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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Bear

    Rave: Back home after an emotionally trying trip to the field. I shed a lot of tears while saying goodbye to my staff, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to do it in person.
    Rave: I’m getting married in less than two weeks!
    Rant: I have so much to do to get ready, but all I want to do is sleep. Damn you, jet lag.

  • Rave: Amazing weekend in Philly. I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s pictures of the Pope, but also our neighborhood (right around the corner from the Seminary) was EMPTY. I mean, you could bowl down the streets. It was AWESOME. Same with my drive in to work today.
    Rave: My parents leave for France tomorrow. I finally get some space from my mom who is exhausting. She is…
    Rant: Passive aggressive about everything and takes everything personally. She always wants to go out to dinner, all of us together. I’ve told her that I don’t enjoy going to dinner with my child, so they can go and we will stay home and fend for ourselves. She takes it personally. Because my anxiety around a toddler meltdown can’t possibly be real. I don’t enjoy eating out with him, so why would I do it? He eats less, screams, doesn’t sit still (he’s almost 2, that happens). It ruins other people’s enjoyment. She thinks it’s me blaming her. I prefer to try hard to stave off my anxiety attacks. She doesn’t think that’s a real thing. She literally made me run to my car last night to sit it in and cry with no one seeing me.
    Rant: Still can’t come to terms with my Agent’s pricing scheme but am tired of fighting with my husband about it. She said ‘we can just list it at his price and see what happens’ but that has me worried because she says we don’t price based on price per foot, we price based on the market realities. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that. If a smaller unit in my building sold in a weekend for $680/ft (including the $$$ for parking), ours should be in a similar range (maybe $620 – also including parking), no? Blurgh. I hate being in the middle but we also signed a contract with her already and have no way to get a second opinion because we aren’t local.
    Rave: Saw the Onion bit on the Pope and Philly and thought of Accountering right away.

    • ….sorry that’s a negative RRR today. Rave: My child isn’t yet 2 and, unprompted, showed me a triangle (“mama tangle”). So Rave that he’s smart and funny. A pain in the ass, but smart and funny for sure.

    • Regarding the unit pricing: Smaller units normally sell at more of a premium, so it would depend on how much bigger yours is, whether there’s a comp of a similar sized unit priced lower, etc. Maybe a good exercise would be looking at the worst case scenario for both pricing schemes. In hers, you sell quickly but for less money, in your husbands, you sit on the market for awhile and end up with the price that the agent wanted to list for…so which is worse for you?

      • worse case for me is being in between them! She doesn’t want to list it above 500k. He does.

        • Go with the husband. He’ll be around longer that the realtor. Plus, some folks (don’t know the husband, so not saying him particularly) can be insufferable when they believe you were the cause of money being left on the table.

        • Yeah that’s a tough one – that $500k mark is the high search number for a LOT of first time buyers. You’ll get a lot more attention from online searches, and therefore foot traffic if you go on at $499k, and buyer agents are going to know it’s worth more than that. Ugh…I do not envy your position. If I were in her position, I’d be advising the exact same thing. She’s trying to get you top dollar by exposing you to a larger buyer pool. But the comment before does have some merit too…you’ll have to deal with your husband a lot longer than your agent…and it only takes one buyer at the right price. The good news is that the market is hot, so you’ll sell either way.

          • That’s the thing I don’t get with RE. So what if I over list my property. It doesn’t stop a buyer from submitting an offer below that. It’s up to the seller to either accept, reject or negotiate.

          • Over listing makes places sit. If your range is 500k max, you’re not very likely to search for places at 550k in hopes they’ll take 500k.

        • Accountering

          I would go with your husband… He is your partner, not your realtor. Seems like you have a strong basis to list a higher price too, a great comp, that any buying agent worth their salt will find.
          Ultimately its your house, and your call. Do what you feel is right – but IMO you side with your partner, not the agent.

          • again- Im curious as to why the listing price was discussed before going into a contract with the agent.

          • we moved out of the area and didn’t contract at a price – just a contract to list. We wanted to get all that done before we moved. she sold our last place quickly for a great price (small studio, listed at 299 sold for 314. I think that’s great considering the size/building).

            current place has parking, 850sq feet, overlooks 11&p, other units in the building selling for mid-high 600s per foot. Her theory is more traffic, but I wouldn’t spend $530 or so on a condo if I were searching under 500. My husband’s theory is that over 500, you get more serious buyers. In their offers, they may offer $505, but probably not as much as HE thinks it’s worth. FWIW, Zillow estimates it’s value at 518.

            Agent is worried the appraised value won’t match the sales price, making closing difficult.

          • Yeah, when I sold, I perused similar listings until I had a very good idea of what the market rate the places similar to mine were selling at. I even went to some open houses so I’d be sure. So I knew how much I was going to list it at, and talked to brokers who had a similar price in mind. Would not have hired someone who wanted to list it lower or higher. (Didn’t have a partner to worry about.) When my broker found out that the apartment above mine was listed at a lower price, she wanted to lower the price of mine to that price. But the places had been renovated in a different number of rooms (mine had more bedrooms still) and I knew the market would pay more for mine (it did, no waiting involved). SO, my point is that you have to remember that the real estate agent works for you – not the other way around. You tell THEM what to do. If they have a problem with that, they will let you out of the contract. Stand firm. And if you are in the middle of the two, go with your middle pricing strategy.

