Huge!! The Coffee Bar opening a 2nd Location Downtown/Dupont


A reader reports:

“I was walking to work yesterday and saw a sign for a new TCB in the Pillsbury building at 17, M and Rhode Island NW! I was sure that spot would be filled with the obligatory Starbucks, so I’m thrilled to see The Coffee Bar expanding. Yeah for locally-owned small businesses!”

Ed. Note: The Coffee Bar opened up their first location back in Dec. 2012 at 12th and S St, NW.

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  • YAY for small businesses!!!! So excited to see this, TCB is fantastic

  • Wow, I didn’t think any retail was going in the Pillsbury building. This is fantastic—uptown coffee downtown!

  • Thats great for them. They are a great biz to support. Hopefully with the coffee loving Nat Geo people right down the street, they will do gang busters in that spot.

  • This is great news!! Love TCB, such nice people that work there and comfy atmosphere to just hang and read/do work. I’ll have to re-route my bike commute now.

  • justinbc

    That’s awesome. It’s a toss-up, but TCB might be my favorite coffee shop in DC.

  • As someone who has been a regular customer of TCB since its first hour of operation, I’m very happy to hear this. I just hope the new location is open on Saturday, so I can visit it when my spouse has his haircut two blocks away.

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