Man Resisting Mugging Shot in the 1900 block of Belmont Road, NW at 10:30pm Last Night

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From MPD:

“On yesterday date, a male was walking in the 1900 block of Belmont Road, NW, when he was approached by two suspects demanding his cell phone and wallet. The citizen refused, and the subject shot him once and fled south on 19th Street, NW. The citizen is being treated at an area hospital for a non life threatening injury. Suspect 1 is described as a black male, early 20’s, 5’9”-5’10”, dark complexion, short hair, all black clothing. Suspect 2 is described as a black male, early 20’s, 5’11-6’0”, light-medium complexion, clean cut hair, grey shirt with a red horizontal stripe. Anyone with information in reference to this incident is urged to contact the Third District Detective’s office at 202-673-6918.”

Ed. Note: A reader reports it happened around 10:30pm last night.

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  • I moved to the burbs for the schools because I had a kid.

    I really missed the city at first.

    But now I’m glad I don’t have to worry about being shot while I walk my dog at night.

    I do miss being able to walk to Cashion’s though.

    • Well, why don’t you post on a board about your new community?

      • Nobody wants to hear about who ISN’T getting shot.

        • Well, I don’t go on the suburban blogs and crap all over the Olive Garden.

          • Ha! So, since she is a former AdMo resident her right to look at DC-centric blogs and comment on them has been revoked? By your supreme authority? What a joke…

          • I spen nearly 15 years in DC and recently moved to NoVa for the schools. We have Olive Garden here (and DC has DCUSA) but I have found the food to actually be much more diverse here than in DC. There are great authentic Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Salvadoran, Ethipian, Mexican, and Cantonese options and not as many artisinal free range small plates or $15 grass fed well drink cocktails.

          • Im sorry we can’t all afford steaks, jose andreas, or roses luxury. In case you have never left the district–the suburbs win for decent affordable restaurants (annandale, rockville, etc.)

          • I have to say, the thing I like about going out to the ‘burbs is that just about every one of those strip malls has a no-frills ethnic restaurant that serves legit food that is often inaccessible in D.C. The D.C. restaurant scene is becoming insufferable.

          • I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised with the food / restaurants in the Burbs. Lots of legit Ethnic spots and I’m near Mosaic which is building up a nice roster of downtown outlets.

            I’m not trying to make a burbs is better argument. Truth be told if we could afford it we would still be living in the city. But a 3 bedroom place with private school tuition on top of it wasn’t in the cards. Honestly, who can afford it? We make over 250k and the numbers didn’t work.

            I love DC and miss it, which is why I still have PoP in my RSS feed.

            I’m just kind of wondering if a year in the burbs has made me soft. I lived a block away from this mugging for years. I walked my dog on this loop around 10:00pm almost every night and I never felt unsafe. Maybe this is just an isolated incident and If I was still living there I wouldn’t think to much of it. Or have things deteriorated in the last 18 months to the point where I wouldn’t want to walk my dog past Kalorama Park at 10:00pm on a Thursday night?

            If so, that’s sad.

          • SouthwestDC

            The problem with living in the ‘burbs is having to sit in gridlocked traffic just to get to your no-frills affordable restaurant that’s only half a mile away. That really wears down on you after a while. Insufferable traffic, or insufferable restaurants: take your pick. I’m happy that I live in DC and like to cook, so I rarely have to endure either.

          • jim_ed

            Whoever said NoVa has great Mexican food is a damned liar and they know it.

          • @jim_ed: While not “great”, El Paso Cafe in Arlington has pretty decent TexMex. It’s much better than the DC options, IMHO.

        • I live a block away and I would consider this an isolated incident. With that being said, it is quite alarming considering it was 10:40 on a Thursday night. Plenty of people are out walking their dogs in and around that park around that time.

          • I used to live in this neighborhood. About 10 years ago a young man was shot in similar circumstances at 20/Kalorama. I’d consider this a random incident.

    • We live in Logan Circle and was thinking about buying a house in the city. But it is going downhill. I am not feeling safe. We are not feeling safe anymore. I don’t wanna raise my kids in this environment. I know some people commenting here are pissed because this is the kind of future they don’t wanna live but eventually they will be forced to. It is frustrating for all of us who enjoy living in the city but we came to conclusion that the risk is too big to take. I don’t wanna get shot, I don’t wanna get stabbed 30 times on a metro train.