          • Ahhh- see I thought it was just the sale price, but she’s more concerned about the appraisal. Which in that case you list low- and if people are willing to bid up- more than likely they’ll have cash on hand the offset the balance if It appraises lower.

          • Accountering

            So agent wants it at 499k, and the comp is $578k. I think you would be making a big mistake to list at 499k. Even if people love it, there are a lot of condos in DC, so in a buyers mind, they offer $525k or $550k, but you just aren’t going to find a 15% escalation on a condo. No one falls in love with an 850 sq foot condo like they do with a house.
            Awesome house, love the neighbors, favorite bar down the street, its one of a kind, so you could escalate a bunch. An 850 sq foot condo at 11th and P – there are thousands of condos within a few blocks. If I was in the market, I would escalate a bit, and then just bid on the next one.
            Your agent is an idiot if she thinks appraised wont match the sales price. That never happens, especially in DC. The appraiser will EASILY be able to find comps that match 580k (even the one in your building!) so you will have no problem hitting your appraisal.
            I would tell her to pound sand, list it for $570k, and be done with it. You don’t need a ton of traffic, just one buyer who knows what they are looking for and is ready to move.

          • it won’t go for 570 lol…Not sure the comp is 578.

            But I am thinking the 519 list price gets us more people able to go over the 500 mark more easily than listing it below the 500 mark. I agree – I wouldn’t go up on a condo unless I LOVED it. We got the place at a market low, before the neighborhood blew up, when rates were SO LOW. Either way we’ll do well, but I’m starting to come around. Like I said, I really like our agent – and I do understand both sides of the strategy. I don’t want 100 people to come by in the under 500k list when 90 of them can’t bid over 500, really. Maybe that’s mean, but…The Art of the Deal? lol

          • How much do you want/expect it to go for?
            You could tell the agent that she can list it at $499K, but you’re not willing to accept anything under $530K. (Or $540K, or whatever you think its value is.)

          • Accountering

            $499k is only $587/sq foot.
            Based on some quick looking, recent sales look to be in the 600-675 range, but yours has parking. Even $519k seems low.
            All that aside, it seems like you would prefer to list higher, your husband definitely wants to list higher, and you are going to override your gut feeling, and your husbands seemingly strong feeling, to side with your realtor who wants a bidding war. Seems like a big mistake.

          • I don’t understand the thought that you’ll get the crowd that is looking in the 500k or less range. I was that person a little over a year ago…first time home buyer and not wanting to spend more than 500k. I would not have paid more for a condo listed at 500k. If someone else will, then so be it. Two bedroom, decent size and it’s in Logan Circle? I can’t believe that still exists for 500k in that area!

          • no – 1 bedroom and den. Agent said they don’t go by price per sq foot, because of the parking space issue.

            ParkViewRes – I think the thinking is more traffic = more offers = higher overall sales price. I think, maybe, in the 300s, that’s true, when people might have more leeway with sales price. But at this price range, I don’t think there is often as much to throw at a place. I would walk away from a place asking for 530 when listed at 499, personally. But if it were listed closer to that, I would likely have the resources for a bit of an escalation. Sorry to hijack the RRRR

    • J used to be in DC–does your condo have an outdoor space and is it dog-friendly? I’m looking to buy my first place (I currently rent in U St).

      • yes pet friendly (no size/breed restrictions – we have a 100lb mastiff), and there is a common outdoor roof deck (really nice, actually – i hosted a fundraiser there, and many board game parties because we’re nerds) and little back yard behind the town houses – you still have to leave the building to utilize that.

  • Rant: the driver I saw throwing trash (food wrappers) out his window while stopped at a light last night on the Hill. The worst part was they had a “protect the Chesapeake” license plate.
    Rave: excited to start a new diet/food plan. Never in my life done a diet, but been feeling really icky lately and just not good in my own skin, so I could use a kickstart and maybe finally have a bit of discipline in my eating.

  • Rave: The Super Blood Moon! I was worried that it wouldn’t be viewable with the cloud coverage. I had a great view on a friends roof deck and got at least one good picture. It was a great evening.

    Rant: I think my friend is wading into dangerous territory with an ex. She never really got over him when they broke things off two years ago. She’s now in a long term relationship with her current boyfriend, but still pines for the other guy. They’ve reconnected recently and she’s flirting to the point that other people notice. And she won’t stop talking about him which is really, really annoying. She claims she’s not going to do anything with him, but I don’t think that’s true. And I’m going to be the one to deal with whatever fallout occurs.

    Question: Looking for a source that tracks estate/yard sales in the area. Are there any listservs or blogs that post when they happen?

  • Rant: Yet another damn raisin incident with the cat–again on a day he was supposed to go get his vaccines!
    Rave: Friendship animal hospital successfully induced vomiting and sent him home.
    Rant: They used a different medication than the folks at VCA in Alexandria and he was in rough shape for about 24 hours from the side effects. Poor cat seemed hungover.
    Rave: Got to go for a nice, long walk Sunday afternoon & discovered a new novelty store in Adams Morgan. They have some nifty, albeit random, stuff.
    Rant: Turned on the Nats game yesterday just in time for the fireworks. WTH Papelbon? Can we please kick this guy to the curb? What on earth is wrong with him?

