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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: no home internet means posting from my phone.
    Rave: love this city so much.
    Rant: but too tired to really really explore.
    Rave: about to walk Gary to my new favorite smoothie place. We went yesterday morning on our walk and he made a big show of chasing around a much bigger, much more mellow poodle. It totally cracked me up. The poodle owner and a small crowd seems to enjoy the show too.
    Rave: house under contract!

  • Rant: The Germans haven’t invented a schadenfreude-esq word to describe the incredible glee/shame/fear I enjoyed watching the GOP debate.
    Rant: Jon Stewart…….what will we do without you.

  • Revel: It was great seeing everyone last night!
    Rant: The republican debate was pretty painful to watch, even with alcohol
    Rant: I just signed up for a 2 day literacy workshop so my summer vacation is down to 4 more days
    Revel/Rant: House to myself!

  • Rant: infuriating, unproductive week. Starting to think public sector might not be the right fit. But I do enjoy having nights, weekends, holidays and hobbies again.

  • Rave: my birthday’s tomorrow!
    Rave: friend is coming into town tonight to stay the weekend with us, and another friend is staying with us tomorrow night after my party. It’s like a slumber party, but better.
    Revel: feeling the birthday love from my friends and coworker-friends, which is one of the best feelings.

  • Rave: My friends really enjoyed the dinner I made them last night.
    Rave/Rant: What a great finale, Jon Stewart. Classy and awesome. But ranting because now what?!
    Rave: Friday. Fun weekend planned!
    Rant: I stayed up late to watch the Daily Show finale. Now I need all of the coffee.

  • rant: got a late rent payment notice from my building saying we didn’t pay any rent, which is obviously false, and as it turns out, our online payments were credited to the next residents (who start the lease in Sept). #thanksbozzuto
    rant: silver line closure over the weekend, on the weekend I have to go out there to see my fam
    rave: solidarity through workplace fires (not literal fires)

  • Rave: FRIDAY!
    Rant: Didn’t make it out to Popville HH last night. Probably could have, but I was just feeling too tired and lazy, and was worried that if I did go down to DC Reynolds, I’d never end up getting out of there before midnight and paying for it. I should have just gone. My laziness annoys me. But I’m too lazy to do anything about it.
    Rant/Rave: I watched about an hour of the debate (sans booze, because if I were to make a game out of it, I’d have alcohol poisoning within 10 minutes), and I just don’t even…what….oh the horror. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so god awful! I thought that maybe watching this modern-day Circus Maximus would make me laugh, but it just made my blood pressure go through the roof instead and made me feel terribly depressed, especially combined with having to say adieu to Jon Stewart. 🙁

    • Pablo Raw

      The PoPville HH says: “Give me your tired, your lazy…”

    • I didn’t watch the GOP debates either, for much the same reasons. Hearing arguments that regressive and wrong-headed just stresses me out, as does having to think about how many people in this country think along the same lines. I’d rather watch the highlights on MSNBC tonight, where the aggravation can be dulled by watching Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow calmly rip their terrible arguments apart.

      • I watched some of the highlights this morning but I’m especially excited to see what Rachel has to say!

      • That’s a great way of approaching democracy, actually. We shouldn’t make any effort to learn why the other half of the country disagrees with us on serious policy issues. Much better to stay with our favorite, one-sided news channel and live in a protected bubble.
        In all seriousness, though, I can’t even begin to understand your mindset. Growing up, my parents required us to read both the Washington Times and Washington Post. We watched the DNC and RNC conventions, and we had to be able to argue convincingly for both sides of an issue. You’re never going to get the full story by burying your head and only listening to and reading the stuff you like.

        • I completely agree… both sides are guilty of doing exactly what you describe is what is wrong with this country… unfortunately this city is full of Rachel Maddow fans that only care about whether transgenders are permitted in the military.

        • The GOP platform is a not some well kept secret that will only be revealed in the debates. It, and most of the candidates, have been covered pretty extensively in the news for weeks now. With that many candidates, they weren’t going to have the time to discuss anything substantive or in-depth, anyway. And as I mentioned, I fully intend to check out the highlights, I just don’t feel the need to slog through the hours of casual racism, misogyny and xenophobia to get to them. So how exactly does that qualify as “burying my head in the sand?”

