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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • That picture is amazing.

  • Revel: MD tax free week, went a little crazy (for me, I’m usually pretty frugal) at Arundel Mills in the middle of the day
    Rant: Spent a lot of money just to save 6%
    Revel: But I’ll look cute on the first day of school!
    Rant: I guess this means I should put together the IKEA dresser I bought before I left for Israel a month ago
    Revel: Just joined my first meetup event with a Jewish singles group. It’s a bunch of 90s has-beens at Wolf Trap.
    Rant: Kind of anxious to be going to an event where I don’t know anybody

    • The meetup event sounds fun! Focus on the ridiculousness of the entertainment and just let the people-meeting chips fall where they may πŸ™‚

    • I met all of my new close friends from a Meetup group. It’s great! Good luck and have fun!

  • Question: Looks like the stop & go market at 3001 Sherman Ave was vandalized last night. It appeared to have been hit with a bat , brick or rock in both of the doors/windows that face the street. The glass was not broken, it looks shatter-proof, although there were definitely some huge marks in it unless my eyes deceived me. Did anyone happen to see it?

    • Egad

      I saw it yesterday morning. Looks like it happened over the weekend.

      • Thanks for the heads up! I must’ve missed it. Hopefully everything works out for them, I’ve seen some shady things happen on that corner in the year since I’ve moved here.

        • Egad

          Yeah, I’m surprised that the owner hasn’t put tape up on the broken glass or anything so it doesn’t fall out. I hope he had his cameras on. A person posted yesterday (under the post about car windows being smashed) that their car that was parked on Columbia/Sherman had its windows smashed in over the weekend but nothing was taken so they thought it could just be vandalism.

  • Rant: Makes me sad to admit it but for the 1st time I’m debating moving out of DC to the suburbs. As a single woman I just do not feel safe here anymore.
    Rant: The “God question” during the debate. Wtf how is this still a thing in the 21st century?

    • How would being not single make you feel safer? I imagine not single people are no less likely to be victims of crime.

      • not that mysterious. People tend to feel safer when they’re accompanied.

        • justinbc

          You’re also probably much less likely to be attacked if you’re walking with someone. Having a man by her side (if she’s straight) would also probably deter a fair amount of catcalling, and even though that’s not a crime it doesn’t help when someone is already feeling unsafe.

        • Sure but saying “I’m moving to the suburbs because I’m single and feel unsafe in DC” is silly because it assumes single people always walk around DC alone and non-single people always walk around DC with their significant other and that walking around the suburbs single you’re safer.

          • People don’t walk around in the suburbs, that’s why it’s safer (in that sense).

          • Single woman here. This is a pretty depressing way to look at it, but it’s not that walking alone that makes me feel unsafe-er so much as it is that if I didn’t come home, no one but my dog would know for a while and no one would report that I’m missing until I didn’t show up for work or for plans with friends.

      • who cares. it’s her feeling of personal safety. Whether you agree or not is a different story.

        • I feel like my life is in danger every time I drive in the suburbs, but I’m obviously in the minority there. πŸ™‚

          • Emmaleigh504

            I am totally wigged out by the country. The country is where the serial killer is going to get you b/c there is no one around to hear you scream.

          • I am totally with you on this one!!! My parents live in the country and I literally cannot sleep at their place because it is way too dark and way to quiet, and I always think that some serial killer is going to get me.

          • I’ve decided I can only live in cities because I don’t feel comfortable living in a house without bars on the windows, and it’s not socially acceptable to have them in the suburbs/country.

          • so funny I’ve purchased a fan to keep at my dads house for when I visit, I need some white noise to sleep (and those apps on the phone don’t cut it). It’s so quiet and almost freaks me out more than all the loud noises I’m used to in CH.

          • Statistically, you ARE at far more danger of physical injury driving around in the suburbs than being attacked in the city. But we don’t pay attention to statistics, and there are things that freak us out psychologically – like someone intentionally doing us harm, rather than just being a lousy driver, and there’s always the fear of sexual assault – so we fear them more.

            Yes, partnered people don’t always walk with someone, but having been both partnered and single at various times in my life, I can tell you I walk a lot more alone when single (and not because I date men, I don’t, and have a man walk with me for safety.) There is more safety in numbers, usually.

            I get that – I’ve lived in cities so long with bars on lower windows and/or doors, and on fire escape windows, I can’t imagine living in the suburbs with windows anyone could break into. I guess you take care of it with good alarms – though i think strong iron bars are a safer bet. So I’m not sure I could live in a suburban house, either. Or in the country for the isolation factor affecting safety as well. Sad, but true.

          • My parents in the country were burglarized, with no window bars but an alarm, and I was burglarized in the city, with bars on everything but no alarm. I think you need both (and now I insist on having both) to be totally secure.

          • justinbc

            Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you have to have bars on your windows. If someone wants to break into your house, they will. Bars might slow them down, but they’ll still get in.

