About that Massive Police Presence on Sherman Ave Friday Night


A reader reports (and others also inquire on twitter) around 12:30am:

“Word is a fight broke out in the building on sherman and columbia. Cops came in and one of them got hurt. That unleashed all the police presence. Looks like the hurt cop will be ok.”


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  • Being the police is a tough job… Especially now a days….. Much respect for what they do… Glad to hear the Ofc. will be ok.

    Be safe MPD!

  • Let me guess. Brianme Nadeau will call for a “community meeting” about a month from now to try to calm the masses. Meanwhile, crime will continue to sky rocket in her ward — especially Park View and Columbia Heights. Where is the leadership? She has misplaced priorities.

    • Yeah, it would be far better to NOT have community meetings to bring police together with residents for discussions and airing of concerns.

      Newsflash: Not everything is within the control of a council member. You want leadership, Anonymous Internet Whiner? I’ll be happy to lead you to your new apartment in Clarendon.

  • On a tangential note… that building is one of the few pop-ups I approve of.

  • Egad

    Thanks for the report! Sherman has been on a roll lately. The Stop n Go Market on Sherman and Columbia was robbed a couple of nights ago. Things have been crazier than usual on this strip lately. Thank goodness winter is coming and will hopefully put a chill on crime.

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