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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Moving forward with plans to pop up/back for conversion. Anyone on here gone through this before?
    Rant: I’m expecting to end up in permit black hole.
    Rave: Time is in my favor.

  • mtpgal

    Rant: My plumber is fantastic both at his job and how respectful he is while working to make sure he doesn’t inadvertently cause damage to the house. I think he’s spoiled me. In contrast, yesterday I had two gentlemen come to repair the air conditioner. Even after I brought a rubber mat for them to work on they worked on a large metal piece directly on the hardwood floor, which resulted in a six inch scratch and two dime-sized pieces chipped out of the floor. I have a lot of respect for tradespeople (I kinda wish I’d gone into a trade sometimes) and I understand it’s a difficult, often physical job. Even taking that into account, I’m irritated by how little regard they had for my house.

    • I hear you. We had a crew who removed a hot water tank from our third floor utility closet and left so many dings & scratches in our original (100+yo) wooden stairs & banisters. Disappointing to say the least.

      • mtpgal

        Same, 100+yo hardwoods which kills me both because of the damage and because I feel like I’m a bad caretaker for the house.

        • Emmaleigh504

          100+ year wood gets scratched etc. Happens to 100+ year wood all over the country. As long as it doesn’t need replacing b/c there’s a giant hole, you are good. relax

    • Emmaleigh504

      on the bright side, it adds character to the floor. It would be boring if they were pristine condition forever.

  • Reposting a late question from the road closure thread yesterday: “I have a 10:48 flight from DCA on Wednesday, coming from Bethesda. Normally, I’d jump on the Metro, but that seems like asking for trouble. But what’s a good driving route, and what time do I leave? I’m thinking going over Chain Bridge to the GW Parkway, and leaving my house at 8 (which may get me to the airport 2 hours before my flight, but better safe than sorry.) Any ideas?

    • Do you have any friend or colleagues that live in VA? If so, maybe spend Tuesday night on their couch. Otherwise, I’d take the Metro but leave super early (530-6am) and hopefully beat the papal rush.

    • That One Guy

      All I can say is vaya con dios. Personally I would check WMATA to see how the trains are running and use that as the first option. If all else fails, you can always camp out at Kabob Palace in Crystal City (open 24 hours).

      • SouthwestDC

        Are you saying this because he/she is coming from Bethesda? I work near DCA but commute from Capitol Hill, and I wasn’t expecting metro to be a problem.

    • Honestly, I would still take the metro (you’ll probably be going in the opposite direction of any Pope-related crowds) and just leave a few minutes earlier — sitting at the airport in case you get there early never hurt anyone.

    • Accountering

      Is this 10:48 in the morning? I don’t see why metro wont work? Leave an extra hour and you will be fine. I think the other options (Uber, drive) could very likely be worse.
      We have someone coming to visit our office on Thursday who is coming in Wednesday evening. I tried to warn her and change to the following Monday/Tuesday but she seemed to think it would be fine.

      • It is 10:48 am. I was nervous about the people getting on the metro early to get to the parade. Thinking about taking a car2go to Columbia Heights to get on the Yellow Line and avoid changing trains.

        • Accountering

          I would not do this. Getting down Wisconsin (or however you would go) in the morning, will not be pretty. Perhaps take the car2go to Fort Totten?

          • I dunno – I’d be cutting across Military to 13th, so might not be too bad. You’re right that Petworth would be easier – no sense going farther south than necessary.

  • Rant: I slept for seven hours last night and I still feel exhausted. I always feel tired. This is not fun.
    Rant: Work is going to be hellish next week on top of the Pope and school.
    Rant: Still quarter-life crisis-ing, but less on the PMF tangent and more on the “Why did I ever take out all these loans to enroll in a program I wasn’t thrilled about, live in a city that’s not my favorite and work in a field that has disappointed me?” Someone on here had said something about “health, wealth and relationships” being most important and I’m completely out of whack on the last two (and sometimes the first).
    Raves: Tomorrow is Friday. Thank goodness.

    • Is it too late to reconsider? I got my “dream job” at 23 with a prestigious govt agency and then learned it wasn’t really my dream job afterall. Still, I stuck it out for three years (totally worth it since they paid off my student loans) and moved on. I can’t say I have figured out what I actually want to do, but along the way I did learn that a career/dream job isn’t number one for me. And that’s okay. It is for some people, but I guess what I am saying try to figure out what’s most important to you. I think I put so much weight on my career for other people–parents, friends, peers, but in the end what matters is YOU!

      • Thanks, ParkViewRes — it’s good to know I’m not the only person who’s having this issue. I’m trying to figure out how to re-route my career once I graduate next summer, although I’m worried about my financial situation because of my loans. By then, I will have been at this “dream” agency for 3 years, but I’ll still have all my student loans to pay off (my position wasn’t one of the eligible position titles while I was here). If only I had stopped after undergrad I wouldn’t have had any to pay off right now. But hindsight is 20/20.

        • I am in the exact same place. Just keeping my head down until I finish school and then try to find something different than what I do now.

      • “I can’t say I have figured out what I actually want to do, but along the way I did learn that a career/dream job isn’t number one for me. And that’s okay.”

        +1 to PVR. I also came to realize that I would probably never find my “dream job”. A lot of the things that I really enjoy doing would be ruined (at least for me) if I had to do them to support myself rather than having them as an outlet/hobby/etc. When someone now asks me what my “dream job” is, I reply a job that doesn’t absolutely suck, that is interesting/stimulating/challenging at least the majority of the time, and most importantly affords me (in both time and money) the opportunities to pursue those things outside of work that I actually dream about – that’s my dream job. Chasing the perfect job with the perfect title at the perfect company/organization nearly drove me crazy, and I was about as far from happy/satisfied as I ever was. I didn’t come to this realization over night. I went through a mid-life crisis much like you are now. It can/will get better. I hope you too get some clarity and peace/piece of mind.

        • +1. I think that a lot of people beat themselves up unnecessarily about not having work that they’re utterly passionate about. For a lot of us, the thing we’re passionate about isn’t a job, it’s art, or travel, or a partner, or your children, or social justice, or books, or whatever else it is that gets you excited and does not involve a 9-5. Sometimes a job is just a way of putting food on the table and a roof over your head and the ability to pursue your passion in your free time. And there is nothing wrong with that.