          • Nobody’s saying you have to, but that it makes them feel safer. Like you said, it slows down someone who wants to break in, and it usually discourages them from even trying. I don’t know why all houses don’t have them.

          • justinbc

            Because people like unobstructed views out of their windows?

      • HaileUnlikely

        There is a large body of psychological research demonstrating conclusively that people are extremely bad at knowing how they would feel or what they would do if their circumstances were different. Don’t get lost in the irrelevant details of the rant though – I’m a married man and I’m not digging all of the shootings and stabbings either.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Although I can see how you might infer it from what she actually did say, re-read the original post and note the fact that she did not say that she would feel differently were she not a single woman. She said: “I am A, and I feel B.” She did not say, “I feel B because I am A.”

    • nightborn

      I’m not single and I have gotten nervous lately with all the robberies and stabbings in my neighborhood – some have been in broad daylight on very busy blocks (14th & T, for example)! I’ve been skipping my early morning/evening street runs through Meridian Hill Park and going to the gym instead to run on the treadmill like a hamster. Sad, but better safe than sorry….

  • jack5

    Rant: Rush hour construction on GA Avenue by Howard University… Brilliance everywhere as 2 lanes are reduced to one. People brutally forcing their way over by all means necessary.

    Rant: Alleys full of your neighbor’s mattresses? Call 311 to ignore it for months at a time!

    Rant: Neighborhood litterers and loiterers.. I remember when there were plenty of trash cans lining residential streets and back then there was no excuse for leaving trash on a sidewalk… smirk.

    • Jack5, I need to confer with you about our neighborhood over e-mail. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry recently when I learned that I had made so many 311 requests that I qualified as a “super-user” and was invited to test out the new 311 system before it launched.
      What I really don’t understand with 311 requests is how DPW (in this case) gets to close the request with a note that alley cleaning is needed. Shouldn’t the request stay open until the mattresses, etc. are removed?? I suspect DPW is trying to make its numbers look good.

    • RANT: people who liter, when there are trashcans so close. It drives me so insane, there’s no respect for the neighborhood and the people who have to clean it. And I’m not just talking about all the people doing nothing by CH metro (my neighborhood). But I do my long runs through Adams Morgan on Saturday mornings and the amount of crap left by people visiting bars is just as crazy (I don’t care if you’re drunk, don’t liter). I could go on and on about this.

  • Rave: Best friend called at just the right moment to ask about getting together. Really needed that pick me up.
    Rant: Husband didn’t get one of the jobs for which he’s a finalist. 8.5 months of unemployment. Something has to give.
    Rave: Daughter woke up this morning and said “I can’t wait to go to NJ to see PeepahNana this weekend!” Peepah and Nana are my parents – she refers to them almost as one word – and she vastly prefers my husband’s mom, so it was nice to hear her looking forward to seeing my folks.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That sucks about your husband not getting the job.
      On the other hand, your grandparent names reminded me of annoying but funny commercial πŸ™‚ “That’s a good car, Pawpaw!”

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: changed shirts after taking Donna to the vet & now my lipstick doesn’t match.
    Rave: Donna’s healing nicely from surgery.
    Rave: so far my only rant is about lipstick.

  • Rave: Oh my god, that GOAT! Love it.
    Rave: My attorneys are going to have to meet with the head of our department (making a special trip to this office to see them) because despite being told many times by many people, and despite being trained, twice, they refuse to do something that is absolutely required of them. Maybe now, they will do it?
    Rave: Date tomorrow night. Not super excited (there are a couple upcoming ones I am absolutely looking forward to) but I am not dreading it, either. It should be nice.
    Rant: What started as a really cool OKC conversation has quickly turned bizarre. I’m too amused to stop talking to him, but eventually I’m going to have to because I know I’ll never meet him.

  • Rave: started brick training yesterday… run times still under 7:45/mile. something to be happy about
    Rave: 8 days in Marthas Vineyard starting next week
    Rant: every day until next week

  • Rave: This week is the last week of chemo for my dad. Six weeks of hellishness comes to an end on Friday!
    Rant: Dad is having major side effects, and it is only day two of this week of treatment. Also, I have no idea what comes next. We just have to take a wait and see approach. I’m hoping he gets a good chunk of rest time.
    Rave: I had my first ultrasound yesterday. Seeing the little jelly bean in outer space definitely makes this pregnancy feel more concrete (as if all the major first trimester misery wasn’t enough).
    Observation: This whole process of trying to get pregnant and watching my dad fight his cancer has really just boiled it all down to the essentials (life, death, the meaning of it all). I’m hoping I can keep that sense of perspective going forward.

