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  • Is anyone else curious what food is shown in the top photo?

  • Pansit maybe?

  • We went last week. Everything was delicious. I haven’t been to Rose’s, so I can’t compare the two.

  • Let me guess. They don’t take reservations. (They don’t even seem to have a phone number for making a reservation the old fashioned way.)

  • we went last night. food is really great and we look forward to going back. the dessert is delicious.

    it is a very small but beautiful decorated space. I wish the stools weren’t bolted down so they could be moved to a ore comfortable distance from the bar eating space.

  • I don’t know if the comparison is apt. I fully intend to try Bad Saint (and friends who have already been have high praise!) but part of what makes Rose’s Luxury so great is how inventive the food is. There’s a difference between delicious ethnic food cooked wonderfully and a completely original menu.

    • BAD SAINT IS SOOOO GOOD. Flavors I have never had before. In fact, when I ate there last week I ran into a bunch of the Rose’s staff! Go now before you can’t get in.

    • Good point. If it’s really that good, Rasika might be a better comparison. Can’t wait to try it!

      • I was the one who posted the comment originally on twitter. The way that I meant it was that Bad Saint is going to be very busy all the time! It was very well executed food, with an incredible staff. Like Rose’s the hostess and wait staff were friendly, helpful and knowledgable. Agreed that the comparison may not be perfectly apropos, I am confident that this will be a busy restaurant and it deserves credit. I agree Rose’s is extremely inventive and delicious. Bad Saint had a well executed, unique menu. I’m definitely going back!

  • justinbc

    I can’t imagine this is a sensible comparison given how different they are, unless they just mean it will be busy all the time? We went to their pop-up and it was some of the worst food in terms of execution that I’ve had in DC, so it’s good to hear they’ve at least fixed those issues (presumably). Rose’s pop-up at Hogo, by comparison, was stellar.

  • Meh, been a couple times and have done the back patio private dinner and Rose’s is just not as great as everyone makes it out to be.

    If I were Bad Saint I’m sure I’d like to be compared to their buzz and have their cash drawer though.

  • Any restaurant that won’t take reservations is not worth patronizing. Somehow they believe that your time standing in line is valueless.

    • Actually as someone who lives in the area I love it. Put your name down, wait for a text message and just go. Also nothing stops you from doing the same but just going to one of the other local places for a pre-dinner coffee/cocktail/beer while you wait.

  • I’ve not been there, so I can’t say how the food is or how it compares to Rose’s, but there’s really nothing tantalising in that photo.

  • It would have to be an act of God (or an American break from the traditional) to make authenticFilipino food taste “amazing”‘. After years traveling back and forth to the Philippines, I consider the local fare to be the Southeast Asian equivalent of Scottish- based on a dare.

  • how about not comparing the restaurant with any other place in the city, but judging it by its own individual merits?

    probably best compared to Thip Khao anyway.. deuces!

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