  • Rave: Another wonderful weekend with the new boyfriend. How this happened so unexpectedly I have no idea, but I am thankful every day.
    Rave: Looks like I’ll FINALLY be moving to my new office after one more pay period at my current office. I think I can make it.
    Rant: Professor of one of my classes is driving me a little nuts. She emails the class at least 2-3 times a week and keeps trying to add study group sessions during the day outside of class that won’t benefit anyone who works. She tried to make them mandatory but someone must have complained because she backtracked real quick (thank goodness). I want to be able to study independently for our tests and know I’m getting the answers right, but she won’t give us an answer key to any of the review sheets. She says to come to office hours during the day. This is not fair.
    Question: Best bars with live jazz on the weekends?

  • Rave: Friend is going the sober route, so going out is dirt cheap.
    Rant: People who prefer pushing and shoving over saying excuse me.
    Rave: Fun weekend jerks notwithstanding.
    Rant: A weekend of helping mom declutter ahead. I get to do all the heavy lifting. Yippie!

    • Re your rant: I’ve decided the only time shoving is semi-excusable is on the bus/metro. My voice projects pretty well, but I find that even after saying excuse me 2-3 times (on uncrowded buses!) people STILL won’t let me out!

  • Rant: Was busy finishing a book last night and forgot to look at the blood moon.
    Rave: I really needed a fun, brainless YA fantasy book (Court of Fives by Kate Elliott)
    Rant: Monday and my new job detail is still 500% less interesting than I was hoping for.

    • In the YA fantasy genre, have you read Sherry Thomas’s Burning Sky trilogy? Only two so far… third one coming soon. Highly recommended.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Couple of my fave YA authors are Scott Westerfeld and Stephen Blackmore. Fun reads.

    • Same Rant!: After reading about eclipse, going for a walk in late afternoon and hoping the clouds would clear later so I could see the eclipse, I then started watching old movies on computer and forgot to go out and look all night!
      Rave: Had a nice nature walk anyways, and enjoyable weekend otherwise.

    • There are actually lots of fun AND brainy YA books! – Like my last 3! “Shackleton’s Stowaway” “The Devil’s Paintbox.” and “Son of Fortune.”

  • Rave: Great weekend! We went to the Renaissance Fair instead of the County Fair in BFE. My parents came, complained about everything, mom was being her usually passive aggressive self, but they not only came late but left early and so the visit was salvaged. Also, I feel like I am beginning to master not allowing her mood to destroy my mood. The kids had a blast, and my youngest, who loves animals, was absolutely overjoyed to ride the elephant.
    Rave: Looking at hairstyles for my scheduled appointment Saturday. This is the first job I’ve ever had where appearance doesn’t matter for anything (seriously – they wear yoga pants here), so I’m excited to experiment with color. I’m thinking it’s time for some purple and teal peek-a-boo highlights.
    Rants? I got none!

    • Rant: Elephant slavery. Ponies are one thing, but elephants are too intelligent for that kind of treatment. One day we’ll look back on it just like we look back on the Bushman exhibited in the Bronx Zoo.

      • I’m generally uncomfortable with/opposed to animal exhibitions outside very reputable zoos. However. Equating animal exhibitions with keeping a person in a cage is the kind of hyperbole that obscures good points and makes ostensible allies roll their eyes and dismiss the speaker as a fringe lunatic. Come on.

        • I see your point, and agree that hyperbole is usually counterproductive. However, I’m referring to the expanding concept of personhood. Several countries already designate certain animals “non human persons.” Not the US, of course. If this trend expands (and I hope it does), our current violations of the personhood of these animals will look a lot like the violations of the past again humans who, for reasons of race, stature and other physical attributes, or ability to communicate, were deemed non-persons.
          No one who knows anything about elephants would make the argument that they are not thinking, feeling, complex social creatures who are harmed by solitary captivity and the kind of forced activity I saw this weekend at the Renn Fair.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Glad your kids had fun!

    • I’ve got purple in my hair right now and I think that later this winter I’ll get some of the purple bleached out and add some teal/aquamarine in 🙂 great minds and all that jazz! I highly recommend the dye brand Arctic Fox (most salons don’t carry it yet but you can bring your own dye in with you, just order it from their site) – no harsh chemicals, it lasts much longer than other salon brands I’ve had put on my hair before, and it smells AMAZING!

      • Thanks for the tip, Eggs, I’ll check it out! I have dark brown hair, do you by chance know how the coverage is without bleaching/lifting?

  • Rave: Absolutely wonderful weekend! Saturday morning coffee with Jeslett, “Carmen” at the Kennedy Center with PabloRaw, kitten yoga at WARL yesterday, and to top it off, an amazing super-moon eclipse!
    Rant: Monday. ah well, what are you going to do?
    Rave: My Rent the Runway dress was absolutely perfect! I didn’t want to take it off, much less send it back. But I also didn’t want to pay $700 to keep it, so back it – reluctantly – went. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on RTR – seriously what a freakin’ genius idea!
    Rant: Firetruck idling for almost an hour right below my window this morning. Sirens were off and nothing seemed to be going on, so move that shit outta here! Gah!