      • Posts like this drive me bonkers. You can go live wherever you’d like, but you are blowing things way out of proportion. Is crime up this year? Yes. Is it back to 1990s levels? Absolutely not. But to act like it’s suddenly a problem and hasn’t been in the past is ridiculous.
        You live in Logan Circle? How long? Two years ago there were community meetings with the police because people felt crime was out of control (when in fact violent crime was down 25% in LC). Here are two quotes from a Washington Post article about it:
        “Residents at the meeting that Lanier attended in Logan Circle complained about drug dealers, prostitutes and what they think prompted two shootings last month — a street war between opposing crews on opposite sides of 14th Street.”
        “Crime is down?” he asked, noting the rent for his new Logan Circle apartment is $4,000 a month. “I pay that and I need to deal with this? I do not feel safe.”
        This was in 2013! So don’t act like suddenly now you feel that Logan Circle/DC is unsafe and you cannot possibly raise your children “in this environment”. DC has never been a “safe” city by any stretch of the imagination. It is safer than it used to be, but it’s still hardly a safe haven.

        • I lived near this area (20th) back in 1999. I would have been a bit surprised by this crime back then.

          As for rising crime, I agree with you – I think a lot of people moving into DC just don’t quite understand what they were getting into. I lived in Dupont/AdMo from 1999-2013, and though the crime improved (and areas like U st and Logan changed substantially), it’s still DC, and not Falls Church.

          It seems that with the real estate boom and new trendiness of DC, a lot of people jumped in, paid gentrification prices, and assumed that because they paid so much that crime had to have vanished.

        • The issue isn’t the level, its the trend . DC has always been a “high crime” city compared to its urban yuppie peers: Boston, NYC, Seattle, SF, heck even vast swaths of Chicago’s North Side.

          But, DC had been moving in the right direction over the past decade. For the first time since I have been here, I’m not so sure about that. The massive influx of well educated yuppies can’t hide the fact that DC is a geographically small city with deeply entrenched social issues.

          Making matters worse, is we don’t seem to have a plan. The Clinton/Bloomberg/Obama center left yuppie intellectual consensus of smart social services, school reform, and vigilant policing is breaking down. How do we police effectively without over-policing? Everyone agrees the inner-city social issues are rooted in poverty/structural racism. But does anyone think expanding the EITC or building a little more affordable housing will solve the crime issue?

          The District already has an extensive array of teen pregnancy prevention, job training and youth gang prevention programs. But too often they result in overstaffed bureaucracies, shady contracts to connected “non-profits”, and low/apathetic utilization by the intended audience. They just don’t appear to be able to overcome the negative social forces associated with deep, concentrated inter-generational poverty.

          Lately, I find myself thinking maybe I should head to another walk-able urban city with less deeply rooted social problems. No city is perfect, but there are a number of cities with less structural issues. I get this is a classic, smart for one dumb for all problem. But, I just don’t know how we fix the problem?

        • People are getting mugged and shot near Kalorama at 10:30PM.

          “BUT THE CRIME IS DOWN!!!” Tell that to the guy who got shot or the one stabbed to death on the metro in broad daylight.

          Are you really OK with this? How do you expect me to take the metro to Shaw Sta after the sunset when there are no police cars at the exit?

          We have been living in LS since August 2013. We have had a great time until now.You are right, maybe we are delusional. Just taking my chips off the table.

          • Again, how long have you lived here? Adams Morgan went through years of problems with violent crime and shootings. This is not a rarity and I be you can find people who have been victims of armed robbery on a Thursday night in the neighborhood every year.
            Also, when did I say I was “ok with it”? I said it’s a reality that these areas, and DC in general have never been quiet, safe communities. Ten years ago there weren’t blogs, Twitter, etc to report every single crime that happens (this blog specifically did not used to report crime as much – and in such an extensive area).
            Last, I have been using the Shaw metro stop for years. So how do I expect you to? Just like everyone else does.
            Ease up on the dramatics and enjoy Reston.

