More Massive Lines in Adams Morgan – Free Marijuana Seeds (and more) Day Part Two

free seeds
2435 18th Street, NW

Back in March we saw lines like this and readers again say it’s free marijuana seeds. One reader writes:

“It wraps around the corner into the alleyway (just south of Amsterdam Falafel). They are giving away seeds, actual female seedling plants, smoking supplies, hemp products, and growing tutorial info. Hundreds out there. This is organized by DC Norml. The giveaway is happening at Libertine restaurant. ”

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  • Walked by this group on Sunday–they may have been hosted by Libertine, but they were 100% blocking people’s access to the sidewalk, oblivious to others walking by them…

    • So basically like every drunk person on 18th street on the weekends.

    • Yes, it was out of Libertine. The crowd was pretty good and well behaved. Some chokepoints….but really, who cares? It’s easy to cross the street if you need to avoid the crowd (if you have a dog or big stroller).
      The only ones really blocking the sidewalk were the Vice Media documentary crew who had 10 people on staff. Three camera men with three simultaneous angles for each interview, plus a boom mic operator, was total overkill.

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