accent color all the way up instead of switching to all beige halfway up the third floor on the front. That would have made it look more “normal”.

    • Had they kept the same color all the way to the top, it would’ve made the change in building materials that much more noticeable, in my opinion.

    • Foundation probably couldn’t support the weight of brick

      • Maybe it couldn’t support bricks all-around (why not shore up the foundation, then?), but I don’t buy that it couldn’t support a thin single layer up front.

      • Then do brick veneer. They would have had to make sure the foundation was deep enough to add the pop-up anyway. It wouldn’t add any appreciable load, and would look 100x better than siding; you’d have to know where to look to see that it wasn’t an actual full course of bricks. But it’s much more expensive and takes longer to do right, which is antithetical to these developers’ M.O.

  • I toured these while they were under construction. The rooms were SO tiny. Some of the bedrooms barely had closets. I don’t know where anything would fit. I disagree with some of the above posters that the area is unsafe. There are just a lot of people out on the street in the evenings. They are very nice though!

    • Agree! I live a block away and walk by this daily – don’t feel unsafe at all, just lots of people outside. Which I like.

    • This. Those dudes are always friendly and neighborly in my experience over the last 5+ years walking on this block.

  • Agree – that’s a nice looking one.

  • I went to one of the open houses. They did a nice job on the inside, although I don’t think they are done yet (for example, the roof deck did not look complete and they had signs up saying that they were going to install some sort of fancy closet system). The people that hang around the building are pretty nice. I walk by them almost every day. I will say that it seems a little overpriced considering it is across the street from projects. There are better streets where you can buy in Truxton Circle.

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