Mugging on the Metropolitan Branch Trail Last Night


From MPD:

“On the evening of 10-26-15, complainant reports that while in the area of the Metropolitan Branch Trail near 8th & Edgewood St. NE he was approached by 3-4 suspects. The suspects assaulted the complainant, stole his property and then fled the area.

Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

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  • Maybe MPD could use those $2,000 bikes to I don’t know…ummm maybe patrol the ACTUAL BIKE TRAILS

  • I feel bad for the victims. It’s a shame. Unfortunately, walking on the MBT trail at night is about as safe as walking home drunk alone.

    Hate to say it, but they really should close the trail at night. With all the other street crime we have in the city, it is drain on resources to patrol a dark, empty trail. I get the circular logic of avoiding the trail, but we are never going to have the crucial mass of pedestrians to keep the trail safe.

    • Closing the trail because of lack of resources would not only be pointless, but it will really affect the many cyclists who depend on this being a quick way home without stops and lights. My husband commutes on this twice a day, and if it were not for it, he would be at the perils of the drivers in the streets and his commute would take about twice as long riding the city streets with so many stop-and-go intersections. So, no, just “closing the trail” is not an option.

      • HaileUnlikely

        While I fundamentally agree that closing the trail at night is not a good option, it does not follow from the fact that there exists persons for whom the trail is the most convenient and preferred option that closing it is not an option. I live up by the part of the MBT that was supposed to be built but never was. I could say that I want to use it so not building it is not an option, but I recognize that saying that is kind of meaningless.

  • When did it become okay for people to hunt in packs like this? I remember 20 years ago the stories of packs of attackers repelled us all, and now it seems to have become the standard. Why aren’t these animals being charged with organized crime and conspiracy? If the US can outsource entire prison industries, why can’t DC outsource prosecutions of these unruly mobs.
    I know I’m overreacting, but I want to feel safe in this city again.

  • Sick of this. I’ve been jumped twice in the last two years (once near the trail). Police have been useless. I carry a blade on me at all times now. These guys are in for a treat if they try this nonsense on me.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I sincerely hope that you have invested significant effort in honing your skills with said blade. I also sincerely hope that you never “have to” use it, but I wouldn’t bring one to a fight unless I was absolutely certain that I had the skill and ability to do what I intended to do with it.

      • On top of physical skill and ability, add legal knowledge, total situational awareness, and keen mental discipline.

        A physical struggle with your blade ending up in the attacker’s back and I could imagine you could be facing a murder charge (I am not a lawyer). And is the attacker a juvenile- that’s not going to look good.

        • How about a bike U Lock? I seldom ride the MBT, never at night, but both there and other places I have thought if worst came to worst I would use my U lock as a weapon (but my preference of course is to use my speed on the bike to get away)

      • Wait until the group gets close. Pull the blade and counterattack before they realize you have a weapon. Go for the weakest one first. Mostly courage, not a skill or ability, but most people can’t do it under pressure.

      • Go for a slashing motion rather than a stabbing motion. Slashing is easier to sell as defensive.

    • Unfortunately that’s what it will take for these “kids” to realize that it’s not all fun and games when they decide to attack a random innocent person.

    • Ally

      I’m sorry that happened to you. And, while statistically, that blade may work out in your favor, I understand it and might do the same if I were in your shoes. Stay safe. And hope that this latest round of clowns gets arrested soon.

      • Ally

        May not* (typo)

      • “while statistically, that blade may work out in your favor” I understand the urge to stab someone trying to mug you, but I’m pretty sure the opposite is true. Pulling a knife on a mugger is much more likely to get you shot, stabbed with their knife, or stabbed with your own knife than it is likely to foil the attack.
        See you in the emergency room bro.

    • Just don’t bring that knife to a gunfight.

    • The problem with bringing a blade to the fight is: now there’s a blade in the fight.

  • Does anyone know the approximate time that this happened?

  • burritosinstereo

    Yikes. I live nearby, and my regular jogging route has me hopping on the MBT right where I think this mugging happened – the trail entrance by the Dew Drop Inn. I just started running regularly over the summer, so when I would run after work I’d still have plenty of daylight and running on the MBT wasn’t so dodgy. But lately I’ve been sticking to busier streets when I run on weeknight evenings, and just doing the MBT on weekends during the day. I am legitimately afraid of something like this happening to me!

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