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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Cute little turtle!

  • Rave: Feeling much better today. Went to late class as a just-in-case, survived, and probably won’t have to go again.
    Rave: Saw Pablo as I was semi-sprinting so I wouldn’t miss the bus to go to class. Sorry for the awkward “hi,” Pablo! I tend to underestimate people’s facial recognition abilities, and thus whether they remember who I am or not.
    Rave: Will be one of very few people in the office on Friday. Looking forward to my long weekend!

  • Rave: Got our puppy on Sunday. He’s doing pretty well so far with house training and is overall adorable. May or may not have started an Instagram just to share how cute he is. No shame.
    Rant(ish): Working on crate training him but he’s such a people dog and cries every time he goes into the crate and the door locks behind him. He’s gotten used to the crate with the door open and will go in there on his own, but cannot bear to be out of sight from his moms. Any helpful tips and tricks from the PoPulace?

  • Rave: miss you all! I am so behind on your lives!!!
    Rant: officially over living with my parents while we renovate the house. It’s exhausting.
    Rant: need preschool to start. I am going nuts on my own with him for two weeks!!
    Rant: my husbands agency couldn’t pay people on Friday. Deposits were available yesterday. How is that ok? Employees rely in biweekly pay and they messed that up.
    Rave: after a few surprises, the reno is going well. Our designer needs to stop finding new projects!! I am broke!!

  • Littlen, I saw your post about your dad late last night, and I had a thought. He may have already thought of this, of course. There are a couple teachers at my kids’ school who have PhDs, lost out on the crapshoot that is full time/ tenure track positions, and got fed up with the sweatshop that is adjunct teaching. So they went for elementary ed. They are respected by the parents, they’re able to explore their fields from a different angle and bring a new perspective to the whole faculty, and we generally consider ourselves enormously fortunate to have them. It’s not the right choice for everyone, but these folks seem to find it very satisfying (at least when the alternative is six adjunct courses at three different universities, for less money than a public school teacher makes.)

    • Do they need teaching certification to do that? Or is that a private school?

      • Yes, public schools would probably require certification. I don’t know about the private schools around here, but in CA, back in the day, anyone could teach in a private ES. I don’t think they even did a background check…
        It’s definitely not for everyone! I couldn’t spend my day with other people’s kids, not for any money.

    • That One Guy

      Don’t know if this is a feasible thought, but maybe teaching art therapy?

    • Thank you for the suggestion! I don’t think that his style is as suited for teaching kids (he mostly does very realistic work and oils) but I’ll suggest that to him!
      That One Guy – I’ll suggest art therapy as well. He does some private classes, but they live in the the country so it’s a bit harder. I was telling him he should get into the wine + painting thing that’s popular recently.
      By the way, if anyone is curious – his site is edlittleartmurals dot com. πŸ™‚

  • skj84

    Rave: started rehearsal yesterday! Of course this means I’m pretty much out of pocket for anything this month, but it’s worth it.

    Rant: I think I had a wierd reaction to my lunch yesterday. I had a shrimp quesilldia and started to feel itchy/tingly in the mouth while eating it. I’ve never had that type of reaction to food before. I had a shrimp roll on Friday and felt fine. I’m going to eat the rest of the quesilldia lunch today and see what my reaction is.

    • That reaction usually means food allergies. I wouldn’t eat the rest of it if you know there is something in there that you are having a reaction to.

    • A friend of mine is allergic to a preservative that is commonly used for shrimp, not the shrimp itself. Maybe that’s why you had the reaction with one and not the other? I wouldn’t eat the rest.

      • Emmaleigh504

        That’s interesting. I’m more allergic to Gulf Coast shrimp than other shrimp. I wonder if there’s a preservative in the other shrimp that suppresses the allergen for me. Or maybe there’s something in the water in the Gulf that I’m allergic too. Allergies are weird.

    • Don’t eat the quesadilla! Shrimp allergies are serious and clearly something in that shrimp set you off. You could come out of this with swollen lips, eyes, etc. Put the shrimp down and get something else!