      • It’s so refreshing to hear someone else in this city say this (“I did learn that a career/dream job isn’t number one for me”) because it feels like everyone here is so damn ambitious and motivated ALL THE TIME. And I’m just not. I’m totally content in any job as long as it doesn’t require regular overtime, pays enough to pay my bills, and doesn’t make me miserable on a daily basis. It’s just a job, not my life.

    • That One Guy

      That was me with the health, wealth and relationship. What you have to remember is that they all require work to balance and rarely are easily “fixed.”
      To simplify things as best I can, you have to realize that you have a long time horizon to pay off those loans, to utilize what you learn-whether in the field you are in now or in some other fashion, that you’re living life as best you can even if it feels messy. Remind yourself you have the luxury to make mistakes right now in your quarter life crisis and learn from them.

      • Emmaleigh504

        “Remind yourself you have the luxury to make mistakes right now in your quarter life crisis and learn from them.” exactly It is ok to make mistakes! It’s good to make mistakes and learn from them. And some people don’t get their shit together until later in life, and that’s ok.
        (I kind of side eye ppl who have their shit together at an early age. so much side eye for QZ 🙂 )

        • Agreeing with this too!! I have made some pretty big mistakes in my life – and I mean fucking huge. But sometimes these mistakes are the best things in life that can happen to you. I too have student loans that I have been paying forever and feel like I will be paying for the rest of eternity, and even better, they are for a degree I didn’t actually finish and from a foreign university so my credits can’t transfer, so essentially I really am paying for three drunken years in the UK. BUT! It was an awesome three years, I wouldn’t take it back for anything (ok…. I might have chosen a different course of study, and/or finished the one I was on and would be paying for for the rest of my life…. but let’s not dwell on these things lol). It’s ok not to have your shit together. It’s ok to not have it figured all out.

    • I’ve been having a quarterlife crisis based on career choices and student debt too. Lately I’ve been beating myself up over choosing a steady, moderately well paying career track job over a temporary low-paying fun/exciting thing. Partly because I need to pay off my massive graduate school debt. I empathize with your post and appreciate the comments others gave you. It made me feel a little better about it.

      btw, working for the government you’ll probably be eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (assuming they don’t cut the program), so that’s 3/10 years you need to have those loans forgiven.

      • I’m glad you’re feeling a little bit better, too — the comments today have definitely helped. Thanks guys!
        Also, I’ve been considering the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (one of the main reasons I chose this career in the first place) but I am pretty sure the 10 year countdown only starts once you start paying off the loans. So this 3 years didn’t count for anything — I deferred since I’m still in school and haven’t been earning enough to start paying them on top of basic living expenses. Womp womp.

        • You are correct – you have to make 120 qualifying payments. I have tons of student loans and lots of advice if you have any questions!

          • Thanks, kac! One of these days I’m going to call my loan servicer to get more detailed info on my options for starting repayments and an estimate on how much income based repayment would be. I would love if I could start paying them off in the next few months before I leave this job, just to get even a few of those qualifying payments under my belt.

          • I have questions! I am just starting to pay back student loans (although they don’t officially kick in until next year) and debating consolidating them. I have 6 separate federal loans with interest rates between 5.4% and 6.8%. Did you consolidate?

          • Allison

            If your loans are federal, google “student loans repayment estimator” and then click the first result (should be studentloans[dot]gov). You can do a variety of calculations based on your income and various repayment plans.

          • DCHillEaster – I did consolidate, because I wanted to do the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program and I had a Perkins loan. If you have any federal loans other than direct loans, you have to consolidate. I can’t remember all the details because it’s been a while, but I ended up with four separate federal loans (three consolidated and one Stafford). And the three different consolidated ones are a direct subsidized and direct unsubsidized from law school, plus a direct subsidized from my masters program.

    • In the same boat! I have my health, wealth, and working on relationships. In a field I love but not the job I love. We should have a quarter-life crisis club in popville!

    • Emmaleigh504

      regarding you crisis, have you looked into seeing a therapist? I know your time is tight, but it might be useful to see one ever couple of weeks or so. They can help you find direction.

      • I have, and I’ve seen one of the ECS therapists at my work, but she’s only been helpful regarding my crazy office. I’ve been thinking about trying to see someone at my university, though. (I reached out to over a dozen practices last spring but none of them would take my insurance AND take new patients, so I gave up).

        • Emmaleigh504

          I just started seeing Dr Tosi and already find her really great for figuring things our. She takes insurance. she’s in Dupont.

  • rave: pumpkin spice frap at starbucks is sooOoOoOO good! 🙂
    rant: going on a trip on Saturday and I dont want to pack! ugh

  • rave: honeycrisp apple season
    rant: I thought I escaped the yelling guy outside Dupont on Fridays by switching to Farragut West… no he’s there on Thursdays.
    rave: they are opening a cava grille next to my office, yay

    • I tried Cava for the first time over the weekend–delicious!

      • Oh, yay about Cava! I love Cava but sadly the one that I go to in Tenleytown has gone way downhill in the past few months :/

        • palisades

          What’s wrong with it? That’s the closest one to me, but I never really go. Guess you’ll have to settle for the Nando’s next door 🙂

          • It used to be really good and the staff very attentive, but the past two or three times I’ve gone, the staff spend a few minutes after I come in talking with each other or making food for themselves before they take my order. And the proportions for how much of each ingredient they give (which I thought was pretty standardized) have been all off. Last time I got a tiny bit of rice in my bowl, with a giant spoonful of chicken that was mostly grease/juice. I thought of emailing Cava, but Nando’s and Z-Burger and Panera are all fine alternatives, IMO.

          • palisades

            The beauty of DC minimum wage workers. The cava next to my work here in Fairfax is amazing, I hope it never gets to that point!

          • right?! I always want to look them in the eye and be like “YOU CAN BUILD BEAUTIFUL [insert food here]. BE PROUD OF YOUR WORK!”

          • justinbc

            Didn’t you get the memo? You’re not allowed to criticize DC low wage workers, it’s apparently racist now.

