Chief Lanier: “We believe these subjects to be responsible for multiple robberies in the city”

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From Police Chief Cathy Lanier:

“Significant Arrest

Last night, as a result of our robbery suppression efforts, MPD members spotted a vehicle that we were looking for in reference to several robberies. The vehicle was occupied by five individuals and fled upon contact. We were able to stop and apprehend all five of the individuals in Prince George’s County after a lengthy vehicle and foot pursuit. Recovered from the car was a handgun. The subjects are facing charges in Prince Georges County and in Washington D.C. upon their extradition. We believe these subjects to be responsible for multiple robberies in the city to include several in the First District area.

I want to recognize our members in patrol, and our canine and helicopter units, who were able to place these subjects under arrests without injury to any resident or visitor. I also want to thank the Prince George’s County Police Department.”

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  • Props to the cops for their investigative work and persistence on this case. A lot of this crime seems to be attributed to a small handful of people, and these guys sound particularly nasty.
    Maybe with PG involved, this won’t be another catch-and-release? Fingers crossed!

    • sorry – but I’m not that impressed with the “suppression” efforts when this crew went wild and seemingly unabated around the 1st District over the past few days.

      • They made quick work of catching the crew involved in the Georgia&Euclid last night, and that post is now on page 2 of popville with only 3 comments on it, none of which are props.
        Good policing is difficult, thankless, and almost completely unnoticed when it’s done right. So I stand by my original props.

        • I’m with you here, U neighbor — this definitely deserves props. And I think your observation that a lot of this crime seems to be attributed to a small handful of people is likely to be spot on.

    • don’t count on it. perps described as age ranging “15-19” Assuming minors this will be a catch and release

  • yup . . . hand in cookie jar (and it wasn’t from Milk Bar either)

  • Hopefully these worthless pieces of human garbage can be put away for as long as possible.

  • I’m happy to hear this and thankful for the cops; however, please repeat this about 100 times…then I’ll be impressed…

  • so the guys they caught are they the same as the guys responsible for the robberies on Wednesday night ion Cap hill/navy yard? it’s a little unclear!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      My guess is they probably think so – but have to get more proof before announcing specifics. Will update when they release more info.

    • that’s the 1st District so that’s a fair assumption.

      There have been way more problems in First than this recent spike. Police response to spike in street crime has been underwhelming

    • There were also two robberies on Sunday (I believe) that specifically mentioned suspects in a minivan. It may be those, as I don’t remember the most recent ones mentioning a specific vehicle.

    • I do believe that several of those crimes described the perps as a group of 5. Up here in 5D, we’ve also had several street robberies with similar descriptions of a group of 5. Hopefully these are the right perps, and they are taken off the streets long term.

  • SusanRH

    Props to the cops for catching these guys so quickly! Unfortunately I have no faith that our criminal justice system will punish them accordingly

  • Props to the cops!!! We appreciate any and all efforts to keep our streets safe from criminals!

  • Now we just need to prosecutors to do their part.

  • Totally – props! I’ve read a lot about these robberies with the same M.O. and haven’t felt safe walking around the neighborhood. If this is the same crew, they need to STAY in jail – don’t need another Elijah Smith or Jasper Spires.

  • Does anyone know if this pursuit was connected with the high speed chase on 295 (near e. capitol exit) last night around 830? There was a white dodge charger (or similar) that nearly side swiped me while be chased by no less than 15 police cruisers.

    • Why don’t you ask the police departments instead of the peanut gallery here?

      • Accountering

        Totally useless comment. How is he supposed to ask the police department? This was quite a reasonable question, and your snark/trolling isn’t welcome here.

        • No, it’s a fair point. There’s no real chance of getting an authoritative response to a question like that on here. The only ones who could actually answer that are the police, though chances of them answering it are pretty slim too.

  • Huh, so the police are allowed to be the police (chase people when they run) and lo and behold people actually get caught? Craziness! Next thing you know you will have some crazy idea about if you punish those caught they will be less likely to repeat their crimes and the fact that they faced consequences will reduce the likelihood that others will commit similar acts in the future. I mean, if that happened, crime may actually fall in the city leading to less people in jail long term, and safer communities in the long run, leading to more people moving in and bringing their tax base, which would allow the city to commit more resources to helping the less fortunate members of society get the resources they need to succeed in becoming happy and productive citizens.

    Nah, let’s just publicly praise the officers involved and once the media isn’t paying attention anymore fuck them over internally.

  • Great news – it would also be great if MPD could update when the suspects are released, or if they are denied bail.

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