Last Chance to get Chaia’s Tacos at the Farmers Market before they Open their Brick and Mortar space

3207 Grace Street, NW

From Chaia:

“In preparation for the opening of our first shop in Georgetown, it is with great excitement and bittersweetness that we write you announcing our last White House FRESHFARM Market is TODAY Thursday, October 29th and our last Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Market is this Sunday, November 1st.

FRESHFARM Markets allowed Chaia to launch our business by testing out our local, seasonal tacos in an incredibly supportive community. Chaia’s first brick-and-mortar store, soon to open at 3207 Grace St NW in Georgetown, is the direct result of efforts by FRESHFARM to develop and support local businesses like ours and of course, all of our enthusiastic, dedicated customers who visit our market stand each and every week.

Back in May 2013, Chaia’s founders Bettina Stern and Suzanne Simon showed up at their first White House market with enough food to feed 50 people and sold out as fast as they could serve them. Since that first market day two and a half years ago, we have been so fortunate to serve hundreds of you every Thursday and Sunday. To be part of a community that values and celebrates fresh seasonal vegetables grown by local farmers means everything to us at Chaia.

So here’s the biggest THANKS to all of you for supporting us at every step of the way. Our time at farmers markets is only the beginning for Chaia, and we can’t wait to continue this Farm To Taco journey with you. Please stop by one of our last two markets this week because we have a small token of appreciation for you!

Help us spread the word that we are moving from the farmers market to our first shop in Georgetown! Exact opening date TBA.”

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  • While I’m excited that they are opening a brick and mortar shop, I’m disappointed they won’t be in Dupont on Sundays anymore. I always looked forward to their tacos on Sunday mornings when I would make my rounds at the farmers market. I honestly don’t see myself schlepping to Georgetown. Hopefully something just as tasty will take their spot in Dupont.

    • Georgetown isn’t much of a schlep from Dupont, is it? They’re both a major journey for me so I couldn’t care less.

      • No, it isn’t much of a schlep from Dupont. However, I go to Dupont for the farmer’s market on Sundays, where Chaia just happens to be. Last I checked, there isn’t a Georgetown farmer’s market on Sundays.

  • alissaaa

    I still think it’s a mistake to not stay at the Dupont Farmer’s Market, or to have opened their brick and mortar store in a location that is closer to where they have developed their base. I have gone nearly every Sunday to the Dupont Farmer’s Market and gotten food from them (which is awesome!), but I am maybe in Georgetown once a month–maybe–and I’m not going to make a trip just to go to Chaia.

    I could see myself going way more often if they were closer.

    • It’s also a mistake not to keep their Vermont Ave Market stand open. I get them pretty frequently for lunch on Thursdays, but don’t anticipate ever making the trip to Georgetown to visit the new store. I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way.

  • Anonomnom

    Just want to offer a counter view – I have never been to them at all in the various farmers market locations, but work almost on top of the new location and am VERY excited for this. Finally! Something in the area that isn’t a sandwich!! (Don’t get me wrong, there are some great sandwich places here… but this place looks like it will be great!)

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