          • palisades

            You caught me Justin. I’ll rescind my statement. Sorry SJWs everywhere

          • Also the dude that made my lousy extra-greasy cava bowl was a white guy. So. There’s that.

        • what a bummer! the cava I frequented before was in Tysons. …still, fingers crossed. I need some lamb meatballs in my life!

        • I’d still contact Cava and mention it, politely. I had some disappointing experiences at a Potbelly near my office so I emailed them about it, suggesting that employees at that location needed a refresher on their training. The quality improved and I would up with coupons for several free sandwiches.

    • SouthwestDC

      They’re opening a Cava Grill near my office, but you can’t get to it without a boarding pass. 🙁

    • Re; your rant: I’m so tired of yelling people on/near Metro. No, I don’t want to hear a sermon, buy Street Sense, sign a petition, or whatever else it is they’re pushing.

      • houseintherear

        I did a research project and documentary in college (15 yrs ago) and spent some time with the folks at Street Sense. It’s a pretty awesome organization/idea. If there is a person selling Street Sense who is offensive, loud, or intrusive, please contact them at their main office (website is easy to find) and let them know where and when it happened. Their goal is helping homeless people in the area, not bothering or hounding the public. 🙂

        • I know that SS is a good organization, and I support it. My issue is not with SS in particular, but more in general having to wade through so many requests for money and/or attention just to get to the office. It grates on my nerves to hear the SS guy (or the wannabe preacher, or the Express guy, or the panhandlers, or the college kids collecting signatures, or the person handing out free samples, or…) yelling their slogans at top volume first thing in the AM when I’m tired and cranky. I probably just need to wear headphones more often to drown out the noise.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Golden Delicious apples are far superior.

  • RANT: Waiting to hear from a job. Interviews went well last week but I don’t think they’ve called references yet. Really want this job.
    RAVE: Having the opportunity is fantastic. It’s just an honor to be nominated 😉
    RAVE: Best friend coming to town this weekend. Movies, Kennedy Center and possibly Rose’s Luxury trip.
    REVEL: Can’t complain, it’s a gorgeous day.

  • My partner decided that he needs space from our relationship in order to deal with his personal demons. While I understand and am respectful, it hurts like hell. Addiction sucks. I know that this is probably the best step for both of us, and I have really strong hopes that if/when he makes it through this that we will be stronger than ever, it’s hard worrying about the “if” part.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Last night’s debate was much more reasonable than the first, although not entirely surprising.
    Rant: Still zero actual substantive policy discussion or true debate.
    Rant: Everyone harping about big government, while wanting to massively boost defense spending, but never mentioning taking care of actual veterans that we already have who desperately need it.
    Rant: The fundamental lack of understanding about what the IRS does by people who supposedly want to be POTUS. So you want to institute a flat tax, while abolishing the agency who would collect that tax as well as enforce payment of it. Brilliant.
    Rave/Rant: Of all the clowns on stage, Pataki from the little boys table actually seemed the most reasonable minded with minimal pandering, but was completely glossed over by all the analysts because Graham wouldn’t shut up about Muslims fear mongering.

    • palisades

      I commend you for actually watching. It’s a popularity contest, plain and simple. The amount of hypocrisy spewed by them is nauseating. Nothing genuine. Just talking points and screaming louder than the person next to them.

      • justinbc

        I’m a nerd for political discourse, so even if it’s devoid from any real substance it’s still entertaining for me. CNN at least tried to get them to actually answer questions, repeatedly, but some just flat out refused.

        • There were so many moments last night where it actually pained me to make eye contact with the screen, yet I couldn’t turn away. The fact that you can stand up and speak pure nonsense – not even complete thoughts – and have rabid followers has always blown my mind, but that’s politics for you.

          • justinbc

            The fact that one of them, no matter who it is or what they say or do, will still get at least 48% of the popular vote, tells you all you need to know about this broken system.

          • I agree the electoral system is broken (I’d abolish that relic from another age, the electoral college), but the fact that one of the 11 dwarves on the screen last night will get 48% of the vote isn’t evidence of a broken electoral system – it’s evidence that 48% of the people who will vote are idiots. (Maybe it’s evidence of a broken education system . . . ?)

          • justinbc

            No, rather it shows that this system forces people to be either A or B, even if they’re really C through Z masquerading as the other two.

    • Pablo Raw

      It was interesting to see how the question about which woman would they put in the bill was sooooo difficult for them; shows how much they really care about women.

    • Last night I learned that Fiorina wants to restart the cold war, and Ted Cruz has no soul. There’s nothing behind those eyes, I swear. And that waxy skin. Dude’s a zombie or vampire or something. It’s so scary when Rand Paul makes the most sense. But on the bright side, it joys me to no end to see that asshole Scott Walker flame out.

  • SouthwestDC

    I have a DC Water question. My August bill was higher than usual, and when I looked at the AMR data there were some spikes on days where the usage was very high. Then I looked at this month, and there was another spike last Tuesday. But we were out of town from Saturday to Friday, so what could be causing it? If it was a running toilet or other leak why did it only happen for only one day when no one was there? I already emailed DC Water with this question, but they’re usually not helpful, so I’m wondering if anyone here knows what could be causing the spikes in usage.

    • There was a mention 2 days ago on here of DC Water overcharging some customers. Unfortunately a quick google search didn’t turn up anything more recent than 2012.

      • SouthwestDC

        Thanks! Can anyone else who was overcharged chime in? My bill was only 50% higher than usual, and if it’s a one-time occurrence I’m not sure it’s worth fighting, but I want to be sure it doesn’t happen again.

  • RANT: Got doored this morning on 14th st.

    RAVE: I wasn’t going that fast, and the culprit was very apologetic. I was filled with sympathy rather than rage. I’ve definitely opened my door without carefully checking for bikes.

    RAVE: I’m moving to Oregon next week. Farewell, DC! So many great things about this city, but it’s time to move on.

    • palisades

      Take me with you!!!! I can fit in a large suitcase

    • Yikes, your rant is scary. Glad you’re okay and glad they were apologetic! Good luck in Oregon!

    • Ouch, glad you’re okay. And kudos on your magnanimous reaction. I’d say you’re less likely to get doored in Oregon!