          • For the second time JohnH, since August 2013.

            But I hear you, it’s all twitter’s fault that we hear there’s crime in DC.

            Last, Reston??? Let’s keep it civil. I can afford to live in much better/safer neighborhoods in DC just like I afford to pay that $4000 rent in Logan Circle.

          • That’s my point – you haven’t lived here long enough to know what’s normal and what’s not. Personally, my “worst” experience with crime in Logan Circle was in 2014 – probably the best year statistically. But like I said, in 2013 there were multiple shootings on 14th that people freaked out about how it’ll kill the development (sound familiar? People are saying the same thing now).
            And if you don’t think there’s more awareness/information available about crime today than there was in the past, I don’t know what to say. this blog did not used to frequently post crime happening in SW. And would you not agree if there was really a decrease in crime, but the high profile/scary events still happened (Metro killing, AU grad outside Shaw metro, etc) – people would still be saying the same stuff. Look at the Post article about the 2013 shootings on 14th – people were saying they felt more unsafe and the crime was a problem when in fact violent crime was down 20-25%.

        • Yes, cue the “long time” DC resident to chime in on how “bad it used to be” when anyone else expresses displeasure with high profile crime in their neighborhoods. Hey, when I was a kid we used to fight off muggers two at a time while we walked uphill both ways to school. Can you please give it a rest? There’s no reason to insist that if things aren’t worse then they can’t be bad.

      • So instead you’ll put your lives at risk every day driving on suburban highways. Every place is dangerous, just in different ways.

        • SouthwestDC

          The odds of dying or getting injured in a car crash are a lot greater than the odds of being the victim of a violent crime. The car crashes are just so commonplace that no one thinks of them as remarkable.

          • Sadly, this is not even remotely true. The per capita rate of death by car accident in the US is about 10 in 100,000. The per capita homicide rate in DC is 16 in 100,000. Assaults and robberies are each about 500 per 100,000 people.

          • Roughly 3/4 of murder victims knew their killer. So, the chance of being killed in an auto accident is much higher than being murdered by a stranger, which is really what we’re talking about.

          • Caroline wrote about risk of INJURY in a car crash, not death. The risk of being inured in a car crash is indeed much higher than being a victim of a violent crime.

          • And I was thinking what KenyonDweller said as well – also true.

          • SouthwestDC

            There are other health risks associated with driving as well– increased likelihood of obesity, for one, and all the issues associated with higher levels of stress.
            When I lived in Annandale I felt ill all the time, and had a constant throbbing pain in the back of my head. I didn’t believe the doctor when he said it was caused by my lifestyle, but the problems went away as soon as I moved to DC. Food for thought.

          • I dunno, when I used to drive in NoVA I’d see somewhere between 2-5 accidents a day. Here in DC I see maybe 2 crime scenes a year. Maybe the crime scenes get cleaned up faster than the car accidents, or maybe it’s because I cover more ground when I’m driving. It still seemed like a lot of carnage on the roads.

          • Lots of claims here that traffic is much more dangerous than DC crime. How about some real numbers with links to primary sources?

            The NHTSA administration reports 32,719 deaths and 2,310,000 million injuries from car accidents in 2013.

            The population of the US was 316,000,000 in 2013. Therefore, we have a per-capita death rate of 10.3 per 100,000 and injury rate of 731 per 100,000 due to auto accidents.

            In DC in the same year there were 37,332 serious crimes – 104 homicides, 3,661 robberies, 3,725 aggravated assaults, and 393 rapes. There were 649,111 residents of DC in 2013.

            Thus, on a per-capita basis, for every 100,000 of us there were 5,751 victims of serious crimes – almost ten times the per-capita rate of injuries in car accidents, much less deaths in accidents. 16 out of 100,000 of us were murdered. 61 of us were raped. 565 of us were robbed and 573 suffered aggravated assaults.

            Oh, and crime is up this year. And, these stats don’t include unreported crimes like at least two people who got jumped and robbed but didn’t file police reports. You can be damn sure the stats on traffic accidents are accurate because every accident involves and insurance company that has to pay, so there’s a party that has a financial interest in gathering accurate statistics (unlike crime stats). So, its almost certain that our actual per capita crime victimhood rates are probably quite a bit higher than even these.