    • We thought we were completely done having kids til one of our parents had a major health event. Now we’ve decided to try for another. You can’t have too much family in times of trial. Well, we can’t. I recognize that there are sucky selfish families that bring one another down. But that’s not us.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Pretty great header photo!
    Rant: My gross apartment is gross from the neglect of all my travel, and really needs to be cleaned.
    Rave: Monthly visit to the Shake Shack tonight! Gotta decide what to order…
    Rant: Lots of new impractical information security directives at the workhole. This is gonna be fun…

  • Rant: Building fire alarm at 5:30 am. Was up later than usual (almost 1) talking to a friend as it was. Couldn’t get back to sleep after fire alarm. So tiiiiired.
    Rant: I have finally conceded that my depression still has the best of me, I am still too hung up over the dratted ex (ffs self), and it is time to try therapy again. Calling someone a friend recommended this afternoon.
    Rant: Not sure if I’m feeling it with that guy, which makes me feel terrible and fickle. Also, not in the best place because of the above.
    Rant: Too much negativity before 10 am.
    Rave: Sent out another job application. Bummed that I never heard from the other jobs I was excited about, but such is life. Grateful to have great friends to help check my cover letters, slowly getting better at writing them!

    • Depression’s no joke. Take care of yourself. Hope you feel better soon.

      • Good for you for recognizing you should try therapy again. And if you’re not feeling it with the person, please do him a favor and let him go gently. The last person I dated did that to me, and I’m grateful he didn’t string me along even though was initially sad about it ending.

      • Thanks. I’ve kept talking about it but hoping I wouldn’t actually need to go again, that just venting will be enough – but it’s past time to stop just complaining and actually do something.
        LA – oh, definitely. I feel terrible about it because he is really nice and cute and I enjoy hanging out with him a lot, was hoping it might go somewhere – but I’ve started to feel that I’m looking for something different. Especially after going to my friend’s wedding this weekend and seeing what they have.

  • Rant: Everything.
    Rant: Was already feeling cranky and then made the mistake of reading the 7-Eleven/”Crypto-Classism” thread. I think HaileUnlikely might have made the only sensible comments in that thread.

  • Rave: Really proud of my husband for committing to a work-out/get-in-shape plan.
    Rant: Said plan involves him getting up at 4:30 am Tuesday mornings. No bueno.
    Rant: Favorite podcast is taking a long (but well-deserved) break, and hasn’t said when they’ll be back (Sword & Scale)
    Rave: Brewing iced coffee at home + bringing lunch into work all the time – $$ saved!
    Rant: All money saved needs to go into a hefty condo special assessment, and there will be more in the future. grumble grumble grumble.

  • Oh Tuesday morning, why are you trying to rebrand yourself as Monday morning?

  • Rave: new name. needed a change.
    Rave: took a quick dip back into the online dating pool last night. sent just one message. got a quick reply. not yet scared off the site.
    Question: has anyone successfully become just friends with someone they’ve dated? my friends and I have not and it’s not for a lack of trying.

    • I could have, but the things I disliked in dating would not have made friends work (Not reliable, makes no effort to hang out, etc).
      Why is this something you and your friends strive to do?

      • We do not “strive” to do it. I simply asked for the times when we actually like the person as a person and would really like to be friends because romantically it’s not a match but sometimes friendship really seems better. Can it work?

        • I said strive because you’re all actively trying to do it. According to other posters, you can only do it once.
          I see it being very difficult if things are entangled or One person was more into it than the other.

          • I think it’s important to be clear from the beginning that you both want and are open to being just friends. No confusion that reaching out and invitations to hangout are indications of a desire to date again. I’ve learned from the past that you have to be clear early on or else the other person starts to think you want them back.

          • “I think it’s important to be clear from the beginning that you both want and are open to being just friends.”
            Of course that also assumes that people a) know their true feelings and b) are honest with the other about them. Much easier said than done – so much so that I would say it’s probably easier to just make a new friend-friend than try to maintain an ex-boy/girlfriend-friend. If it happens it will just happen naturally, not because you *tried* to make it happen.

          • Totally agree krampus. If someone has hope it’ll work out, they may try to stay friends to be in your picture longer. There are too many people in this town to rekindle old fires.

          • Krampus: but then if you do want to be friends you have to try and put in an effort to meet as just friends. then you can see if you can just be friends because what does “naturally” even mean? this is dc, everyone’s busy. you ask if someone’s free to meet, you meet, and then go from there.

          • “naturally” means you don’t have to see if you can just be friends, it’ll be obvious. If you have to *try*, if you have to *put in an effort*, then you probably shouldn’t be friends. If you want to make an effort then you’re better off doing so with someone else, someone to whom you have no failed romantic connection. There’s too many cool people in this town to get overly hung up about that one that you dated for a while.

      • Not dated, but went on a date with yes. We went on a date, became good friends, and she is the one who introduced me and my fiancee to each other!