    • Was there cilantro in it? It’s not an uncommon allergy. Although usually people who are allergic to it think it tastes soapy.

    • That One Guy

      Here’s an article from the Post that may be insightful for people who have experienced the itchy mout thing after eating something. http://wapo.st/1KXf4CQ

    • Emmaleigh504

      Eat it with benedryl nearby. It could be the beginning of a shrimp allergy. When I have a reaction it starts with tingling on my lips and then full blown hives.

    • Mr. Eggs has been having a similar reaction to guacamole recently. But only store bought or restaurant guacamole – if I make it from scratch he’s fine. I’m guessing it must be a specific KIND of avocado that restaurants tend to get that grocery stores don’t or a preservative that’s used for restaurants or packaged guac…does anyone else know anything about this?

      • Emmaleigh504

        I find restaurant guacamole to be tingly. I think it’s whatever they use to keep it green. It also tastes weird to me, so I only eat homemade.

      • Broken record here. Cilantro. Way more people are allergic to it than know they are allergic.

      • Blithe

        I’ve had a similar reaction occasionally to some store bought/restaurant guacamole and salsas. It’s never happened with Chipotle guacamole or salsa, and, for me, it’s definitely not the cilatro, since I fling cilantro on almost everything. I’ve assumed that I’m sensitive to some type of preservative — which makes it hard to figure out just what to avoid.

      • Bear

        Could be some kind of pesticide used on the avocados also.

      • skj84

        Hmm. There was gauc on the side. Maybe that was the issue!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Awful Offie (AO) has no sense of personal space, boundaries, or when to shut up. She’s also an annoying “problem solver”. I say something is difficult and she bounds over like a puppy to “halp”. It’s insulting. If I need help I will explicitly ask (anyone that isn’t her). Remarking that something is difficult is not asking for help. ugh ugh ugh
    Rave: I found a starburst by my keyboard.

  • Rave: Feeling less despondent today, and thankful for PoPville – I know that sounds cheesy, and that I barely “know” any of you in real life, but you all are a wonderful sounding board with diverse backgrounds, diverse opinions, and a plethora of ideas, support, and encouragement. Thanks!
    Rant: SO so tired. I don’t know what was going on but it was just sirens and lights screaming up Georgia Ave seemingly all night. I’m normally a very sound sleeper (once I finally fall asleep) but I was awakened twice during the night, and had crazy nightmare dreams throughout. My usual 20 oz. of coffee is not cutting it today.
    Rant: the weather. UGH! so hard to breathe. and worse, I forgot my office sweater and now I’m absolutely freezing here at work!

    • Similar thing re: sleeping has been happening to me all week, since Sunday night. Last night I watched Bob Ross painting in gray scale to help me back asleep. Hopefully it’s just a spell!

      • me too! I keep waking up in the night and then for good about an hour and a half before my alarm. I hate these weeks when this happens.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: I went to bed at 9:15 last night, and today I feel awesome.
    Rave: The back-to-school series of appointments (dentist, pediatrician, orthodontist, eye doctor, etc.) ends today.
    Rave: Looking forward to volunteering at the National Book Festival on Saturday.

    • Your first rave sounds amazing. I need to get better at going to bed early!

    • Quotia Zelda

      Rant: Just got out of a meeting with one of my least favorite colleagues. She was in rare form today – know-it-all, acid, impatient. Combine that with my boss, who loves to play devil’s advocate, and it was a sucky meeting.

  • Rave – Got a much needed haircut. It’s crazy how fast my hair will go from cute shaggy pixie to mullet.
    Rant – A bird pooped on my head after my haircut. πŸ™

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Being a DC sports fan often feels more like a Jobian test than a hobby.
    Rave: Less than two months until the NBA is back! Had you told me 5 years ago the Wiz would be DC’s most competently run franchise in 2015, I would have questioned your sanity, and yet here we are.

    • Still not true in 2015. I think the Caps are run better. Same owner though.