            Links to all numbers:


            It’s not misleading to state that its more dangerous to drive around the suburbs than it is to be a DC resident; unfortunately, it’s demonstrably untrue.

          • zartan – do you have stats for the DC suburbs versus the District proper? I don’t think the deaths per capita in Nowhere, Indiana should be factored in because they’re not relevant to this discussion.

          • Also to make it a fair comparison you also should be factoring in the violent crime rates in the suburbs, not just DC.

          • You can throw statistics around all you want … but for some unusual cases recently – MUCH violent crime is not random, and you can reduce your risk of it a lot by who you associate with, where in the city you live, where you walk at night, etc. – if you have some control over these factors in your life.
            Car crashes tend to happen all over the place, and seem to be far more random.

          • we’re talking about crime in dc, not the suburbs. The fact is that you’re much more likely to be a VICTIM of a serious crime as a DC resident than you are to get INJURED in a car accident.

        • I metro to work.

  • ChenChen

    man that’s the same spot (in the triangle park) 3 years ago where I “resisted” on a Thursday night and woke up the next day in hospital with a concussion and a black and blue face.

    I was really drunk and walking to woodley from columbia heights late at night so I guess it was kinda my own fault.

    I wish the guy speedy recovery!

  • Did the “suspects” display a gun when they first confronted him? Or was it only when the victim refused to comply that they displayed the gun then shot him?

    MPD – please catch these low-lifes.

  • Someone at MPD forgot to mail-merge: “On yesterday date”?

  • My partner was surprised last night when I didn’t want to walk our usual loop which passes right through here, and instead stuck to the highly trafficked Conn. Ave. I was wary of walking around at dark, I figured I was being slightly irrational – but nope. (NOT implying it was the victims fault for walking home to his freakin’ house) Guess I will save money staying in the apartment.

    I hope he makes a full recovery.

    • +1. I don’t like walking after dark in DC unless it’s on well-lit streets with lots of open shops and foot traffic. I go out of my way to avoid walking near parks/playgrounds/etc. in the early morning or evenings. But that’s not always possible (i.e. if you live near the park, etc.)

      • Anonomnom

        Yeah, but this park actually is pretty well lit and usually still populated at 10:30 on a weeknight. I was actually walking home through this park on Tuesday at around the same time. Definitely shocked by this, as it is a pretty quiet area, but shows that you can never be too careful I suppose. I hope he recovers quickly, and they catch the people who did this.

    • Well, it may have made you feel better, but a few years ago, when I lived nearby, a man was shot on the corner of Connecticut and Kalorama for resisting theft – of a backpack in that case, if I remember correctly. Also non-life threatening shot. It was much earlier in the evening, and I was walking on Columbia Rd. and saw the police cars when it happened.

      • Yes, this happened about 10 years ago. It was around 8pm on a Sunday evening, if I remember correctly, because I heard the shots from my kitchen window while doing the dishes. The guy was a GW student who was resisting having his backpack taken away. It was on Kalorama Rd. btw Connecticut and 20th St.

        • Yes, I just googled a report of it – it was in May 20008, shortly after 9:30 p.m. on a Sunday night. The pack was taken at Connecticut and Kalorama, and the student gave chase after the thief down the block and was shot. I wonder if the student knew the thief had a gun, or if that was a surprise.

          • and yes, since living in DC with zip codes that start with 2000, I often put an an extra zero when typing years of the first decade of this century.

  • Upsetting, hope the victim recovers quickly. I live on the corner of 20th and Belmont and bike/walk that street regularly at this hour. It is pretty dark and quiet back there. The lack of information about if the gun was brandished with the request is crucial. I would hope the victim would have just complied if the gun was displayed with the initial request.

    • Same. I always get a little nervous on this stretch since it’s a bit isolated. Hope the victim makes a full recovery and more details emerge…

  • I was walking thru Kalorama park at 10:30 (there were still people in the park as there usually are at this time) and didn’t hear any shots. Is the time accurate? Would love more info from MPD.