          • +1 If the stated goal of the Republican party is to destroy a cause I am working for why should I listen? I am not putting my head in the sand, I know exactly what they believe. It’s condescending to assume that those of us who choose not to watch are doing it because we are ignorant.

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1 The debates are just entertainment. especially since all politicians ignore the questions asked and just talk about whatever they want.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Nice time last night at the HH
    Rant: A bit hungoveredish
    Rave: Free beer
    Rant: I’m in debt, I owe 2 beers and a bottle of Rum
    Rant: Watch a bit of the debate, it mostly made me mad.

  • skj84

    Rave: I had a great time at the Happy Hour last night. And I have a new tee!

    Rant: I lost my credit card. I’m 90% sure it’s still at DC Reynolds, but I’m a bit worried I may have dropped it somewhere.

  • Rant: Roomie is 20s going on 90. No email on the phone and texts work intermittently at best. Argh!
    Rave: Thought tenants changed their minds again, but the email just got lost in the shuffle. Finalized 5 mins after I reminded them about it.
    Rave: Boozy root beer was pretty good.
    Rant: Probably not making a pop hh any time soon. Wed/Thursday are just bad days for me.
    Rant: First time I got the upper hand on my coach my knee locked up, and I had to stop. Ugh!

  • RAVE: Amazing debate. Trump was incredible.
    RANT: The pathetic, whimpering decline of American democracy.
    RANT: Finale of the Daily Show was a bit flat. I guess it was just OK? Meh.
    RANT: Moving more stuff into the new apartment this weekend. SERENITY NOW!
    RAVE: End is in sight….will be fully moved in by Monday.
    RAVE: Double-date dinner at Fig & Olive tonight in City Center. Any recs?
    RAVE: Only a few more days before spending 10 days in MA and RI. So much beach time and lobster rolls! And staying in a mansion 😀

    • II’m from RI!!! I LOVE it and miss it way too much. Looking to move back but winters coming. I hope you enjoy it!

  • jim_ed

    Rant: My parked car got hit by a possibly drunk hit and run last night…on a bicycle.
    Rant: Hearing someone knock unexpectedly on your door at 3 am is a bad way to be woken up.
    Rave: It was the police, asking me to come outside to make sure I hadn’t run over said bicyclist.
    Rave: The cops were cool and professional, a witness came by to give the entire story of what happened, and it looks like the bicyclist might have been fleeing from a robbery or burglary.
    Rave: He hit my shitty commuter car and not the nice car, and the only thing that can’t be buffed out is the side mirror, which is a fairly cheap fix.
    Rant: Due to all of this, got a grand total of like 2 hours sleep last night and definitely left my wallet at home by accident.

  • Rant: Close childhood friend attempted to commit suicide on the golden gate bridge. (you may remember her as the one dealing with major anxiety with parents who don’t believe in
    Rave: A suicide prevention cop stopped her.
    Rant: Her mom is out there with and is believing all sorts of stories (I was just stretching, I was trying to watch a crew race…)
    Rave: She’s safe. For now.
    Rant: I feel so guilty.I love her so, she’s on the other side of the country, she has needed help for months and I cannot find a way to get her help (no insurance, her mom doesn’t think she has a “real” problem”).therapy/meds, etc. )

    • Oh gosh, I’m so sorry to hear this. I’m glad the cop stopped her and your friend is safe for now.

    • So sorry to hear about this. If she’s not hospitalized, which it certainly sounds like she should involuntarily but may not have been, Berkeley’s Herrick hospital has an Intensive Outpatient Program that might help her, or be an option after she gets out of inpatient. Outpatient may be a lot less “scary” than inpatient.

      • She is currently in a hospital under observation and will potentially be admitted if she is considered a potential threat to herself. I’m almost hoping this happens so she’ll have 30 days of consistent therapy, meds, etc. Thanks for the support and the name of hte program. I’ll take a look.