    • Be off to Portland, ya slacker bum! Good riddance! DC is for *strivers*, not loafers like you. I hope ya rust!
      ( And check out Pok-Pok — another Thai place with a line, but they serve drinks)

    • I once doored a pedestrian when I was getting out of a cab. Felt really bad. 14th street is a nightmare for cycling with all the cars and cabs! If you’re not worried about getting doored you have to worry about cars turning into you to try to get into a parking spot or out of a spot.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I got a (well deserved) lecture from a bus driver for not looking for cyclists before I exited the buss. He couldn’t pull all the way ov er bC of a car and told me to check, and I forgot, so I got that lecture.

      (I can’t tyope today and I have ceased to care.)

  • Rant: So freaking tired. Pregnancy+toddler is starting to catch up with me.
    Rant: So not a fan of waking up in the 4am hour.
    Rave: Wife is home from Seattle!
    Rave: Still lovely outside 🙂

  • palisades

    Rave: H street festival this weekend! Anyone going? Should be an even bigger cluster than last year considering the weather will be perfect, but I’m still excited.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: “I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said.”
    Rant: Three effing hours of that? I finally fell asleep before it (mercifully) ended.

    • Agree with your rave! I am very liberal, but I think Carly Fiorina was quite impressive.

      • until she opened her mouth about the Iranian deal and planned parenthood. F her.

      • I Dont Get It

        Well in comparison…

      • As were her outright and blatant lies about the PP videos.

        • +1. The fact that it’s been debunked but is still such a major talking point for the GOP is so depressing.

          • Oh, I completely agree about that and didn’t intend to comment on her political perspective– but from the “ability to persuade a Republican” perspective, her style of speaking and tone were something to watch over the other candidates. Like, if I was an average joe choosing who I’d like as a republican candidate, she at least has the APPEARANCE of knowing what she’s saying. Whether she does or not is a different story.

          • Right, but isn’t that part of the problem? People who can speak well and “appear” to know what they’re talking about, even if they have nothing to back them up? Debates should be more like a doctoral dissertation defense. BACK UP THAT SHIT WITH FACTS, people!

          • I agree but the average joe who watches fox news doesn’t give a sh*t, and I’m not the type of person who thinks I can change them.

          • Yeah, I don’t think I can change them either. Hence my rant about about feeling totally despondent about the future of our country.

          • True, me too. I’ve actually contemplated where I can run off to when everything goes to hell in a handbasket (more than it already is).

          • @LittleBluePenguin
            Can we make that an acronym? BUTSWF, pronounced “butt-swiff”. If that can be in the dictionary, then I’m done.

          • It has nothing to do with the truth…its all about the spin and what people choose to believe.

          • @Anonymous (12:22) Sure! But if it gets in the dictionary, I want partial credit 🙂

    • justinbc

      It was a great line and got a lot of applause, but it doesn’t seem to matter in polling. She looked pretty confident in all of her answers though.

      • That was my point. As opposed to “Well, first we need to build a wall. and it needs to be a good wall.” which didn’t sound at all realistic or prepared.

  • Rant: I feel like the GOP debates prove that America is turning in to Idiocracy.
    Rant: Living with my folks for a few more weeks and my mom just yells at the TV the whole debate. So I couldn’t hear a lot of the assininity (is that a word?)
    Rave: The house looks great – went by last night. It’s amazing what way too much money in work gets you!
    Rant: That article in the Post about the Ohio Planned Parenthood clinic and how hard they work for the health of their communities.

    • Accountering

      To your rant: I enjoyed when one of the candidates said he trusted the American people to decide whether Trump was worthy of holding the nuclear codes, and that he didn’t want to pass judgement as to his beliefs.
      The American people (well, republican primary voters, who are a horrible demographic representation of what America truly looks like) have annointed Trump as the guy they want to be Commander in Chief. Just pure gold.

  • Rave: I’m hosting our condo wine & cheese happy hour tonight. It is gratifying that since my friend and I took over the committee, more and more people are coming to the events and looking forward to everything that we’re doing. I think tonight will be fun, and I need fun.

    Rant: Tuesday and Wednesday. I went to Chef Geoff’s with a couple friends for Happy Hour Tuesday night. I handed my card to my server before they arrived and I said that I wanted to pay for everyone’s tab and he said he’d take care of it. Then later in the evening, he went home. With my credit card. My friends and I asked for the check 3 times, and then ask to see a manager — their lack of communicating the situation to me was ridiculous. They comped the meals, and apologized, and I got my card back yesterday (I mean, mistakes happen, and I would have been a lot more understanding if they had come to me right away to tell me what the situation was than to ignore our table completely and behave as though nothing was happening). If they had just said, the first time I asked for the check, “I’m really sorry, the server must have left it in his apron when he left for the night, we’re going to try to reach him now, here’s what’s happening” goes a LONG way.
    Then when I woke up Wednesday morning, a friend I’ve known for over 20 years threatened, yet again, to kill himself on Facebook. This isn’t the first time he’s threatened, nor the first time he’s been hospitalized for it. One of his best friends called (from vegas, where he lives) the police where my friend lives and had them do a wellness check — apparently the county is now handling it. This guy is just SO so so so negative and I don’t know if this time the treatment will “take” — if that makes sense? I let him have it on Facebook and refuted his “I have no friends, no one cares about me, I can’t, because…” rant with the truth — facts– and his friends and family thanked me for not coddling him like some others do/have done. I used to do that, but I care about him as my friend and he needs some harsh truth since coddling for 20 years has not gotten through to him. My fingers are crossed that maybe this time he’ll start to learn how to cope better and accept some things about himself? I don’t know. I talked to friends of mine in the suicide prevention field and showed them his post and my response and they assured me that I did the right thing and it was spot-on. I’m just not used to being that nakedly honest with him. The whole thing has left me a bit rattled.
    Rave: Reconnecting with another friend through all of this.
    Rave: Almost Friday.

    • I’m sorry, SinSA, your last rant is really difficult. Major points for you for trying to help and caring about your friend, even though this has been wearing you down.

      • It’s hard not knowing for certain that even for today, he’s safe. I emailed his brother and asked for an update — a lot of us are worried about him.