  • Blithe

    Rant: I made several trips up to the roof deck to watch the moon — and didn’t see much of anything because of the clouds. I did get to meet lots of neighbors that I’ve never seen before, so there’s that.
    Rave: I stopped by the jazz festival at Westminster church yesterday. Events like this remind me why I love DC!
    Rave: One of the jackets that I wore this weekend cost $29.99 — marked down from almost $700. This might well be my bargain of the decade.
    Query: Does anyone know where I can get smoked sable fish in the DC area? Metro accessible would be a plus. I stopped by DGS and was told that I’d just missed it. Now I’m really missing Mel Krupin’s and Posin’s.
    Rave: Did a quick clear out of my fridge, and plan to reorganize my clothes closet. Maybe by 2033 I’ll be a minimalist and have a better view of the moon.
    Rave: Other people’s moon pics. Yay!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: The work event was even better than I’d anticipated.
    Rave: Awesome Sunday with Emily.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Additional Rave: The nice part of Baltimore is really, really nice.
      Related Rant: I made the mistake of looking to see what kind of house we could afford in said nice part of Baltimore. Weeping.

      • I would absolutely love to live in Fells Point. I love the architecture, the atmosphere, everything. However. The schools are absolutely awful. Rolland Park has a equally gorgeous homes, and I would also love to live there (and $700K gets you a gorgeous house with a fair amount of land, instead of just a row house in Petworth), however, after elementary school you better hope you can afford private school. Plus, the one thing that gets me about Baltimore is the fact that one second you are in a good, trendy neighborhood, and a few blocks away it’s bad. And I mean bad, bad. There really is a huge difference between the haves and have-nots, especially since the vast majority of the middle and working classes moved out in the 80s and 90s.

      • emvee

        Ah, Baltimore. I love when people see how lovely it can be! Since the SO still works up there, I make the mistake every couple of months of seeing what the housing market looks like there. $200k gets you an entire house! In a good area! $200k!! I weep with you.

      • Quotia Zelda

        Guilford was the neighborhood I fell in love with. I love early 20th century architecture.

      • Sister lives in Guilford, brother in Fells Point which makes for great Baltimore visits 🙂 Although $200,000 goes much further in Baltimore, they also pay a LOT more in property taxes.

        • They do! I was shocked by what a friend of my BF paid in taxes compared to my BF. For reference, they lived two or three blocks from each other in near identical houses/lots, BF in the County, his friend in the City.

        • Accountering

          Hehe, I posted above about this. It is a TON more. A $250k house in Baltimore will be paying the same in taxes as a $750k house in DC.

          • lol – just saw your post. I would also say that what that money gets you in Baltimore vs. DC is so much less it’s laughable. As much as I love the city, I will remain a visitor. I really enjoy the Towson area, and I think this is where I will be potentially exploring over the next several months.

          • ^ as in, the tax money (sorry that’s not as clear as it was in my head!) – the infrastructure sucks (yes, worse than DC), public education is really a joke, and the police force? Yeah. We won’t even go there.

          • Accountering

            Totally agree. I can’t even fathom flushing $15k a year into the proverbial toilet that is the Baltimore city government. At least in DC when I call 911 they show up, and the trash gets picked up twice a week.

  • Can I get the hivemind’s input on my basement? I want to rent it out. It’s about 600 square feet. Pros are the size, separate bedroom, location (Columbia Heights close to metro,) modern bath, front and back entrances. Cons are the lack of full kitchen (there are counters, sink, cabinets, and I could put in a small fridge. But no stove/ oven as it stands,) no separately metered utilities, and the noise from the furnace/AC and from people walking upstairs. It’s just two of us upstairs, and we’re always settled down by 9pm. I would probably bill it as a roommate situation (though the tenant would have the full basement in complete privacy.) I would give access to the second-floor laundry. What could I get for it?
    Alternatively, could I put it on Air B&B and expect to get as much or more? What are the considerations there?
    Thank you!

    • You can probably put in a small electric stove as well that way they have a full functioning kitchen. If that happens I’d say around $1500 including utilities.

      • I worry about the legality (lack thereof) of presenting it as a proper apartment, without separate utilities and with the noise from the air handler.

        • Eh- along as you claim the rental income, you should be fine. Of course take proper precautions, having smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, hang a fire extinguisher, if you have any security gates over the front/rear entrances, make sure they can be unlocked from inside without needed a key. You can’t do anything about the noise, so if you feel that’s going to be an issue and want to compensate the tenant for that, then it’s up to you. As far as laundry- they can use a Laundromat.

        • janie4

          technically, you don’t need separately billed utilities, you need separate access – the electric need to have separate panels. You need access to your panel without going into their unit, and vice versa.

        • Most basement apartments in DC don’t meet all of the requirements to get a certificate of occupancy and be “legal.” Choose your tenant carefully.
          If you’re offering the unit with no stove at all, you’ll have to discount it pretty substantially. If you can put in a stove, the apartment will draw a lot more interest from potential renters.

        • Another alternative is to furnish the place, and rent it out during intern season in DC. You can probably get a good 6-7 months between couple interns, plus can still keep possession of the apartment for guests etc in the unoccupied months.