    • Accountering

      Agreed. The Caps are certainly run better, by the same owner of course.
      With that said, I will be more than happy to hop on the Wizards bandwagon come spring if they make the play-offs. I would love nothing more than for any of our 4 teams to break into the conference finals of their respective play-offs for the first time this century.

      • jim_ed

        I strongly disagree. With the gaping exception of Vesely, the Wizards moves have been (and I never thought I would say this)….Good! Smart drafting, smart cap management, good low risk signings for cheap, and fully positioned to bring Kevin Durant home next season.

        The Caps on the other hand have made some terrible hires for coach, some questionable draft picks, and the Foresberg for Erat trade was a “Lets Draft Kwame Brown #1 overall!” level of terrible. I think Ovechkin being one of the top 3 players in hockey for the last decade has covered up a bunch of garbage moves the Caps have made.

        • I don’t disagree with a thing you’ve said but your premise was best run team in 2015. Not best run team the last few years. The moves the Caps made this off-season IMO make them a better team. Losing Pierce for one is a strong reason why the Wiz will have trouble replicating last year’s success.

          • I’ve been leaning towards disagreeing with your (Jim’s) original comment for this reason. However, after how the Nats have performed with supposedly smart off-season moves, I want to see how the season goes first. That said, I think Trotz has much better managerial experience and instinct than Williams seems to have….

    • DC teams are cursed, I firmly believe it. But here’s hoping the Wizards have a good year, even though I’ll miss Pierce.

  • topscallop

    Rave: back in the US!
    Rant: for less than two weeks before my next international work trip
    Rant: mega jet lag, as always
    Rave: friends in town to catch up with
    Rant: this weather is too hot and humid. Bring on fall!
    Rave: my friend got engaged over the weekend. Now it’s looking like I’ll have at least 3 weddings to attend next year. I know this may cause future rants about expensive trips and gifts, but I have no weddings to go to this year and I want to dress up, drink champagne, and celebrate with loved ones!
    Rant: people on my project are fleeing the company right and left. We have one year left before it closes out, and the mass exodus is making me antsy about the right time to jump ship myself. Of course to do that, I need to make some important life decisions, like whether to stay in the US or not, and that’s the kind of thing I want to put off thinking about right now.

    • Pablo Raw

      I don’t need to tell you that PoPville is always willing to hear and comment about bridesmaids dresses, etc.

      • topscallop

        True! I’m not sure if she’ll have bridesmaids, but she’s the type to let us pick our own dress if she does. I can imagine some fun email threads among the friend group to circulate terrible options, though, just to make each other laugh.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: Day 2.5 of trying new things (spur of moment travel): Thanks to SW airlines for the cheap seats. I’m taking my mom for a day trip to Chicago next Saturday. Always fantastized about spontaneously going to an airport and buying a ticket to a random destination. Flight travel being what it is, I guess this will be as spur of the moment as I get. The last time I traveled on short notice I was stopped by the TSA and screened.

  • Rant: I had to use some passive aggressive verbal martial arts to deal with terrible colleague this morning.
    Rave: Said terrible colleague isn’t in my department, so I don’t have to interact with TC very often.
    Rave: I slept so much last night, and I’m feeling a less run down.
    Rave: Long weekend ahead. I’m officiating my friends’ wedding on Saturday. I’m both nervous and excited about that.

  • Rave: Doctor has said that I should limit activity for a little while but I should be good for our beach trip next week.
    Rant: I’m officially a high risk pregnancy now. So much for my plan of a minimal intervention pregnancy. And depending on the results of some lab work that was done yesterday, we may be adding a few more doctors to my treatment team.
    Rave: I actually have an appetite again!

    • Oh dear. I’m sorry. Who are you working with? Yay for the appetite, though! And the extra monitoring might have the upside of additional pictures of the growing little one? Just trying to locate the silver lining.

