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  • A slightly smaller, though still amazing, rowhouse sold for $1.4mm just a few houses north. Both are right in front of one of the DC Water construction sites (though only for another 5-6 months…).

  • I really really love this house…I so wish it was mine…That’s exactly how I want the back oh my house.. 🙁

  • The deck doesn’t match the house.

    • Agreed…weird break in style. I’d expect something much more modern. The deck doesn’t even go with the metal bannister for the stairs leading to the basement.

  • I am vaguely creeped out at how open the ENTIRE back of the house is not just to the street or alley behind it but the street to the side. That photo was taken on the sidewalk and you can see what seems to be everything. I know whoever buys it will buy curtains or something, but what use is all that glass when most of the time you have it covered to just have a bit of privacy.

    • what use is all that glass? natural light, of course. translucent blinds will let in a ton of beautiful diffuse natural light. I replaced the roof in my rowhouse with translucent fiberglass and the amount of natural light is amazing – we don’t turn on artificial lights at all during daylight.

      • Translucent fiberglass in the roof?! That is incredible. Can you share some photos somehow?

      • Is it extremely hot in the summer? Just a few sky lights in the roof of my row house noticeably raise the temperature, especially during direct sun.

        • No, the fiberglass is insulated with a gel in between. It wasn’t a problem at all this summer (though we did put split-level HVAC in the third floor to deal with the fact that heat rises and the top floor of three-story rowhouses invariably heats up if not air-conditioned). Product is called Kal-Wall – same stuff that part of the Shaw library is clad in.

          Here are some pics – photographer has the lights on but if they were off the pics would be almost identically bright:


      • That sounds amazing. I’m so jealous.

    • I live on this block, and walk by it frequently, and it’s such a fishbowl. I came home one night, and the lights were on on in the bedroom, and the new occupants just hanging out in their bed like there wasn’t 10 feet of see-through glass a few feet away from them. I felt like a voyeur, but there was no way to not notice them. Awkward.

      • Presumably they will add window coverings soon. I moved into my house and didn’t put blinds up for a month or two after moving in. I was at least somewhat cognizant that anyone on the street could see in, but it took a while. I imagine someone buying a 1.4M house wants made to order window treatments.

      • Yeah, I live on V and I always laugh now when I walk by there and you see what a mess the bedroom looks like sometimes.

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