        • “Choose your tenant wisely.”
          This is by far the best advice you need to heed. You’ll be renting an illegal apartment. If they decide not to pay rent, you’ll be in for the fight of your life to get them removed. That said, I would venture to guess that 50% of basement apartments in DC are illegal.
          Personally, I’d do AirBnB so you don’t have to worry about legal ramifications of trying to remove a tenant in an illegal space. I’d probably install a small fridge and a hot plate then rent it out fully furnished. This gives you the option to have the space free for those weekends/holidays that you have visitors. You can hire a cleaner to stop once per week to handle the cleaning. Handle the linens yourself, as you can quickly change them out between renters.

          • That said, I would not allow the AirBnB renters into your house upstairs. There’s no need for them to be up there and they can access the basement through their separate entrance. You really do have a great spot for an occasional AirBnB rental!

          • It is not an “illegal apt.” if it is really a bedroom sharing the home in which you live. Airbnb is a ton of work – and there are over 1,500 listings for DC. Before you go that route, do a search as a potential guest would. The Airbnb nightly average for DC is under $90.00. (Also people are starting to realize that the 9-12% extra fee is crazy expensive!)

            Look at the market & your competition – run the realistic numbers. If you can rent full time for $1,500/month it might be well worth it to skip the enormous airbnb hassle.

          • It’s illegal if the ceiling height is not 7 feet – that goes for both “normal” bedrooms and separate basement apartments. Good luck convincing someone to pay a private english basement price in order to live in a glorified group house. OP is specifically trying to rent it as a separate apartment, so it would never get approved for a CO for a litany of reasons in its current state.

          • If the bedroom doesn’t meet certain requirements (minimum ceiling height, means of egress, etc.), it wouldn’t legally qualify for a roommate-style rental either.

  • topscallop

    Rave: Watching the lunar eclipse last night while the Strokes played songs I rocked out to in high school
    Rave: new guy in the picture. So far things seem really, really good. It’s still early though, so I’m just enjoying it and not looking too far ahead.
    Rant: so much to catch up on at work! Last week’s telecommuting, while enjoyable and useful for getting errands done, was not so productive for me in terms of doing actual work.

  • Rant: Police flying down residential streets at high rates of speeds. It’s just a matter of time before something tragic happens.
    Rave: relaxing weekend.
    Rave: so much investing opportunities
    Rant: no liquid assets to take advantage of said opportunities.

  • Pretty frustrated that my Dupont studio isn’t attracting any offers. It’s a well-managed building with a prime location for all Dupont festivities– High Heel Race, Pride, 17th St festival. It’s a coop though and people just don’t understand them. Some one could get a nice apartment, if they want to live there.

    • Are you trying to sell or rent it out?

    • I find that co-op real estate ads are light on details w/r/t fees. For instance, I would want to know what the fee covered – utilities, on-site 24/7 maintenance, laundry, all taxes, etc.
      Agents do a terrible job with the listing language on co-ops, in my experience.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Few agents have a good understanding of how coops work. Even if your agent does (I’d sure hope an agent listing a coop would understand it), realize that most buyers are probably working with agents who don’t have any real idea of how coops work.

    • If you want advice, for the coop on 17th that I think must be it, here’s what to do. You can’t change that it is a coop, but you can work with what you have to work with. You could start by having the listing better explain what a coop is to those who don’t understand, by noting in the description that the fee includes all property taxes in addition to the utilities. (Can you tell i wrote my own copy for my realtor when I sold my coop? – admittedly in more coop-friendly NYC, but still … you work with what you got.) Note it is on the top floor with no noise above if it is (I don’t know if your ground floor is labelled L or 1.)
      You need better photographs. Only two of those look good. Good photography can make a place look awesome, and the listing will stick in people’s heads and make them come see it. After they’ve seen it, when they go to look it up again, they see the great photos, and still can’t get it out of their minds, even if it is a coop.
      Stage it better. Remove the wardrobe from the entry, the chair and coffee tables in the living room, the extra shelving and cart unit from the kitchen. It can seem counterintuitive, but the goal is not to show the buyer how much extra stuff they can fit in to make it livable. The goal is to show it fits a bed and a sofa and a few other other small things, and still look spacious. I removed 2/3 of my stuff from a 3 times larger apartment. People loved it! It looked way more spacious. Sure, you’d have way more stuff once you actually lived there – that’s true of any well-staged place.

      Try advertising it yourself in places people who might not be actively looking, or don’t yet realize they can get something well-locates so cheap, will see it. Like workplaces with new workers coming to town. Any friends’ workplaces have newsletters? Flyers in places people read flyers (bulletin boards inside bookstores and libraries.) And the gay press/boards – it is perfectly located for interest from the community. Advertise in NYC – NYers are moving here all the time for jobs, and truly get coops, and would love this place. Even if just free internet listings. Brainstorm other venues – you may need to do some work like this to supplement your realtor’s efforts.

      Good luck!. You’re welcome.

      • I haven’t tracked down the corresponding listing like anon 12:13 did, but he/she gives good advice about removing furniture, especially regarding the wardrobe, extra shelving, and cart unit. The first thing I think when I see any of those in real estate photos is that the place doesn’t have sufficient storage space.