    • So sorry about the high risk diagnosis. I was high risk as well. There is one benefit to being high risk though: you will get the chance to see your little one on ultrasound a lot more than you otherwise would!

    • Welcome to the high risk pregnancy club! It can feel like a blow at first — it certainly did for me, anyway — but there has been one big benefit for me, which is getting to see the babies on ultrasound very frequently. It’s really amazing to see how much they can change just in a week or two.
      Enjoy your beach trip and appetite!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yay appetite! So sorry you are now in the high risk club.

    • Our ob-gyn is through GW MFA. We absolutely love her especially with all of our recent complications. She’s been fantastic.

      And the extra ultrasounds pictures are the one nice aspect to all of this. Our collection is currently at 3 but the doctor has already told us that we will be having yet another one done during the next visit in 3 weeks.

      • If you’re looking for an MFM, I want to second a recommendation I got from JinDC a while back for Dr. Bathgate. I saw her a few times before I left town and through she was extremely competent and had great bedside manner.

        • Dr. Bathgate did my emergency c-section, and I liked what I could remember of her. Very good bedside manner in a stressful/scary situation, and checked up on me later on after the delivery (in addition to the midwives).

      • Is it Dr. Marfori, by chance? I looooved her. I wanted to go out drinking with her. I also liked Dr. Chahine; she was inappropriately hilarious in a few tense moments and I could have kissed her for it.

    • Good news on the return of the appetite – you can enjoy all the good beach food on your upcoming beach
      Sorry to hear that your pregnancy is high risk

    • I’m so sorry you’ve joined the high risk club…I see Dr. Pinckert (just got back from an appointment) and he’s great…I’ve found that frequent appointments are reassuring (if time consuming) and that my anxiety has been greatly lowered since I purchased a Doppler (online–fetaldoppler dot net )…I got a sonoline and it’s great. Good luck!

  • Rant: WTF, has anyone heard anything about this? https://twitter.com/BrandonJCarroll/status/639072289070411776
    Rave/Fear/Ahhhh: We may be moving…to another country…so much uncertainty, anxiety, and excitement.

  • Rant: Me: hey guys in other dept, can you figure out how long it’ll take you to do X so I can come up with a communication strategy for it? When I’m ready for you to do X, I’ll let you know.
    Other Dept: we did X for youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! Aren’t you happy? Don’t you love us?
    Me: Uggggghhhhhh. No.
    Rant: I’m way too light a sleeper to have my dog in my room, especially when I forget to take his collar off.
    Rave: excellent night of dancing last night.

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s amazing how much noise a dog collar and on a dog makes.

    • Is it because of multiple tags? I used to rubber band them together because of the noise

      • Well that’s a good idea.
        I think I’ll probably still take it off at night though. When I remember.

        • my suggestion take it off with the leash after the last walk of the night. That way it’s connected to the leash in the morning for the first walk and you aren’t running around to get it. I’d also suggest then a microchip for any ‘oh sh*t’ situations of him not having on his collar (but I’m a worrier, it’s what I do best).

        • I don’t know if this will work for dog tags, but I used double sided tape and taped my old cat’s tags together, info sides facing out.

    • emvee

      SO calls our dog’s collar his “noise maker” and takes it off right after the night time walk every. single. night.

    • We have one of those clips that you can put the tags on but can easily remove the whole clip + tags. It gets removed daily because our dog is weird and gets upset when his collar is taken off.

  • Bear

    Rave: Asked a friend to make our wedding cake and she made a bunch of test cupcakes for us.
    Rant: I had cupcakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner yesterday. This is not helping in my quest to drop the last 5 pounds before the wedding.
    Rave-ish: Upcoming work trip – haven’t been to see my project in a while and I miss being in the field. There’s a small chance it could be my last trip to see them (on this particular project) and I’m getting nostalgic already.

  • Rave: Happy hour with one of my favorite people tomorrow!
    Rant: I am really over having nonstop insomnia this week. Bedtime after 3AM does not bode well for a productive day.
    Rant: Colleagues who feel like they are too important to do the parts of their job that they find tedious. Not my problem, buddy. Take care of your stuff or suffer the consequences.
    Rave: Not working closely with those colleagues.