    • justinbc

      I’ve never really wanted to. People generally don’t take it well when you admit (or break it to them) that you’re not compatible, and it always leads to some unrest / tension on one party’s part. There was one girl who I was “sort of” friends with after breaking up, but it took like 6 months apart for it to happen, and then after getting in another relationship I had to let that go because it would have been too uncomfortable for the current partner.

      • I also think that it can get messy if the other person starts to think that you being friendly and wanting to hangout as friends is actually code for “hey, I still like you and am trying to get back together with you.” happened to me once, and it made things awkward, so we couldn’t be friends because he thought I was looking to get together as more than friends…no!

        • it’s never as easy as saying, “ok we’re friends now”, crap always lingers and can make for awkward moments when you’re out as “friends”. It’s really trying to have your cake and eat it. Or one is really just naive or being thick on purpose. Just because one does not have romantic feelings toward the person, doesn’t mean they are on the same page. I always say if you stop seeing a person for whatever reason it’s best to break off contact with the person for some time and if you run into them at a later point and you feel they or you are over it, then try being friends. But time apart is a necessity.

    • I have done this successfully exactly once. BUT, and it’s a big but, his nickname on this site when I was dating him was Mr. Nice Guy…so that may say something about just how into him I was. He has a wonderful girlfriend now, we all get along, and I consider him a good friend. Otherwise, I’ve found it to be too hard or not worth the energy.

    • I have been successful at remaining friends with someone I dated only once. In that situation, we dated very briefly when he realized that he just wasn’t ready for a relationship yet. I think the fact that we weren’t too entangled and that he ended it kindly made it possible to stay friends. Beyond that, my traditional approach is not talking to exes after we part ways, especially those with whom I was in serious, long-term relationships. I think cutting ties just makes it easier for me to move on.

      • Artemis, this makes sense. Taking into account how serious you were and how things ended is important. If it ended well and it wasn’t too serious, one would think you could be friends.

    • topscallop

      I haven’t, though I haven’t really tried. My most successfully way of making new friends so far seems to be having been absorbed into my ex’s friend group. After he moved away there was a lull in seeing them, but we gradually reconnected and now I hang out with them a lot.

    • I’m friends with several guys I dated (not super seriously, but for a few months) and a couple who I dated seriously. My bf is friends with basically all of his exes. It can be done! I do agree that it’s very case by case, though and I do have exes that I haven’t spoken to in years.

      • exact same for me and my husband. although you’re right there are people I haven’t spoken to in years but I wouldn’t be against it!

    • I have had this work exactly once in my life, and really, we were friends, became friends who hooked up, and then stayed friends. Things only got awkward when he admitted to me one night that he had actually been in love with me all those years ago, lol. This relationship was years ago in college. The two I tried more recently failed miserably! I have decided that either Americans are completely incapable of doing friends after a relationship, or that times have changed too much (which makes me feel really old, so I’ll just blame it one Americans πŸ˜‰ )

      • Failed, as in they didn’t want to be friends or that they took your desire to be friends the wrong way?

        • With the first one, friends seemed to equal FWB, and then just devolved into him being a complete dick – it was basically as Anon Spock described, the issues that would have made him a bad BF made him a bad friend. The second one, it was just a hot mess from beginning to end. He came back wanting to be friends a few months after the final break up, but was also not over me, and I sincerely doubted the ability to be friends. Also, I have a very generous and giving nature and have a huge tendency towards co-dependence and “rescuing” so knowing this about myself, it just couldn’t happen (he had issues). Now, being in a relationship, I can’t imagine being friends with someone I had a relationship with and how that would make my BF feel.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Nope. burn it to the ground.

      • I’m with you, Emily!!

      • Sing it sister. Burn to the ground, with a spectacular demolition preceding it.

      • I’d only agree if the other person was horrible. Some people aren’t, they’re just not right for you romantically. Seems like some people here do like some of the people they’ve dated as people not as partners.

        • You can like someone as a person and not be their friend. You’re still bemoaning the fact that it ended and in the next breath wondering when you’ll be friends with him. It’s strange.
          I don’t think having a bevy of exes lingering around is a good idea esp. if you hope to seriously date someone. They’ll still be nice guys from afar.

    • I think you can still be friends, if you haven’t slept together yet. For a guy, it would be hard to be just friends, with somebody I had recently slept with. Because with the right situation (a few drinks, lonely, etc..) you are going to want to sleep with that person again, and my make non-friends pass at the person.

  • rave: friend’s january wedding save the date card!
    surprise!: it’s in St. Louis! never been before, looking forward to it
    rant: wedding expensiveness (although 1 a year so far is ok)
    rant: wish this bloody apartment would just call me already.

    • Amen to your first rant. I’ve had 4 so far this year (two more to go!) and only one has been local-ish. Seriously draining my bank account. But I do love celebrating with everyone.

      • Same here. Attending three, turned down one, two of them were far away… So much money! They’re great, but people need to pace getting married better (for my convenience, obviously :p).