  • Rave: Good chats with family members last night leave me feeling a bit more hopeful about my life.
    Rant: On the other hand, catching bits and pieces of the “debate” leaves me feeling absolutely despondent about our future as a nation.
    Rave: tomorrow is Friday.
    Rave: Just discovered a whole bunch of stand-up specials on HBOGo. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

  • Rant: One of my wife’s friends passed away yesterday and I had to break the news to her. It’s been a long time since I have seen her this upset.
    Rant: I couldn’t force myself to watch the debates yesterday. I know I should but I just can’t stomach them right now.
    Rave: My doctor’s appointment on Friday was cancelled. I’m actually okay with not having to be anywhere at 8am.

  • Rant. What’s this about charging $4 extra for Ubers at Dulles? It’s baloney. The system works fine. They should leave it alone. And, they should let us drive car2go to the airports like in Austin. http://wamu.org/news/15/05/21/uber_one_step_closer_to_having_easier_access_to_hails_at_dulles_and_dca

    Rave. Loving the weather right now. Life is good. (Also loving 50% off rides on Lyft!)

  • rave: I drove to work for the second time in a while. I couldn’t bike today, and FU metro. It was pretty comfortable, but only took me about 10 minutes less because, even at 7-7:30am, there’s still congested areas.
    rave: recent promotion got me access to better parking spots (less competition for them) if / when I do drive
    rant: I wish metro was a better option

  • Rave: Otis is meeting all the local PoPvillians while out on his walks. Nice seeing you this morning Hammers!
    Rant: I’m feeling antsy and like I want to do something just to do something, like take a last minute trip, splurge on something sort of ridiculous, or the equivalent of cutting off my hair (which I actually don’t want to do, so what do I do?).
    Rave: apparently all I needed to want to start baking and being productive around the house again is fall-like weather. I hope I’ll have time to make zucchini bread tonight.
    Rant: I ordered a number of things and they’re all taking forever to get here. I paid for 2 day shipping on some things from my fave stationary store and it took about 10 days for the items to ship and now the 2 day shipping is taking 3 days. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by Amazon. But, as long as Otis’ adorable new bow tie collar gets here before the walk for the animals next weekend I’ll be happy.

    • Re: fall baking–ping me if you want a recipe for pumpkin oatmeal raisin cookies. They’re awesome.

    • on your first Rant: Tattoo? piercing? Skydiving? Weekend of horseback riding in West Virginia? Whitewater rafting? Just a few suggestions off the top of my head…. 🙂

    • hammers

      good seeing you too- sorry to have to run–literally– oof. I am with LBP–tattoo!

      • I’m a pretty risk averse person and I only don’t think of myself as a tattoo person, whatever that means. But I’ve seen some pretty nice minimalist ones that appeal to me. I’m still not sure I think it really fits with my identity though. But sometimes it’s fun to think about.
        Piercings do not appeal to me.
        A weekend of horse riding definitely appeals to me.

    • That One Guy

      For whatever it’s worth (I know traveling is going to be problematic since you have a dog), Wow Airs has some pretty cheap flights coming up in a month or two to various destinations across Europe. Copenhagen looks especially inviting in the photo they have up on their site.
      Maybe a nice drive to a beach.

      • I’m feeling like jeslett and was thinking a short trip to Copenhagen or Amsterdam would satisfy the itch (I’ve already splurged on expensive concert tickets and plan on getting a piercing next month). But the Wow deals seem to only work in one direction, and then you’re stuck paying $400 or so to go back home.

        • Accountering

          Check out Norweigan Air from JFK. We are paying $250 to get to Copenhagen at 11:00pm, and then $254 back to Baltimore.

          May be worth a Megabus ticket up in the morning, spend the day in the city, and then off to JFK that night?

      • PoPville dog coop! I’m sure Otis would get along with my pup. But we do have dangerous floors (although there are islands of safety)
        Re feeling antsy – getting away, looking at a different landscape could help. And can find dog friendly spaces

        • This is a great idea, I should find a place I go with Otis. I’m happy to travel alone, but it might be nice to take him with me.

        • Lots of interesting places on the eastern shore – St Michaels, Oxford, Chestertown, Tilghman Island. And it’s a great time to go – still warm but less tourists

      • Accountering

        We are flying home from Paris for $236 on WOW air. Trip to Copenhagen (straight from NYC) then a couple of days in Copenhagen, 4 days in Paris, and back to BWI for a total of $540 each in airfare. Insane deals to Europe right now.
        I love the idea of a POPVille Dog Coop! We would be happy to give this a shot, but Otis would have to meet Mocha first. She can be a bit of an ass, so we would want to make sure they got along 🙂

        • Whoa, insane deals indeed! We can only travel during school holidays, which means we pay top dollar, every time. If anyone has tips for June airfare to France/ Italy, please share!

        • Niiice! I liked Copenhagen when I was there a few years ago. Maybe I should look into going back, and/or into WOW Air in general.

    • Forgotten rave: I’m getting all sorts of compliments on my blush and hot pink, suede wingtips. I love these things, they are so comfortable and adorable. I rarely wear them to work because I almost never wear pants to work and I only wear these with pants. I wore pants today just to wear these shoes.

    • Emmaleigh504

      A visit to Shah and Shah or Tiny Jewel Box!

  • justinbc

    Random Question: Anyone work for NCUA? Do you like it there?

  • Someone was having service issues with the D4–according to the content of the next popville post about wmata & bus changes/improvements, the D4 is on the list of lines they’re hoping to improve. Unfortunately, the 5A (to Dulles) is on the chopping block.

  • Question: There’s only one band I really want to see at Landmark Fest on Saturday. Would it be really foolish and fruitless to head down there to try to at least listen from outside the official area?

  • Rant: I took two doses of Nyquil last night, because nothing is working on my congestion and I still woke up at 2am congested. I don’t have any other cold symptoms so I’m thinking it’s allergies, but still – how can I get relief at night?
    Rave: I’m kind of looking forward to the papal visit. I don’t have to commute anywhere, so that definitely helps, but I’m just really interested in this Pope and am looking forward to what happens.