  • Rant: Officially pulled my candidacy from a dream job that would have come with the unfortunate side effect of a 40% salary reduction. There were tears. I know it makes sense, but I also wish I could magically go back in time and tell my teenage and 20-something self, “no, student loans are not a good idea. They will cripple you financially for decades to come.” The sad irony – dream job wanted someone with grad school qualifications…

    • That One Guy

      I’m sorry to hear this.

    • It’s not irony … it is planned. Dream jobs are for rich people with not student loans. Or for those that otherwise manage to have no student loans. The rest of us kinda know this, but fool ourselves into thinking that we will be the exception and somehow be able to get the dream job and live on the dream job salary if we just get the education. Or that if we are willing to do something we don’t want to do to pay the loans for awhile that we can then later switch to the dream job – but the stuff we end up doing that pays makes it harder for us to ever get the dream job – not usually because it is not teaching us relevant skills, but because we are then seen as not committed, too corporate, just not following the path that the perfect people without student loans can follow…and this can be true forever, even if we are wiling to give up owing much of anything, or having kids, etc.

      • This is true. The worst is when you end up with lots of loans from the education requried for dream job, end up in dream job, and then realize it actually isn’t very great at all…

  • Rant: Still a bit POed about Marissa Mayer’s announcement yesterday that should would take limited time away from her position and work throughout her identical twin pregnancy. Honestly, I’m planning for something similar myself, or as similar as my health and the babies’ health will allow. But I think she is setting a bad example by not acknowledging that twin pregnancies can be very complicated, and that babies and mothers need some time to bond. I suppose she may have to say something like this to reassure Yahoo stakeholders, but it still strikes me as rather tone deaf, given the abysmal state of parental leave in this country. I really hope she has a Sheryl Sandberg moment during this pregnancy and eventually acknowledges that not everyone can just power through it and stay on top of their jobs without support from their employers.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I was pissed when Marissa Mayer did that with the first baby. It’s terrible to set that example. I wish she would use her position to highlight that parents need time off for new additions to the family.

    • Yes. I actually made a comment to my husband this morning about how incredibly naive she is coming of as about twin pregnancies. As you well know, there are increased challenges and risks both during the pregnancy and after. For example, there is a much higher likelihood that there will be NICU time compared to a singleton pregnancy, and as someone who has gone through NICU, it’s awful. If she is lucky enough to avoid that, it will still be so hard, even with the large amount of care she can afford. I wish should would use her prominent position to show the world the importance of parental leave. Opponents of federally-mandated paid leave will certainly point to this as an example.

      • “Opponents of federally-mandated paid leave will certainly point to this as an example.” Oh, absolutely. And I’m sure that they will never acknowledge that she made $42 million last year, giving her access to all kinds of prenatal and child care that most people can’t even dream about. SMH.

  • Rave: Dinner at Thaixing last night – so good!
    Rant: I ate way too much
    Rave: Gym this morning may have helped
    Rant: Humidity and having to wear a suit and tie in new job
    Rave: New job means I escaped the mismanagement of my old team

  • Rant: Started a rant/revel post, forgot about it, and then closed the browser tab, losing the post.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My brain is all over the place today. no concentration to be found. Insomnia is probably the culprit.
    Rave: my curls look pretty great today. But I’m thinking I need a different color for them…

    • Your first rant: yep.
      Your second: My pixie is in dire need of a shape up and some fresh color. I kept the red last time, but put some highlights in it, and now I really love what the highlights have ended as. I sure hope my magician of a stylist can recreate the end game and not have to go through two months of “meh” before getting it back to “ooooOOOOOooo.”
      Have I mentioned I haven’t slept in days?

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m thinking of going darker, but I don’t know. I can’t even decided what I want for lunch today.

        • HA! This x1000.

