Here’s Where Las Placitas is Moving to on 8th Street – Major Progress at The Brig Beer Garden coming across the street


Back in July it was reported that Las Placitas would be moving from 517 8th Street, SE on Barracks Row further down 8th to the old Quiznos space. Turns out they’re taking over the former Chicken Tortilla space next to the former Levi’s Port Cafe. The owner said “very soon”. I also asked him about plans for the upper 14th Street, NW location and he said they still plan on opening in a “few months”. Stay tuned on both fronts.



And for those curious about the beer garden coming in on the other side of 8th and L St, SE:



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  • As a longtime customer of Las Placitas, I can only hope this move goes well, but this new location is horrible. It’s completely separated from the rest of 8th street by the freeway overpass. They are going to lose much of their customer base from the current location because no one is going to want to walk down there where there are no other stores open.

    • And as someone who works at the Navy Yard, for every longtime customer they lose, they’ll gain three people who don’t want to hike up 8th Street for a sit-down lunch. The Quiznos on that corner sucked, Levi’s had decent food but limited appeal, and options on the Yard itself are limited to Sbarro, a couple food trucks, and some other slop. I’m pretty sure when the word gets out, they will do fine.

      • The previous business at that location did quite well so I have high hopes.

      • I don’t think people realize how many people work at the Maritime Plaza office park and eastern side of the Navy Yard with no nearby lunch options. The new restaurants in the Navy Yard neighborhood are still a mile away for these folks, and there’s not even a CVS or Starbucks where you could grab a granola bar.
        I’ve always thought a food truck would make a killing down there.

  • Isn’t there also a Las Placitas opening on upper 14th St NW by same owners? Pumped!!!

  • The timing of this beer garden seems to be pretty poor. It looks like they have at least a couple weeks to go to then open and I would assume close for the winter.

    • Historic Preservation held this site up for 3 years (they wanted a rooftop setback so the drunks wouldn’t fall to their deaths). Not something the owners really had control over. They finally signed off on it a few months ago.

      • Actually the project was approved by the Historic Preservation Review Board a few years ago. The owner took a long time to finally submit the permit drawings for whatever reason.

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