    • Afrin or similar non-steriodal nasal spray, neti pot, and pop 1-2 Benadryl? Plus some hot, caffeine-free tea with local honey? That’s what usually helps me…

    • phl2dc

      I get really bad allergies… What works for me is Allegra + Nasacort once a day – taking this combo in the evening seems to work best for me. I hope you get relief soon, it’s a miserable feeling.

    • Take a decongestant with pseudoephedrine in it. It’s OTC, but you have to ask for it at the pharmacy and show your ID, because it’s what they use to make meth.
      Also, Afrin. No congestion can withstand that combo.
      Two full doses of nyquil isn’t a good idea; not only is its decongestant crap, you can OD on tylenol pretty easily.

    • Zicam and Zyrtec work wonders for me.

    • Zyrtec of Claritin if you’re certain it’s allergies (Claritin doesn’t work for me, but others swear by it). If you’re not sure, Sudafed (12-hour) or Advil Cold & Sinus work pretty well.
      Might be a stupid question, but are you sure it’s congestion? I had a persistent “stuffy nose” a while back and it turned out that my nasal passages were just irritated and swollen (no allergy or infection, though the initial cause was probably a cold), so standard decongestants didn’t work since there wasn’t actually anything to dry up. My doctor gave me a steroid nasal spray that cleared it up.

    • I also usually have to combine allergy meds + decongestant with Mucinex or similar to break up the phlegm. Especially when the post-nasal drip gets going and it wakes me up coughing. As does sleeping flat (no pillow) to help prevent the drip.

      Taking an allergy decongestant helps because of the 12-hour formula (vs. 4-6 hour effective pseudoephedrine dose in cold meds).

    • Emmaleigh504

      Have you tried Nasocort or Flonase? They work on ALL allergy symptoms! Nasacort takes care of my congestion, runny nose, & itchy eyes.

      • You know I haven’t, but it seems many people are recommending it. Picking it up after work at the drugstore and also going to try a small box of Claritin.

        Thank you everyone!

  • Rant: I saw a brand new Silver line commercial this morning. WHY are they Still wasting our money on this? I don’t understand who they are trying to reach? Anyone who can take the Silver line does. No one is unaware of its presence. Or am I missing something?

    Rave: Have two concerts a party and baseball game to look forward to in the next week and a half. Unusual since have a baby.

    • phl2dc

      I hate the one with Dawn (or whatever her name is) the shopper. HATE.

    • Couldn’t you say that about most commercials? It’s not like cars and laundry detergent are new products. I think it’s just to remind people and maybe plant a seed in their head.

    • I think you’re missing the point of advertising. It isn’t just to inform people of something’s existence. It’s to shape people’s perceptions of that thing, to alter the way people think about it and to suggest ways that it fits into people’s lives that they may not have thought about. It’s persuasion and manipulation. I hate it but apparently it works on many people. And in fairness, I believe people make decisions based on inertia as often as based on fully reasoned analysis, and advertising does make some people think, “hey maybe I should at least try that once sometime.”

  • Not really a rant or rave but I was wondering about some insight into something I’ve noticed. I’ve never lived in a big city and I’ve noticed that most children and most adults are afraid of my dog while I walk him in the afternoon (I live in Columbia Heights). He is about 30 lb and is the most fun loving goof who usually just wants to sniff and greet everyone. I get that some people just aren’t dog people, but I perceive a lot of peoples’ to go past indifference.

    I’ve never noticed this in my only other DMV-metro area (Bethesda). Kids there were very curious, almost to a fault. It’s really just made me curious about what might cause this as a whole.


    • I have an 8lb miniature dachshund who manages to strike fear into some of my neighbors! I think some people are just afraid of dogs. Usually, if a parent is afraid of dogs they will pass this fear onto their children. I wouldn’t take it personal.

      • Oh, I’m not taking it personal. I’m just wondering if it’s a city thing. You would think the odds of people being afraid of dogs would be somewhat constant across locations.

        • Why would you think that? Still though, it sounds like you’re comparing two specific neighborhoods – that’s not really enough to make a broad generalization.
          I would also add that unless people are actually saying to you that they’re afraid of dogs, I would not assume that you are perceiving that correctly.

          • While I see why my generalizations, I’ve only ever had my dog in these two neighborhoods. Thanks for pointing out how narrow my view was (not being sarcastic).

    • I like dogs generally, and love some individual dogs. But I don’t want to be licked or nosed while I’m on my way to work. Or anytime I haven’t initiated contact, really. And a lot of dog owners think it’s cute. “Aw, he likes you!” That’s nice, but now I have dog saliva on my leg. So I generally swerve around friendly-looking dogs.
      If you were my neighbor, and I knew you and your dog, I’d usually stop for petting and chitchat. But I pass a dozen dogs per block (also live in CH). No time to get involved with every one.

      • Agreed. Also, some owners behaviors make me wary — I saw someone freely let their dog jump on a guy near 14th and U St. yesterday and it freaked me out just thinking about it. I also saw someone’s dog tied up outside Yes! Organic Market about a week ago that kept LUNGING and barking for it’s owner. I crossed the street because I didn’t want to have to walk past an aggressive dog. I love dogs, but I do not appreciate them when they get too close to me without my approval or seem even slightly out of control for fear that it will turn into a more dangerous situation.

        • So you’re saying Columbia Heights might have a greater percentage of bad dog owners that scare off curious kids?

          • Nope, just the two most recent examples, and didn’t see as many dogs out in my old neighborhood. I’m sure there’s plenty of places with overly-friendly dogs and semi-aloof owners (including my college where people often took their dogs off-leash).

    • SouthwestDC

      I’ve always wondered why children aren’t afraid of my dog– she’s small but barks ferociously at anyone who comes near. You’d think the little ones would at least be startled by the noise, but everyone just wants to pet her.

    • I’m a new owner of an 8 year old Rottweiler mix, so yeah, a lot of people cross the street, with dogs and without. Luckily, my expectations were pretty close to reality, so it doesn’t upset me. And even more luckily, my dog won’t even give you the time of day when he walks by unless you’re swinging a cheeseburger in each hand, bouncing a ball, or riding a skateboard. So I think he’s doing his own little part to reassure non-dog people that not all dogs are going to approach you.

    • hammers

      Some people don’t like dogs, and don’t want to be sniffed. It’s a step past indifference, but it shouldn’t really be an issue for you.