          • Emmaleigh504

            (I brought my lunch today and still had trouble making a decision. I think I fail adulting today.)

          • Did you bring options? Or just second-guess your decision to bring lunch and consider buying instead?

          • Emmaleigh504

            yes, and yes, and then I thought about eating what I brought in a different order. I ended up eating what I brought in the predetermined order b/c I thought of that last night before the crazy-making insomnia this morning πŸ™‚

        • do it! I’m very encouraging of others to change hair colors, but probably because I’ve had the same hair color my whole life and probably always will. boring and know it.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I like to take risks with my hair, so I will do it as soon as I figure out what color to do. I wish I could go to my pal’s awesome colorist and get it done, but he lives by New Orleans. No last minute trips for me.

          • SouthwestDC

            Are your curls excessively dry? Mine are (even by curly hair standards) so I’ve always been afraid that coloring it would make it even worse. It’s such a boring shade of brown though.

          • Emmaleigh504

            My curls are dry b/c I color them blonde (the worst), but not excessively dry. I also have fairly loose curls, so they are easier to moisturize. And I moisturize like crazy b/c it makes my curls more defined πŸ™‚ Like today they look really good b/c I did a hot oil treatment before work (yay insomnia). But I don’t think my hair looks dry normally.

          • SouthwestDC

            I wish hot oil treatments worked for me. I’d do them everyday.

  • emvee

    Rave: Looking forward to my annual Labor Day trip to visit dear friends in Rhode Island.
    Rave: Came home from a super long day at the office yesterday and the SO had Indian food from Himalayan Heritage waiting for me with a gf beer. This man, I tell you. He gets me.
    Rant: I wrote a few weeks ago that I shipped my dog off to VA to stay with my folks while the SO and I meet some serious work deadlines. I miss my little dude!

  • Rave: Told my boss this morning that she should expect a reference check call today from a potential new employer in the state in which I plan to move. She’s known I’ve been looking to move. But switching jobs just is a recent development that happened while she was overseas. She took this news amazingly well (well, I’m not really amazed, I knew she would take it well) and vowed to give me high praises during her reference call. Whew, that weight is lifted.
    Rant: Waiting to hear whether or not I’ll be offered the job is nerve-wracking.
    Rant: The thought of ripping the bandaid off and moving 600 miles again is terrifying.
    Rave: All of the good things that will come of said move and new job.

  • Gin and Gardening gathering tentatively scheduled for Sept 13th – fall planting, tips for urban gardening, rants and revels from around the table. It’s not only for the gin and the gardening πŸ™‚
    Mentioned this to LBP yesterday but reposting – DC financial planning day is Oct 15th (free, register in advance). Seminars plus chance to meet 1:1 with financial planner (which was really helpful)
    Another PSA – DC Impact is offering a few workshops this fall on verbal and basic physical self defense tactics. Highly recommend!

    • Thanks again, MPinDC – I signed up yesterday! Just a clarification, though, it’s Oct 17, not 15. Hoping this helps! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for clarifying dates. I also signed up with the hopes that a work trip during that time will be cancelled ~

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Timed my commute to work. 5 minutes biking, 15 minutes walking.
    Rant: May cancel my photo trip this weekend in order to finish my condo work. This could also be a rave though.

  • Rant: Went to Jaleo the other night and did the “Jose’s Way” tasting menu. Most overpriced meal imaginable. Some of the worst $400 I’ve ever spent in my life.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Finally got to check out Red Derby.
    Rant: If it’s a dive, why are all the beer prices the same as everywhere else?
    Rave: Beers with Pablo and Suzy is still fun times regardless, and the staff were all super friendly.

  • I enjoyed a tasty brunch at Commissary last weekend, but was really annoyed and offended by the check- we’d split a $30 check three ways, so each of our checks was for $10, and on each check it suggested a 20% tip of $6 – i.e. 20% of the entire $30 check. I sort of started to write a $6 tip, distracted by the conversation, and then realized that couldn’t possibly be correct. The more I think about it the more annoyed I get, that Commissary would take advantage of its patrons in that way and basically lie about the appropriate tip amount. Plenty of people without a lot of discretionary incomes still want to do the right thing by their waiters, and may not have great math skills or trust their calculations over the check. So dishonest – shame on you Commissary.