        • Haha, agreed! Wish they would all consult with my calendar first. ;-p M and I have three weddings on the same day in September! (obviously going separately, but he’s trying to do two in one day since they’re a two hour drive apart).

  • Rant: Still having bad thoughts and the feeling that no one listens to me.
    Rave: Got an appointment with therapist today.
    Rave: Made some headway with a report at work that I was stuck on.
    Rave: Wearing new shirt I got from Marshalls today at work.

  • Rant – So sleepy this morning.
    Rave – Homemade zucchini bread with my coffee this morning = motivation for getting out of bed.
    Rave – This rainy, cloudy weather is a nice change of pace.

  • Rant: Pretty much everything. Nothing especially horrible, just lots of little stupid inconveniences, extreme fatigue, and gross humidity coupled with a whole lot of bad news around D.C., leaving me feeling like utter shite.
    Rave: This too, shall pass.
    Rave: That goat.

  • Bear

    Rave: Fun long weekend away, who knew Rhode Island was so beautiful?
    Rave-ish: Heading home to help my folks out with some things. Will be good to be home but hard given my dad’s health issues, and his innate stubbornness that is making things worse.
    Rant: 9 hours in the car one day, waking up and going to the airport the next morning. I need a nap!

  • Do you guys notice there seems to be tides on this site? As in, a bunch of us are having a crappy day today, but four days from now a bunch of us (not necessarily the same bunch) will be raving? It does make me have a sense of solidarity on days like today when, surprise, I’m stressed out/tired/work sucks/etc. I hope tomorrow is better for a bunch of us! I’m looking forward to a quiet night and a few small accomplishments around the house tonight, and hopefully my mood lifting!

  • Rant: Friend texts that she’s “feeling better” and “doing well”. I need to be supportive but I also don’t want to just nod my head along to whatever she says…
    So torn up about how to help. Trying to concentrate on some great things going on such as:
    Rave: Saw a wonderful friend of mine who I only see every year or two (she lives in France) – she’s fabulous and loving and caring and it was awesome hanging with her.
    Rave: Got to spend some time with my best buddy and his fiance and look at his wedding venue!! So excited to support them and see them marry!

  • Rant: Crime in DC. Nothing major has happened to me or my family, but seeing cops respond to shootings and stabbings every week while I go out to dinner is unnerving. Add the catcalling, daily drug deals, scams, trash/dog poop/cat poop everywhere all the time, and the damn heat/humidity, and I just feel beat down sometimes to the point where I don’t want to go outside.

    Rave: Moving to a bona fide house soon. Can’t wait to sit in my clean, private backyard.

    • Then you can worry like others on here about people stealing things from your backyard or door (please don’t leave your bikes or anything valuable out there, or think you live in the boonies and can have packages left at your doorstep all day!) or people leaving crap there. Please have a good security system, too.

  • Rant: Had to start seeing a new dentist because my old one’s out of network now. I like this one, but she’s recommending I get deep cleaning on my gums. My old dentist let me get away with not doing it as long as I was militant about brushing and flossing. So I’m not sure if something changed or if this dentist is pushing a procedure I don’t need. Could anyone who’s gotten scaling & root planning tell me what it cost? They’re saying it will be $1310, and insurance will only pay $909. I’ll pay the $468 if that’s what it costs, but I have no idea if that’s what it should cost. Nor do I know if I even need it.

    • That sounds like scaling which is for gingivitis. Is he saying you have that?

      • Yes. Apparently my gum pockets are deep. I had this problem 4 years ago and my dentist had me use a rinse to clean them out, but this dentist has never heard of the rinse and thinks it wouldn’t work.

        • Admittedly I’ve never had any mouth issues, but friends/family have, and I’ve never heard of any rinse for gingivitis. The one friend I know who had extensive scaling didn’t have it done again to my knowledge. That was maybe 10 yrs ago. 4 years is a long time, so it could easily have gotten worse.

          • I should clarify, I’ve been seeing the dentist twice a year and they always check this to make sure it hasn’t gotten worse. I guess if it’s a one-time procedure it’s worth the expense.

          • Maybe get a 2nd opinion. Some dentists are going to wait until it’s as bad as possible while others will want to nip it in the bud quickly. Has it gotten better over that timeframe/did the rinse work?

          • The old dentist seemed to think so. Unless I start measuring my gum pockets myself I have no way of knowing.

    • I’ve had scaling done and don’t remember the cost offhand but dental procedures are surprisingly expensive even with dental insurance. I can post my cost when I get home. The scaling really worked for me, though. I could tell my gums were much healthier. I’m not familiar with root planning but can you opt for just one of the procedures instead of both?

      • I thought scaling and planing were all part of the same procedure (they’re filed under one code). How could you tell your gums were healthier? Did you ever need to get it done again?

