Now You Know, It’s Nothing Personal


Thanks to a reader for sending: “Just noticed this displayed on the 43 bus I was waiting for. Yay for communication of information!”

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  • Anonynon

    Busses need to get better about that, aka skipping certain stops when the bus is near or at capacity. Cramming every nook and cranny of the buss just makes it take longer to load and unload passengers, slowing down the ride for everyone.

    • Some drivers I’ve noticed are good at that. I remember one driver of the 43 (I can’t recall his name) who would routinely fill the bus to the brim, but then say that he wasn’t going to stop unless someone requested a stop. That actually worked out pretty well. He’d also tell us the time when turning onto Connecticut and tell us to have a good day. Nice dude.

      I do feel a little bad for the consistently large groups of commuters at the 19th and Columbia stop. Most buses are full of people by the time they hit that stretch of Columbia.

  • justinbc

    Oh wow, this is so long overdue, as anyone who’s ever tried to catch a bus on 16th Street should know.

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