    • justinbc

      It’s surely generated automatically by the system, not that they’re out to sabotage you.

    • Not dishonest. It’s the way the system is set up. Based on the scenario, you put in 3 cards and said split it 3 ways, right? So the cards are being swiped on the same check I e. When the cc receipt comes out the suggested tip reflects the total bill. The only way to get it to suggest something else is to separate the check into 3 separate checks which isn’t the standard way to do things esp. When it’s a simple $10/card. You’d then complain about how long it took to get the cards back, I bet.
      I don’t think anyone is being “duped” by a simple function of micros. I imagine most ppl aren’t so distracted that they think a 6 tip is appropriate on 10 when they meant to leave 20%.

    • palisades

      Sometimes I think people just look for any excuse to be angry and complain.

    • HaileUnlikely

      At risk of somebody accusing me of “victim blaming,” if you can’t figure out even approximately how much 20% of $10 is, yet somehow you have the money to eat out, give the $10 and the $6 tip to the guy sitting outside begging for spare change – I’d be willing to bet that he can tell you that 20% of $10 isn’t $6, and thus deserves to be able to enjoy a nice meal at least as much as you do. I’d be slightly more forgiving if the check was like $37 or something, but 20% of $10 is like 3rd grade math.

  • Rant: neighbor asked me to water some plants while he goes out of town. Being a nice neighbor I said yes, but I KILL plants! Seriously I couldn’t take care of a plant to save my life. He gave me instructions but I am so terrified I am going to screw something up and they are all going to die!

    Rave: Met another new neighbor down the street who was super sweet about letting me do some training with my DA dog while he had his dog. Hoping our training will help my dog at least be able to tolerate other dogs so we can walk down the street without making a scene.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Spent half an hour or so browsing at Second Story Books. Yay books!
    Rave: For some reason, I’m absolutely dazzled by seeing an apple tree and a peach tree, both dangling fruit within a block of Dupont Circle.

    • I was absolutely shocked to find that we had a peach tree in our yard, and there are like 5 others within two blocks of us. I never would have guessed…

      • Emmaleigh504

        Jealous! Did you make pies and cobblers and butters and jams and all sorts of things with the peaches?

        • Blithe

          When I was a kid, one of my Petworth neighbors had peach tree in their backyard. They didn’t get a chance to make anything with the peaches — because the kids got there first. Slurp

  • Rant: Had a plan to knock out a bunch of work today, and was even sticking to it until the software server went haywire. Now I’m waiting for IT to fix it AND I may have lost some of the work I did this morning. It’s not exactly motivating me to be productive.

  • Late Day Rant (per usual): I need to figure out how to politely yet firmly put my foot down when I can’t take more on at work. My boss just asked me to do several things, then asked if I could go to an hour-long meeting on top of it, when I leave in 2 hours for class. So I said no and gave him the list of things he asked me to do before I leave… and he looked taken aback. And now I feel like I did something wrong. (In my head I said “I’m not the one who let 3/5ths of our team leave for vacation already this week!”)

    • He’s taken aback because he thought you’d maintain doormat status. There are only so many hours in the day, so he needs to figure out what’s most important, and you’ll do those things. It’s unfortunate the office is short staffed, but like you said, not your problem.

      I’d say this: I want to put out quality work & it’s impossible for me to do so when I’m given x additional tasks and an hour long meeting to complete in a 2hr window. Please let me know which tasks have the highest priority, and I’ll jump right on those items.

    • Im currently reading “The power of a positive no” you should read it, its short, and offers a bunch of ways to say no in situations like this. Example “Id love to help once Ive finished up XYZ, this should take me A hours, can this wait until tomorrow?”

  • That One Guy

    It’s good. listen to it.

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