  • Rant: Still waiting on the response to SO’s counter offer. So wish we had a solid answer.
    Rave: Was in NYC again this weekend and liking the city and the neighborhoods we have zeroed in on.
    Rant: Still parsing out what is ridiculous to expect (central air, bike parking, in-unit washer dryer) and what is possible in the rental market there.
    Rant: Want clarity. Need certainty. I’m stressed as I want to start making to-do lists and getting on to the craziness. But I should probably relax since I can’t do anything yet…

    • Not to be creepy, but did you take the bus back to DC? My husband and I were returning from a trip to NYC and when we were getting on a bus I saw a husband and wife say goodbye at the bus stop. Made me think of you. I’m sure a lot of couples do it, and I’m pretty sure you said you take the train. But it was funny how PoP stuff follows me.

    • IN NYC, you can only get central air (the real kind, not the kind from mid-century building PTACs) and WD in your unit if you rent a condo or “luxury” rental building that is newly constructed.
      If you aren’t in a place where the sun beats down or directly in your windows all day, you can live fine in NYC with window units. You can adjust to that there. You will spend more time not at home, and so most of the time at home in bed, where window works just fine. It isn’t as bad as DC without central AC.
      For WD, having a building with a laundry room makes your life SO much better than having to go to the laundromat, and is really fine, especially if it is usable 24/7. Unless you become the sort of NYer who drops their wash off and pays to have it done – then it doesn’t matter so much.
      Bike parking is in your apartment. Get a place with an extra big living room, a foyer or wide hallway, and get one of those pressure poles to hang the bikes on. Or, some use a small rented storage room nearby for stuff, including bikes, if you aren’t a daily biker but more a recreational one. You wouldn’t trust your bike in a communal bike room or garage there anyway. I don’t trust the communal bike rooms in the nice condo buildings I’ve lived in here … but then, I’m just too much of a NYer. You will adjust. NYC is worth it.
      Counter-offers are tricky. That’s why I’m usually underpaid (that, and gender.) I have to be willing to walk away from the offer in order to make one, as that can be the result, and I’m not always willing to let the new offer go if I really want to change jobs.

      • Oh my – this is so helpful to hear your perspective. Thank you! The trade-offs are difficult to make when you don’t know the market so it’s great to hear from someone who has lived it. We are lucky to be able to make choices based on amenities and location but gaining knowledge like this helps us make more educated decisions.

  • Rave: NASA TV and watching a bit of live feed from the International Space Station. Also, videos of Curiosity Rover roving around Mars
    Rave: Lady hummingbird has visited the feeder twice this morning
    Rant: Bike lock key still missing so will need to cut it off.
    Rave-ish: Process of looking for key led to straightening/organizing/cleaning house (but no bike key)

  • Question: Should I go to the doctor?
    I have a cold/fever/congestion. I came down with it last Tuesday afternoon. I’ve missed two days of work. I’m still not feeling well, despite having slept almost all weekend. I’ve been taking aspirin, decongestant, etc. Is there any point in going to the doctor?

    • I usually wait at least two weeks before seeing a doctor for something like that. But now that I no longer have sick leave I might be motivated to speed up the recovery process next time it happens. πŸ™‚

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have awesome insurance, so I would go to the doctor, if only to get the strong decongestants or cough perles, b/c I don’t have to pay for anything but the Rx co-pay. And you never know, it might be something that anti-biotics can help.

    • Nope. Unless you have a sinus infection (do your cheekbones and the roots of your teeth hurt?) there’s nothing the doctor can do for a cold. If you have a terrible cough they can prescribe some nice narcotic cough syrup. That might be worth the trip.
      I had something a lot like that a couple months ago. I slept so much, and still felt like total crap for almost two weeks. I am prone to sinus infections so I called my doctor and requested a steroid nasal spray to prevent it. But I didn’t have to be seen for that.

    • phl2dc

      It’s really hard to say as an outsider… but I think that if you’re feeling super miserable and start thinking that it might be more than just a bad cold, you should see someone – especially if your fever persists or is way high. I hope you feel better soon!

    • Try lots of guafenisen first – that’s mucus thinner. Works best, better than decongestants. Along with sinus irrigation. I’ve stopped having to go the doc for these things since I’ve started using those two strategies a lot. Of course, it is best if you start at the first signs of one coming on. Still, not too late to try them. Exceptions that would get me to doc would be chest congestion that doesn’t clear even with using mucus thinner, as that could be a serious infection. And a persistently sore throat – could be strep. And a sinus infection that I didn’t catch in time – but I catch them all in time now – no more docs for them! – and i used to have to get get antibiotics for them frequently. (It took going to a sinus specialist doc to learn what to do to prevent having to go to the docs for these ever again, so my recommendations are sound. Though that doc liked decongestants as well, I find I don’t need them – if the mucus is thin, my body will clear it. Oh, I do add vitamins c and a and various herbal capsules like garlic, and echineacea as well, as I figure they help.)