    • While I’m fine around dogs I know, I’m not super comfortable with strange ones. For a year when I was in 2nd grade a neighbor’s rott would chase my sister and I home from the bus stop on the regular. The neighbors had no way of controlling him, he was that aggressive. It’s instilled a lifelong discomfort of big dogs. Especially unaccompanied ones.

      • phl2dc

        I do not like unaccompanied dogs. I do not like when owners leave their large dogs off-leash in areas where they should be leased and stand super far away.

      • It took me a LONG time not to be afraid of dogs — when I was little, the neighbors across the street let their golden retriever run all over the neighborhood, and it would bark and bark and really scare me.
        Now when I see golden retrievers, I’m surprised at how comparatively small they seem. When I was a kid, those dogs seemed HUGE.
        Also, my brother was bitten by a dog when we were both little — we were walking with our mom in a cemetery that was adjacent to some people’s back yards, and a dog came bounding out of one of the yards and bit my brother.

        • So is your theory that people in Columbia Heights might have had more bad experiences with dogs than people in Bethesda?

          • Anon — why. Just why. I assume you’re the same “Anon” who likes to reiterate themselves to every commenter in other posts as well.

          • +1 to FridayGirl. Anon, I don’t have a theory on how people react to dogs in Columbia Heights vs. Bethesda. I was responding to skj84’s post.
            And +1 to wdc’s “I like dogs generally [. . .] But I don’t want to be licked or nosed while I’m on my way to work. Or anytime I haven’t initiated contact, really.” I like seeing dogs when I’m out and about, and they usually make me smile. But that doesn’t mean I want to be “sniffed and greeted” by a stranger’s dog.

    • Probably a demographic thing. Kids in Bethesda are generally more accustomed to seeing dogs as family members, as opposed to animals on the street.

      • As someone who almost seemed to defend Columbia Heights in their response posts, you are now referring to Columbia Heights as if it was a developing country with stray dogs and cats just roaming the streets. I don’t get you.

        • I don’t have a strong allegiance to either Columbia Heights or Bethesda, FWIW.

        • SouthwestDC

          I didn’t read it that way. You gain a different perspective on dogs if you’re used to seeing them in your own home, or your friends’ homes, versus being walked outside by strangers. Most of the people I know who are afraid of dogs either grew up either in a culture where they’re considered to be filthy beasts, or where they’re trained to be violent fighters. Columbia Heights is very diverse so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the kids she’s encountering don’t come from dog-loving backgrounds.

          • That could be true. But I think it might have less to do with dog-loving and more with being poor and not being able to have exposure to pets growing up (this is my boat) or knowing how to properly react to them.

    • I’ll chime in. I love dogs but as a runner have had mixed experiences – even on-leash dogs can snap and bite, and with so many people using retractable ones I can’t even be sure of how long the leash is. So I mainly give a very wide berth when running. I’ve found that I just cannot assume that owners/walkers are conscientious. Size doesn’t matter – some of the jumpiest, nippiest dogs are really small and they can still do a number on your if they get your calf or achilles.
      On the other side of things, I have a giant dog (125lbs, three feet tall at the shoulders) and it’s about 50/50 between people who avoid us and people who run up to meet us. I try never to assume that someone wants to meet my dog even if they look or make a comment or ask a question. I am very well aware of how big he is and that people might want to look but not touch. He is friendly and I sometimes want to tell a person, hey, you don’t HAVE to walk around those parked cars to avoid us, we’re fine – but I totally understand the urge to give us space (and I would rather have someone give us space than come up without permission and put their face right in his face).

      All that is to say, I wouldn’t take it personally.

      • So maybe it has to do with Columbia Heights having less sidewalk space and more runners than Bethesda?

      • I’ll just respond to this comment because it was a well thought out response. I never take it personal as far as it comes to people’s reaction to my dog. If and only if, they communicate that they want to say hi to him, I’ll have him sit and let them pet or hi to him.

        As far as all the other comments, clearly I didn’t think too far outside of my limited bubble.

        • It may also be a cautionary reaction. On the whole, I think that people not assuming that it’s OK to accosting strange dogs without asking permission is a good thing. Especially with kids. Because it’s not always easy to tell which dogs are traumatized, anxious, or just don’t do well engaging with strangers without any preparation.

    • How do you know they’re afraid? If they’re just giving you extra room, they might not be. I love dogs and want to play with all of them, but also know that some dogs get very nervous or aggressive with strangers (particularly when on a leash), so I’ll often give dogs a lot of room on the sidewalk just in case. There are also newer dog owners who are still working on leash training, and I don’t want to interfere.

    • Emmaleigh504

      People were afraid of my parents’ dogs in diff neighborhoods in New Orleans. I can understand the german shepard husky mix, buy the greyhound? Tho one kid came up to pet the “racing dog” even asked for stats (she lost all her races).

  • Rave: The co-worker who plays gospel music way too loud is off for three days – Thank you JAY-sus! Also found out that apparently she has been told several times to turn down her music overtime and gets offended, turns it down, then turns it back up. Nice.
    Rave: Still really enjoying the new job despite noise pollution.
    Rant: Old job has yet to work out the details to be my side job. I’m not sure if the issues are due to my former fearless leader, or with HR, or knowing that place a wonderful combination of both, but it’s annoying. It would be nice to start before things are so far behind that I’m screwed from the beginning.

    • Love hearing about the annoying gospel playing coworker and how you deal with it, it’s kind of funny yet compelling in a strange sort of way: where I live there’s this slightly older African American lady who sings out loud to her walk man/ CD player as she’s walking or waiting for you the bus and thinks she’s in full Carnegie hall concert mode yet she can’t sing. Makes me laugh to myself and think of your coworker every time I see or hear her. LoL

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Tycho tomorrow!

    • +1
      It’s going to be an awesome show in that venue.
      Here’s a good preview: youtube. com/watch?v=vnkKnUwrTfY
      RAVE: Just signed up for From the Farmer! Anyone else using them? Signed up this morning and they agreed to give us a special delivery for tomorrow, since Thursday will be our normal delivery day. Amazing customer service already! 😀

  • Hi, I am looking for recommendations for person/company that does stone repair. I have an issue with my kitchen countertop. Thanks!!!