        • +1000. I’ve seen to many nice apartments ruined because someone has a million different furniture pieces/storage items. Instead of saying, “Oh, look at the pretty features” I think “Oh Goodness, How did that person manage to fit all that in there? Did they really feel like they needed that to live there? I can’t!”

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Life can be so hard sometimes for no good reason.
    Rave: Finally watch Pitch Perfect with the nieces et al. OMG Becca lived in my dorm! But omg they so partied at the amphitheater wrong. That’s how people get hurt, step away from the seats.

  • I am having trouble downloading the pictures from Popville. I cleared my cookies – does any have suggestions how to fix the problem?

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Spent the weekend cleaning/organizing the basement, mopping floors and doing laundry. I know that sounds like a rant but it feels good to get a lot of stuff done.
    Rave: I have one Fairytale pumpkin and eight mini-pumpkins and it’s not October yet. Do I have an issue?
    Rant: When I went to bed Friday night, I noticed that Lizzie wasn’t in her crate. I searched the house, basement and backyard and couldn’t find her. Finally I heard a yelp from outside (she no longer barks but occasionally will let out a squawk) and she had gone down the steps from the deck to the basement door, a spot she had never been before. Since she can’t climb up stairs any more she was trapped and was just sitting there staring at the basement door. I think she had been out there for about four hours; I’m a bad dog daddy!
    Find: Can’t remember now who was asking but Kuhn’s Orchard at the U Street Farmer’s market had chestnuts Saturday.

  • Rave: Landmark was a success! Can I be Lauren Mayberry? She was so adorable/perfect.
    Rant: Made an anon complaint to the police about the man who blows the trumpet at the Noma/Galludet station. They said the only thing I can do is keep calling (PRO-TIP: the more the callers, the more likely they will act). All I want to do is read my book with my window open on a Sunday evening…. or anytime without hearing an off-tune trumpet EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Even the officer on the line was shocked by how crystal clear it penetrates my room and how she could hear his every note on her end– and I’m PentHouse level. Any suggestions on how to put an end to this?!!? It’s been occuring for months but I’m finally mentally cracking. Help 🙁

    • I hear this guy from two blocks away and it really grinds my gears. Sometimes he starts at 7 in the morning, some days. For what? I’ve never seen him ask for money or anything of the sort. Part of me would honestly pay him to 1. go away and 2. go very, very far away.

      • I KNOW. I think he’s the guy that used to open the door to that area’s starbucks, but decided trumpet turned a better profit. he had a bag collecting money this morning. I would pay for him to stop playing! according to dc noise ordinance laws, as long as he’s playing after 7am, it’s not a crime. but its still the worst wakeup call. worse than the construction.

  • Rant: hit and run at 9 or 10 on Friday night at 16th and Florida. Grey van hit a biker and took off. Biker did not look in good shape and didn’t move at all for a while.
    Rave: lots of folks helped, including chasing down the van. Cops were quick. Eventually saw biker’s knees moving of their own accord.

    Couldn’t find anything about this on the blotter, news, or PoP. Anyone know if the guy is OK or if they got the driver? Have been thinking about it all weekend and sending well wishes.

  • Rave: Got a promotion. I guess I am a supervisor now?
    Rant: It does not come with a pay raise…wth?
    I have serious imposter syndrome going on…and would prefer no one knew about said promotion (except the obvious people that work closely with me). Now they want to make an announcement to our whole division…I really wish they wouldn’t. I am an introvert…why can’t they just let me keep my head down and do my work?
    Rant: This semester is totally stressing me out. So much work.
    However, I did take time to go wedding dress shopping…it was…interesting?

    • I totally feel you on the rant. I would not like being in the position where someone announces my greater responsibility for no greater pay. Ugh.

    • Accountering

      That is such a garbage promotion. I had similar when my former supervisor left, and the promoted me to run the department, with no corresponding pay increase. They are laying the groundwork to lose you, and it is stupid on their part.

  • Rant: I slept well all weekend except for Sunday night. Of course.
    Rant: I leave for Europe on Wednesday and have 8,123 errands to run before I leave. I have new found appreciation and respect for my partner who usually deals with this kind of crap. Remember to thank him when I see him!
    Rave: I leave for Europe soon! Hello much needed vacation.

  • Have finished three weeks at the new job, and am starting to feel like I am getting the hang of it, which is a good feeling. Still lots to learn of course, but at least I seem more settled. (Nice feeling after seven months’ unemployment preceded by about 10 months of being jerked around and poorly treated at the previous place.)

  • Rave: Knocked some more big items off of my to-do list this weekend while seeing a lot more of the Bay Area.
    Rave: Planned a weekend babymoon in Napa with the hubs. Especially awesome is that we got our fancy hotel room for free for two nights because we’re credit card rewards hoarders.
    Rave: Had a fun reveal on FaceTime to my little nieces that we’re expecting twin girls. They were so sweet and funny about the news.
    Rant: My mom was on the call and as usual couldn’t hold back from saying at least something negative. This time it was that I’m “too skinny” when I showed the girls my belly. And then she repeated it just because. Not cool, mom. Not cool.