      • Thanks for the reminder on the guaifenesin — I’ve been taking it most of the time, but probably not quite as much as I should’ve been.

  • Rave/Rant: Meeting new people at work/Probably won’t be anything more than work acquaintances
    Rave: Hope about Meetup groups from posts above
    Rant: Making friends as an adult. It’s so much easier as a kid or college student.

    • You can make new friends as an adult. Meetup is a good way to do that. If you try Meetup, make sure to go regularly, talk to everyone, and befriend the more “senior” members of the group.

      • That’s good to know. My girlfriend’s going out of town for a couple weeks and I realized I have no one to socialize with while she’s gone. I think I’ll start with a knitting Meetup so at least I’ll get some projects done if the meeting friends part doesn’t work out.

    • emvee

      I’m all about friendtroductions. Most people know someone from high school or college who ended up in DC. Spread the word to your networks, check our alumni events, and get yourself out there!

      • agreed. I’ve lived in a lot of cities and before I leave I like to introduce a lot of my friends, if they don’t know each other. They generally end up being great friends, I love it. Now I just need someone to do that for me here in DC πŸ™‚

  • Ranty Rave: Last day at my job today. Such a bittersweet moment for me. I love working here and (most) of my colleagues, but my new position is so much better for me career wise and financially speaking.
    Rave: Spending the next week and a half at my BF’s house! I’m so looking forward to it. I’m really getting to the stage where I just want to be there all the time instead of home. Which unfortunately means that…
    Rant: After that week and a half, we will be back to seeing each other on just weekends. This sucks immensely.

    • phl2dc

      Congrats on the new job!

      • Thank you!!

        • phl2dc

          Re: Not seeing the BF outside of weekends thing – I feel you, man. I’m in a situation that’s gonna make me spend a lot less time with mine, and it’s a real bummer. Hang in there! Maybe one day you’ll share a home? πŸ™‚

          • That had been the hope, but we just couldn’t make it happen in time (kids, school year, etc). But soon! I’ve just gotten so used to being with him pretty much 5 days a week this summer, so it’ll be rough. On the plus side, this means more time in my city and more time with my BFF (which I have really missed), but it still sucks!!

  • Rant: my hair and this humidity. I look like an idiot.
    Rave: We Can Brew It! was really great last night, even though I missed the first speaker. I may have made a lady beer fan friend. And I saw skj!
    Rave: working with smart people. Everyone jokes about the pain the project I’m working on elicits, but as soon as we start discussing the complexity of the issues they all get really into it and have insightful discussions.
    Rave: this is a big one, I’ve finally decided to stop hemming and hawing and get a dog. I’m meeting one from WHS this weekend, though I’m concerned about timing because I want to take the dog home after a trip next weekend. Has anyone adopted through WHS? What was your experience like? Foster or shelter?

    • I got my dog from WHS shelter. The adoption process is easy if you’re not adopting a little few months old puppy. I watched the staff make sure the woman trying to adopt new puppy understood that taking care of a puppy is a lot more work than adopting an older dog. That woman didn’t look like she was up for it either. I was surprised how easy it was to adopt my dog. I showed up, looked at dogs, met my dog and agreed that day to adopt her. I picked her up in a few days after she was spayed. Note that small dogs are adopted more quickly than larger dogs.

      • I’m looking at a larger, older dog who’s being fostered. I think the second dog I planned to meet will be adopted before I get chance to meet her.
        I’m just concerned because I know they won’t hold dogs and I want to apply, but I want to make sure we have a stable first few weeks, so I would need to bring the dog home after this trip. I think I might just call or email and ask them about how to work that timing so I get the dog I want at the right time.

        • We went through WARL this past January to adopt our puppy and found it to be an exceptional experience. Our pup and her litter had MAJOR medical bills prior to our adoption and our fee was a mere $300. Just FYI, August 15th, this Saturday, is Clear the Shelters Day and adoption fees are waived and I believe you just pay licensing and a few other minor fees. Probably the same at WHS too. (However, WARL is a no-kill shelter….so there’s that.)
          WARL requires an adoption interview along with it’s prescreening paperwork. But basically after a short counseling conversation, we were able to adopt right away. It may be a bit different for an older dog, since they may or may not have restrictions on whether the dog is good with other dogs, cats, etc.
          Also, they offer fantastic training classes and will help you tremendously if you adopt a pup (even an older one) who needs a little socialization or behavior help.
          Lastly, my hair is a disaster. Lord, help me. I wish it were appropriate to wear hats in my office.

          • phl2dc

            WHS is supposedly a no-kill shelter, but I’ve read some pretty terrible experiences indicating that it’s not true…

          • Have you guys tried Ouidad Climate Control gel? My hair’s a little puffy today but it’s a big improvement over how it would look without it.