        • Oh wow. I am so sorry. I cannot begin to imagine how helpless you feel right now! I’m really glad to hear she’s in the hospital, and I am hoping that they choose to admit her.

        • Glad to hear she is in a hospital. Hopefully she’ll be admitted. Also, even if she’s on lockdown, she may be able to receive or make calls using a common area phone.

    • Oh my goodness. I’m speechless. And I’m so very sorry. That is so very hard to watch from afar. Can she get insurance through the exchange? Or Medicaid? I don’t even know what to suggest if her family isn’t in her court so to speak.

      • I’m trying to figure out the insurance stuff now but I only have a vague notion of her financial situation and she’s on lockdown (no phone, no internet) and probably shouldn’t be bothered with this. It’s less the insurance issue and more the lack of support that she needs help, she needs meds. I don’t get it – there’s no stigma around getting help in our group of friends and family (a lot of us have sought help, on meds, etc.) except from her parents. Thanks for your support.

        • And yet, since she’s otherwise under the care of her parents, you’re somewhat stuck–or at least more limited in what you can do unless you’re in a position where you can take over her care entirely. Agreed in hoping she gets admitted so she can get some of the care she needs. Do you think her parents would at least be on board with helping out on the insurance issue? They might have a better idea of her financial situation & that’s less connected to mental health & more to “overall care”. Contacting the CA exchange directly might also help you figure out how to help her get her ducks in a row–though also agreed that now isn’t the time to bug her about it directly.
          Hopefully another potential benefit of the hospital stay (particularly if she gets admitted) would be getting set up with some kind of social worker who can help with navigating some of the rest of the morass. Keeping my fingers crossed she somehow gets connected with the help she needs.

    • Emmaleigh504

      lots of hugs to you and to her! It is so difficult to watch this sort of thing happen from afar b/c there’s so little you can do. But you are a good friend for helping in the ways that you can. She’s lucky to have you. Now hopefully she will get admitted and gets some professional help.

    • Sad news, hope it results in her getting the medication and mental health support she needs. Sending lots of support to her, and to you.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: That train wreck on Fox News last night.
    Rave: My director was very complimentary of the summaries I wrote on how I meet organization values in my annual review. My trick of changing the topic and writing about what I wanted to say somehow worked.
    Rant: People in the audience who laughed when Trump said he only was referring to Rosie O’Donnell. Stay classy people!
    Rant: When our pension was closed, we were promised that an additional lump sum contribution would be made annually to our 401Ks. After only three years it was announced yesterday that that program is ending. Drip, drip, drip.

    Wow…haven’t got one of these in a long time…

    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

  • Rave: My boyfriend took my ten year old dog on his first bike ride. He secured the dog in a saddle bag and dog loved the short ride.
    Rant: I wasn’t there to see it. We’ll have to take him for another ride this weekend.
    Rant: Drivers who pull around cars whose drivers actually stop at stop signs. Especially the woman who did so at Harvard and Lanier this morning while exclaiming, “Really?!”
    Rave: Drivers who actually stop at stop signs.

    • I cracked up at the mental image from your first rave. Thanks!!

    • RE your rant: I wonder if it was the same woman who was behind me as we were exiting RCP at Harvard and Adam’s Mill Road the other day. We had a red light. I was going to make a left to go up Adam’s Mill. There was someone in front of me and I was about half a car length behind him. The woman behind me kept honking at me. I realize she wanted me to move up a few feet so she could get into the right turn lane. But there is no turn on red there. I was so annoyed with her honking that I didn’t do anything at first. When I finally moved she said “that wasn’t so hard” as she pulled up next to me only to wait at the red light before it turned green so she could turn. Seriously?!?! Was all that honking necessary??? I hate it when drivers are in such a hurry just to speed up to a red light just to wait.
      Since this is POP, I feel obligated to report that I didn’t get a chance to see if she had MD plates 😉

      • Sounds like it could be the same woman. I think it was a dark gray SUV. I didn’t even think to look at the plates.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hope you are there next time with a camera! I want to see this cute dog in saddle bags combo in the AAF.