  • emvee

    Rave: I finally cleaned out my closet this weekend, as tends to happen with the transition of seasons. Lots went to Goodwill, more is going to consignment.
    Rave: We leave for the UK in less than two weeks and have finally gotten our plans more-or-less made. A few months ago I had asked for input for Scotland vs. Ireland and MPinDC suggested Wales. Well, we’re headed to Wales! Have any of you done some hiking in Snowdonia? We can’t commit to more than a five or six hour hike, and I’m not sure of the fitness level of one travel companion. I had been thinking Snowdon, but word on the street/internet is that can be a pretty dangerous mountain outside of the summer months and I don’t want to take the risk with people whose athletic ability I’m unsure of.
    Rave: Sweet potato and wild rice soup in the crockpot. Day two of crockpot raves.

  • Rave: Jesus and Mary Chain show last night at the 9:30 Club.
    Rant: Forgot to look for the blood moon afterward.
    Sour-grapes compensatory rave: Not sure I would have been able to see it anyway.
    Rant: The days are getting shorter. WINTER IS COMING.
    Rave: More reasonable temperatures outdoors.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Morris Bar FOLLOWS me on twitter now! And faved another tweet. I die.

  • Emmaleigh504

    PSA: Unofficial HH at Southern Hospitality Oct 15. Theme: hats!

  • Rave: nice time with LBP Saturday morning. Good seeing you!
    Rant: I’ve been getting headaches lately and I am not enjoying it. Allergies? Dog barking and my subsequent yelling (trying to redirect his attention)? I am having a hard time working.
    Rave: I had a fun time being the subject of a photo shoot yesterday morning. I can’t wait to see the results. Plaid suit ftw!
    Rave: I finally made it to Dram and Grain and it was lovely.

    • ….do you have a history of jaw clenching or grinding your teeth? I notice when I’m extra stressed, I clench and they end up causing bad headaches….

      • Either way, this sounds like something that could be treated by acupuncture! Is that something you would consider?

        • You know, I’ve thought about it, but I’ve never actually tried it. Maybe I now is the time.

          • FWIW, I love Nicole at Pekoe Acupuncture. Noah is wonderful too. I was surprised to learn that most of the treatments there were paid by my insurance, too. I also like the community acupuncture place on Dupont Circle, which has a sliding scale for payment, but the experience is totally different there.

          • Acupuncture has shown to be effective in good clinical trials – but also that it doesn’t actually matter where the needles are stuck. So go with that as you will.

          • I like the community accupunture place in Dupont circle also little bird on Columbia rd near 16th

          • To Victoria’s point, I couldn’t tell you why acupuncture works for me, but it’s remarkably good at helping me deal with any stress-related ailments (headaches, body aches, anxiety, etc). A big part of that relief really may come from just having an hour in a nice, quiet, comfortable room with relaxing music and nothing to do but rest. Even if that’s the case, I’ll take it.

          • Victoria, I could’ve sworn that I’d read the opposite — that actual acupuncture has been shown to be effective in clinical trials, but that “fake” acupuncture did not have the same results.

          • There was a good discussion of what acupuncture can and cannot do from The Gist, starting at 11:30:

    • Blithe

      Have you tried taking allergy meds or an antihistamine/ mucinex (can’t spell the generic) combo to see if it helps?

  • RAVE: Landmark festival. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. I also really hope anyone who went saw Wale who I was not previously a huge fan of but had such an incredible presence, so much energy, engaged the crowd, and just put on the best show, like, ever. I also caught part of Red Baraat who was not on my list of must-sees but were also awesome. Other highlights: Twin Shadow, Chromeo, Alt-J. Next year hopefully they will figure out a better system for the beer, food, and bathroom lines, but honestly I had such a great time I didn’t even care. I’m never going to Merriweather for a festival ever again.

    • palisades

      Wale-Miguel-Drake was a pretty unbeatable 1-2-3 punch of performances. They put it all out there for the crowd.

      • I missed Miguel but heard he was great too! I think we were taking a breather at that point and my friends all looooove War on Drugs so we headed to that stage early. Personally I think War on Drugs is a total snoozefest but I didn’t have strong feelings enough about Miguel to ditch my friends to go see him. I’ll know better next time!

        • palisades

          I’m a huge WoD fan, but Miguel was definitely the performance to see. He is super flamboyant and holds nothing back. He’s how I imagine Prince performs.

      • +1! That trio was a fun one to see while we waited in line for 2 hours (!) at the bar. I guess my rave would be that they cleaned up the line issues by Sunday, but Saturday’s issues were very disappointing.

    • Anonynon

      Not to sound like a snob but I have been to many many music festivals ranging from Bonaroo..to sweet life..eaux Claire..The old virgin fests..landmark. And I have to say I was pretty disappointed from landmark. Don’t get my started on Day 1’s horrific beer/food planning..i don’t even wanna talk about it. Drake was cool though. Day 2 was packed with good artists and everything but seemed like 70% of the people had never heard of TV on the Radio or lord huron and the vibe in the crowd was not very active. Dan deacon was by far the most energetic crowd, and he was on the smallest stage. I don’t see any reason really to bring back this festival in the current incarnation.. Maybe if they reduced the number of shows per day and focused on bringing in 2-3 really solid Live acts and had it actually on the mall…I would go again. But maybe I realize these ‘teaser’ festivals are not so much about the ‘user experience’ as it is to give people a ‘taste’ of what a real music festival is like.