  • Rave: In a fairly good mood today. I had a few stressful things going on yesterday, and now that they’re over and done with, I feel SO relieved.
    Rave: Woke up early enough this morning to get a lot of stuff done before work. Including…
    Rave: … some vigilante pruning! Justin, thanks for your comment yesterday that made me remember I had a long pruner thing — much safer and more effective than trying to use my lopper while standing on a stepladder.
    Rant: The pruner is partly rusted.
    Rave: … but it was from Freecycle, and that’s how it was when I got it.
    Rant: Kind of groggy.

    • Belated additional rant: I think I have mice. I heard some rustling in the middle of the night last night and thought it was my cat nosing the plastic bag I was using as a trash can liner. Then I realized that my bedroom door was closed, and my cat was not in my bedroom.

  • Rave: low match and I have hit our stride in our friendship. feeling really good about how it all worked out because we talk and share details about our lives (even love lives) like friends do.
    Rant: my moderately priced bike ($600) city bike has a broken part but is still functional. thinking of getting it fixed then selling it. replacing with a cheaper, older bike that can withstand regular cycling. very pretty hipster city bike just cannot handle the rough roads in DC! 🙁 Or maybe someone can speak to Public or Linus bikes? Worth getting one of those instead?
    Rave: last person I dated agreed to be friends since we have a lot in common. hanging out this weekend.
    Rant: seem to make more friends than actual partners through online dating. did check looking for “new friends” so I guess I’m getting what I want. not disappointed since these new friends are really great but just not right as partners.

    • I’m confused — I thought low match and you weren’t talking. Was that someone else? I do appreciate the updates, though! You have such an interesting social life.
      Also, re your last rant — this has happened to me, too, even though I didn’t have “new friends” checked. Which is fine. But I’ll admit, it times I feel kind of awkward about it.

      • low match and i took a break from spending time together as friends per his request for space. he reached out and we’ve been hanging as friends since. and yes, my social life is interesting. dating has made it so.

        and as for being friends with people you’ve dated, i don’t advise it unless you genuinely want to be friends. it can be awkward if any one of you really doesn’t see the other person as friend material.

    • Emmaleigh504

      sometimes new friends know potential partners.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rant: The guy in the next cubicle in the fishbowl has been loudly chewing gum now for about three hours. Since this has only happened one time before I’d feel bad confronting him. He’s also sighing a lot, what’s up with that?

    • LOL I feel your pain. People in my office have been sighing loudly and cursing under their breath for the past week or so because of an upcoming event. It’s making me anxious.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Having closed-door meetings with my team makes MM VERY nervous. The whole reason the door is closed is so he doesn’t come in since it’s for contractors only, but he’s a micro-manager and it kills him. sadly, not literally. yes, I went there.
    Rant: should have stayed home today. may puke later.

  • Rant: told last night by (someone who I thought was a friend) that my ex was cheating on me, or at least trying to. Told me two mutual friends of ours were hit on by ex. Where were these people and their information a year ago? I had thought I was getting over this break-up, and now I feel back at square one.
    Rave: weather continues to be wonderful.

    • That One Guy

      Sorry. That must have been a very hard conversation to take in.

    • anon, to reiterate what That One Guy said, that must have been difficult, and I’m sorry the breakup was re-hashed for you.
      To put some perspective on things, there are a lot of people who don’t want to be viewed as relationship-ruiners, and who would rather not say anything out of fear that the person will want to rid them as a friend even if it’s the truth. It seems like you are viewing the person who told you this as someone who is no longer your friend after they told you this. My read on this may be wrong, but this may be an opportunity to make them a CLOSER friend — by expressing that you wish they had told you sooner, and that you trust and believe them. I’ve found that my past breakups have only made my friendships stronger. I would take this as an opportunity to discuss your friendship and where it’s headed, and then decide whether to dismiss them or not.

    • Thank you both for the kind words. I really appreciate it.

      Very good points re: the relationship-ruiners — I also have struggled a lot with whether to say something when you see something red-flaggy. Usually people don’t listen anyway and get mad at you — also, sometimes you don’t know what’s going on within the context of a person’s relationship on the inside — maybe the thing that you think isn’t OK is OK for them.

      I think at the time I wasn’t upset — just so shocked. Now I’m reeling a bit — how could I be with someone for so many years and not know that they were a creep? I guess is my internal monologue. Anyway, all things pass I guess, and soon this will suck less too!

      • I’m sorry. It’s hard to feel like there was something you should have seen and didn’t. But cheaters are usually pretty accomplished liars, so I would try not to beat yourself up for not knowing. You did the best you could with the information you had at the time.

  • Rave: Sleep aids. It’s so nice to not be up until the wee hours for no reason.
    Rant: I’m not getting as much sleep on them as I think I should be. I’m waking about an hour earlier than usual, and not able to get back to sleep, even though I’m tired and groggy.
    Rant: Work is unimpressed with my idea of telecommuting during the Pope’s visit next week. Not surprising given their general attitude, but still disappointing to not be able to skip the inevitable mess on the Metro.
    Rave: I’m housesitting this weekend and will have lots of kitty time with their adorable cats.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: STill in the worst #ucking mood. Why does everyone at work need to try to cheer me up? It doesn’t work that way, especially when it’s Awful Offie doing it.!

  • Anyone have ideas on how to get a bird out of an attic?

    • Emmaleigh504


    • That One Guy

      Send a cat up to the attic to rescue the bird. That seems easier than cutting a hole in the roof.

    • Ooh, I do! I’ve done this loads of times.
      You need to make the space as dark as possible. If you have any windows at all in the attic, this means waiting til after dark. Then light the smallest light you have. A keychain flashlight will do it. The bird will fly to the light, because it is completely blind in the dark, and the small light is the only thing it can see. Then you toss a towel over it and escort it outside. (The light has to be small, because if you cast a pool of light wider than your reach, then it will perch just a little too far away to grab.)
      If it were MY attic though (crawlspace with hatches in the roof and the 2nd floor ceiling) I’d try opening the roof hatch. If that failed, I’d do the above, but sitting on the attic floor, NOT trying to catch a wild bird while standing on a ladder.
      Let us know how it goes!

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