          • Yeah, I’ve heard creepy stories about WHS too. But not just WHS, all HS in general. I’d still adopt the heck out of an animal from there, but I’m hesitant to give them any $$.
            Also, no, I’ve never tried this. I made the mistake of not using my Fructis anti-humidity cream today (which doesn’t do a very good job either) and opted for the wax I have on hand and boy oh boy was that a mistake. Just made it look greasy and frizzy. I literally feel gross.

          • Phl2dc, I didn’t think WHS was purporting to be a no-kill shelter. IIRC, they’ve significantly reduced their kill rate since new leadership took over circa 2007 — I think Anonymouse_Dianne has posted about this before.

          • First of all, there is no such thing as a “no kill” shelter. There are just some shelters who leave the tragic but necessary duty to others.

            As for getting your dog (yay!) all the shelters & rescue groups should be able to work with your timing. The advantage of getting a dog from a foster is that the foster will know something about the behavior & temperament. Also, at the risk of offending the pit bull fans here – you will find that many of the dogs in the DC shelters are pit mixes.

            Dogs fostered by rescue groups, like Lucky Dog, Homeward Trails etc. may offer more variety. Have you looked on Petfinder.com?

        • phl2dc

          textdoc – They told us they were no-kill (except for extreme cases where the animal is too sick or too aggressive) during my volunteer orientation…

    • So exciting about the dog!! I adopted my dog from WHS through a foster home earlier this year. As a first time dog owner they recommended dogs in foster care since the foster parents get a better idea of a dog’s personality outside of the shelter. If you live in an apartment make sure you check if there are any breed restrictions in your building, since most of the WHS dogs are pit bull mixes of some kind.

      Anyway, adopting through WHS was a great experience and easy process. You take home the dog the same day you apply. I don’t think they have any ‘holding policy’ if you wanted to pick up the dog later since space is always in high demand at their shelters, however if you’re adopting through a foster home you might be able to work out something with the foster. Take your time and do not feel rushed to get a dog! It’s so easy to fall in love with the first dog you see. We went the shelter a few times before finding our dog. Be honest with the staff about the kind of dog you’re looking for, how much time you have for exercise and such, and they will recommend some dogs that would be a good fit. Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions because I love blabbing about my dog and WHS πŸ™‚

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yay doggie! I got Donna from WHS shelter. It was great. Walked in, Donna greated me, check out all the cats, and went back to Donna b/c she was the only one who seemed to care. The volunteers told me about her personality and how she’s a little piggy with food. One of the vounteers was happy-sad b/c Donna was a shelter favorite. It’s impossible not to love her πŸ™‚

    • phl2dc

      I adopted my kitten from WHS a couple of months ago. They had to neuter him before I could take him home. They took care of the basic vaccines and gave him meds for an upper respiratory infection he had. Since he’d been found on the street, they also took care of fleas and gave him a dewormer – HOWEVER, the dewormer they gave him didn’t cover tapeworms, so I had a little surprise not too long after he came home with me. I called them to ask about it and they were like “Oh, he was dewormed on… hold on… [long pause] – actually you get a free vet visit with your adoption so just take him to the vet.”

      I was less than thrilled at their response.

    • Yay for getting a dog!! My first dog came from the WHS shelter and it was an easy process (paperwork, in-home interview, pick up pup).
      Second dog came through Petfinders – I looked at both WHS shelters (NY ave and GA ave) and WARL a few times before focusing on Petfinders. They have animals from different shelters and rescue groups so there were more options (including the dog now snoozing by my feet)

      • Isn’t Petfinder basically an aggregator of all of the animals available for adoption from various humane societies and rescue groups?

    • This is so exciting!!!! Also, you will inevitably meet people through your dog. Some of my oldest DC friends are from when I first moved to DC and we were all starting out and our dogs were all on the same schedule.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one with crazy hair πŸ™‚ I may actually get up and straighten it tomorrow to try and avoid this. That NEVER happens!

      • I’ve mostly managed to tame mine post-gym.
        Additional rave: mid day burpees are a great way to get rid of stress. We call them angry burpees.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Hummingbird cake!
    Rave: Birthday phone call from my parents. They are nuts, in the best possible way.

  • Rave: Got a great run in this morning. I love this weather
    Rave: Was still pretty sweaty on my way into work
    Rant/Rave: Don’t normally drink a full pot of french press, but threw caution to the wind this morning. Feeling awesome and super productive now, wondering when the crash/shakes will start.
    Rant: Forgot to pack a tortilla, so my plans for a lunch wrap have been thwarted.
    Revel: Happy hour with an amazing friend from SF tonight!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Unofficial Popville Happy Hour at Southern Hospitality in Adams Morgan on Wednesday, August the 19. Theme: Red. Be creative!

  • rant: boyfriend’s ex-wife died unexpectedly this week. he is very upset & sad, but also confused I think because he’s not sure what he’s “supposed to” feel. I want to support him as much as I can… I just feel terrible for him, for her, for her family.

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