    • My boyfriend was walking nearby around 11:00pm or a few minutes after and saw the police cars then, so the time is probably not too far off…

  • The shooting happened in front of my building. I heard a bang and then someone scream “help I’ve been shot call the police”. I called 911 at 10:40pm and the police arrived at 10:42. Lots of people out at that time walking dogs…

  • Call me a fool, but if the guy has a gun, I’m going to give him/her my wallet and phone and anything else they ask for. Here’s the thing, in DC (any quadrant ) or the ‘burbs, you can get jumped. Hell- you can get jumped at an olive garden! Crime shouldn’t be the reason you leave an area. Seeking more sq footage for less money, yes.

    • Yes, the person with the gun gets my money with no argument. Possessions are not worth dying for.

    • SouthwestDC

      Yeah, I don’t know what the actual stats are, but this is more the sort of thing you hear about happening in a massive parking lot somewhere.

    • Yes, but you don’t always know they have a gun at first, and you don’t always know how you will react.

      When I was a slight 21 year old woman, when a thief took my wallet out of my back pocket on an el platform, I turned around and grabbed it back out of his hand. As I only had my ID and two dollars in it, I would have thought, having spent 3 years living in a dangerous big city neighborhood where people I knew were mugged all the time, that I would have just let it go. I did know that’s what you should do, and I didn’t disagree – I’m not a strong or confrontational persons looking to get into a fight. But the fact that I didn’t, and that my immediate unconscious reaction was otherwise, surprised me – a lot.

  • I was watching three cops pull a car over on 18th at Columbia when they suddenly ran back to their car and took off, I figured it had to be something pretty serious.

    I’ve also noticed that the V Street police station is in bunker mode, you need to show an ID to get in to the locked building and have to go through a metal detector. Even the cops are feeling the heat this summer.

  • My BF and I would love to adopt one of the pups from a local shelter, but with the spike in muggings and robberies lately, especially in the immediate blocks surrounding our home, we both agreed that walking the dog in the mornings/evenings would put me at a greater risk of being criminalized than just staying inside. I moved to DC a couple years ago, and knew going in that crime was much higher than where I moved from, but never in my wildest dreams would I think that random attacks on people, with no other purpose than hurting someone, would be a routine occurrance. I love living in DC, and especially appreciate the diversity in my neighborhood, but when I hear about crimes happening right outside my home and the failure of MPD to do anything, even when they could do something to prevent it, it just boggles my mind.

    • +1 to this. The other places I’ve lived aren’t crime-free either, but there was a lot less RANDOM violence.

    • By my back of the envelope calculation, the odds of having to seek medical care from being bitten by your shelter dog (especially if it is a pit bull terrier) are significantly higher than being a victim of a gun crime in the neighborhood. Your odds of getting into a car accident on the way over to the shelter are about 125 times higher than the odds of being a gun crime victim here.
      There are actually a lot of things more dangerous to your health than walking your dog at night and being shot (my back of envelope calculation suggested the risk of this within 1500 feet of 1900 Belmont Rd NW is about 1 in 10,000). The odds of dying in childbirth are about in 1 in 6,000; the odds of dying at home from an unintentional accident (from a fall, choking on your dinner, etc) are about 1 in 1,600.
      So… moral of the comment is … go check out those shelter pups and don’t be afraid to live your life!

      • I understand what you’re saying, but there have been a LOT of robberies, beatings, and shootings in a two block radius of my home this summer. I can’t even walk to the dry cleaners because it’s located in a high crime hot spot. I just want to have a life to live when I go about my business, you know? 🙂

      • HaileUnlikely

        Do you know where she lives? National stats on car accidents and violent crimes are relevant for things like federal funding for X vs. Y vs. Z but are usually irrelevant to what is optimal for a specific person whose individual circumstances are not well described by national averages. Both car accident rates and violent crime rates vary by several orders of magnitude depending on where one lives. At the extreme, maybe she lives right next to the shelter: Probably not going to be involved in a car accident on the way there, but also waaay above average risk of being a victim of violent crime in the area (not a general comment about shelters, I am referring to a specific location where the DC animal shelter actually is)

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