  • Revel: I think cakepops are a stupid tend but Baked by Yael’s bagels are so good. They’re the only reason I’m even dressed right now..

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: took a mental health day on Monday, now offie is talking about how I got her sick. She was out Wed and part of Thurs. My mental hangups are NOT contagious!
    Rant: She won’t stop talking.
    Rant: I’m apparently in a crappy mood.
    Rave: Fawncy Winter Party back on at work!!! I have 4 months to find a fawncy dress! (I really want Zelda’s cousin, http://www.revampvintage.com/evening-gowns-womens-1930/WG-632371.html, but my ears sparkle.)

  • palisades

    Rave: Chincoteague this weekend.

    • Beach camping?!

      • palisades

        No, my mother has a house there. I have camped there before (not on the beach, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal!)

      • Chincoteague/Assateague camping is brutal and no joke. The sun is relentless and there’s zero shade. The horseflies and mosquitoes are ravenous and angry. I’m an experienced camper, but two nights/3 days was enough for me. I have no idea how people camp there for a week.

        • Assateague camping for the past few years has actually been fairly light on the mosquitoes & horseflies (I’ve been doing it every 4th of July for 27 years with 125 people!) But this year the mosquitos were especially horrible – downright demonic. Still, camping right on the beach is a lovely and unique experience. Rugged and uncomfortable? A bit. Brutal? No. And there is plenty of shade if you bring it!

        • The hardest part about backpacking on Assateague is having to schlep all of the water you’ll need–heavy! But my wife and I went a few times years ago and had a great time. Definitely needed a long shower by the end to wash off all the sunscreen & bug spray residue, though.

          • You don’t have to schlep water to the regular or group campgrounds. There are taps, toilets & showers. You are talking about the walk-in sites.

  • KASICH 2016!!!
    But seriously, my Ohio friends say it’s scary to see him being all reasonable, because it’s so far from the reality of his governorship. He did come across as the most rational of the candidates last night, I thought.

    • Its interesting that you say that re: his governorship. I knew very little about him before watching the debates last night and I was impressed at how reasonable he seemed. If the republicans secured a candidate like him that was more reasonable on social issues they might court more moderate voters. I too enjoyed some serious hate watching last night and found the discussion about DNA proof of life at conception somewhat amusing.

      It also pains me to say because I generally am not a fan of Christie but I thought some of his answers were pretty good. I thought everyone else kind of phoned it in with talking points.

    • I agree that he came across as easily the most reasonable candidate last night! I was shocked. I’m from Ohio and was like “where did this guy come from suddenly?!”
      Can’t decide whether to be proud of him/Ohio or scared.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I flicked back and forth watching the “debate” and caught some of the highlights. The thing I found most annoying is that for the most part they didn’t answer the question. Just slip into their talking points. Not limited to the GOP – same thing with Chris Matthew asking Debbie Wasserman Schultz what’s the difference between a democrat and a socialist. I would think she’d like to articulate that but no.

  • Revel: looks like I’ll have the house to myself for another weekend in two weeks. Two roommates are gone until late August and the other two are gone just for the weekend.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Fancy holiday party is back on!
    Rave: Finally had a chance to try the new Kung Fu Tea near my how. Ginger milk is my new loooove.
    Rave: Vacation soon!
    Rant: I am really feeling how much I need some time off.

  • rave: glad I made it to the happy hour last night & had a great time meeting/seeing everyone!
    goal: getting my new shirt on popville shirts traveling the globe.
    rave & rant: ninja cat dropping half alive mouse on DCR patio and then fleeing. crazy, but also gross.

  • Rave – My SO is off at his bachelor party this weekend and I’m excited to have the apartment all to myself for 2 whole days! I have my new coloring books, my fancy colored pencils, a nice bottle of wine, some cheesy movies queued up on iTunes, and my dog to keep me company.
    Rant – Almost every weekend from now until our wedding in October is booked with various vendor appointments and dress fittings. Gah. I can’t wait until this is over and I don’t have to deal with this wedding stuff anymore.

