Maybe Home Alarms are Pretty Useful After All…

Dropcam Clip (October 26 2015 at 1003 AM) (1)

Hard to believe but this the same house that was hit a couple weeks ago (that video shows the thieves pretty nonchalant with an alarm going off) – the owner writes yesterday:

“House got robbed a few weeks ago. New guys thought about it today.”

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  • Aren’t alarms supposed to send people (cops I’d assume) when they go off? That used to be the case when my parents had one. We eventually got rid of it after little five year old me or my non-English speaking great aunt set it off one too many times.

    • Some do, some don’t.
      Some alarm systems being sold now are self-monitored – the alert goes to the owner and the owner decides what to do next (call the police, go home and investigate, call a friend or neighbor and ask them to investigate).
      Other alarms systems come with monitoring, which triggers a call from the company if the alarm goes off and a police or fire dispatch if no one answers the call or the person who answers doesn’t know the passcode.

  • I don’t really understand what I’m seeing. Is there a narrative available?
    Did the two guys walk in on an open garage door space?
    Did the alarm sound at some point?
    Did the one guy who is out of view for most of the clip attempt to gain entry? with the other guy a lookout?
    Were they just waiting out the alarm to see if it would turn off by itself?
    Did the police ever show up?
    What made the two guys leave?
    Sorry this happened to you (again)

  • There is a DC neighborhood called “Stronghold”?

  • OP mentions thinking these thieves were different from the ones who hit the house before. That may be the case, but twice, I’ve had my house broken into twice in a week! With both pairs of incidents, the alarm did go off, and the cops did come . . . but not before the perps had a few minutes of “smash and grab” time. Identical MOs in the two pairs of robberies, so likely same intruder coming 2x. Not sure the logic. Anyway, just a warning: if you get a break in, beware of a 2nd. Get some bars up if you have a vulnerable window. (That’s what I did, and it took care of problem.) Consider fixing window with plywood for a week before replacing glass . . . it got expensive!

  • I have an alarm and sadly have accepted the fact that its like someone will break in and have a few minutes of item grabbing before police arrive. That said, I still would prefer to have it and be alerted of said break in so that I am aware that someone is in the house, and so that they may not feel they have the time to come upstairs to my sleeping family.

  • You have a $10K Pooner gate and yet you leave it wide open, merely a few weeks after being burglarized?
    Some people can’t have nice things.

  • justinbc

    Of course house alarms are useful. Having UNMONITORED house alarms however is just ridiculous.

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