      • sorry that you didn’t have as good of an experience as I did. obviously my festival-cred isn’t as sophisticated as yours. (firefly 2013 and 2014, made in America 2014, virgin fest & sweetlife many times since 2007.) that’s cool if you don’t want to go next year — there will be shorter lines for me and my friends.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Received a parking ticket on Saturday near Farragut North. Didn’t read the sign about reserved commercial paid space. Are these signs new? I haven’t seen them before.
    Rave: Much needed distractions at Crafty Bastards yesterday. Saw some beautiful things and I was finally able to buy the barrel aged maple syrup.
    Rave: Like Blithe, I scored a jacket at some ridiculous price (something 95% off the original price). The only downside is that it’s an old man jacket with no real form.

    • Blithe

      Would it be worth it to get the jacket altered a bit? Even with the cost of alterations, it would still be a major bargain, especially if getting alterations means that you’ll wear it more. Yay: bargains!

    • That One Guy

      Additional late rave: talked a food truck into making me a fat chicken tender sandwich a la Rutgers grease truck.

    • Yeah, sorta newish, all over the city, taking parking space away from people and giving them only to use by commercial vehicles. It may make sense. They did this to much of the southern half of Manhattan a few years back, and while it made parking worse, it did improve the situation with commercial vehicles blocking traffic all the time. Not as much impact on individual drivers there (I’ve noticed because I drive there now that I moved here) because NYers in their right mind take the subway in town even if they have a car – but this town is so easy to drive in by comparison, and I’m seeing those signs all over the place.

  • RAVE: Blood Moon. Had a great vantage from my balcony from 915 to 1030. Then the clouds rolled in.
    RAVE: Got tons of household stuff done over the weekend. Got the art on the walls! Re-potted plants! Fixed cabinet and door hinges! I have a knack for the handyman work.
    RAVE: Lusting over the Weber Spirit 210 BBQ. It would be awesome on our small balcony. Unfortunately, it’s too risky to have a charcoal grill up there.
    RAVE: Got tix for Bob Moses this Thursday performing live on U Hall’s stage. Their new album is incredible – these guys are going to be huge. Fantastically moody electronic-rock.

  • houseintherear

    rant. On day 4 of a hell of a migraine. I’m not depressed or at all suicidal, but last night I had a very real feeling of “I’d rather die than go through this any more.” Wish there was better medical help for us migraine sufferers. And being a teacher to young ones while battling a migraine is truly almost impossible.

    rant. My dog just turned 10 and suddenly it’s Slow City USA. He is healthy and on supplements for arthritis. So it appears he’s just a normal Westie. My neighbor growing up had a Westie who would walk one block then had to be carried… it appears that is my life now. Love him to the moon and back, and he’s the best dog I’ve ever known, but… OY.

    • Gah, I am SO SORRY about your migraine. I also had a killer migraine for 4 days last week, and I hope you feel better soon. I can’t even imagine having to teach with one. I think I’d throw up. :X

    • Oh god, I can’t even imagine what that must be like. Just being around young children can trigger migraines for me.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so sorry about your migraine! I had one that last 5 days and I thought I would kill some one if I didn’t get relief. Finally fioricet did the trick, it also made me fall off the sofa as I watched Bob Ross. Bob Ross and fioricet is a potent combination.

    • Ask your doctor about propranalol as a prophylaxis for migraines. It was a wonder drug for me. None of the Migraine meds worked (as they don’t for over 50% of people) but a daily dose of this was 90% effective.

      • houseintherear

        Ahh, a beta blocker! Thank you for commenting. Many years ago a doc tried to get me on those and I was scared to take it (I have medicine anxiety!)… I’ll make an appt to talk to my doc about this. Thank you!

        • I have to say that I am on a beta blocker (not proranalol) for other reasons, but it has seemed to significantly help with the occasional migraines I used to get that would put me in the hospital – migraines that were likely brought on by positional changes and a bizzare vaso-vagal response. I love my beta blocker (which is a weird think to say) but I understand that not everyone does or wants to be on a daily med. I don’t know, it’s worth checking out – also, see if they can do a tilt-table test if you still haven’t been able to figure out the cause(s). I still get migraines (and have been getting them a lot recently) but they tend to be directly related to significant allergen exposure and/or changes in atmospheric pressure.

  • Late Rant: Trader Joe’s Chicken Tikka Masala. This used to be great but I haven’t eaten it in about a year and today I only got three barely-bite size chicken pieces. Wth? I feel like a lot of their frozen foods, which used to be the best, have gone downhill a bit in the past year. Is this just me? Ugh.

    • That’s disappointing if true! I haven’t had their frozen meals in years, but I recall the chicken tikka masala being very good.

      • Flavor is still fantastic, but lack of chicken in a dish with the word “chicken” in the title is lame. I emailed them.

  • Pablo Raw

    Raveant: I’m in urgent need of a weekend to recover from the weekend
    Rant: Very little sleep between the Opera, the Moon eclipse and a photogig over the weekend.
    Rave: The Opera, the moon and a photogig over the weekend.
    Rant: Mosquitoes are still around

    more coffee please

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