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  • I vote for reclassifying this under the new “You Are My Hero” column – this is great!

  • Accountering

    I don’t think any of them are evil. They are just normal humans, doing a job, without which the city would lose a ton of revenue, and parking availability would grind to a near standstill.

  • never heard of parking enforcement as evil. i make a point of saying thanks with a smile when i see someone writing up a ticket. wish i saw it happen more often!

    • I Dont Get It

      Most PE I see are near my office and are busily writing tickets for Maryland and Virginia cars so I usually give them the thumbs up. My favorite is about once a month when they monitor how long cars with Handicap placards (usually Maryland) and ticket them after exceeding four hours. I wish they would do this more often!

  • Basically a +1 to the above comments. I’ve gotten more than a few parking tickets since I’ve lived in the district, but every last one of them has been deserved. I know there are the outliers that get media attention (as they deserve to) but generally speaking I can’t complain about DC parking enforcement. Good job to the parking enforcement officer we are posting about!

    • Accountering

      I think the issue is when the appeals process doesn’t work. If there are issues, the ticket should get thrown out, but deserved tickets are just them doing (a very difficult job) well.

      • I would agree, that said, DPW parking tickets (at least the ones I’ve gotten) have multiple pics associated with them. I’m not saying that is the end all to complaints, but it puts the appeals process in full public view.
        That’s a huge step in the right direction. (God, I feel dirty defending parking tickets.). Maybe I am just getting old lol

      • justinbc

        It took 2.5 years, but my ticket finally got through appeal. Granted, the officer who wrote it is the one who screwed up, but the person who was supposed to receive the ticket definitely deserved it. He just dyslexically entered in my old tag number instead.

  • I Dont Get It

    LOL this reminded me I have an outsanding ticket. I just paid it online–two more days and it would have doubled!

    • I wonder if they could incentivize prompt payments by offering a discount during the first 30 days, rather than the cost going up. Even if the actual numbers are the same, i wonder if more folks who say “Hey, it’ll only be 50% of the ticket if I pay it right now, i better get on it.” Maybe an even bigger reduction if paid within 72 hours or something.

  • Evil? These guys handle a tough, necessary job with dignity. I admire them for serenely absorbing all kinds of unwarranted abuse, from those lawbreaking miscreants who think the law doesn’t apply to them. Our DPW deserves applause for their fine work.

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