  • Rave: Had a hankering for cinnamon toast => cinnamon toast for breakfast
    Rave: Great time at HH last night
    Rant: Didn’t need to drink all that beer
    Rave: Grafted heirloom tomatoes are producing huge delicious tomatoes
    Rave: Also heirloom cucumbers, sungold tomatoes, very hot peppers

  • Rant: I can’t believe people are protesting Sun’s Cinema. This is the best thing to come to Mt. P in years and people are stopping it. This is why we can’t have anything nice.
    Rave: Weather today is amazing.

  • Rave: I never have to worry about Metro fails or car wrecks snarling my morning commute since I work at home.
    Rant: I have to sit my own ass down and finish writing this book.

  • Rave: Megyn Kelly

    • Shame about her accident, though. Who would have thought you could be paralyzed from the eyes up?? I guess it’s not uncommon. It happened to Bret, too.

      • Wow! Someone sounds jealous. Brains and beauty seem to be working really well for her so far.

        • You mean “envious,” not “jealous.”
          So… when a woman criticizes another woman, it’s always an envy thing, eh?

          • Criticizing her looks is a whole other ball game. Just because you don’t like her employer doesn’t give you the right to do so. Just because you may not agree with everything she’s said doesn’t give you a right to pull other her down with your childish, petty remarks.

            Don’t let the fact that she called Trump out on his sexism and horrible-ness get lost in your partisan blinders.

          • Of course I have “the right” to criticize someone, for any reason I please. As the saying goes, there’s no law against being a jerk. Which works out well for both Ms Kelly and for me. As is happens, I dislike her for her classist hypocrisy. Did you see the bit where she tore into someone re: her own maternity leave, when she had repeatedly gone on record before having kids, saying having kids was the woman’s choice, and no one had a right to leave, and blah blah republican blah? She sucks.
            Interesting, how I threw the same shade at Bret for his Botox addiction, and no one is calling me on it. Why is that?

        • Not sure I’d call 2 tons of makeup, botox out the wazoo, and a bottle blonde job the epitome of “beauty,” but I guess that’s why it’s in the eyes of the beholder….

      • Not sure – but it appears to me that the initial criticism was about botox, not “looks.” Criticizing anyone’s natural looks is cruel and rude. But once a public figure goes plastic – totally fair game.

    • I Dont Get It

      Not a Megyn Kelly fan but I thought she did a good job last night.

  • Rant: My new-ish boss doesn’t understand what I do or really appreciate its value.
    Rave: It’s not a terrible, soul-sucking job, so I guess things could be worse.
    Rant: It’s still discouraging, though.

  • Rant: DC Water. Still.

  • rant: Lately it seems like I’m surrounded by stressed out, aggressively grumpy people and it catches me off guard whenever someone is actually nice to me. I’m working for a very difficult boss and in a very tense office atmosphere, is this a sign that my mental health is deteriorating to the point where I need to look for a new job ASAP? I was planning to stick it out at least until the end of the year for various reasons – does anyone have suggestions for what to do to make it bearable in the meantime? (My entire office is on the verge of leaving — one is actively threatening a lawsuit — and upper management isn’t doing anything. I don’t want to take a another job out of desperation.)

    • No ready answer (unfortunately) — I just wanted to recommend that you repost this question on Monday in the Random Reader Rant and/or Revel (ideally, in the morning).
      RRRR threads seem to get much more traffic in mornings than in afternoons, and I think the readership on Friday afternoons might be particularly light because of compressed working schedules, summer vacations, etc.
      Hang in there!!

    • I’ve been at a job like this before, and let me tell you, the best thing to do is start looking. I know there are many reasons for wanting to stay in a job, but look at it this way; it will most likely take a while to find the right job, and if you think you are desperate now, imagine how it will be in January!! Remember, you are in control of your life. If you hate your job and it is taking a toll on you, then find something else.

      • This is a good point — start looking NOW, even if you think you want to stay a little while longer.

    • In the meantime, I’d recommend checking out “Ask a Manager.” I really like her advice and the comments section is very friendly.

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