Awesome Castle House on Rhode Island Ave Getting Renovated

45 Rhode Island Ave, NE

A reader reports on this regularly nominated house of the day:

“There are dumpsters and scaffolding surrounding the castle-looking house on 45 Rhode Island Ave NE. After sitting around empty for a very long time, it looks like someone is finally doing something to it. Wondering if you heard anything about it? Probably condos? I always though it would fall down before anyone did anything…”

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  • justinbc

    I’m surprised it’s only 2,400 sqft, it looks much larger than that.

  • Spoke to the owner last weekend. Three condos and a shared roof deck.

    I’ve been walking past this deserted shell for two years now and am glad to see it being fixed up! Apparently it’s been vacant for 10 years so lord knows how it looks inside… good luck to the contractors!.

    • There were absolutely squatters in there in the not-too-distant past. Looks much bigger than it actually is due to the shape, it is roughly triangular (you aren’t seeing the hypotenuse in that photo). I invariably love these DC houses that sit on small islands created by our diagonal avenues and cross streets. There is another one a block off of Blair Rd near the Takoma rec center that I covet.

  • This has been a long time coming. Just last spring it seemed as if the rear decks you can see in the OP’s picture were about to collapse from the weight of all the melting snow. Can’t wait until they fix this place up. Hopefully it will mean less loitering around the property and maybe an improved triangle park (maybe that’s too optimistic).

  • Sold for 650 a couple weeks ago. Will be interesting to see how much it sells for after conversion

  • I have mixed feelings. Glad something is being done to save the house but considering how they reno anything these days I’m afraid the interesting cornice will be lost to an ugly popup bearing no relation to the style of the house. Then they’ll just paint it gray like they do every other house.

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